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James Schramko: How to Rise to the Top in the Auto Industry


Welcome to session 47 of “The Dealer Playbook” podcast, we are so glad you are here! 

You are going to love this powerful session with internet marketer/entrepreneur James Schramko. 

Our Guest: 

James Schramko lives in Sydney Australia and is one of the most successful and respected internet marketers and he currently runs a massively successful business at 

Before launching his online empire, James was the highest paid GM in all of Australia for Mercedes Benz and was a huge innovator in his market. In this session James dives deep into the strategies he executed that took him to the top. 

Session Preview: 

Key Points Auto Salespeople Should Be Focusing On

James has trained many salespeople who are now running dealerships and seeing great success. James breaks down in detail exactly where todays salesperson needs to focus their efforts to dominate their market. 

Where Dealerships Are Really Missing The Boat 

James goes into the crucial mistakes dealerships as well as salespeople are making which is costing them loads of sales and hurting their brand. 

James Schramko’s 7 Point Checklist For Auto Dealer Marketing 

From his years of success in the auto industry running dealerships, James reveals his exact 7 points of marketing that he executed which delivered him massive results. 

That is just a taste of some of the value James Schramko deliveries in this power packed session of “The Dealer Playbook” that you cannot afford to miss. 

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Check out his site Super Fast Business.

Check out his Podcast Super Fast Business Podcast

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Hey this is James Ramco from Super FastBusinesscom, and you won't believe what I'm about to share on the deal oplaybook podcast tune in you're dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autorelar strategies that deliverproven results, and now your Houst Robert Weissman and Michael Serilla hey there, and thank you for listeningto the dealer. Playbook podcast episode, Forty Seven, where we feature weeklyinterviews with elite trainers, speakers and authors for you, today'sautootive professionals, my name is Michael Serillo and I'm sitting herewith my man, Robert Weisman. What's going on? What's up brother, you know I'm kind of excited well, what else isnew? I'm excited for this episode. Our first astralian guest man DPB's GoneInternational, and you know it's really cool because you know like we like, wesay we're featuring people in and out ofthe automotive industry and today is kind of a unique sit down with ourguest James Shram Co, who is the founder of super fast businesscom he'salso got the super fast business podcast, but this guy know I don't wantto give too much away, but this guy actually has tons of experience insidethe automotive industry. I think at one point he says that he was the highestpaid general manager in all of Australia, and so he kind of has aunique spin he's kind of migrated. Well, he has migrated out of the dealer spaceand is now doing his online passive kind of income generation and coachingand all that kind of stuff. But it's cool to and you're going to hear thisin this episode, just his his take on the thing that the challenges that youknow you guys are facing out there on the front lines and inside the showrooms and in the dealership and some of the things that he did to not only you know, go from no experience in thecar business to rising to the top position and top Erner in just a shorttwelve months. So robbert you've been following James fora while. Now Yeah Man, I've been a thits T s. It always goes this way thatrobber you've been following this guys. True Yeah, this guy he's great and Ihad no your yeah getting into him. I just started yeah, that's it. If he, you know he talked a little bit. Iwas following him for a long time, listening to his podcast reading thisblog and stuff, and it was the longest until I ever realized that he did haveauto deal or experience and, like that's, not yeah. I heard him touch onit and a few of his podcast episodes. Then, where he talks about his days,you know Ronad, Mercedes, bent, selling, Mercedes ben and then running Mercedes,Ben's dealership and then talking about some of the the tactics and things hedoes today his services that he does for some auto dealers. I mean thisGuyis, one of the most respected in like his field and like the onlinedigital marketing. You Know Info Preneur type thing yeah. I mean that,and I was kind of the thing that stood out to me. I mean a lot of the guysthat we follow and that we're associated with outside of theautomotive space that do online marketing and all that kind of stuff Imean they all kind of ru they've, all in some way shape or form referenceJames and given him credit for a lot of the Counsil and coaching that he'sgiven them to lead them to massive success. So for those of you listenn intoday's a powerful episode with our guest James Shramp Co. Here we go all right and we are here and thrilledto introduce our guest for you today. This is somebody who both Robert and Ifollow he's an online entrepreneur.

WHO's realized some incredible successand he also happens to have experience and not just a little experience a lotof experience inside the dealership. So we're excited to sit down here with ourguests today, Mr James Shrampco, thanks so much for being on the show with ustoday. Okay, this is a lot of fun to get to get back into. An old industry.Discussion has been a while yeah and, and I meanin you, you weren't just in you know sales you,you actually had quite a few positions in the dealership, that's Rhigh, I actually Wen. I wasabout twenty three as about to have my first kid and needed ajob that paid a high income and what better than selling for that. So I wentdown to the Toyota dealership across the roadand I asked for job and they knocked me back instead hiring some lady from aretail clothing chain, and I was pretty mifsed about that. So I went down theroad to BMW and I got myself a job there, selling, BMW and the the manager.There was sort of keen to take me on, but the diller principal said no way,no experience too young and I had him up in in his office and he was sort ofbeating me down about you know. Why do I want to be selling cars? He said helikes golf, but he doesn't want to sell golf clubs- and I said well withrespect whatever you want to do is up to you, but I want to sell cars. I wantto do it here and I'm going to be good and he took me on and within a yearaskd the number one sales person for Bamw in the whole of Australia and from there after a couple of years,so I managed to switch brands to Mersedes Benz, which is where I stayedright to the end of my automotive career went my way through that thatsales, sales management, general sales management and eventually generalmanager, so whate was not sorry, Michael Michael Michael, just to givesome some context: R egry body. What year were you like these years? Wereyou know moving through and what Ero was that? So on and nine hundred andNety five? I started in Marc Ne Tond, nine hundryd nd. Ninety five, an thisis Preinternet in Australia. There's a bit of a lag to between what'shappening in the US and what's happening here back then I wouldn't sayso much now I'd say it's almost flip flopped were we're very in avitiveINUSTRALIA. However, back then no real Internet all old school. You knowwriting up coach sheets by hand and old schoolselling hard disciplineto learn very competitive industry cheesy sales tactics. When you lookback at it, I never use cheesy sales tactics, whichis ons the best sales personyou see us. Sales tactics was pretty much t e,the core training for a lot of people, but it doesn't work in Australia, we'remuch more competitive market because we have more international influence.We're got Asia on our door step. We have people from other countries here like a much denser population ofof multiculturalism, so we need a more sophisticated selling approach, whichis more education based and less pitchy, so where in America might be twentyfive percent education? Seventy five percent hard closing you knowaggressive selling, inustrator turn that around it's seventy five percenteducational. Twenty five percent asking for the order. I learnt more frompeople coming from Xerox, from the photocopy of sales from high endselling, who had followed Nel, Rackam and spinselling, which I thinkis,probably more UK based and what work for selling high value photocopy isturned out to work really well for selling high and luxury vehicles. It'snot yet Tom Hopkins Slam, dunk sewing with twenty one. Tricky tie, downs andfifteen closes that the customer you know, is going to get bamboozled withthat sort of selling never worked, and... definitely doesn't work in Australiaand anyone still selling like that needs to evolve. Okay, so the thing I love about thisyou know experience inide. The dealership I was, I was reading on the entrepreneur on fire blog on your episode on that show, andyou know basically said that you realized something inside the cardealership that nobody else had realized up to this point, and it wasthis one thing that well, I don't know if it was one thing,but it basically says that it propelled you to the top position in just twelvemonths inside the dealership. Can you kind of tell us what that was, and thenI want to transition into. You know how you migrated to online andsome of the discoveries that you've made so first question and what was itthat propelled you to being in the top position in your dealership? Well, the main thing that that helpedme was, I was taking a truly consultative approach and helpingsomeone find the right solution to their problem as treating sales like atechnical process selling is the process of change fromone situation to a better alternative situation. So my only goal when someonewalked in was to find out what their situation was to realize, what sort ofproblems or challenges had occurred that caused them to walk into thedealarship or a phone in and then to help themselves that problem so clearlythat they could see it for themselves and they wanted to buy it. So I neverhad to ask for the order in a way I never had to sell them the car that wasthe wrong car or pushe solution, or you know, jab them or or pump some metalinto them. Hol, Hese horrible terms that cardies talk about. I was justhelping people get the right car, which therefore put them in a position wherethey could actually come back to me and trade it in for another car down thetrack and quiteafin that happened way faster than what we might think atraditionally long sale cycle take, instead of being three or four years inthe the luxury vehicle market. Quite often the customer has the capacity toupgrade their partner or their spousees vehicle. Perhaps there a theyre made atthe golf club or in the office seize their brand new car and one to one justlike it, or even just slightly better, so they can piss them off. Maybethey've got a family member who they drive to a carto at Christmas time and get sort of motivated to up ther game a bit. It's avery competitive market in the luxury segment egotistically and I love evenbrands like Mescedes Bens have labels for their certain vehicle segments andone of them is hedanism. If you go to the SL range, that has the hedonisticlabel, so that Youre being aware of the real reason why someone buys a car isbetter than just saying: Okay where's, the stocksheet, which one pays thehighest bonus or Sper for whatever you want to call it and trying to jam thatinto the next person that walks in the door. So it was a completely differentapproach than what most people were taking all right. So I like this, Ilike this Jame. So like okay, what was your approach to gain that? That kindof Intel I mean? Where does somebody go that wants to dial into? Why these youknow these people that are, you know, can afford to buy like that mercidesBen to buy because they saw somebody else showing up with it. How do theyget entrenched in that circle? We inferol business realis, the key h tso half Myselles were repeat referrals and I became the KR guy for peoplebecause they knew they could trust me, because I was interested in helpingthem solve their problem. A I wasn't interested in helping me pay my rent orfeed my baby, but if you want to be a high level, salesperson, there'sactually quite a few elements to being successful in it. I could give you someof the keypoints if you like, yeah yeah, firstly, product knowledge mean, as youknow, yeah...

I could walk into most stores and I'llknow more about the product Tan. The person trying to sell it to me,especially since the Internet came about, is no excuse for not knowingyour product and every one of your immediate competitors, product and thefuture products coming down the line so that you can be strategic in yoursolutions. You got to know every single car instock and you have to have anidea about what isn't isn't feasible out of stock or as a future ortervehicle. So you have to read the paper search the resources, read themagazines and walk the floor every single day and know your stock from apersonal point of view. You have to get enough rest, you have to eat, well, you've got to exercise andyou have to maintain your appearance properly, especially your teeth in youryour hair and your shoes and your Yo watch and your pen. All of these thingsgo to a consistent brand message, it's being on Tland right, Robert's laughing,because I'm hairless well thi you're talking bout. It's like you know whatwhater like you're so right because, like we don't make the rules of thegame, we just have to learn how to play it and you'R onehundred percent Wi enofogot to shave in the morning I' likem. I think you forgot to do Toi. You thinkyou know what I mean at's right. Whatever you got to sit in the car withsomeone you don't want to be stinking mentally G. you've got to be persistent,you have to be confident. You have to educate yourself. All the time attend.All the training do role. Players you've got to be active. You got to bemotivated, you need to be professional. Would you hire yourself? Do you lookProfessionaal dos, I'm professional? Are you able to manage yourself withouthaving to been chased up all the time? Are you creative looking for differentsolutions? Do you have integrity where you actually care about others andyou're, trying to do good instead of just be selfish, and are you preparedto put in the energy in the time requirement to be a top level salesperson? So these are some of the things that I'll train on and then there wasother stuff like their goals. You know what are their specific? What's theirdaily goal, do it do y want to they have some KPI that they're looking toachieve they specific in their health and education and social, financial,family ethics and luxury goals? Do they are they measuring their progress tothey track? How many test drives Maiten greeds valuations, how many prospectsthey see, how many people thed sold a car to in the past of they followed upand then what about the home situation, because, if you're not stable at home, if you're,not in a good situation out so the office, most people bring their baggageto work, it's just the way it is so. You got to try and get your whole lifein order to be a high level salesperson. Then there's environmental, you knowbeing aware of. What's going on economically financially, like I knew that theAmerican financial global crisis was sweeping across the world, I could seeit coming a d that was one driver for me to actually get out of the industryas the highest paid general manager in the country with one of the highestmost prestigious brands, in a role where I had almost completelyreplaced myself with correct systems and infrastructure, and I did feelvulnerable being paid by one income source, okay, so being aware of, what'sgoing on around you all of your management, what's happening with withthem in their situation, what are their agenders and their requirements? What'sby our sentiment? What are the economic reports? Interest rates inflation? Yougot to know this stuff in the I nd of the market, because your buyers arevery savvy and they're going to be using these as tools against you. Youwant to know the Ou know the exchange rate and what that means for prices inthe future. You got to be able to be on tune with that, okay and in theinteresting part and serilla. This is some context for us with with you know involving James. So what with talkingwith him like a a guy that understands business and we know, understandsdigital marketing on a whole other...

...level like we talk about auto industry,which he has so much experience and years of experience, but it's is stuffis so like you know, you think you would talk digital marketing, but thethings you're talking about seem like so much of a problem right James thatyou're not even like digital marketing, almost shouldn't even be a discussionat this point is my belief that- and I learntd thisthrough observation, because in my last role as a general manager, I wasresponsible for marketing. Obviously, whichin therefore entailed the website.I work very closely with the developer. We were able to do stuff that no onewas doing ten years ago, like segmented landing, funnels so and e paper clickadvertisement and Google Edwards was new for us, then Paperclickadvertsement for a specific game g model that landed them specifically onan amg video of that model that had a Caldo action for test drive on its ownlanding page. That stuff was really quite cutting edge. Ten years ago wewere doing that and what I lernce for all of this sophistication was wheneverwe ran a launch or did something big, the bulk of our sales will comefrom the direct response: Male peace to our existing customer base. So here'smy fundamental belief you can get as fancy as you want and to dazzleyourself with all the later social media and all that, but ultimately,you've got so many fundamental problems inside the dealership right now. Thenext person that walks in the door is going to probably have a very badexperience or a suboptimal conversion, because the fundamentals are justbroken. The sales approach, the the marketing congruency of their follow upthe experience it's happening right now for the person in the show room todayis actually more of a focal point than going and answering someone's tweet.You know, let's get serious about the the etwenty. It's really the hub of.What's going on in the dealorship right now, and people have got so many holesin their bucket that you know to get too far ahead of yourself past the basics is a mistake. It's thefundamentals and the funny thing about a dealership is with the churn that itgenerally has every great thing that you put in place every standardoperating procedure, every fantastic initiative. It will be washed out ofthe dealership within two years from now, unless you keep banging the drumon it because of the changing staff, someone gets bored the low level ofpeople who yo can hire whare prepared to work weekends and sit in the back ofa car all day long. You know it means that that innovations get moved outfairly quickly. You've got to create very, very strong foundations and I'dgo so far as to say that even a lot of the things that I put in a decade ago, some of them have become ingrained and,interestingly enough, the key senor positions in all the mescedesdealerships in Sydney are my original raw sales recruit. So I did properhiring, recruiting induction and train from scratch. Those people are now inthe senior positions. So I believe that what I'm talking about is proven andtested and the rest of it will have just you know, been forgotten andthat's it. dealrships have fundamental problems because of of the age, youknow the maturity of the industry, it's over a hundred year old industry, it'shighly competitive. It's it's run by a handful of large companies who areseing complitent that they go bankrupt because they got sloppy in and fellasleep behind the wheel. They ran it off the road. They got taken over bymuch more nimble, more sabbe markets who, incidentally, Japan, came toAustralia to learn how to beat America, and then they went to America andsmashed them because they just got so. You know the cost per employee ofmanufacturing a vehicle in the United States was like four times more thanper employee in Japan. They just got out of sink and so yeah before you gettoo worried about twitter up interest.

Have a look at what's happening in yourdealership right now I love this. I mean I was. I wasactually just talking to a team member of mine yesterday. I have this jokeright when anything goes wrong at the dealership, the website provider is typically thefirst one that gets blamed, and- and so I really like what you're saying here,because there are so many things that could be fixed from inside thedealership and and like you said, I mean we love having you heare talkingabout this, because you went from a position of Hey. I need a job to working in a dealership to excelling tothe to the top level and putting processes in place, and- and I noticeyou mentioned, that you said you kind of worked yourself almost out of a jobbecause of of everything that you did so, let's, let's kind of transition tookay. Now now that you're out of the dealership, what was kind of your Imean what was your Ahamoment the Internet? I mean you mentioned that theInternet was just kind of coming to be. You mentioned the processes you had toimplement before the Internet. How did the Internet change everything for youand was it kind of the introduced introduction of the Internet into the dealership that ultimately kind ofhad you move on wwhat couple things there when I started selling car eThosand, nine hundred and ninety five, you know Internet was pretty rare thingand you'd have a little dial up, cable and Brad. It take forever to load anyfirt site started. Observing customers would comein having looked at spyshots of something coming down the pipe. So Iwas getting this inkling that people could now research better than we weregetting access to and and Mercedes bens and it's particularly our general statemanager, was very antitechnology. He said that humans haven't really changed for threethousand years. He sort of saw the internet more as a fad. We had no techin dealrships, thire's no Internet to get stock. Wu'd have to ring up headoffice and they'd go through hard copies and find a CACAR. There wasthere's no relity to swap cars online and the sort of thing that'scommonplace now that that just got held back as long asthey could possibly do it. They'd have a hundred cars sitting in stock andtell us there were three just to try and move them a and create scarcity andpreserve discount. So it was really quite interesting. What the Internetbrought was transparency to the buyer, which made my method more and moresuccessful, because I was transparent to the byer already, and it just meantthat it broke down walls of hidden secrets. As my family are in a travel industry,I noticed they were getting verily very heavily hit by people ordering theirtheir travel arrangements online. Now, I'm not even having to go to the agencyto buy, and I thought I hang on a second. I need to learn how to build awebsite. So I work closely with the developer, an in the last role that Ihad and we did a lot of innovations on the website. I built a email databaseof over ten thousand emails from scratch within a very short period. Iwas leading the charge with putting things like: U ww dot and the websiteon our number plate frames early in in early two Sano, when it just wasn't.Even you know, I was five years ahead of my time with regards to that it justno one understood why I was doing that. I even had pens with the websiteaddress on it, and I knew that one day this is going to be the real estate. Weneed to own Wen e this and then what I did was benchmark our own site versusthe Mercedes Bens provided Sigte, and this wed turna amazing discovery.MESIDIES was sending us like thirty visits a month from their officialcorporate monstrous website that was impossible to navigate, had no SEOfeatures. There was no optin or or easy Cardo action and on our dealership siteI was getting us three thousand unique...

...visits, a months to start with and thent and then it escalated and scaled up from there and I was getting optens andthese paper click sales funnels, and I was using articles and videos andcopywriting and Seo and then I then I'd sort of combined it all into thiscrescendo, and I did a product launch on out de Olership. I spent sixteengrand we sold twenty one cars in a weekend at an average of ninety housanddollars each. So we had a huge return, O investment. We came first in thewhole market. No one could figure out how and what that taught me was Messiswere just way behind the curve and I actually prepared a report for a guywho was interested in my skill s. He wanted to know how we were doing it andI said I'm doing I'm just doing things better than the way the corporate sitestructured and he actually flew out his web developers from Singapore and andHav me meet with them and explain what they need to do, and I gave him thisdocument and someone in head office took thisdocument and they put it in their top drawer and basically did nothing on it,and I was infuriated by that. So I actually in one Wek, I contacted a another friend of mine who's, acardialibit not of a cdis dealer, and I also at the same time got a referral toa solicitor and for both of those people. I said how about I handle youronline marketing and we'll do a contract up and, and they said, okay. Well, what about yourjob n? I said I'm leaving that to do this and I said great: When can youstart- and I said well next week- and I put them both on a five thousand fivehundred dollars per month- recurring contract and I had that in place forseven years straight. So, for the last seven years I've been doing the theonline market component for a dealership and, as chance turned out, Ihad the ability to help this dealer become a mascees Bensdila, with myknowledge of who to talk to what to say- and that was a great wind for for them.So I ended up being able to generate a new dealership out of this agreement, and you know the stuff that that worked inthe dealarship works fine online. But if you have the best website and thegreatest funnel and you make that phone call and a dealership and your salesperson picks it up and they don't have a telephone technique. Then you're shotit's a waste of money and that's that's one of the most frustrating thingsabout cardillrs. In an industry where the average dealer makes two percentprofit, you can't afford to burn. Sales leads like that and it'll happen in anydealership any day of the week, and I know having having purchased messesBens in the last few years. I buy cars here that are close to two hundredthousand dollars. I can't get someone to even follow me back up and it justblows my mind that, at in an industry like this, where they probably pay somemarketing agency and Black Skivis, the hundred thousand dollars to make a onepage ad, with no Calle to action at they can't even make a sal person calla customer back who wants to buy a car, atbe O errela down to James. You gottopay the full sticker because it's quicker being and out. Aren't you a D?They don't have to follow you up. That's not true a I thinki'otdefinitelynot difficult to deal with, so I don't need to go and shop two or threedealers, and I tell you what for two hundred grand you're buying a twohundred thousand dollar car for me, I'm going to move Ino at the end of yourdriveway. I'm I'm gonna be folling. U T I s actually quite iywife to follow. Itook my previouscar and had tom value it and the guy cameback with hevaluation. I said I think you've made a mistake. There is a. What do you think I said? Well, I thinkyou'R ten thousand dollars wrong, but if you want to go and correct that I'lljust wait here and he went away and I swear in two minutes later- he cameback here as yet, we've been able to...

...get that for you to to two minutes forten husand dollar and yeah, but that's not being difficult. I didn't go tothree dealers, I don't I don't ask them for envoice price or anything like that.I'm just a fair buyer and- and I do expect that they would at least follow up. You know I haven'theard boo from any of the sales person. I've bought two hundred thousand dollarcars from all right. Well, I got I got it Michael. If I can jump in, I don'tknow if you on't for a wrap up, but I heard you James. I think it was on yourshow. You were with somebody, and you were talking about something you didfor auto dealers, and you were talking about like a video approach that you do for a lot of your as youcall a mobile dealor, mobolt mobit Mo automobile dealers.Rather, it was nobi or no oo spit that out, antime O ory, sorry, but it was.It was great and you went into kind of like a do like a video that you do forall your. You know: Dealer clients like Documentari S, Doit for myself for myown business. Everything that I do for my own business works for a car dealer,and that is you do a documentary video, because the customer is so used tobeing slammed over the head on late night. You know on normal televisionthey're going to get an ad from Toyota or someone who spends a fortune on ads.Just just you know, showing you the latest like jope down to the fishingriver and you get a Toyoto yout. Whatever it's pretty standard, you khuge money spent on that. Instead, we just sent out of documentary video crewand they talked to the deale about especially the deal of principal. Whydid he decide to start his dealership y? Why am a CITIS bents? You know and theyanswer these questions and then there can be put together into a nice piecethat is actually very emotional and it'sstory based and it' really slides straight through when the prospects watcthat. Theyactually start to bond with the DEALA, and they might build some loyalty andin a market where you can drive to anyone of seven Mercedes dealers withinthirty minutes. You need to cut through, and this gives you a good marketingpiece that you can send to people. That's not really marketing so much asa way of a customer getting to know thet more like an electronic browshirtthat actually is interesting to watch. You want to watch this and you know youcan see a little a flickery old shot of a little red messedes car from when theguy was a kid through to now a brand new red sl standing like behind him andhe's sharing. Why he would he wanted to have messidios ban stealership becausehe bonded with the product, and he justwanted to work with the best product and something that stands for something.And I mean they literally invented the Combustian engine vehicle, soeverything else by nature is imitation, and you know when someone watches thatit might really insulate or shield them against going and buying some lexus,which is Toyotas. You know, luxury export us is what Lexus stands for uslike the ultimate copy cat, and you know you can't you can't be the first,if you, the second, so by insulating against your competitors with a cutthrough emotionally packd documentary. It's such a great marketing. It doesn'tcost a lot and one of my students, Kevin mckillop. Actually I trained himin the beginning and sort of walked him right into this industry, and he wasvery good with video marketing he's now doing seven figures a year in the NorthAmerican market, helping cardialers with their marketing with thecombination of of PPC and Seo. But when you have the right content, that's whenyou can slide straight through and and really get to a point where people evenwant to share like the Chrysler Youtube video of the guy. That goes and buyshis the car that his dad used to own, and if you watch that and don't try,you're, probably not human right,...

...that's the kind of marketing dealershould be doing, but only if the phone gets picked up when someone's trying tocall as a result of it Lov. If you want, I could show youaround a little like maybe six or seven point checklissfor your marketing for a dealership that I actually do documented in twothousand and seven that I believe it's still pretty solid. Absolutely. Where can they get work andthey get their hands on that Hwell? Wouldn't you like to know yeah? What do we need? REAY NEED TO BRIBE? Well I'll, justdescribe it for you, you'll get the gist of this. The first one is joint venthures mydeal or principal didn't like to spend money. It was said that he kept hispocket money from school. You know still as an adult, and so I ne a lot ofjoint ventures with related brands, brancsfead the same demographic likeluxury wine, luxury, music luxury photography like Trey Restaurants,luxury resorts and I had them put up prizes and run events so that it wasjoint venture marketing. Then there's feedback in mechanisms, that's makingsure you preserve the customers. You've already got properly. There'sdirectories, of course, is going to play a part of it. There's your website,which means you're doing seo you're doing paper, click to segmented landingpages, and then, of course, you email marketing, which is the modern versionof the direct response. But please don't don't don't ignore your printmedia and you're in your other promotional iners, because they'restill very important wie'll come to that me SEK there's press releases. Youcould do so much with press, especially around newswerthy items that areseasonal. I used to do stuff like I'd, get driver training, classes and I'd.Let the newspaper give some away to young drivers, people on theirprovisional license. You Know Mescedes Bensdela carring about young driversbeing safe and it was great pr foter. Then there's is online and offline press you've gotprint media. Obviously your local paper is a staple in most environments in you,Metropolitan, maybe magazine, write up specialist publications and anddefinitely foreign language in in Sydney the Chinese markets huge, so eused to take foreign language ads. I never knew what they said, but,according to my Celes rip, they were good point of sale. A lot of dealersignore this. Your bannars, your science, Your Business Cards, you station youused to crossself from service to sales and parts etcetea and finance, becauseI realized we had one customer one customer for the whole dealship.Instead of this Silod segmented war between departments, I'm like hey, wehave the same customer any chance. Your service adviser could bring a prospectdown to buy a new car and they've got a sixthousand dollar apair bill facingthem and and at the same time an Misella car will come and introduce himto the service adviser where they're going to service it. carstickers flawscience building science on the hold messages and then you've got yourpromotional items. Lake gifts on delivery bags, key rings, umbrellas,Champagne, bottles, pens, number plate, frames, CD cases, street directories.These days, you probably give hem a Usbker, then there's like crm. You'vegot to be sending your direct response letters and they should be onfrequencies that correlate with the most frequent purchase times. So whenyou know in miscities Bens it was like twenty eight months for Amg and it wasthirty six months for a traditional car. So you make sure your prospects avefollowed up accordingly, and you know if the emerge, fields, etcetera andmake sure it's all great. You can also referl programs or VIP clubs, make sureyou have telly sales follow up. I used to make the salespeople do it, but I'dgive them a repeat, purchase, sale if they followed up someone andrepurchased a card give them an extra hundred dollars. You've got promotionsin places like shopping centers or new new facilities. Then you've got eventsnow tent sales with balloons and sausage chusels I mean whoever inventedthat should probably be shot they just...

...such it's like yeah, let's go an by thefamily car because they've got a sausage sizzle and they give us a bowor.Don't get it t's go dri you emty grand. When I did an event. It was around hey.I've got every model in the AMG range, an k. You can come and drive it thisweekend, and that was sexy. That was exciting. I pulled together an event,nown had thought of, and that's a that's a reason to buy a car and then,of course around that there's all e the actual campaign around it. You should definitely be doingnewsletters and communicating what's happening, but I don't think anyonereally gives a shit about Freddy the sales person. You know CAUF staffprofile. What's the point he's not even going to be there in two years from nowdoi stuff, that's useful like show someone how to change. You spit thatyou know it's put a tire on the car. If you get a flat and you can't callroadside assistance and then there's of course, sponsorships where you canactually get sponsors in the local areas D and Youshould be supporting your local kindergartens and schools, Fon medicalfacilities in women's groups and charities and business groups and localinterest groups get behind them, but they need te support and they do tendto reciprocate. So that is is basically the marketing round the world well wintour O of where you might want to be focusing your efforts. I love this somuch. I mean there's so much meat here that you just and not just because yousaid sausage sizzle I mean that's, there's so much, no o so much powerbombs. You just dropped on us here. I love the fact that you know you know who you are and the successthat you've had online, but but the experience that you've had inside thedealership to be able to you know kind of align what happens online with the thingsthat absolutely need to be in place inside the dealership, and I think youknow, like we've kind of talked about. I think the Internet and online marketing andall the stuff that we could be doing with the website kind of blinds us fromthe fact that there's so many pieces of the puzzle inside the store that arefalling apart, that need attention and I love the fact that you're helpingyou've helped these dealerships achieve some incredible success. So you know inthe in the spirit of just winding down here James, because we know your timeisvery valuable. In fact, it's is a title of the night. It's like two days fromnow oveleven o'clock on a during the day on a falling tide and the waves arelooking pretty awesome out there. So there you go waay. Is it Thursday Tursday ready it? Sir? It's Wednesdayover here, Dude Yeah? Well, if you want to stock market tip an you Givyeah, I wannat on the game. There you go yeah yeah there you go. So how can? How can those listen aaind getin touch with you or learn more about what you do right now with your yourbusiness? What should e be yeah? So we don't do the agency stuff anymore, butI do have clients who do that. Where ourmain thing is, we provide websitesand Seo Services and then online marketing coaching. It all runs fromsuper fast businesscom. And if it's alt with you, I just leave a sort of a tip.To summarize everything. I've said sure, and that is that you should just go to a large whiteboard or a huge piece of paper and just wripe down, basically a campaign or a brandingmessage that is across your entire dealership and make sure that all ofthe pieces of the puzzles are coordinated with the same message sothat from the first Porticol, whether someone's reading a newspaper orclicking on an advertisement or at your website that itit's all got the samelogo that it all has the same message that it all comes to the same databasethat the person is going to be treated to the right experience. That'sconsistent with all the messaging up to...

...that date and that they're followed upconsistently. If you can do that, then that's really like being the conductorof the orchestra and you've got all the instruments playing in tune and you'llget a nice tune from it, and that's how I turned around the last twodealerships that I worked out and that's how, as a sales person, I wasgetting better results than anyone else in somecases. In my first job, almost embarrassingly, I outsoled the othersix sales person combined in several months and because I made everything consistent and that's what's missing incard illerships, all right, so let James got get in that consistency, onehundred percent right and just to like make tha. This is just to make thisclear to to anyone listening in that's not in the highline automotive industry.So just think I mean this is even more effective when you take these samepractices in a lower, I hate to say it, but just like lower price pricelineproduct, it's going to Wowe that Marketin Yo sin Toyota or Hinde orNissen- and you do this and by the way it works. IDAD. A guy contact me in aforum he told me hed got a job selling toyodas in North America, and I saidyou have to call me up and I went through with him the some sales ideas. I told him whatto do that. No one else would do I guaranteed him. No one else would do itand he gave me the greatest testimanyal hes he became the first. The topselling sales person almost instantly outside everyone else in the dealershipand hit was doing stuff that nobody else does, and one of the things that Itold him to do was that tfor, every single person that comes to visit himjust send them a hand. Written Note, a handwritten letter on plan stationary,like Nice, recycled stationary with a stamp and reon return address just justjust fold it in half and stick your card in the middle and just say: HeyBetty. It was great, seeing yesterday I really enjoyed taking on that test.Drive. Thank you so much for stopping by I just not sales Y, not a company,let ahead not frank out of the machine, because nobodyis sending that prospectand written letter, nobody ther, might send maybe a corporate thing if theybuy a car, but no one is sending a handwritten proose to every prosparthis Nis cut through, and this is coming from guys one of Thedecisionalongo. This is one of the most digital marketing Saddy Guy, like you, knowvery credible in that space and he's saying that so, when someone's, whensomeone's buying my programs often send them a handwritten note and some things,a Tshirt, a book with the just welcoming them and Sayng how muchI appreciate them coming on board and now much I'm looking forward to workingwith them, and this goes a long way in an online world. The best thing you cando is tune up your offline game because, while everyone's focused on the bright,shiny, amazing, online side of things, that've ignored the basics and you makeyour living off those bright and shiny onlinething like not that in a negativeway. But I mean like that's your bread and butter right and you're, sayingthis: I'm just trying to put the emphasis on it right yeah I mean in myhighest level master mine, which is called silver circle. I'm teachingpeople how to actually have a life and build their business to work better bydoing less things, but just doing them right and there's a combination of allthe things I've talked about. They work, whether Oure, online or offline. Justdon't ignore the offflying stuff, while you've so obsessed about the online and online there's so muchnoise that really the most important things sare you email database andhaving consistent messaging. If you could just do that, don't worry so muchabout being on twitter and linked in and allof that, that's a lot of us just noise.

There you have it james thanks so muchfor being on the show with us today. So much value, we've really enjoyed it and-and you know like I said- we're going to be reaching out to you again becausewe there's so much more that that. Well, I don't know about Robert, butfor me I need to learn so much. What do you mean? Oh yeah, I know everythingthanks Yete temawel there you go so thanks again, and you know we lookforward to connecting with you again soon cool thanks guys, thanks forhaving me and there you have it, Mr JamesShrampgo, from the super fast businesscom. Well, Michael Wood, justthing I told this guy was going to be a solv guest and pretty passionate rightI mean you could tell halfway through El, not even halfway through the minutethat he started really going. It was very, very clear. This guy knowshis stuff. I mean e. It almost sounded scripted, but the funny thing is, youknow when we were just chatting after the show that brought that up. Yeahyou're, like hey, was that scripted and you're like EA and he's like no, Iactually haven't put the dealer cap on in like ten years or something likethat. So you can tell how deep into the dealership and how deep into theculture and the industry he was to be able to share that information. But youknow what I mean some some of the things that he did. I love just hisviewpoint on things because you know it worked. It worked then, and these aresome of the things that still work, and I mean the challenges that he broughtup. I mean that's. These are challengesthat dealers are facing today. You know so really cool outlook. I, like it yeahman I enjoyed it. He was great to have him on. It was nice. You know I've beenagain. I've been w falling this guy for some time and he drops so much great.You know power information that that I eat it up. Definitely and the coolthing about it to is you know it's not thery right, like you know, you cantell the way, he's explaining things in the way he talks about the dealership and and all those sortsof things you can tell that it was through application that he learnedthese things. It's not just like you know how sometimes we hear it in theindustry. A lot of theory gets bounced around a lot of strategy withoutapplication gets bounced around, but you know this guy a executes and he sawa lot of success and so he's speaking from just a profound knowledge base andexperience. So that was really cool. If you want to get connected with JamesSHRAMP CO head on over to Triplewo the dealer playbookcom forward, forty seven,you can also check them out at triplewot super fast businesscom andlisten to his podcast. The super fast business podcast and, like always, youknow, would love to hear your feedback, so leave comments or any questions thatyou have for James Ye'll, be poking around on the site and answering youthere and then, of course, we'd love, a review from you on itunes or stitcherradio, the show's not possible. Without you, we love the feedback we get. Letus know what what feedback and suggestions you have solhat. We canmake this show better for you even get elections to man. Even guess,selections were open to hearing it all we do get your emails for those of youthat have been sending us emails when we love. We love to hear from you. Sodo US favorite, triplw Ot, the dealer playbookcom Ford, forty seven, anduntil next week, we'll catch you lates.

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