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Episode · 7 years ago

Joe Cala: How to Transform Your Employee Training


Our Guest:

In session 31 of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, we sat down with Joe Cala. Joe is currently the General Manager of Dealer Synergy, and is one of the most inspirational, motivating individuals within the car business.

We invited Joe Cala to be on the show to explain how you can transform your car sales training by taking massive action. The automotive industry has no shortage of training resources. From conferences and summits to in-store consulting and webinars. But with all of the training resources out there, the missing ingredient to enjoying a more successful career within the automotive industry (and every other industry) is the action that you take.

Preview of this Session:

  • How you can take your career to the next level
  • How to get more from your dealership training
  • The common mistakes that dealers make that limit their success
  • Tips to being successful and transform your career

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About Joe Cala:

Joe has a total of 14 years in the automotive industry, holding positions from Sales Person to Used Car Manager, New Car Manager to Internet Sales Manager, and eventually Internet Director. During his time as Internet Director, he was influential in increasing business from 7 units to 80 units at Nelson Mazda in Tulsa, OK and from growing Gateway Toyota in Toms River, NJ (Penske Automotive Group Dealership) from 40 units to 150 units. After his time in the dealership, he spent a year as an Advertising Consultant in the New York/New Jersey Metro Area for Auto Trader. Joe is currently the General Manager for Dealer Synergy and has been a featured Internet Sales 20 Group Speaker, NADA convention speaker, author and contributor to multiple nationally recognized personal & professional development magazines.

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