The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 1 week ago

Jasen Rice: Improve Your Used Vehicle Process


Jasen Rice is the founder of, the wildly successful firm that helps dealers improve gross and volume. He's an expert at all things vehicle sales and merchandising, and joins the podcast to share his wisdom about how car dealers can improve their used vehicle sales process. 

A year ago (2020), Jasen joined the show to explain how used vehicle inventory would be the saving grace for dealers through the pandemic, and he was right. Today, he shares the best way for dealers to leverage the current (2021) used vehicle climate to grow their sales operation.

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

2:09 - Where do you see the auto industry heading in the next few years? What trends are you noticing?

7:57 - Do the house prices affect auto sales? How does inflation play a role in the auto industry?

9:56 - Are there tried and true processes that worked pre-pandemic and work currently?

14:37 - What would you recommend for dealers with a shortage of inventory?

19:19 - How many tools as a dealer would I need to be able to compete with Carvana and others?

24:11 - What are the most common broken processes you have noticed?

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