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Episode · 7 years ago

Hunter Swift: How To Drive More Car Sales With Your CRM w/Hunter Swift


"Most dealers are using their CRM to manage customers and leads, while the more progressive dealers are using it to manage the relationship" 

Hunter Swift


Are you and your dealership unlocking the true power of your CRM software? A CRM is so much more then a tool to enter customer information or remind a sales person to make a follow up call. Your CRM has the potential to be a marketing monster for your dealerships sales and fixed ops departments. 


 In this session of "The Dealer Playbook" we sit down with our friend and industry thought leader Hunter Swift. Hunter is not just a expert on auto dealer CRM best practices, he is the Director of Sales Development at DealerSocket. In case you do not know who DealerSocket is, they are one of the auto industries leading CRM providers. 


Hunter dives right in with some easy no cost strategies and tactics dealers can execute to drive more sales and keep your service techs turning wrenches. He also discusses in detail the email  campaigns that his company's clients are getting the best results from plus some other creative yet easy ways you can pump a lot of business out of your current CRM. You have to check this out because Hunter knows his stuff!!! 


The information in this episode will sell you more cars!



In this episode you will learn more about:


-Successful email campaigns


-Shifting sales peoples mindsets when it comes to your CRM


-How to use your CRM for branding


-How to use your CRM to build relationships 


-Freshening up email templates


-Creating automated campaigns that convert


-Mining for customers in your CRM


All that plus more that will help you not just get more out of your CRM tool but sell more cars, make more gross, get great CSI and build long lasting relationships with your customers. 


Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:


Follow Hunter Swift on Twitter for more great content to help you unlock the power of your CRM tool 


Hunter's powerful article from Driving Sales Innovation Guide:


Great video from Hunter on database mining discussed in the episode:


We had a great time with Hunter Swift on this episode and hope you did as well. 


Now it is your turn, leave us some feedback and let us know your thoughts or if Hunter missed anything. 


Thank you again for dialing into the DPB podcast and we will see you next time! 



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