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Episode · 6 months ago

Michael Cirillo: 3 Steps To Creating Your Why Buy Message


Today's car shoppers are more savvy and educated than ever before. That means they require fewer vehicle features and price information (which is easy to find), and more value messaging. They need to know why they should choose your dealership rather than your competitors. 

In this episode, Michael breaks down a simple 3 step process that will help you craft more appealing "Why Buy" messaging for your dealership. 

8:09 - You need to know what your customers want.

10:02 - Make a list of what you are really good at.

12:35 - Combine these into a unique selling proposition. 

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Welcome welcome to this episode of thedealer Playbook, a podcast that explores what it takes to create athriving career and lifestyle right here in the auto industry. I'm yourhost, Michael Cirillo. Today, you got me! I'm a solo episode. We're gonna betalking about how you can crap a better, unique selling proposition. Recently Iwas scrolling through facebook feed and I saw a question in one of the groupsasked by one of the dealers. His name was Jeff, I'm not going to share hislast name for privacy, but let me just share what caught my eye. He said, hey,all quick question and I thought maybe other people might be in the same boat.So we are currently losing sales in our own P. M. A. To other Toyota dealers.We only have about 47% of the sales and rpm a while. All of this, our sales aregreat, but I hate losing sales of people in our own backyard, wonderingif anyone else is in the same boat and or anyone has any ideas to capturethese sales within our own P. M. A. Well I thought this was a reallyinteresting question and certainly I think a lot of people can relate tothis challenge. And I mean this extends to to really any business but specificto this situation. So the first thing that that I did is I opened up thecomments and I wanted to see what kind of conversation was happening. Thereseemed to be quite a few comments and I was really um actually pleased. I I wasactually excited because I saw many people who spoke to the importance ofhaving more. Why by messaging, not just on the website perhaps through ads andother marketing mediums. Um so that he can stand apart, stand up and stand outamidst the clutter. Um you know, the reality of it is, most dealer websitesand website vendors take the cookie...

...cutter approach to those websites,which means that most of the time the message is very vanilla, you know,quote welcome to abc motors or, or, you know, your best choice for cars inphoenix or whatever. And we know that today's car shoppers have evolved. Andyou know, I'm thinking back to my episode with lisette goal from google,where she talked about seeing a 10% increase in online car buying behaviorin the last year alone, which is a massive spike over what they had beentracking in years previous. We know that car shoppers have evolved and, youknow, certainly with the prospect of online retailing giants like Carbonneauand Room coming into the mix, it's, it's, it's more important than ever toshare value messaging that helps you stand apart from the competition. Sonot just the competitors, um, perhaps competing in your direct P. M. A. Butalso some of these bigger online, um, um, you know, businesses that arecoming into the mix in past episodes of the podcast, You've heard me say thingslike, you know, my, my six year old who is now a 10 year old, if you canbelieve how quickly time flies, but my now 10 year old knows what a cardealership does think about that. They know what, what, what, what a cardealership does. Yet. That's where we spend most of our time talking thatthat's most of the messaging that we share is all what we do. Well,everybody knows what we do. Everybody knows what a car dealership does. Now.You might be thinking, okay, well, there's certain elements of my businessthat they don't know what I do. Well, this is where I'm going with all ofthis. Okay, We spend most of our ad dollars co op programs are designed togive you a kickback on ad spend to perpetuate the one message thateverybody knows you do. You sell vehicles like really, you're a forddealer that sells Fords. What you're a Nissan dealer who sells Nissan. Well,like what Hyundai that sells what, you...

...know what I mean? Yet that's where wehave to spend our money. Um, I'd submit that we need to be talking more aboutwhy we do what we do and more important to that, why customers should considerbuying from us over the other options in an effort to get rid of the wholecommodity scenario. Right? Where, where dealers are a dime, a dozen now, periodically for fun because I'm anerd, I'll call dealerships at random and just ask why I should choose towork with them versus their franchise competitor down the road or maybe inthe next town over. So I will legitimately call up, ring ring, ringring, you know, abc motors, Hey, um, yeah, I'm really interested in the, youknow, Hyundai palisade. I saw you got one there, you know, I'm just curiouslike there's another Hyundai store that's also kind of equal distance tome and I'm just like, you know, I know I can get the vehicle anywhere. Why,why though? Like why would I choose to come and buy from you over thecompeting Hyundai store? I'm not kidding you. Okay? And you know,I'm saying this with love, but I'm not kidding you. The best answer I've heardto date is this quote because you'll getservice with a smile. Close quote. We've got to do better than this. Likethat's the best answer I've gotten. Well, um, you know, good, good questionbecause you'll get service with a smile, you know, nervous little chuckle. We'vegot to do better than this and so well I could rant all day about how badthings are that's not productive. So instead I think, why don't we jump inand talk about some ways that we can craft sincere and authentic? Why? Bymessaging to display on our websites...

...and other marketing materials? I thinkthat's a better that is a better use of our time. Uh, it's important to notethat why by messaging or unique selling propositions or acronym USPS are morethan a slogan or some fancy words on your site. Once you nail down whatmakes your dealership different or unique, the next task will be todemonstrate that for online shoppers and in store shoppers, it all comesdown to demonstration right? Like like think of how many people when whentransparency, maybe it's still a buzzword. Um and I understand why forgood reason, but like when everybody was shouting from the rooftops were themost transparent whatever to me and and we're seeing this with consumers, it'smore important that you demonstrate what transparency means versus just saying it. So remember thatas you come up with USPS, there is nothing worse. I think it was Michelledinner jean from Roadster when she joined me. She's like, you know, as amarketer, there's nothing worse than putting a message or making a promiseout into the interwebs that you can't fulfill. So think about that as wekinda lay the front the framework here of coming up with that U. S. P. I knowa lot of people and and look I'm kind of in the same boat when I have to sitdown and kind of strategize or think through um you know, coming up withsomething creative for me, it's a little bit different of a dynamic. Itbecomes a little bit more difficult than if somebody from the outsidelooking in is and so hopefully I can be your person looking from the outside into help you with this. This has certainly helped me craft messaging,marketing messaging, but also mapping it back to something that I believe Ican sincerely and authentically deliver on and or demonstrate. Okay, so let's get these actions steps laidout, you're ready. I hope you're taking notes. If you're not, obviously theydon't like, I mean, it's a podcast, you...

...can come back all right. Step numberone, step number one. To craft your unique selling proposition. Why? Bymessaging, elevator pitch, like whatever you wanna call it. Step numberone, you need need need must, must must know what your customers want. It needsto be more than just great pricing. Okay, You remember we're trying to comeup with stuff that's doesn't make you another like a commodity, right?Pricing? Like come on. That's no, it's got to go deeper than that. Especiallysince everyone can compete on price these days. For the most part anyways.Um now think if you do a google search for what car shoppers want, you're going tosee a bunch of articles about the same blast crap that has been spewed foryears. It's all about vehicle features and they want safety and they wanteconomy and they want, you know, it's it's we we do this, we resort back tothe thing that we're most comfortable with thinking that all customers wantis vehicle focused. Um, We need to go a step further thanthat. Okay. We need to list out the, I would submit experiential wish list ofthe customer. This might include things like they're complaining about thesethings all the time. I had to wait forever. Okay, well maybe we, maybewe've got a process and and and we can, you know, talk about short wait times.That's something that they would like. We know that they don't likenegotiating right? We know that they want things faster. Um We know thatthey don't want to be confused and that they feel confused. So there's anexperiential wish list um that we can come up with of the things we know thatthey want and perhaps things that we're working on to improve the experience.Now, once we know or have a list in front of us of the things thatcustomers want that go beyond vehicle...

...features and pricing, We're ready to move on to step # two.We need to know what we are really good at and we need to make a list of thosethings. You see magic happens when you can marry whatthe customers want with things that you're already doing well in this wayto borrow the famous word from clubhouse, we are able to piggyback instead of coming up with newinitiatives like what are you already doing? Well, see, you'll be able toauthentically deliver on any promises you make to your customers, both on andoff line. If you know what you're already good at. This can be difficult.This might take a little bit time. Maybe you can't come up with thesethings in one sitting, but maybe actually you can write, gather yourteam, do a quick huddle. Hey guys, what's something we're good at? Likewhat is just one thing If you had to say one thing that we are good at thatwe do consistently well that we get praised for that. Our customers saythat they like. What is that thing? Make a list. Okay. Now to even go astep further. Maybe you know, you have processes that are proactive ratherthan reactive. What do I mean by that? Well, maybe, you know like when Iinterviewed Ali Rita, he was like, oh, I know that blazer. I can't keepblazers long enough people want them. There's high demand. So what do I do? Iproactively have detailers. Um you know, detail and get ready. Fiveblazers so that I've got five, ready to go right out of the gates. No, wait,times what color do you like? We like it in black. I've got a black one righthere, ready for you to go. Like he's being proactive um Maybe you've gotreps that are both sales and finance certified. Who can handle the wholeprocess? Who can handle the whole buying process and that has saved youhours, right? Like you've been able to...

...shave hours off of the whole deliveryprocess. Um Think about the small details you're known for payingattention to, right? Like we, we pay attention to all of these differentsmall details. Make a list of all of these things. These are the things thatyou are good at. These are the things that people that we can actually mapback to the things that customers want. Once you have this list, we can move onto step number three and start combining this into a unique sellingproposition. So Step three is where we really start putting some loose wordson paper. You're nobody's asking you to be Malcolm Gladwell, nobody's askingyou to be gnomes chomsky. Um but this is where we're gonna start marryingideas together between between what our customer wants and who they are,essentially, and what we do well, so we can really do that by answering twoquestions. Okay, the first question is four. So we're gonna insert our idealaudience here. So car shoppers. So four car shoppers, we're gonna write downfour car shoppers and then we're gonna answer who, but we're going to insertwhat their challenges or what problem they want solved. So four insert idealaudience car shoppers in this case. Who what's the problem they want solved,fill in the blank watch how this shakes out. You're ready for car shoppers who are tired of longwaits for car shoppers who don't want tonegotiate for car shoppers who want to buy online. You could get even shorter. Like youdon't need the foreign the who, but...

...that hopefully is helping youunderstand for insert your ideal audience again. Like call out who yourideal audiences, right? For soccer moms who need morespace, efficiency and reliability. See where I'm going with that for workingprofessionals who want ease of use. Like there's so many differentcombinations. What you're doing again is you're marrying, you're saying, well,wait, wait, we have a short program here. Like they can come in, signpaperwork and be gone inside of an hour. So you have a shortened process you'regood at and you know that they don't want to be there for a long time. Theywant a short. So for people like for car shoppers who want, like for carshoppers who are tired of long waits. Okay? You get where I'm going. I'mstarting to get excited. I'm fumbling up my words, but you can go evenshorter by just eliminating the foreign the who like you could say like thinkabout your service department car repairs when you're in a rush, right? Or save space in your garage bystoring your tires in hours. Maybe that's a little wordy. But youknow where I'm going with that. Like I, we got rid of the four and the who butwe're just getting right to the punch line. We've taken the painless pledge.What does that mean? Ah well, this gives you an opportunity to sharepeople what that painless pledge is landing page on your site. You talkabout it. Here's our commitments, here's the pledge. Here's what we'recommitting to and on and on and on. So let's do a quick recap. Okay. Stepnumber one in crafting a simple USP to get you thinking beyond vehiclefeatures and price. Step one is identify who your customers are andwhat challenge they want to overcome. What problem you can solve for them.Step number two is make a list of the things you are good at. And step numberthree, we start putting the words on...

...the pages to marry what you do wellwith the problem they would like solved. And you can, you can start off bysaying for your ideal audience for car shoppers who what's the problem theywant solved? Who are tired of long waits. This is the essence the very, verybasics of how you can craft better USPS. The beauty of this is that then you canintegrate all of this into your websites instead of just saying, well,you know, welcome to abc motors. You could be like for car shoppers who wantto buy online search inventory. You know, like you can get more creative,you can gig deeper. You can start, you know, getting more involved in the S EO. Side of things and start speaking to more about. Just welcome to abc motorsor whatever it is following these steps, hopefully stimulate some ideas for you.This is not a 11 and done like you're gonna constantly be thinking about thisin the background, in your periphery as you go about your day on and on and onas your dealership evolves. And as you create new processes, like every timeyou create a new process that streamlines something or make theexperience better speak to it, create a USP about it, follow these steps and Ican guarantee you you're gonna be crafting better USPS. I would love tocollaborate with you on this, I would love love love to hear your USPS. Allyou gotta do is email me Michael at the dealer playbook dot com or hit me up onfacebook or linkedin, you can find me on facebook, the dealer playbook go andlike the page or you can follow me and connect with me on linkedin at MichaelCirillo again. Michael at the dealer playbook dot com facebook at the dealerplaybook linked in at Michael colo. I...

...would love to hear your USP ideas andlet's collaborate and obviously until next time guys keep the playbook open.Subscribe wherever you're listening. If you haven't done that and dominate. So I'm Michel Cirillo and you've beenlistening to the dealer Playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, pleaseclick the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now, leave arating or review and share it with a colleague. If you're ready to make bigchanges in your life and career and want to connect with positive,nurturing automotive professionals, join my exclusive DPB Pro community onfacebook. That's where we share information, ideas and content thatisn't shared anywhere else. I can't wait to meet you there. Thanks forlistening.

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