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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 3 months ago

Isaac Brown: How To Perform At Peak Levels, Consistently


Coach Isaac Brown, a former NFL, and CFL athlete is the strength and conditioning coach for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He helps his players perform at peak levels both on and off the field by developing healthy habits and routines. 

In this episode, Coach Isaac shares his wisdom about the importance of creating healthy habits in routines. As you listen, consider how you can apply what you hear to the context of your circumstances within your career in the retail automobile industry. 

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

2:05 - Success leaves clues.

5:42 - What is it like being a professional athlete?

10:14 - NFL to CFL: what do you think contributes to the difference in mindset and culture?

13:12 - Is your level of discipline something you were born with or have developed?

16:17 - How did you find your passion?

21:45 - As a leader, how do you cater the training to the individual?

23:50 - How do you stay disciplined as a leader?

27:13 - Should leaders roll up their sleeves and participate in business operations?


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