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James Wedmore: Getting Started With Video Marketing


Wow! Session 42 of “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast is in the house and this session is one you cannot afford to miss! 

In this session team DPB is sitting down with the world renowned video marketing expert Mr. James Wedmore. 

In this session James is going to dive into a video marketing strategy that each and every one of us can implement NOW and start to see results come in. 

James Wedmore is armed with a degree from one of the TOP 10 Film Schools in the Country, James set out to utilize the power of Video and Visual Storytelling to revolutionize how we interact on the Internet.

After several successful ventures, including an Online Bartending School, James founded Video Traffic Academy: an online YouTube Marketing Training Program that has enrolled over 10,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the country.

He has been featured on numerous sites such as, Rise to the Top, Mixergy and many more.  He has been the Guest Instructor on 3 CreativeLIVE Workshops, and today, he hosts James Wedmore TV, his YouTube Channel that’s been viewed over 1 Million times.

His mission is simple:  show business owners how to create and execute effective video marketing campaigns without spending a lot of time or money.

In this session James Wedmore not only delivers a video strategy you can kick into gear in a afternoon he also breaks down his 5 step process to video creation. Check it out. 

James Wedmore’s 5 Step Video Creation Process 


1. Your Intentions 

It is one thing to create a killer video but its another to know exactly what your looking to get out of the video. 

In this session James breaks down exactly how to narrow in on your videos intentions and how to get the most out of it. 

2. Keyword Research 

It is not about making a video you think your audience is looking for, but in fact it is all about making videos that your audience is already looking for. 

Keyword research is how you will identify the keywords you want to rank for so you will know what kind of videos to create. 

3. Execution Of Video 

This is where a lot of people get overwhelmed when it comes to video but it is really not that hard! 

You can create premium video content with nothing but a smartphone and a microphone. Don’t sweat the small stuff and jump in and take action to make your auto dealership compelling video content. 

4. Upload & Optimize 

This step right here is more crucial than the actual ‘Execution” of the video. 

If you have a beautiful professionally produced video and no one in your target market sees this video… What in the world does that do for your dealership? 

It is important you have the video on YouTube the right way. That means you need to hone in on your videos tags, description and title so YouTube and Google will see the video is relevant. 

James breaks down how to get a video ranked… QUICK! 

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This is the dealer playbook sessionnumber, forty two: Let's do it you're dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autortalar strategies that deliverproven results, and now your house, Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla, hey welcome everybody to the dealer.Playbook podcast, I am Robert Weisman, I'm flying solo. Today, Michael Sirillawas unable to make it. He was tied up taking care of someother things so shout out to Michael, but this is the dealer playbook podcast.This is where every week we sit down or interviewing the movers and shakersinautomotive outside of automotive that are making it happen, and that can helpyou make it happen in your business within the automotive industry. Today Iam super pumped up for our session today today. Our session, our guest onour conversation today, is with an expert that ihave been learning fromfor probably about three, maybe even four years now on a video of videocreation and video marketing. Today we have the video marketing expert himself,James Wedmore, on today. If you're not familiar with James James has been youknow in the video marketing, you know Nice, you could say for for some yearsnow and he's has a lot of training courses and he's definitely a a knownexpert in the field and looked up to by a lot of great successful people andlook to for help with their video strategies. So I've been learning fromhim for a long time. I know Michael's been into hem to I know a lot of youknow who he is, but this guy has great information, so I wanted to get him onand talk about. You know, building the video marketing strategy for yourdealership. It's one thing to make the videos you know and make good qualityvideo. That's one thing, but it really comes in on what you do with those thestrategy of what you do with that content. So we're going to jump intothat with James, let's, let's waste, no time, let's hop right in here we go,ladies and Jens James Webmore James. Thank you. So much man welcometo the dealer playbook thanks for taking the time Bro. I appreciate it Robert Thanks for having me, you haveyou've, got a nice voice for radio thanks man that is oo thator or a put down man. No, you don't have aface for radio. Well, we bea kind of a put down, but no I's a good. It's agood audio voice. Thank you! GDI! Love. I've actually heard that before mandthat that definitely that always makes me smile and Michael My partr on crime.He really is bombd that he couldn't make this one, but he's on a consultingging, ind, gig and sess catchaon today. So, like I don't know if they have theInternet up there or what so he's having some problems getting hit, but Iwon't, I won't, take it personally, all right, so James againman thanks amillion guys. James is again as in the intro I was talking about. I mean thisdude is a master. I've learned so much from them for a long time, so James. Iwant to dive right in in two thousand and fifteen today now I know that youdon't work exclusively with auto dealers or anything your you work witha bunch of different types of businesses. Correct, I meanonline offline, you do them all right, some of the weirdest strangestbusinesses and nitches yeah, I mean all over Gotcha. Okay, so I mean, butthere's all there's a lot of, I guess commentrates in all of them. I wouldthink correct when it comes down to yeah. There are- and I think I think well- wecan get into that and start to see that there there definitely arecommonalities. I think that's a big problem that most people make like ifwe want to talk to someone who works, FO, car dealership or owns one and tosay like no, no, my business is different.

This doesn't apply to me, as issomething that can be very dangerous ground, because if we look at it from astrategy and principl point of view, there are there are a lot of strategiesthat just overlap and can work for every business, Gatcha, okay. Sospeaking of strategy, two thousand and fifteen, this was a what I was gettingat. Let's you know we're talking to people in the auto industry. Here intwo thousand and fifteen I mean what should a dealerships you know this typeof business. Is You know, video marketing strategy be more focused on amy? What should it look like? Basically Yeah? This is really simple, so Ialmost more want to say what it shouldn't look like, because I knowthere might be a lot of misconceptions or objections for for some peoplelissening in a call. I remember when I first got started doing this andteaching youtube bout years ago. I would talk to real estate agents andthey would laugh about Youtube. They say why would I waste my time onYoutube? Isn't that where, like thirteen year old girls go to watch,Justin, beeber videos and as the H, you know like? Yes, that's true, butthey're, not the only ones that on there and as the world's third largestwebsite ind the second largest search engine in the world, it's something toto definitely pay attention to so here's your strategy. First and fourMONTS: it's it's not about being funny, it's not about having cute kid or catvideos and trying to go viral or upload as many videos as you can, or anythinglike that. I'm on Google right now in front of mycomputer, and I just typed in used cars in Newport beach. Now I lived down NLagona Beach Newport beach is the next town over. We only have like one cardealership in Thaguna, so I'd go to Newport to go, look at a car and when Itype that into Google I find the first two results on. Google areboth videos and a lot of times. That's going to bea youtube video, so google owns youtube and Google makes a lot of money fromyoutubes AD revenue. So that's the whoe. The whole secret year is that Googlewants to put as many youtube videos inside their search result pages as possible, and mostpeople don't do this most local businesses, especially don'tdo this so when you start making videos that get found for the ideal searchterms or the search terms that your ideal customeris searching for it's awhole another way for people to discover you and not your competitor.So one term would be use cars in your city or your county or your stateand believe it or not. You can make simple vieutuvidios and we'll talkabout what you, what those videos should look like in a moment, but theoverall strategy is getting those videos uploaded to youtube and gettingthem ranked on the first page of Google. So that's it so that when someone whois looking for a car like if I typed ind use cars, an Newport beach, what doyou think my level of my desire? And My, like actual I don't know what the word is, butwhere Youre N in the funnel? Basically, the Bo yeah like what what's the chance,the probability that I'm going to be buying a car soin the next thirty days.No doubt absolutely absolutely and another thing I like about. Like youknow, people are quick to do like the two thousandand fifteen Honda courd.You know review andthey'll, do a video on that. But what I like about this oneis this is one you do one time and it's relevant. It just sits there. It's done and it'srelevant. If I told everybody on this call to sit there and say make a videoa thirty second to a minute video about every car on your lot or every model,every making model. You would roll your eyes and say who's going to do that.How much is that going to cost us that the time to film edit right scripts putpictures together, upload that on Youtube and then automate that ourranket optimiz all stuff is, is like three people full time for like a monthor two? That's a lot of work, and so,...

...let's just say what, if you could justmake one video? That's a thirty to forty five second quote: UNQUOTE:Commercial, that instead of Payin your local cable company for a thirty secondspot, you're uploading it to youtube for free and with the little tricksthat we can show you here today on this call get that found on the first pageof Google, usually relatively quickly as well, and that's that's as simple asa strategy can be ohno. Definitely I like that one andagain it's up there and it stays there free it's relevant for years and yearsand years and years to come a lot of times. There's those making model,videos, theyre they're there and then they're. Not You know they have. No. You know rea relevancy at the time, andyou know time at place. You can. You can guess that for the next five years,people are going to probably go to Google and type in used cars in blankblank city, but yeah they're not going to type in necessarily two thousand and fifteenhondacivic one year from now yeah. You know so you're right. There is a morepermanence to this strategy and it's a lot easier to get started and really simple. So does that Robert?Does that clarify like the big picture, yeah y of what it is? We can do here ngood, because this is an easy. This is an easy wine for everybody. This issomething you could literally do in an afternoon. So where do you want? Wheredo you want to go? Okay, so well, Youre, okay, so w we've got the our ideastrategy. So, what's what's the next move, somebody's going? No, you knowthat's on this right now, they're going to do this when they get off of here,all right, so yeah get that so the first step and the absolute mostcrucial step, and it is the step that most people get wrong. So we're goingto it'll be the most boring step by the way, but Wel we want to spend the mosttime here is identifying what it is that your ideal customers actuallysearching for. So when I used to do my work with rual state agents- and I justuse it as an example because they're also a local geographically centric business, so if I'm a realtor inNewport beach and someone in Georgia is typing in homes for sale, it'sirrelevant, it doesn't matter if I show up for them or not, because the chancesare they're, not looking for a home in Newpor beach. They looking for home inGeorgia same with a car dealership, so, first and foremost ar terms should be,should have a geographical indicator in the keyword so using your your city,the surrounding cities, the county. If it's a small enough state, you can usethe state as well. So that's a great example use cars in Newpor, beach orluxury cars, newport, beach or Hondas for sale, leluna beach. You know,I don't know specifically if you can really play around with these, but Iwould start with your city and then something that you think people are Sih for, like carsfor sale in Newport, beach used cars for sale in Newbor beach and if you'reLik your basic store. If? U, if you sell handos Handas in Newport beach,whatever right, yeah, exactly or Handa dealership or Honda dealer in NewportBeach, I mean these are people that are when slike just look at the searchbehavior behind it. That's what we have to do this first time is about gettinginside the head and the shoes and the laptop of your ideal customer theperson who is there to buy a car and what is it that they would type inwhat is it that they're searching for and let's make sure that you show upthere when they do when they do search that so one you know, I make a list ofas many possibilities as I can used cars, car, dealership, specific carmodel for sale whatever, and I make my list and then a lot of times. I justpick one. I pick the one that is like. What's the what's the money keyword,what's what's the search phrase that I...

...think is going to to bring me the mostaudience, there's a whole. You know we could spend a whole hour looking atlike metrics and search volume and stuff like that. But I'm going to losea lot of people on this call if we try and do that, so you kind of want to gowith okay. Well, what's the big macdaddy keyword that if you could onlychoose one to rank for what would that be, and it might be cars for sale in Orange County? Okay? Great! So that'syour keyword that step one is just just identify what people are searching for.The second step is to make a video and a lot of what Iteach would not apply here, because a lot ofpeople, what I teach most people, is to do, how two videos and for a cardealership you're not really doing that you're, actually more making what Ilike to call a business review video. So, let's, let's look at it from thecustomer standpoint, the ideal customer I type in cars for sale, Orange Countyand I find a video. I would click on that video and it would simply be youknow, an attractive voice, male or female. Saying welcome to Tuston Auto Center in Tustin,California, the premier auto dealership to all the residents of southernCalifornia. We offer a wide array of car selections. We have this, webenefit, you know, result examples testimonial, you know awards experiencethings that make us unique etcea just like if you were to make a commercialjust like. If I said Hey, I want you know, go write a script for a thirtysecond commercial for local television and then obviously the last part of thevideo is just a called action to say. Come visit us now. If you mention ourvideo, when you come in, you know you can offer them something. I don't knowwhat it is, but something that's some sort of direct incentive to get them totake action, whether it's to call for an appointment to come in today andmention the video etc. That's going to be huge now one morething to point out. If you guys think you need a huge production team to dothis, if you think you need something fancy, you really don't this wholevideo could be done with I movie, which is the standard, editingsoftware on a MAC and a couple of photos. So what we've literally hadpeople do before is grab the photos off of their website. Put them into a photo,collage slide show and then do a voiceober, and you just read into astandard microphone. Welcome to you know Tustanato Center, which is ourlocal dealership in Duston. So if they're watching this hey guys, I have bond cars there before and it can be as simple as that so step.Ommer one is identify what you want to rank for what keyword phrases stepnumber two is make a thirty forty second video, not a two minute video,not a five minute video and definitely not a twenty minute video, but atthirty to forty second video with a call to action. So those are the firsttwo steps how we doing Robert That's you're, doing good brother. You do good,so I got TA quateall right. So let me ask you this. So, even though okay, yousaid, as I know, you teach a lot of you makeand you teach how to make halto videos, mostly right right. So you're saying this is more like abusiness review video and I get it's more of a commercial, but I mean doesis that still I mean that's the starting point, but do you thinkthere's you know these customers still getting? You know clocked, left andright all over the place with people that with commercials is there a morecreative approach to that then another commercial, that's a great question andthe answer is always going to be yes. But in my experience of teaching thisthings like Youtube for seven years now, it's there's a lot of resistance thatspecially small, like local businesses, are going to have to say no youtubes,not right for us. I don't it's not...

...worth my time and so where I like tostart with them, especially if that's what people are saying on this calls tosay: Listen, you guys get the power of search engine ranking of Seo of gettingyour website found at the top of Google. Well, a video has been it's beendetermined. There's been studies, Zonis that a youtube video can get ranked upto fifty times easier than your website can. So the first informof thing wewant to do is say what, if, instead of trying to, if you have a two HOUSANOdollar a month, SCO expert that comes in and do all that stuff. You know whynot just try and rank a video really quickly and then absolutely once youstart to see results from that. Like that's going to start getting our people in the auto industry, moreexcited about the possibilities of the Youtube. So if you are a car dealership,you could make videos about saying what's the difference between this carand that car or how to choose what to do when you go on a test drive or youknow stuff that adds free value educates or indoctrinates your yourideal customer, so they're educated and informed there's a great example. I can't remember his name right now,but he he used to sell like artificial pools or something likethat, like above ground, pools or something or certain type of pool. Itwas very unique type of pool, and so all he did was creted a bunch ofcontent on the Internet. That answered everybody's question about these typeof pools, like the benefits, the pros, the cons. How much does it cost? Howlong does it take to get him installed? What size property to need to have tohave the right size of pool and his sales went up because of that simply because he wasseen first as a trusted authority and not as just a salesman or a businessowner trying to make more sales? And that's what ultimately like this this,these small thirty second commercials is like the short term strategy to getyou. Let's get you some new leads new business right now, but if you reallywant to go a hundred percent with Youtube, the the result is transformingyou from the stigmatism that people have of the used car salesman. You know,which is like a dirty word, that people use to describe like people and that'sjust a bummer that has a to transform that ugly, stignatism and stereotype tojust an authority that educates and informs and therefore builds a morepowerful relationship with their audience, a relationship where there istrust and rapport there and that's the only reason. I'm here today, that's theonly reason Robert even knows me, and he evenwanted me to come on to his podcast, because I've just been sitting here,making videos, teaching and forming and helping people for years now, and now,I'm just perceived as a trusted authority, and it's through thatgivingt through that how to it's through that value that you deliver,that you can create that transformation, and that can absolutely happen with awith anyone in the auto industry in any industry- and I mean this is talk-we're not talking O fifty. You know even a thousand dollar investment here,we're talking most people's second largest purchase of their life. Somepeople, let's face it today- probab maybe even the biggest purchase thatthey ever make rigin life. So it's you know it's nice to have I like that thatangle of it- but I see where you're coming from just get hem and get themstarted- show thim that that that that you know cet get their bea qhak wet alittle bit, show him that it can worl and you go for you talk about the longgame right all right. So totally onwoard research, then Hou did theexecution of the video create the video. So that was three steps whereot. Whatelse you have upload and optimize to youtube souploading, a video to youtube is, is really easy. As long as you have anaccount like it's literally like press the Button, the upload button and startuploading, the video, and if you couldn't figure that out that's whatironically youtube is for, is to show you how to do that. Where strategy come, you know you canliterally type in how do I upload a Youtube, vide Ond you're, going to findan answer...

...where the strategy comes in, is inmaking sure that we get your video rank. Like that's the end goal, that's whenyou know that you done the job and that's getting the video found at thetop of youtube and the top of Google. So in order to do that, simply put you need to tell you tubewhat you want it to rank for, and so, if our keyword phrase, oursearch term phrase is cars for sale in Orange County. Thatwould become the title of our video we'd. Put that in a description of ourvideo and even the tags which you'll discover what those are. Those are justyou a lot you'reallowed to add a little keyward phrases that describe yourvideo, so you're, basically, every which way you possibly can you'retelling youtube what your video is about, and if you use your keywardphrase that you want to rank for it's going to give you a much greater chanceof doing that, and the reason why this I mean that's, really easy, like ifpudding making my title and description with my keyward phrase in that cars forsale, Orange County is something that takes about seventeen seconds of work.So that's really good that it's really easy now, if it's a targeted term thathas low competition. If there's no other dealers in your city that arelistening to this podcast and jumping on doing this chances are you can rankrather easily the only time that this becomes a little bit more difficult? These win ther people with the samevideo ate the same. I mean the video exareay Gotcha exactly and then we needto have a little bit of a different conversation, because at the end of theday we have to ask the question: okay, what does Google and Youtube look at in order to determine who gets thosetop spots and there's a couple of things? Thenumber one thing is relevancy now relevancy means put your keywords indyour stuff, so we already told you to do that, but if you're still not ranking the next thing that they're looking foris something that I personally call Channel Authority. So here's what I mean by that if anybody listening to this call rightnow, is a car dealership in Orange County and they decide to upload a video theirvery first video to youtube today called cars for sale, Orange County, and I didthe same thing and did the uploaded one with the same title and the same taxand the same description. Ninety nine. I have a ninety nine percent guaranteethat I am going to get that top spot and you're not, and that's because Ihave more authority, I've been making videos longer. I've been uploading, Ihave more subscribers making video lor Li. He has more Bas Yeh, so they knowYoure you're packing Ta Punch, you're, keeping it real. You know, but so this discourages some people,but it really shouldn't because nine times out of ten there's just no oneelse doing this, and no one doing it right so they've, maybe uploaded onevideo and walked away and so youtube. Is this beautiful thing? If I couldjust get people to get this one concept, then it just makes me so happy, becausethis is this is what most people don't get about youtube? They love thingslike facebook because they see it as instant gratification. They see it aslike. Oh I just upload a photo of our newest car. I submit a post with a linkto our website. Oh that was easy. It took two seconds, but people are seeingless and less engagement on their facebook fan pages they're. Seeing thatyou know news, there's complaining that news feeds are just so full of just somuch stuff that people are distracted. All that stuff youtube is like theexact opposite YouTube. You see very little results in the beginning, but itgrows and compounds upon itself. So I want to just give an example of that:an action.

Last year I kind of took a break fromyoutube and only uploaded like a handful of videos yet last year, loan.I did one point: six million views on my channel which, to put that inperspective, is half the total views I've made in like four years so theyear I didn't upload any videos accounts for half of my total viewsthat I've had in four five years of upbloading videos. Now, how is thatpossible? It's because there isn't just an exponential growth factor thatovertime. The longer your videos sit there, the more views they start to getthe more comments, more interaction, the more youtube will push them up tothe top and help you grow, and that to me is the biggest thing about youtube,because I want to do something I don't know about anybody else, but I want todo something today, that's going to pay off for years, and that's what I did. Iindrested in my time inte youtube years ago and it paid off down the road andyou know that's what we want to do with with everything ultimately yeah. So isthat your strategy going in this is a clind of a question. I'm asking to dothat and the and chill out for like a year. I know you were it's not like youweren't doing anything, Youre working on a lot of other projects, but did youkind of have that in mind like bank away the x amount of videos get themlive and then let them start the work for you honestly. No, I will yes and no, Ididn't ever want to take time off from Youtube. What happened just to betransparent thow. It was my my videographer, the guy who wasfilming with every week, and we were just we were making magic together. Hemoved he. He was actually only out here for ayear with his wife on a Green Card status or visa and their visa expiredand they moved back to the UK and I lost him, and it's like it was likegoing through a breakup where you like didn't want to know yeah back out thereand date, a guy from like the course, the screenflow courses and stuff likethat that Oh yeah dude, that's a hurt piece saying it yeah. So we still talk all the time.But it's like it's like a being in a long distance relationship because itcan't just come out here. You know and do a ten nine hundred dollar plane ticket just to film a video for aweekend. So it's been, it's been hard to like go out and look for a new filmcrew, but but we finally didn and now we have a whole new set of videoscoming out this year, which which I'm excited about right, all right soupload and optimize. We got that okay, so real, quick in their descriptions oranything in the tags. When they're doing that. Like you know, I think some people sometimesthink that they like what's the right recipe for tags and there. How many doyou need to put in to you just put if you were doing this used cars for salein Orange County? What kind of tags do you think you would hit in there? My first tag would be and for Frindywhone WHO's, not uplitter video. This will make sense as soon as you go toupload your first video. She just come back to this episode as you'reuploading it. My first tag would be the keyword use cars in Orange County andthen I'd put maybe two or three other tags that are similar like Orange County car dealership used, maybe the name of the dealership andthen like one other keyword, so I don't try and go crazy. I don't want to addfifty tags with. You know every variation of everything possible. Idon't really see that makes a huge difference. I just want to choose what are the topics that this videosabout it's about to use cars in Orange County? It's about a car dealership inOrange cound. It's about total click, Orange County, the name of thedealership and then like one more so I don't really go overboard with that,because I don't think that's the biggest factor in ranking. I thinktitle and description are definitely bigger. Even even naming your ChannelOne of be, your keywards is going to help and all that little stuff. Yes, so- and you know I put inside thedescription, I put the keyword twice in there. So like a lot of people,don't even write a description. That's... of the biggest mistakes you cun dotake the time and just say in this video you're going to learn about thebenefits of working at the Orange County dealership or whatever yourkeyward is called Blah. Blah Blah and you know you're just at the simplestsense, you're telling you tube hey. This is what I want to be ranked for soI'm going to use this keyword phrase and that's about as simple as I canmake it now. At that point, you kind of just be patient and walk away and checkon it. Sometimes we've had videos rank in a minute and we've had other videos that taketwo weeks and then I've had videos that take three to five months. So now, ofcourse, the videos T at take three to five months are for big terms like howto make a video. You know that on Youtube is going to be Ason yeah a lotof competition. So so what is the other than you know? Hen O once theyput it up on Youtube. I mean what else Jamest Ken tit you know, should they bedoing with that video I mean if it's Revin, of course, amdbetded on thewebsite. Obviously, but I mean like what else: what else should they orcould they be done? Yeah, that's a really good question, ifyou're using any other social media outlets, I I look at social media as away to share my youtube content, so I use youtube as the place for myplatform as a place for me to share my message and if I make a video today on how to called how to rank a video onthe first page of Google, I want to make sure that everybody I know seesthat video, so I shared on Facebook, my fa, facebook fan page ill, even runfacebook ads to it I'll make a blog post out of it I'll tweet it Ol, Google,plus it all that good stuff, so that as many people as possible can see it.If you have an email list, it's also an opportunity to send it out to them.What that will do, Robert Is, if you can get what this I call the socialsurge. If you can get a lot of people to see your video at once, thatwillhelp get the video ranked even faster because Youtube. It's it's very simple.When you understand what youtubes up to youtube has ads all over their site, sothey make money when they get as many people on Youtube as possible. So theway they get as many people on Youtube as possible is making sure they havethe best content for the most relevant people. So if they, if youtube, seesthat your video is getting a lot of views because you're sharing it withyour fans and your subscribers and whoever follows you they're going tosit there and say: okay, there's something about this video that peopleare interested in. Let's make sure more people see it and that's how that's how I was able todo one point: six million views with old videos, because people were curiousabout them, people you know they they saw them. It got ranked and thenyoutubes like, let's show to more people and more people like what isthis and I built a new audience and whole new group of people that hadnever heard of me started. Discovering me, and now we get two hundred hosandover two hundred thousand views of month without uploading, a single video.So it does, it does pay ye, Oh yeah, I mean so and you're definitely the typeis we were talking a little bit before we start recording that you are. You believe that there's too muchemphasis on like the actual video meaning like the quality. What tools douse etca one in fact like the it's all about the stre, it's all in thestrategy, mostly right. I have seen like award winning videos on Youtube oranywhere on the Internet, and they don't do anything, and I know if you'rein the auto industry, it's all about the bottom line. It's about salesnumbers conversions, getting people in the door and if that's not the primaryfocus with your videos, then you're going to give up on this really fast.And so, if you spend the next week, learning how to film whath the fanciestcamera and then learning how to be an...

...awesome editor and like taking classesat your local community college on you're, going to just be burnt out andsow over this really fast. But if you just had a simple message using like Imean you, if you, if anyone here has a son or daughter who's over the age ofprobably eight or nine, they know how to use a MAC laptop. They know how touse I movie and they can make the video better than we can, and that is a truefact right there and it's, and it's going to look reallynice and simple. Now, if you have the budget and you're really committed tothis, you can also hire you know an actual film crew as well.But here's the thing this. The big note that we have to put next to this, thebig disclaimer is that weatry and trust me I' just been doingthis for too long film crews, videographers people that can makebeautiful footage. They don't know the strategy that we just laid out. Theydon't know what to do with the footage. They don't know. They won't know how tostoryboard it properly. They don't know how to write, compelling copy that getsyour audience engaged and gets them to take action. They just know how to makepretty looking shots and we have made videos Robert, where it was very prettyfancy footage and all these things and then we've compared that to videoswhere it's just like really good copy, but nothing fancy like getting people'sattention and the attention getting copyd the words, the phrases, thelanguage we use nine times out of ten, if not ten times out of ten, alwaysbeats out the flashy fancy. You know film, Looking Oscar winning stuffanyday, so so caalways lean on yeah absolutely and how you communicate.That content is king. Like do you are you you know? Is it worth it for themto watch the video? Is it relevant to Hem? Are you keeping their intentionhigh and are you telling them what to do? And you know sitting there forifits anyone's in charge of this now and like if you're boss, AD R, Hey, Ineed you to go, make thes Commercia, Ga Watch, Roberts, podcast and listen tothis kid talk about Youtube, stuff and you're like Wy. I don't know what tosay in the video. I'm totally confused go watch a few commercials for a couple hours. You know just watchTV and start taking notes on some of the commercials, every commercial forusually a local business if they're good. Of course, if they've been on airfor a while, they're they're telling you what to do like, come stop by orcome in, and if you give them a compelling enough reason to do that,they're way more likely to do so. Awesome all right, we're w going to I'init before I wrap it up one more quick than I wante to ask you, because I waslooking at your channel, and I think I saw that you might have recently donethis to a lot of your videos, and I think I think maybe you talked about itin one of like the the group Webonors or something a few months back wherehow important is people that have youtube videos up now, have a channelnow they've been doing a little something something with it, whatevermaybe not, everything's not rank and where they wanted to etc. How buch of an impact hove you seen bygoing back in and reoptimizing these videos meeting Cha, you know adjustingthe description, adjusting the the title, etc, adding thumb nails to oldervideos. How often do you do that first off and how I mean have you seen goodresponse out of it? Yeah we have if the video isn't ranking.So that's a really important thing is so so, if I have, I don't know the exactnumber videos I have. Let's say I have two hundred it's a little bit more thanthan two hundred that are live on Youtube. We have software that tells ushow many of those videos are ranking so about seventy five percent of thosevideos are in the top three spots. That's good! That's that's! Really!Nice! Now I deal it like a hundred, but that's just going to be a challenge,but what I do is I look at the twenty five percent of videos that are notgetting ranked that are not getting found and I test and try everything. Soyes, as Robert is mentioning I've gone in and slightly changed the descriptionadded to the description ore, slightly...

...changed the TAT title or upload a newthumb nail and see if wait a little bit and see if that does anything I also gowell. Maybe if I give it a little boost by sharing it with my audience, getmore views to it. Maybe that'll help. So it's definitely that's like a downthe line strategy of like well. Let's come back to these videos. Let's make acouple videos for our business come back in a month and see. Did they getranked Oh yeah or anything if not yeah yeah go back in. I ss and I was sbringit up for anybody also that that they might have been getting busy on Youtubefor a little while, but didn't see, results they wanted, so they go backinto some of their older stuff but yeah. I was just wondering for myself as well.I know there's someone on this cal Robert, that's saying yeah yeah, we didYoutube, it doesn't work and if I were to go to their channel, the first thingI would tell h m was to say yeah, because your videos are called you know: Honda dealers of Orange Video, onehonded dealers of orange video to or new car for, sale and they're, notthey're, not optimized, for the keywork rases that you're. How anseser? Howimportant this is. The last thing man, then, then, that I'm going to let youroll AP promise. How important is like the proper optimization of the channelitself, meaning that you're using all the right, the art properly the playlist, like allof that, the video wis to me is still the numberone thing, because it's the video that's going to get ranked, not theChannel Nine Times out of ten. But yes, the beauty of it. Is You only need tooptimize your channel once you know you go in there, you name your channel. Youcan put a little distict description in there and set all that type of stuff upbrand it with your images and stuff like that, and then you're done. Soit's still very important and I wouldn't neglect it so people that dohave a channel I I would go in and n name the channel write the descriptionbased off of the main keywords that you're that you're searching for. So ifI type in you know my channels call James Wadmore.So when I type in James Wedmore, the thing that shows up number one is not avideo it's my channel, and you know I'm okay with that. Idon't need to you know I'm more of a personal brand, so I'm not trying torank my channel for things like you know, video marketing necessarily but yeah. That's rank number one,because that's the name of my channel, so it does. It absolutely has a has animpact o all right. Well, James Man Again, Imean I thought this is very interesting, but maybe I'm biased who knows but- andthere probably is your right- anybody out there saying that Youtube didn'twork. Well, dies back into it and follow some of the stuff that Jamestalked about today, James if they want to get more, which I'm sure they will.Where do they? Where do they hook up with you at, but the best way is tocome on overhanging on at my youtube channel, which is youtubecom, forrd slash, JamesWadmore or you can just search my name James Wadmore, because not only will myvideos fill in a lot of the gaps and the questions that you're having, but Ijust I just do what I teach. I practice what I preach so everything's like that's how I'mrinking it at's. You know you can look at my titles. You can look at likethumbnails and they're all great examples of what you can follow andthat's the best. That's the best way to learn is just look at actual examplesof what's working awesome, so we'll link to that for everybody in the shownotes, James Anything else, brother, good, that's it all! The only thing Isay is don't give up on Youtube, don't be discouraged by. I don't write it offbecause it's a huge player and it's it's been hugely beneficial to different businesses, not just you knowmy type of business but local businesses and just random businesses and every typeof industry and net. You wouldn't even believe it o something that everybodyshould be taken. Serious, correct, Het, no matter what the kind of businessthat therthey're in or they think, they're it. If your ideal customer issearching, Google for you or for information about your product and yes,Eah well, there you go that's pretty much it that most businesses and moreso this one, the auto industry than any...

I mean you're talking. Eighty percent.You know: Ninety percent of our customer base is searching the webbefore they're buying a car, so it'sno brain yeah, yeah, absolutely JamesHou're, the man. Thank you so much bro. Thank you, Robert Whoo, and just like that. That wasagain James Wedmore. I hope everybody enjoyed that as much as I enjoyedspeaking and hooking up with James Again, I've been a student of his for along time, so I strongly encouraged checking them out at James wedmorecom.The links will be in the show notes to his Youtube Channel, as he mentioned Ilinked to his social profiles and stuff, and I check out some of the guys gotsome great free information on there. He also has some premium stuff thatmight be worth checking out also get all the links. Everything from thisepisode at the dealer Playbookcom S, forty two again, this dealerplaybookcom forty two were out of here till next week. Everybody have a greatone.

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