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JD Rucker: Increase Dealership Profits From Facebook Ads




The Dealer Playbook team has a awesome session for the "Silver Episode" number 25!

In this powerful session the DPB team Michael Cirillo & Robert Wiesman chop it up with founder of social media & SEO dealer consulting firm Dealer Authority, Mr. JD Rucker.

Not only is JD Rucker as dialed in as they come when it comes to the latest in social media best practices, but also one of the (if not THE) most active blogger in the automotive sales community.

JD wastes no time and dives right into selling more cars with Facebook ads most particularly with using what is called Facebook Dark Posts.

In case you were wondering a "Facebook Dark Post" is a highly targeted Facebook ad that does NOT appear on your Facebook Page timeline.

JD gives a step by step blueprint

Why would you want posts that do not appear on your Pages timeline?

JD Rucker breaks that down and more in DPB session 25!

Quick Session Outline 

- What is a Facebook Dark Post and how they can benefit your dealership

- Start to finish step by step how to create a Facebook Dark Post

- The Types of Facebook ads that dealers should be doing

All that plus more value packed into this powerful session for auto dealers.

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Hey, you're listening to the dealer Playbook Podcast, episode twenty five, and our guest today is jade rucker, founder of dealer authority. Here we go. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. All Right, here we are, episode twenty five of the dealer playbook podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in. We appreciate you being here. My name is Michael Cirillo. I'm joined with my cohost, Robert Wiseman. How are you? I am excellent, Michael. Hey, today, for our silver episode, Mr Jade Rucker, the founder of dealer authority. You know, we say this often, but if unless you've been living under a rock, you should know or have heard of Jadie rocker. He's an absolute genius when it comes to social media. We're looking forward to having him on the show and, as you're going to hear that, the conversation just kind of explodes into what you can do to absolutely sell cars in social media, and that's what the dealer playbooks about, giving you those winning strategies that deliver results. So let's jump into our guests today. Mr Jade Rucker. Here we go, all right, here we are, episode twenty five of the dealer playbook podcast. We are joined today by Robert and my friend, the founder of dealer authority, Mr Jadie Rucker. Jadie, thanks for joining us today. Thank you. This is twenty five. This is an episode for anniversary. This is a silver anniversary. You've shown up just in time. Some might say finally you've shown up, but you were here just in time for the silver anniversary of the show. I think. Yeah, I know of one person that says finally. They said Jade. Yeah, he's here finally. And and we've got a cool topic that we want to want to talk to you about. Just prior to the show, we were talking and you brought something up that I thought was pretty interesting about how dealerships should be running their social media. You said that if you owned a dealership today, or we're running a dealership today, that you would only publish one or two organic public posts to your your dealerships facebook page per week, but that you would actually do dark posts or unpublished posts, thirty at a time. What what's your reasoning behind that? And can you maybe get into a little bit what you mean by unpublished posts so that dealerships can really get some good, good information out of this and what they should be doing for their their especially their facebook strategy? Yeah, absolutely, aste, so, so and and I don't want to. I don't want to scare people. Well, if I'm if I'm posting every day, that I post you too much. You know, there's nothing wrong with that. I don't want to. I don't want to downplay that. And obviously we have services. Will we post every single day through just five days a year? There's a value to it. But knowing what I know, and I always try to put things into perspective as if I were the dealship. You know, I spend a decade on the retail side before coming over the vendor side. I still remember at least what it was like back then and I think you know, if I owned the dealship today, how and I operate. Reason that I would go with fewer posts is because a mention organic post. Organic is dead. There is no one can and you can get a little bit of organic traffic. There's still blog posts say how to get more organic facebook visibility. Just dealing it doesn't exist. We're talking about single or double digits. If you're if you're a huge yeership, you want to be able to get triple digits, but with advertising you need quite a bit more. The reason that I would post less is because we feel this this need is dealers, as businesses in general, to always be be constantly on facebook and make sure they we're...

...getting the brand out there. If you're running adds properly to your pages, I'm talking about engagement style adds, if you're running these these adds to your posts and posting, you want to incredible, awesome, well thought out, perfectly, perfectly created and and bet it out content. One or two post for a week, maybe three. Then put the ads behind it. It will best content is getting out there. What I see happen is that deals feel like they need to post and they they'll actually cover up some great content with some mediocre content, because nobody's going to come up with with seven, ten, fifteen amazing post. We put your best foot forward once, twice, three times a meek and let the ads continue to run. So if you post that on Thursday, let's say, and you've got something, something really amazing, let's say you you've got a nice collage of happy customers for the month that you've collected. You create an album of fifteen people that are some of them are jumping up and down, some of them are in the show room. They're all smiling, they're all happy. You take this one post and you run your ass to you don't need to cover it on. Let that post play out Thursday, Friday, Saturday, even Sunday. Okay, get it, get a maximum exposure and let it run every single day. There is a disadvantage. Now keep in mind there's an advantage to it. I'm not going to go into too much detail about that, but that's what I would do. I own the dealship. I would handle it like that. As far as dark posts, of published post that it goes by a lot of names. This is the juice, this is what this is, this is our focus, is what we're really positioning. Is the best way for dealers to to truly UNIS social media in general and facebook in particular, with unpublished post. These are posts that do appear if people's timelines, they appear on the the mobile APPS, they appear in me in the side bars. These are ads, okay. They do not appear on your page. So you would take the post and set. It is unpublished in the back end and it'll be visible to the people that you target and just those people and the friends those people. There's still a viral rality to it, but you're really focusing on. You know what? We want to get this customer appreciation, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine oil change out to our customer database or custom audience that we create based on our email database, and we want this to target just the people inner database that have have the little the twenty five miles of the dealership or maybe ten miles the dealship, because, since it's an oil change, we only want to target those people. You don't you don't want to put that AD in front of people who aren't interested in it. Okay, that's why you want to keep that unpublished and that's why you want to keep a hyper target. You've mentioned, you know, running thirty ads and a week or however power is working, I'll be running at least thirty ads to currently they would be running nonstop. Okay, they would be getting tested and see what is the conversion rate with how many people are actually clicking through to the website to the land page where I'm trying to send them how many people are accepting me off or how many people are signing up for the event, whatever it is that we're focused on with that individual add we want to test it and that's why I'm running thirty of the time, because if you don't, you're it's not, as can be successful. But, let's face it, this is it's kind of like saying, well, you can run a PPC campaign. You're going to target just for board. You're going to put in one keyword and anybody that touching Ford. Yeah, that will cover most everybody. But you really want to be more targeting. You want to take advantage of the fact that you could tie to people that are looking for a Ford F one hundred and fifty and you want to send them to a landing page that specifically about for fund fifty. That's where we run multiple ads at any given point for all of our dealer clients. And are some of those variations of the same ad like? Yeah, that absolutely. Yeah, so is it? Is it? Is it the is it the copy that you're that you're testing, or is it the targeting? Or is it a little bit about is it a little bit of both,...

...yes and yes, great, the great perfect question. So you can run up to up to six variations. And by variations we're talking about let's let's pull an example. So try to think of one that I just did day. Okay, so this part. So we took a again. This is a customer database, but this is a database of just people who have been in service. They were for former service customers but who had not been back to service in the last three hundred and sixty five days. In other words, these are past customers that haven't haven't been back to the dealership. We've lost them. They they're gone, they're probably not coming back. They haven't been back in the last year to get something, their oral change, their great job, they're thirtyzero moth check up or whatever. Then somewhere along the lines we lost one. Try to get them back. so we write six variations. We keep the wording the same. Okay, the the wording on this particular I was something the effect of Jadie Rucker Nissan Customer Appreciation Service Special, and then it was source special for you or started. The title of it was was facebook, facebook customers only, and so we ran six different images within there some of them were like technicians at deal ship. was actually feature up the dealship itself. One was one was a what was it was appreciate you, is like the word appreciation. Some some clip park that we put together. We are in six different variations up and will test these. This is important because I've run it's probably into the tens of thousands now by now, as far as the number of campaigns that I've run, which, you know, people say, what is with the best practice, with the way to do it? There is none, okay, and I hate to say that. It's very discouraging because I've been been searching for that that best practice. Are Coming to get your honor. That's not me, man there, that's not me. They found out how? Because we're filling the ghost dude. It's because you're stilling the goods. They're coming to shut you up. I think. I think Zach Berks now the so. So you know, we will test these campaigns because there is no magic bull. You have to see what's working. They flip. FACEBOOK does make it very easy for us to track, so we can tell. Okay, so, out of these six variations, we're trying to drive drive people to click through, to the website and this variation is costing us a dollary to click, and this variation is costing US eighty four cents of click in this variation is costing US sixty three cents per click. We can tell this within a day or two. Doesn't take like you only like tons and tons of data to collect it, because it's getting put out in front of hundreds or thousands of people, depend upon who you're targeting in that particular moment. So we're able to see, wow, this one. Hey, we thought it was going to work. Great at work, great for a different dealer in a different area. This time it bomb, so let's just eliminate. It's an hour. Down to five. Okay, these two are in the performing. Now we're down to four, now we're down to three. So it gets to the point where I could great. So we've been running the sad for four or five days or that. The three best variations were putting our best foot forward, and now let's see if it starts to rise again, because there is a certain level of fatigue that happens. So we have to monitor the advance to see when those numbers start creeping up. These you're going to be putting this message in front of People Multiple Times, and that's a good thing. You do want to, you know, you want people see the ads over and over again. They're not going to just automatically act first time they see it. We've all done it. We've all seen that a, five, six, ten, fifteen times before it. You know what? I realized, you need to check that out, and so so you will, and they do. They will check it out once we start seeing those numbers creep up. Time of starting scratch. Okay, let's talk about the next campaign. You run this multiple times throughout the throughout a given I don't want to...

...say a month or time care because if because the Beau new social media is there is no there's no time. You run it, analyze it every single day at least, and I don't want to scare people. If you're checking it every other day, let's say you're doing it four times a week, then you're good. It doesn't have to be absolutely micromanage you'll get the best results, but the results we find of you're checking in four or five times a week making sure that that your ads are still doing awesome. Now, when you say you upload just for for the person listening that that hasn't had any experience using the facebook adds. When you're bringing and uploading, are you uploading the email addresses from their crm? When you're saying you're too you know you're targeting customers that have been service customers of the past. They haven't been in the dealership in about a year. Are you just filtering that in the crm and then uploading that, that list of emails or names to facebook? Correct the absolutely. It's a great question. So, crm, DMS, wherever we get the data. Sometimes it can be a conquest list of the dealship purchases. Sometimes there's literally thousands of ways that you can target on facebook. You can target people based upon their income, you could target based upon their buying intent. So we know obviously what of our one of our core we try to show that people are spending three, four five bucks a click, sometimes more, through paper click, where we can target buyers, local shoppers and for under two dollars click we can drive them to your website, to you're in the twenty two landing page, to the specialist pages, and this is all through facebook and this is this is this is a beautiful thing in targeting based upon them being hand raised, suppulls, the LX data, hope data, and and you can. You can target those people and say, Hey, you know, we want just the people that raise their hand and tend to buy a new Nissan and the you know, in the near future, or a Nissa on. Ultimately get a very target or very specific you can target just sdance. Hey, one of people are targeting stands. We don't to use cars. You can walter anything like that. You can also target people based upon upon their their income levels. You can target them based upon languages. Where they were, oh yeah, where they were, where they where they frequent, whatever most popular ones that we ran, I guess wasn't resource those last month, but we're probably going to run again this one for one of our clients. We targeted people within twenty five miles of the dealership that interactive with pet bullis. He's he's kind of pet boys across the street and he wanted to get in front of those people because he sees his bays are empty and pet boys is full and and he's better than pet boys. And so he's a people that are specifically liking pem boys, that are locals and and it was those strangely affectively. It was one of those ones where I had to convince myself that it would work and then when I saw the results, I go that's pretty are awesome with that in error in our label and that, and that's kind of a good tool for building an affinity with your community as well, because you can start to identify maybe some of the things that they're interested in and kind of start addressing or targeting those people with messages that are maybe a little bit more relevant or within a geographic area. Right. Oh, absolutely, yeah, you can target. We've got a client who they're specifically they're not even targeting around themselves. They're only targeting around the two competitors. So they actually Cheo target those people in particular and they're targeting them not just for sales, with service. You don't have just have to go baseball intent. You can actually go after owners. You can say it'll pull the date and you say you want to just want to target Honda people that own a Hanna. You want to put a service special in front of them or a early leas return special. You can target in based on their purchasing height, target just people that have least or just people...

...that have purchased them. It stops has to be one of the best opportunities for Oh yeah, facebook ads. Oh absolutely. I mean so it all depends upon you know, so, yes and no. It always was in the past and it hasn't dropped at all. But you know, recently, I don't say in the last three or four months, we have really really honed in on and and discovered that, even though fix stops is a lowhan fruit through social media, that sales can't happen. They put the tracking with the tracking Pixel on a website and you would be you would be utterly amazed. I don't I'm going to share exact numbers because I don't have the Muny, but but looking at some of these dealers that are driving in a thousand, fifteen hundred visitors to their website, to their inventory through facebook every month, tracking and seeing seem the lead conversion right on them, it's sick. I again, I would never have have guests that you could sell cars pretty much, you know, and weekly or daily or whatever, specifically through facebook. And these are you meet. These are people that are coming in through facebook and then they come back later. We're not trying to just use attribute. Should Oh, hey, that person, even though they filled out a lead through through, they came in through whatever search engines later. We're not trying to attribute them because, oh, they came through facebook two weeks ago. This is tracking them from they were on facebook. They click through to the dealers inventory, because retard them specifically with an exact, proper ad and they've filled out a lead for it and, of course, cross reference. Oh and, by the way, they also bought a car, you know, and you compare it to what people are spending on everything else. It's sick. It's yeah, prettily live. Now how JD. How important, though, is it? Because when I talk to some people that are dabbling and playing around with it, that you know and getting familiar with with using the facebook ads, like right or wrong, like I always say, like that Pixel conversion, Pixel is a must that you that you put that on. I mean how important do you think that that is? It's extremely important. Did you cannot track? You track their matrics? Yeah, you're running blind without it. Hey, it's like completely blade. You can at least see the data. You can see. Okay, Great. So so we got fifteen hundred flips, but I want to take it all the way through. I want to know for sure they're getting actually leads out, because is it for not you count some fifteen hundred visitors if you're not going to be leads and you can't really intribute any sales to it? And I mean that's the that that I was going to say. You know, that's the powerful thing about doing business online and Advertising Your Business Online is that tracking is built into pretty much everything versus, you know, like you mentioned it. You know, why wouldn't dealers want to do it this way, especially considering how much they're spending? When you look at other advertising mediums like the radio or television or newspaper words billboards, it's not. It's just simple. Yeah, it's not as trackable, and so I love what we're talking about here. I was going to ask you before we kind of went down this this worm hole here. Is there, since we're talking about targeting and we're talking about how to kind of segment different market groups and all that kind of stuff, is there an optimal size of customer list or email list that you want to be working from? Yeah, absolutely so. Well, is there optimal? Yes, is their limitation? Okay, you can, I have I have one list working, but I'm not joking. This is a list of forty has forty people, okay, just forty people. They're target they're throwing two dollars a day at sometimes they spend the full two bucks and times they don't. But these are very high. This is for fleet sales and the going specifically after after fleet customers who are who have either bought from them in the...

...past through fleet or that they like. The target and we put in the list list was about two hundred and fifty. When we got forty matches on and mostly because these are work addresses, a lot of people just use their personal address for it. But but this forty, you know, it's a it's a tiny, hyper targeted list. But all the cases, one one of those. And for two dollars a day. Who regarded, yeah, exactly, wouldn't spend who wouldn't spend sixty bucks a month take a chance at selling a hundred fifty instructs in one pot? You know, optimal? Oh, I'm sorry, let me answer a works optimal size. We like it's want to keep it in the high thousands or low, low ten thousand, like you somewhere, I guess, a prime a prime targeting group will be somewhere between five and, say, thirty five thousand, for sure, but that's it's almost like asking how long is it piece of string? It all depends on what the goal is. You know, if your goal, if your goal is to target, for example, people that own a own a chevy and you want to target them with with service specials, it doesn't matter to go on a hundred, fifty thousand. There's no limit there. Yeah, with other things, you do want to keep more hyper target. Well, in that and and the more deep what I like about being what you know at the more targeted you get, the easier it is to create copy that's kind of resonate, you know, and feel like it's going to speak directly to them, because you know exactly who you're talking to. What I want to ask you with when we talk about the budget, so you do, and which which you know. Were aware that you want to do the daily budget right, not a set amount correct to run it. You want to douce have a daily ad spend instead of you know how you can select on there, like x amount of dollars or a daily budget correct. All depends from the campaign because, for example, we had an emergency pop up where they deal shit. Their their agency had they had a big sales offside sale at a credit and their agency was off by week. So they had they had over fifty cars. So the parking lot at a credit uni on Saturday they were already planning on it and the ADS are going to run into the following Wednesday. So it was literally holy count. What do we do? So they said a budget, here's here's x amount of dollars. It wasn't much. There's x amount of dollars. Do whatever you can to try trap because we've got at this, this has to be successful. Well, I I guess, but it's not a seat as like forty bucks. So we said okay, great, let's the forty bucks at it. And then after started looking good. They think they threw another twenty bucks at or where's like a let the six dollar campaign. They sold miking cars. Those their most successful one. Ruin. But Wow, offsite, offsite, use carvent at the credit and UN and all, but they sold nineteen cars though that day and it was they do it every year. It was their most successful one. It was the first one where they didn't have television and radio going to it. Needless to say, they instantaneously had their eyes open and they just hired these tired a social media group and House to start working with us on other things that they're expanding. They've got a social media benc going. They saw the magic, you know, they and they've were they were able to test it by mistake. You know, they would never add. They run the everything going through and they run everything. No, show me, we not a yeah, I'm not. I'm not going to go into details because that's it's this is their idea. That the guy they hired who's been very brilliant, and I think it's going to be amazing what they're doing. I don't want to. I can't share because it's theirs. And understand what. How important is it for your like it? Do your likes, face,...

...your page likes, mean anything anymore? Yeah, they do, they do. They're they're great for flaying your ego there there. They're really important to you know, to show somebody who doesn't doesn't know any better other than that. They have absolutely you influence. What's so? Basically, if you're listening in, if you're listening in and you're doing that little promote your page where you know facebook scoops up some of your money, you know, to get you likes. You're wasting your money. The like campaigns, or what I'll like campaign we do. We will run like campaigns for people and no more than a dollar or two per day. So if they want to. If I don't want to, I don't want to make people install people. It's it is more than me. There is a certain level of you know, because you know as as social media insiders and Ruus and pirates and Ninja's or whatever whatever we all are, it's easy for us to Snicker, you know, but at the end of the day there really is I shouldn't call it Egan, really is a pride. Yeah, if your competitor has twenty five hundred likes and you're sitting there with four hundred, I can understand why you want to grow and so I don't want to downplay it. So the question was about effectiveness of your social media. That portion of it. Likes have no, no impact. That doesn't mean there's no benefit at all likes. But if you're I wouldn't, I wouldn't dedicate any amount of time and very, very, very little budget, unless you don't have your first fifty that's you need to run fit to run ads. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Oh, yeah, there's, there are certain you know it is. You know it is beneficial. I post on facebook the other day, you know, we were at like nine hundred and ninety six likes and I says, well, we are, you're so close to a thousand lights and we'll get to it. We're not going to do anything because it's meaningless or something to that and and I got I got called to it. There meaningless. Why are we running as? I'm like, look at your ads. Okay, you've got an eight hundred dollar a month budget and we're spending we're spending sixty of it a month online. You know, it's not that there's zero benefit, was just no benefit. Is like gaining lights. Is not the way to get exposure. The Way to get exposures to utilize the tools to facebook gives us, but the money into do the tire targeting, put out the right messages and start driving traffic to your website. That's the whole goal, is to get people to your website and get people to you deal with ship. Social Media Use for any other, anything else other than those things. There is there is a minimal amount of benefit. Now, with that said, if you truly use facebook, in other words, if, if I'll make that blanket statement, for ninety nine percent of dealers, there are one percent of dealers, maybe two, will stretch, will say two percent of deals out there that can get benefit if they are investing fully into social media, in other words, if they're utilizing social media as public overreach, if they're utilizing their page to promote charities, if they're utilizing their page to to promote the team, for for the actual internal team, and they're building company culture through there's there's things that can be gained, okay, through social media without utilizing, without utilizing all it's all about selling cars. There are benefits. Okay, I don't want to I don't want to downplay the communication aspect of it. If somebody's going to leave matter view are reather, they leave it on facebook, then on the uper Google plus that you know, with facebook we have much more control over we have we have much less visibility if it's a bad one, and we can bump up the visibility if that's a good one and can apply to it. There's a lot of there's a lot of reasons to do to utilize social media for more than just selling cars, but that's only if you're in that one or two percent that is dedicated, and by dedicating I mean you have that, you have that person that they're not just doing social media, they're also making videos there, they're putting...

...content in your website, they're blogging their engage the community, they're taking taking your cars and taking them to lively games and giving out, giving out, you know, Cotton Candy and getting pictures with I mean all that stuff that you can do in social media. It's an all, all in or don't worry about a kind of category deal. You know, if you're going to if you're going to do a little bit, then you might as well just do like I said. You wanted to post a week. If you're going to, you're going to commit and turn into something real, then commit all the way. Hire yourself a full time person. But don't let that take away from the advertising aspect of because the ads are where you're selling cars, getting more service business. So all right, because I told you, I'm not, we're not going to keep you all day, jd what. But this is where I really want to dive in. We're somebody right now dealership calls you up and that you know somebody, you're going to help somebody out, that they have no experience in running facebook ads, working with them at all. How do they get started? What's the what's the strategy to going into it like that? Just the quick step by step for them? Sure perfect. So the first and foremotion read about we put we put out a step by step guide out to the copy of it so that we can put it on, put on your playbookcom or whatever the too, it to the show notes that step by step Gui of how to how to get started. Getting started is this isn't nothing that we do, and this is where my partner will probably get mad at me for saying this. We don't do anything that a dealer can't do themselves. Nobody. Nobody does. You know any deal or? And then let's across the board and the dealer, if they really wanted to, they don't need to pay anybody didn't manage their ad words. They could do that. You know, you can. You can, you don't need vendors. Okay, you can do the stuff yourself, but it always does come down to a question of time. Now for dealers that want to give it a shot and try it out before knowing whether they want to commit either their own personnel or if they want to to work with the partners like dealer authority or flex dealer, then those are the ones that the way to get started is to get your at out there page start, start playing around. It walks you through. Go into facebookcom ads. Manage ground. START SAYS MANAGE AD. Manage. Go there and they don't create an a little you know, if your credit card informations in there, get all that stuff. Set Situation. Then I'll say create an AP. Go to build the build an APP and set it for probably something like website clicks. Will start with a very basically set it for website cles. Pick out of your on your website, let's say your your search results page. O Game just for your general new cars. It's an easy one. Just go your inventory copy and paste the URL from your search results page directly into it'll it'll get all the information from you from that page and then they'll give you an option for images you want to put. Plug in images and take advantage the fact that you can put in six images, because again, it's all about testing one image. You know, the don't know if it's good or bad to go in to put in all six. Pick out six in meges. Preferably they'll one, two hundred, six hundred and twenty eight. Why? I'm sorry, one twelve hundred five by six D twenty eight tall. That's the ideal size to fit in to all of the different meanings mobile. Everything's not that. They'll be two hundred. Why, they'll be shrunk down to fit the device. That gives you the best quall. Okay, upload six of those. Mix it up. Pictures of cars prefer live inventory always plays better than then stock images. So so if you can get a picture of that tahoe sitting out Franco grabbit uploaded, we get a prop down one two hundred, six Hundred Twenty eight and then upload that to to the the APP. Then he scrolled down a little bit further and it will ask you for your copy. Putting something global, make sure that you're mentioning you know, this is of local low where you guys? Where you guys look at it?...

I'm in Pennsylvania. I michaels, I'm in Canada. Okay, okay, so use your location. South Central La o. There we can so, yeah, so, so, so south central Las. Best Hand to image, for example, being the title. That's actually too long and they give you very few characters to you guys would make it fit. Make sure that you mentioned the location, definitely the brand and a little bit of play. Then with the copy, the actual copy, the APP mentioned who you are. You want to be transparent. Here's the thing. You don't want to coach people to Click all the clicks that you get. You only want people to click through to it if they're true, awesome, really interested buyers. Otherwise you're just wasting month. Let's get the real buyers to click through and let's tell them what they're looking through to. If you will sending them to invatory. Tell them you sending them to inventory. Don't try to say, Oh, look at all these awesome pictures of the new sting right, that's that's those are bad clicks. What clicks where? They know when they click through, when they hit the shop now button, which I'll get to in a second, they'll actually go to they're going to be shopping. You want to make it very clear. So in the ad copy mentioned who you are. You know jadie Rucker Chevrolet has has a tremendous selection of Chevy vehicles available right here in south central La. So that would be the APP. Scroll down a little to further. The last gear. If you want to use a button, definitely use the button. This hops of the stand out. I'd like to use the shop now button. If I'm sending them the inventory, you can send them to put that button as download or whatever. You learn more all these things. I like shop now because it tells them again, specifically, look, flick on this if you're really interested in buying art, not keep keep scrolling down on your facebook page and looking for pictures of little timmy sliding at the third base or whatever you're looking for. So then you get down a little further and you get the target and it's where is the important part. The from behavioral top one should be the L X automotive date. To come back a little bit. It up and then I don't want to tell you exactly what to do because because you might find things in there that I don't even know about. The beauty of this stuff that there's so much going on that you can play around with it, but it is very specific. They'll say, you know buyer and ten, for example. So you click on that and then you can break it down by by makes, your models or both. Click on Chevy and then it'll actually with Chevy. It'll say sevy cars or shavy trucks and we send you into general inventory. Click on both. Then Click on models as well, and so the French shavy crew is Equinox Tahoe silver out of get all those out there. Oh and don't read to set your geography depending on where you are. You're in a moral area, set it for your location plus fifty miles. If you're in a low crowd of population, maybe your area alone, or maybe your area plus plus ten miles. You're sitting. Look to see how many people that's going to target. Is it going to target? A thousand? Well, that's not enough. So go ahead and pick out more areas. Maybe the next town over. Maybe adds more, some more behavioral target into it. Once you get through all that, then you'll go down to the budget area. Select your budget. It'll all get a proof. Will lead to notice that if you use images that have words on them, have text, you can't have one than twenty percent covered with texture. They won't accept. So make sure that the text is minimal. If you use images and text, we prefer not to with. Occasionally, you know, did'say will put the logo on there, sometimes and don't. Who Won't? And sometimes, if there's a very specific special at six thousand Offen, ultimately will put death text over the image just to draw more attentions in the fact that we're we're selling, we're pushing in very specific guide. Click Review and then it'll take you through and good to go. You can have these ads running in with enough practice. These ads take anywhere five to ten minutes. So they don't take a whole lot of time once you get good at it. That's why we like to run thirty the time to keep it folks on hypertarget. You know, I have to have to squeeze as much value out of this as possible because most dealers don't believe in facebook. Why? Because most...

...dealers have been have been shown facebook the wrong way. You know this is all about. If you're going to spend six dollars or click, three dollars of click, four dollars or four dollars a click, we're guarantee less than two dollars of click. In many cases we're talking about fifty cents of click to your website from valid people that have raised their hand in indicating that they are intending to buy a use truck and then their future. You can't beat it. And that's where I that's why it it's such a I encourage every dealing to at least try, at least, at least going there, letten, the words were saying, and give it a shot. Sow Five bucks out of ten bucks out of it. What kind of daily budget do you really recommend? I mean, would you say, for the the new be? Depends on whetive, doesn't it? Absolutely, and but you know, we try to keep it simple. Five bucks a day. You know, it's a five bunch of days. Brought me a hundred fifty bucks a month to Ben Februaries and the age of thirty one days, a munths or thirty one days. So well, you know what you and consider uttering that there's dealers out there that are still spending like seventy grand a year on print advertising. I think you know, a hundred and fifty dollars a month as a no brainer. Yeah, listen, jade, we appreciate you being with us today. There is no question that there are many more questions that we could be asking you about social media that I know those of you listening in are what interested in, and I know Ros see Robert wants to keep going. I'll so. I'm well, I wanted to bring something up with the Jad like some take. He came. This is real quick. Now, quick one. This is important. When I just had my how trony groups, we were at the past twenty groups in Atlantic City and I was shooting dice, hanging out and I just look up for some reason and I think it was Jad and like was Danny Benitas, and I just looked at them from a distance and they were walking towards me very fast and he had this face, such a serious face on and it comes up to me and huffing up, puffing like we've been looking everywhere for you, Robert, and I'm like what's going on? And Jad broke the news to me. The ultimate warrior died. Jade rocker was the first part. You were the one that relayed that information to me. I will never forget that. Is this why I just had mine outrow. How I wanted to bring that up. That was a very important always with the right out always forget, always remember. And Jade was the one. He heard it. He looked at he scather. He's gathered the whole hey, did you find that out on social media or what I actually did? There you go, see. So there's no question how powerful social media is to kind of wind this back into my outro here before it was hijacked by the ultimate warrior Um. Rest in peace. There you go. There you go, Hashtag. Rest in peace. Jadi, thanks so much for being on the show. How can those dealers listening and right now? How can they get in touch with you to ask the questions that I know are burning inside of them right now? Sure they can use this way. Just just email me, Jad at dealer AUTHORITYCOM and check out our website, facebook, twitter. We're pretty easy to find. Just do searchers for dealer authority, do searger for Jadie rocker and we're right there. I published by my phone number online, so it's coming directly as well. And there you have it, everybody. We really appreciate you for taking the time and checking us out. Michael JD never disappoints. No, I mean there's so much information floating around inside of that Guy's head. He is an...

...undisputed expert when it comes to social media. You know that's a term that there's always debate on in the automotive industry whether you can call somebody an expert. But guess what I think, and in comparison to somebody that doesn't know anything about social media, there are there are experts and it's all subjective and he is. He is one. I mean I learned so much. I took three or four pages of notes about what dealers can be doing to start really taking a bite out of social media. Today. It was, it was phenomenal, great information, definitely, and that's a it's a hot topic right now, is facebook ads and it's you know, it's the one of the most affordable and powerful strategies that a dealership can can handle. And again, that step by step guide that Jad mentioned that will be available in the show notes that are triplew dot dealer playbookcom twenty five. Don't forget the the dealer playbooks are about that for sealer playbook. That at first time. First Time I try to do your little triple w thing. I bomb, but everything, all the links and resources that have to do with this session, you'll be able to find them there. Definitely get that guide because you know he's going to walk you right through how you can get started using facebook adds today in your store, and I mean you heard them. The bottom line is there's nothing really that they do or that many vendors do that you couldn't be doing yourself. So give it a try, learn as much as you can about the social media and if you decide that you need to have somebody do it for you because you know you're leaving some holes in your digital marketing, your social media marketing, then that's okay too. It's all about driving more traffic to you, your brand, your your business, your website, so that you can be as profitable as possible. So don't forget to check that out. Triple W dot the dealer Playbookcom for twenty five. Also don't forget to subscribe so that you can get the latest episodes of the dealer playbook dropped off in your inbox with all of the information and links that we give you throughout the show. Also, do me a favor right now and check out Michael A SERILLOCOM forward book. I've got a book coming out called don't wait, dominate, which is going to also bring all of this information together so that you can really stop surviving online and start thriving online. Love to love to have you join me there, Robert. You got anything else for us today, then I'm ready to push on out of here. Everybody that thank you again taking the time hitting the download subscribe. Leave us your feedback and comments. Everybody that is taken the time to give us their feedback and comments, good, the bad, the ugly. We want it all, because all of it do this for you. Thanks for being here. Take care.

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