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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 7 years ago

Jim Ziegler: The Secret to Selling More in F&I


Our Guest:


Jim "The Alpha Dawg" Ziegler is as close as it comes to a "living legend" as you can get. 


Jim is the founder of the "Internet Sales Battle Plan" and the "Ziegler Super Conference" two of the automotive industries top improvement workshops. He also is the founder of Ziegler Super Systems, his leading dealer consulting company. 


Jim Ziegler is one of the automotive industries leading experts when it comes to F&I has written many articles on the topic and presented the topic in many live workshops. Jim is responsible for massive growth in dealerships across the country and a big part of that increase is from the dealers F&I department. 


Preview Of This Session:


- The biggest mistakes made in F&I today.

 - Creative & effective word tracks to sell more F&I.

 - Tips to being more successful in F&I 



 Ziegler Super Systems

 Ziegler's Sales Manager Super Conference

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