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Mat Koenig: The 3 Ms of Automotive Marketing


"The only way to make a ridiculous amount of money is to serve people well."

 Matt Koenig

 Welcome to "The Dealer Playbook" podcast session 26 where once a week auto dealers get real strategies that get results. 

In this session Robert Wiesman and Michael Cirillo sit down and chat with Matt Koenig founder of Konig Co a leading mobile marketing agency that connects auto dealers with more buyers. 

The topic of todays session is what Matt calls "the 3 M's of Automotive Marketing". 

What are the "3 M's" ?

- Millennials 

- Mobile 

- Minorities

If todays auto dealer can get a good grasp on those 3 M's, they will sell more cars. 

The largest increase in new car sales last year came from latino buyers. 

The crazy thing about that is even dealers who 80% of their showroom traffic are of hispanic decent, have zero marketing dollars allocated targeting that customer segment. 

That is just one of the "3 M's" !

Here is what you will learn more about

- How to market to and sell more cars to minorities

- What is the secret to selling to millennials

- The importance of "mobile" strategy

Matt breaks down "The 3 M's of Automotive Marketing" and so much more in DPB session 26.

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You're dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning auterdaler strategies that deliverproven results, and now your houst Robert Weisman and Michael Serillo PA, and welcome to episode twenty sixof the deer playbook podcast. My name is Michael Sirillo. I'm joined with mypartner crime, Robert Weisman, how you doing my man I'm doing excellent,Michael and Im pumped up as always, hey we're so excited to bring you thisepisode. I know that I say that every week, but you are here and you're goingto get some incredible strategies that you can translate to profitability foryour dealership, because that's what we do here on the podcast today, we'resitting down with Matt Canig he's the founder of Conico, and he has a reallycool presentation that he's going to share with us. Titled The threems of Automotive Marketing, he's anincredible thought. Leader he's going to share some awesome insights that youcan take to the bank and so without further ado, let's jump into our sitdown interview with Matc Kannic, let's dode all right- and we are here with thefounder and leader, fierce leader of one of the leading or teedleadingMobile Marketing Company for automotive dealers in the United States, Mr MattKanig. That's right, pronounced Kanig last name not to be confused with hiscompany CONICO Matt thanks for joining yesterday, Likiop with H, yeah Michael, has beenon like a NA, revealing people's Lastna like the proper pronunciation of names.On the past couple, Iw tell you what I read a book: How to win friends andinfluence people. You want to know the number one reason why people don't dobusiness with other people because they a their name wrong. Tha, point point:I'M NOT gonna lie. I was getting excited by the hyping up of my name.That was great. Here you go he's a pitchman he's a pitchman and you'rehere with us. Some might say finally right, I would say finally because ihavelistened and been longing to be a guest on the show, because I just I man, Ilove hearing you guys. It always gets me pumped up mat, that's awesome man,but here's certain certain people we wanted to build up. The you know builda little mountain, build a little the audience up a little bit yeah andget them on there. Get you in front of more people get your message. You knowout there to help as many people as possible, which that is what mat isgoing to bring today with the topic of the three Ms of automotive success. I'mpretty excited Matt. So tell us what Oure, what firstoff? What are t e threms of automotive success that you're talking aboutrightgreat question, Matt, Matt and Mano Soi Meanno. I mean realisticallyhere's the thing right. I mean there's a lot of talk, ther, a bunch ofbuzzwords out there. You hear everybody got millennial, millenielse, right,Millennias, let's focus on them mobile! There's! There's one M that chrisler'stalked about a lot AU omotive news has touched ton a lot, but a lot of dealersjust well. They haven't given any focus to and that's minorities now, one in in general, one specifically and that'sthe Latino community. So you know what what we want to do is our company's goal is connectingdealers wof buyers right, but ultimately everybody's trying to reachas many people as possible and drive up sailes as much as possible and and bygetting a gooad grasp of these three areas of what's going on withmillennials, with minorities and with mobile and how technologyes evolvingyou know. F dealirs can get a handle on those three yeah. It's going to helpthem, obviously take their success to the next level, so yeah so I mean so at in a few weeksactually or next week, I'm going to be...

...out in Las Vegas and we're going to bedigging in on this deeper, but I'm pretty pumped up to you know to connectwith you guys and talk about it now and give people a little a prequel okay. Soyou right, you're, saying okay! This is something that Kreisler as a corporate stancs, they're kind offocusing a little bit more minorities. You mentioned that it's not really onthe dealers radar per se. Why is that? Isit a fear of not knowing I mean, has political correctness become a problemin knowing how to market effectively to segmented minorities, to while marketsegments in general? Is that a factor or is it just because it's somethingthat we've never thought of before mand? That's a really good question, Michael!So here's what we seen all right for about the past I'll say a littleover a year, my company's been digging into this and working on it, because,even though I got a D in Spanish, I got an AAn economic. So for me I'm alwaysit's just it's true, and I'm always looking for. What's the next big thingthat we can do to make a ridiculous amount of money, and the only way to dothat is to be able to serve a ton of people well right so that they Goo, Iwant some, and so we've been researching. What's been going on withthe Latino community, are they being served and not and here's what thetruth is? The truth is it's just easier to keep doing what you're doing I meanI speak English. Ninety nine percent of the time you know most of us do thatare English speaking folks, but the challenges you know there's this wholecommunity out there that isn't being served at all. What happened in the past few years is,if you notice, Google gives you a choice right to just set your defaultlanguage. So if you speak Spanish, what Google's going to be said to Spanishright, but also when you go to any website ifyour language on your phone is said to let's say Spanish, the browser is goingto convert that text for you right, so you can read it in your own language.We all know this no big deal, but what that's done is a lot of dealers. Don'tunderstand that their website still isn't really in Spanish. Well, let'sSayin Cana, it's not in French. The browsers converting it. Okay. So,what's happening, though, is they're not really marketing to the Latinocommunity, for example, a lot of dealers that we talked to my businesspartner, Tim and I were in the Chicago area last week and we met with overtwenty dealers all day long me, a thirteen hour day met with twentydifferent owners in GMS and sat down and said what percentage of yourbusiness come from the Latino community. Everyone without fail. It was seventyto eighty percent of the customers to walk to the door. Now out of twentydealers, we asked every single one: what percent of your marketing budget?Are you allocating to directly market to Spanish speaking buyers? Take aguess, Robert, take a guess what what percentage of their budget was goingtowards zero points? E You got, Ta got o a Gobe Fan a thousandpercent of zero yeah Yep. I an survey seinning. You are both one hundredpercent correct, so hen a market where seventy percent of the people walkthrough the door. Zero dollars were being spent reaching them offline oronline, and I kid you not ounineteen out of Twenty said: Look I'm alreadyreaching them, because my website goes to Spanish if their phone ISN'n Spanish,no joke. So as we wrestle with this and we're going well, why aren't they? Whyaren't they the two biggest things that I've seenthat are preventing people from really reaching out to the Latino community?And- and I guess I should preface why I'm so focused on them with thisautomotive news did something about six weeks ago, called the new majority andhere's something a lot of people. Don't they just don't get? Last year,automotive sales increase was like eight to nine percent across the board,depending on whose statistics you want to look at right. Overall sales growth. Do you want totake a wild guess what the growth was for Latino vehicle purchases in thepast year last year, man think ot, ags...

...yeah multiply the average times ten.There was an over eighty percent growth in purchases wow by Histanic, fires,yeah and the crazy part is now is the next problem that we ran intowhen we were in the Chicago Annoi market, and we actually had a GM lookat us and say these folks can't buy new cars theyare a use, car buyer. That'swhy there's so many by here, payhere places around here. Well, this wasobviously not one of those dealers that seventy to eighty percent of theircurrent market was Letti that the current customers was Latino. Sadly,this is a dealer that said. Seventy to eighty percent of the people that walkin their doors are Butin set was already that they couldn't get bought,he's missing out on one of the other amazing thigs at automotive news sheshared, and that was this. Last year the largest increase in new car saleswas in the Hispanic community. So it's coming around twenty three percentincrease in new car sales alone, so these people can buy, they can getbought just because they don't speak. English doesn't mean they're, notbiable, but the problem is all the negative stuff in the news makes. Youthink you know. MAKESAA lot of dealers feel like this community is like atransint community or a community that write they're, not they're, not local,so they're, not byer someting, and you know t something that stands out to metoo. You know going along with this. Is You know when we see ethnic communities in the United Statesin Canada? Ther are a very close knit community. They interact with eachother, much more they're, much more social with eachother than than Americans are and and how that translates to business is thatwhen you provide them a good experience, you better believe they're, referringtheir entire community to go. Do business with you, so big massiveopportunity, thereyeah o you got it one out of those twenty dealers. He didn'tdo any specific marketing because they had actually been in the community forthirty six years, and he said their business is huge and this dealer.Ninety percent of their business, was in the Hispanic market, and this iswhat he said. He said these folks are so loyal. He said when you take care ofthis community. Like you just touched on, Michale, said: they're very loyal,very family focused community, and he said the repeat and referral businesswe have here is thoug the ro ninety percent yeah and that's everybody'sbegging, awsome every Daler Retai, which yeahso there's a good opportunitythere that a lot of folks are missing just because they don't they don'tunderstand yeah particula. What's the? What do you see is the practice for theguys that are doing it right? Are they like, if you, if you're in a market,let's say and in fact seventy to eighty percent of your incoming in storetraffic is Latino Hispanic descent, then you're in a produc you're in anarea that is, you know, highly populated with Hispanic descent correct.So you probably have your some of your sales that a lot of your sales floormight be Hispanic. Or what do you do? Do you bring in like a good Spanishspeaking, individual that you know will work with these will work with them. It,the you know, Yo k. what's your start takes this back yeah this it this wer.Where do you like Te war, that let's say, there's a store that it's not seveneit or eighto percent? What dothey do right? What comes first, chicken or egg? Do we wait till til?We've got. You know twenty thirty percent asking for that before we get abilingual person, so it is challenging here's what here's? What I would say,step onetiss so step, one is make sure you've at least got someone on staff,that's at least bilingual to the market you're in right, if you're in aspecific area of Canada, where it's English and French right- and I don'tspeak any French- either Migel Bac, I'm just trying to talk about. You, knowFrench Canadians, because I'm trying to be I' toyer, there's three or four ofthem. So here's the deal like you know makesure that whatever market you're in you've got someone that's at leastbilingual right and Robert. You said... know the people that are doing it.Well, what do they do? So? Here's the reality, the people that say they'redoing it well, they're, not they're, not doing much anyway, they're notreally doing any marketing an Spanish. They just have a staff that maybe allspeak Spanish, for example, and they go alway, sell ninety percent of our carjust pash. That's why I was kind of beating around the Butchtut Bush at Roun, the Bush, those little chickenbabies aren't doing anything all they're doing a staffin their floorwith people that can handle Spanish speaking people but they're stillmissing out, because those folks are mostly stumbling across them because ifyou like, if you were to speak Spanish right now, when you go to Google andanybody who speaks Spanish, just listen. Go to Google and ask yourself inSpanish in your when you're searching Google, who has the best use car dealsin Long Beach, California, and see what turns up now. Here's the thing: Nineout of ten results in that first page good chunk of them we're going tobelong to something called vva Street, which is Spanish, craigs list. I meanit's just geting clunky garbage and then the number one or two resultyou're going to see is a marketing video that we did for the Spanish sitethat we own- and this goes back to that and not a Pluggor a pitch well I', nota pitch but kind of a plug. A year ago. I started this because I thought therewas a gap where dealers were missing connecting with these folks. So weinvested tens of thousands of dollars and I don't even want to tell you thedollar mountain now, twelve months later, in building the only fullyresponsive, mobile Spanish classified site, so it's noble first fullyresponsive one hundred percent Spanish before the vehicles are uploaded sothat when a Spanish peakin by your searches in Spanish, they will see thedealers car in Googles, organic search and that's the only site in the entirecountry designed to do that for dealers there's nothing else out there like it.So how does so? If I go to Google and I search in spad flip the language toSpanish, it's going to bring me back the same results not search in English. No, so it willbring you back Spanish results of whatever sites and things are inSpanish and that's the challenge dealers think just because of RASACconverts. It doesn't rank it like it doesn't re Gogl doesn't read it likethat. Think it'. I, like a magical piece of glass that you're laying overa page that all of a sudden makes it readable in your language. That's Sartof browser does, but what a search engine does. What Google does is.Google is looking for answers to your questions and mobile right. That wasthe humming bird algorithm update a year ago, and now Google still tryingto get those relevant results. So if you're searching in Spanish and adealer's website is not truly Spanish text on site, it will never show up inthe results. No, that's only one of the three, msthough so I I don't want to spend all Danat, but you know that's the appesite wetterthat dealers really need to. You know go step one as make sure you've got thestaff to take care of those folks. Step too, is, when you start doing themarketing you have to make sure the marketing routes to the people to speakSpanish and now this was a challenge that Carscom and autol trader bothfaced cars, auto trader used to have auto Mircado n. That was the Spanishversion of Otto trader, and it was truly in Spanish. The problem was theyweren't, providing numbers for the dealers that would point to the Spanishbeakin tales people. So when somebody who only speaks Spanish calls inEnglish speaking Susi says thanks for calling a BC motors, how can I help you?What do you think what happen click, and so their average call times withthose were under ten seconds? Cars Com did the same thing and a company thatwe know that worked with. Both of them saw these results firsthand and listento the calls. So we know that those guys did it wrong, and since I used towork for Carscom, I kind of had an inside track on that. So I knew Iwanted to go out and do what they wouldn't do. So when we put togetherour Spaner site, we actually got local numbers for the dealer so that whensomeone calls it actually rings all of the Spanish speaking sales people atthe dealership, so that when they hear that phone ring and they answer it, itactually tells them where the calls coming from. So they know to answer inSpanish Nice, yeah kind of nefty kind...

...of nifty tool. Okay. So, let's, let's,like you, said, let's, let's move on to your next group here, hot topic:Millennials Marketing, marketing, two millennials in the car Nich. How do we do that? Thatis such a good question. All you have to do and I'm gonna I'm going to dombthis down so much. It's probably going to piss off everybody. That's trying tosell the hots new millennial thing just be mobile and be real right millennials.What are my kids, an millenial, my oldest right, which makes me feel oldby the way, but here's the reality what a millennials want they want to. Theywant to feel the same way. All of us want to feel they want to feel like heyit's my decision that yours quit trying to sell me. I want to research and seestuff on my time my way and by the way I want to do it from my phone, becausethat's what I live on millennials are not hard people to reach ats matter offact. They're the easiest people to reach there they're already out therethey're, already shopping they're, just regular folks that go hey, look, don'ttreat me different because I'm a little youger than you doesn't make me anidiot. I've been living on this phone and doing all this mobile research alot longer than you guys have so millennials aren't the hard partmillennials, though, if you mark et to them properly, which is by being honestby being very real. Like Robert Weisman, I'm going to give you props right here,Robert Weisman back when he was Robert Weiswhen, your Hunda Guy Robert was thereal deal man. He would make these hundy videos. He was just real Robbert,Hey I'm Robert Weisman, I'm stayting in front of a Hundealantra. Here's why itkicks butt over the hand abcord whatever, and he was just a real dudeand you could relate to him because you felt like he was being himself and nowmeeting him in person and knowing them. He was being real. That's robber andit's cool and millennials want real people, and so do you feel like there's they're a little bit more expecting of transparency and business.I mean you know like older, older generations, they're kindof like yeah. We know people are going to lie to us to make the sale, but doyou think that millennials are much more demanding of this transparencypiece? You know. That's a good, really good question, Michael! I think I think that millennials are, but Idon't think it's because their millennials, I think it's everybody astechnology has evolved in. Given us a behind this thengs look into what goeson in the car. Yea is almost anybody. That's diled into technology is moretrap, more expectant of transparency. Now that, if you think about it, youlook at reality shows right like we don't watch. Reality shows aboutdifferent businesses like Paulen stars right and that kind of stuff. We don'twatch it because we want to get in the POM business. We watch it because we gookay. When I went there and sold my speaker box in high school for ThirtyBucks to buy a promise ring or whatever like, and they took aroun a cellup forlike two hundred and fifty bucks. How did they do that right? So everybodywants that sneak peak, that behind the scames look right, and so I thinkmillennials, like they've, grown up their whole life with everything fromand I'm going to just tell you here's my guilty pleasure, like the Jersey,short right, theteon. U Reality Shows Right. They've grow up with this, sincePRAYTANS ON TV, they've grown up with Pawn Stars and storage wars and allthat just a ton of everything that they watch is more real and raw. I mean theshows that we watch that focused on teenagers twenty years ago, when wewere short of teenager still, it's evolved when you watch showsrelated toteens. Now it's much more real and row so itis my opinion, and Iwon't say it's a a fact, but based on H, numbers of stores that seem to do itright. It's my opinion that anyone dialed in technologically, likegraverks, said, expects more transparency. Now an here's, the coolpart, the third end, the mobile side of this. The millennials have set the stage foreveryone else to follow, so they grew up with it. The older generations arenow adapting to what the millennials...

...have grown up with, and the cool thingis it's shifting the buying process for everyone. The older folks might haveknown back in their day that there was a super hidden invoice that they'dnever get to see, but they're learning and their mobile and now theyre buyingshopping habits. The experience that they create when they come into adealership is not that far from the millennial anymore. What's the fastestgrowing segment of mobile users over fifty right, because everybody elsegrew up with it. So this is where it becomes challenging for dealers,because even facebooks on this right, we allsaw there was the mass exodus ofthe youth from facebook once mom, Dad Grandma and GRANDPA got on boardbecauses, like Oh Great Niw, my grandma could stock my facebook and now they'regoing to see all the party picks that my parents were too stupid dofinedbefore, but now my parents are going to see him too right. So the facebookstarted seeing that exodust now here's the crazy part. What they also saw was people exiting,because the ad blasting everywhere advertising avertame right, but butpeople are starting to become okay with that they're, not leaving like lookingfor that next social network, like they did when they left my space and went tofacebook, but here's the thing dealers are going okay. Well, who do I marketto you know I've got. Let's say you know trainor a over here on the right.That's telling me: I've got a focus on the baby boomers because they're, theones that have the money and thet can get finance. I've got sales treaner, betelling me to focus on the millennials, because they're the up and comining andthey're tuned into tech, so who in the hell, do I listen to and the reality isthis people are people, whether they're,twenty or sixty they're humans. So if you're just asking specifically, how doI mark it? You say well number one be where everybody is, which means You'ad,better, damn well be mobile, friendly and responsive. I mean that's step one,that's just common sense, intelligence and today's Day and age step to is this.You've only got so many driveways into your dealership, open right now. So, ifyou're in he, you know southern part of the United States where you've got ahighly high Hispanic population and Youre, you do not have a Spanishversion of your side and you do not have bilingual sales people, thenyou're not even equipped number one but number two. If you've got a staff of BIlingual sales people but you're not doing any specific marketing online inSpanish you're missing the boat, I mean that's at a very at the very rage. Letpeople know that you have bilingual staff. Yeah ads are just at least letthem know here's the thing people are missing out and they don't understand.Is this seven out of ten people, and this was asenseof demographic literally just looking at this the other day, seven out of ten people who are in theLatino community, even if they speak English fluently seven out of ten speakSpanish at home. So if that's the case, what language do you think they're foln,the in common sense, the one that they use themost, which is Spanish? And the other thing is this, and these are googles-numbers go to Google, bcom, Lsh, think and look, but in the Latino community, they're verytuned in technology wise and over. Eighty percent of their shopping isdone from a mobile device. So if eighty percent of the Latinocommunity shopping is done in a mobile device and seventy percent of them arespeaking Spanish as their normal language every day at home, that meansthat the automotive dealership community is missing. Seventy to eightypercent of that community. No doubt I mean this makes me think about. Like Iwas, I was hanging with my kids: Nine there, two boys, nine and six. Theywere watching one of their shows, one of the ones that I enjoyed to calledSalmond cat and they had somehow cat t. The dimloted one ended up. Wok woke upwith like this little person handcuff to her, and he was speaking somestrange language and then Sam who my favorite is comes in and she says: Shutup, listen man! This is America, we...

...speak English or Spanish. Just B Yeah I mean that's it there yougo face it a it's! I'm not here to tell you what I think about it or you know Icould care less. You don't make the rules to the game. You just got tolearn how to play it. Well, that's he beautiful thing about our country.Right, I mean all of us look at all of our heritads, all of our nationality.Very few of US really, you know our lineas doesn't originate here inimexactly, so e gefrees. They need to get over it and focus because you'resaying some obscene, you know some sick numbers that you're missing. You know,and everybody wants as you as you mentioned- mat they want that that thateighty percent return referrals they want the people sending their friendthey'd rather deal with those easier high, closer ratios that pay more money.You get what I nean yeah, but that's the part, Al Man. I love that. You saidthat brow, that's the most amazing thing. These people are people that arejust speaking another language, so they're, just as easy, just as highclosing Racio in the reality is, if you're the first dealer in the black tostart doing it right, you're going to close more sellmore and where are theygoing to go like like Michael said earlier, this is a loyal family basedcommunity of buyers right. So, if your dealership is killing it you're doingit right, you're out there you're marketing, you're, letting people knowwe're here. For you we're going to sterve you you're gon, to get the bestexperience ever but you're saying all that in Spanish instead of Englishright, then, where do you think they're going to go they're going to come toyou they're, going to have a great experience and who are they going totell everybody they know so when your competitors are lagging behind andfinally trying to play catchup you already own the market e and if you'redoing it right again, you're doing a mobile and look at what we're doingright now, guys we're recording this podcast, I'm walking around with an Ipad in my hand, talking to you doing this right, I mean we're mobile rightnow, so the three happens baby. It's making sure that you'R, you R yourmobile you're reaching minorities and really the Latino Communityes, thelargest as automotive new says. The new majority so should be mobile majorityand millennial have set that stage for everybody. I mean Ito voke the world upto it. So man, where Doi? Where do we? What? Where do our where's the audience?You know catch up with you a where do it find you on twitter, facebook andwebsite. I appreciate it. Yeah just on twitter. Follow me at Conako. That's atKate, Oan I GCO and the website is a really tricky one. It's CONIG DTCOKONIG DOT, Co, it's not a com! Those are the two two quickest easiest placesto catch up with me and, of course, you know. youused t go to facebook andsearch CONA. Coll you'll see the company page same with Google pluswhich, by the way, is my favorite, even though everybody else hates it so and, of course, Youtube Cona, Co, TV socheck it out. Awesome awesome, Michael anything else. Man, ee Kno. I love this.I mean I mean hot topic, it's all about being a good human being being anexceptional human being and then marketing to the right segments withthe right language, with the right common sense and the right message andyou'L cominate the market- and this is something right here that, if you'redowed in right now and you're, not in a deal, you know management, dealerprinciple chair as a salesperson. This is something that you can reach out andstart doing yourself immediately to you know, start speaking and gettingdowndown Tos thiss community Matt thanks so much for being with us today.We appreciate you taking the time Yep. No. Thank you guys. I really appreciatethe opportunity. Yeah. Definitely Rih TAT's a lot. Man appreciate a job.Thank you and there you have it everybody thatwas again. Our friend Mat canig from CONIG DOT. Co like the MITE. The namespelled sounding one way and then sounding another wey confuses me. Idon't know about you et. He had an...

...interesting explanation. I don't evenknow the words he was using about the real translation, the coney bat cut onthe less or something like od knows: Thi Stuff. He brought the thunder I'veseen him speak PUBC. You know out there on the surccia soule of times, he'sgreat he's pump. Full Aknowledge he's pump full of passion, and I hope thatyou were able to get some value out of today's session. As a matter of fact,speaking of value, if you're getting any out of this, do us a favor go toitunes. Subscribe to the Channel But, most importantly, co- try to leave us areview, and let us know what what you like, what you don't like, what you want more of what you wantless off. We appreciate each and every one of you that have taken the time todo that. Like Yep yeah, a D, You know it's it's one of those topics wherepeople are hesitant, sometimes lead feedback, but you got to know Robertand I thrive on the feedback because we're here we want to be able to giveyou the best shows possible, don't forget to check out our website triplewdot. The dealer playbookcom forward, twenty six, where you're going to beable to find the show notes from this episode, we're going to link you up toall of the resources and information that Matt presented throughout thissession. Also, do us a favor and subscribe right there, because you'llbe able to get these show notes in the link to the audio rigt in your inbox.That's again, triplewt the dealer playbookcom and then do us a favor.Follow us on twitter, at Michael, a Sirilo and for Robert at your Hundayguy would love to connect with you. There also check out our facebook page,where you're going to get some cool resources and strategies tips whilepost all that kind of stuff that is going to help you dominate your marketthanks for joining us today and we'll talk to you next time, see you nexttime.

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