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Episode · 7 years ago

JD Rucker: Increase Dealership Profits From Facebook Ads




The Dealer Playbook team has a awesome session for the "Silver Episode" number 25!

In this powerful session the DPB team Michael Cirillo & Robert Wiesman chop it up with founder of social media & SEO dealer consulting firm Dealer Authority, Mr. JD Rucker.

Not only is JD Rucker as dialed in as they come when it comes to the latest in social media best practices, but also one of the (if not THE) most active blogger in the automotive sales community.

JD wastes no time and dives right into selling more cars with Facebook ads most particularly with using what is called Facebook Dark Posts.

In case you were wondering a "Facebook Dark Post" is a highly targeted Facebook ad that does NOT appear on your Facebook Page timeline.

JD gives a step by step blueprint

Why would you want posts that do not appear on your Pages timeline?

JD Rucker breaks that down and more in DPB session 25!

Quick Session Outline 

- What is a Facebook Dark Post and how they can benefit your dealership

- Start to finish step by step how to create a Facebook Dark Post

- The Types of Facebook ads that dealers should be doing

All that plus more value packed into this powerful session for auto dealers.

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