The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 4 months ago

Jeff Morrill: How This Car Dealer Finds The Right Employees


Jeff Morrill is the co-founder of Planet Suburu and author of "Profit Wise - How To Make More Money In Business By Doing The Right Thing." He's a successful businessman with investments generating well over $100 Million/year. 

The secret to his success? Finding the right people. He has developed a unique hiring process that involves every member of his leadership team, and, as you'll hear has contributed to a thriving culture and profitability.

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

4:23 - Why is the hiring topic is something you are passionate about?

6:52 - Do you think people’s fear of making mistakes impacts the hiring process?

8:54 - Why is your hiring process is like now and what was it like what you were making your first hires?

19:53 - Encouraging employees to become CEOs of their own lives.

23:47 - What are some of the mechanisms you have in place post-hire that encourage a healthy growth work culture?

27:56 - How to provide a customer experience that keeps the business growing?

32:11 - It is easy to compare your movie to somebody else’s highlight reel.


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