The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 5 months ago

Louie Herron: How To Go From Car Sales To Dealer Owner


Louie Herron, a 25+ year veteran of the retail auto industry, shares valuable insights about what you can do to help people grow their careers to the next level in the car business.

One of the reasons why employee attrition is so high in the auto industry is the employees' inability to see career growth opportunities.

Louie started in the car business as a front-line sales professionals. Within 15 years, he owned his first franchise store and went on to own two more franchises.

His mission today, through Sales To CEO University, is to help car sales professionals go from sales to management, management to GM, and GM to partner/dealer principal. He is empowering retail auto professionals to learn the skills they need to go from one phase of their career to the next.

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