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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 1 month ago

Mark McGovern: The Carvana Experience. A Customer Story


Car Dealers around the world have been keeping a close eye on emerging tech companies like Carvana for quite some time. Their direct-to-consumer car purchase model has proven to be a viable option for those who wish to bypass the traditional car dealership experience. 

That's why it's important for dealers to take action today. Mark McGovern is an online school teacher with zero connection to the automotive industry. He joins The Dealer Playbook to share his experience purchasing and trading a vehicle from start to finish with Carvana. 

Pay close attention to what Mark shares in this episode so that you can apply it to the context of your dealership operations. 

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

2:06 - Did you decide to buy from Carvana right away or did you shop around first?

4:40 - “It sounds too good to be true.”

10:39 - Did buying from a website seem like a better and much easier experience?

17:20 - What happens once you complete the checkout?

21:01 - It is all about the customer’s experience and doing what is best for their interests.

24:24 - How do they serve you after the sale?

29:54 - Do you see the value at servicing the vehicle at the licensed dealership? 

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