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Mike Davenport: How to Get Over the Car Sales Slump


Welcome back to DPB session number 73!


In this power packed episode we welcome back a top producer with Chevy in the Louisville Kentucky market,“The Louisville Chevy Dude”, Mr. Mike Davenport.


Mike is one of the top sales people in the country and is doing an amazing job at building his personal brand and most importantly leveraging his personal brand.


Mike joined us back on episode 45 of DPB where he discussed what it takes to sell 30 cars each and every month. Check out that episode here.


In this session with Mike Davenport he dives into his formula for “Getting Out of the Sales Slump”.


A sales slump is something that even the best of the best deal with and in this session Mike will give you tips on how you can dig out of your next sales slump.


Here is a quick preview of this conversation with Mike Davenport


Getting Out of Your Next Sales Slump


Even though Mike is a top producer even he falls victim of the vicious sales slump. Mike shares his go to actions for getting back on track when his sales are slumping for the month.


Mike’s Favorite Prospecting Strategies


A great way to kick a sales slump is by making a sale. A great way to getting a sales is by always creatively prospecting for new car buyers.


Mike shares his latest go to prospecting tools and strategies he is using now that are working.


Mike D’s Hacks for Being More Productive


The more you can get done the more you will get done. Actions create action so if you are being as productive with your time as possible, you will stay in front of more customers.


Mike drops his favorite productivity hacks that will help you get more bang out of your day.


This is just a sample of what you will hear about in this new session of The Dealer Playbook.


Be sure to get connected with Mike Davenport.



Listen to Mike Davenport on DPB episode 45



You Know The Drill, Now It's Your Turn


The whole team at DPB can not thank you enough for all the support and love you have been giving us.


Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different , we want to hear your voice.


Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and lets keep this conversation going.


See you next time ;)


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This is the dealer playbook. Hey, Hey, this is Michael Sorilla. Welcome to the dealer playbook PODCAST, session number seventy three, where every week we are sitting down with experts, trainers, consultants and marketers, providing creative strategies for you, today's advanced automotive professionals. Thank you so much for being here today. We absolutely appreciate it. But listen, before we jump into our guests, I have some really exciting stuff I want to tell you about. First, you know, let me just say Robert wishes you could be here. No, he didn't call in sick, but he sends his best and you'll hear from him during the interview with our guests today. But, like I said, we have some really cool stuff we want to tell you about. First, Robert, myself, the entire DPV team, we've been heads down working on something that we think you guys are going to absolutely love. In fact, it's it's about a topic that we hear more than any other topic, barn on. It's something that Robert especially is known for. But you know, what we've done is we've actually put together a free, live master class where Roberts going to show you how to create your personal brand and actually earn six figures selling cars in two thousand and sixteen. No, this is not a pipe dream. There are many, many people that we work with who are creating six figure incomes in the automotive industry. So in this masterclass we're going to be looking at everything from the ten proven steps to create a monetize your personal brand, but also, you know, I or things like how you can stop chasing customers and start attracting fresh opportunities. Sounds pretty good right. Like I said, we're just super excited about this. If she can't tell already, would love to invite you to attend. All you have to do is visit triplew dot, the dealer playbookcom forwards Webinar to reserve your seat and listen. Man, all I can tell you is you're going to want to stay tuned and and stay in there till the end, because we actually have a really top secret, cool bonus for live attendees only. So again, triple W dot, the dealer playbookcom forward Webinar. We absolutely think you guys are going to love what we're talking about there. Okay, so I think you guys are also going to really love who we've lined up for you today, especially because of the subject matter. It's a it's a topic that I know you me everyone on the planet has experienced at some point or another. We probably experience it every single month and we hear a lot of people talking about this. So we're thrilled to welcome back the Louisville Chevy Dude, Mike Davenport, to the show. In this episode we're, you know, talking about how to get over the slump, either the the down turn, when the walls come crashing down. You're going to actually hear Mike talk about the things he does to pull out of the slump and dominate the market, which you know he can go on disputed, and I will attest he absolutely does. So we're excited also to hear what you guys think about this episode, but for now let's just dive in. Here we go and we're here, sitting down now with Mr Mike Davenport, Louisville Chevy Dude and the corvette expert. Man, you have been busy. You've been a little bit of a road warrior lately, but super excited to have you back on the show. Thanks. Man's excited to be here again. Yeah, this time, let's see. You sold one corvette the last time we were talking on the show. Let's see if we can bump that up to to this time, just to kind of we're good luck, but we'll see. The the topic of today is is what I'm actually experienced myself the last two days. So so, okay, so this is this is cool. Okay. So we wanted to just ask you. I mean this is this is something that every salesperson experiences. I mean you're I mean you're out there, everyone sees you. I mean obscurity isn't a huge prom for you, especially when it comes to social media, and everybody's been following you, lots of shoutouts. I think you know you are the example salesperson that's work in the...

...front lines right now. But, like you said, the topic of today we wanted to pick your brain is, how do you deal with the slump, because there's there's hundreds of thousands of car sales professionals out there who are coming off a poor month. They probably psyche themself up for a strong November or whatever and they might finish, you know, they might experience a slump to how do you deal with that? What's your what's your strategy? How do you how do you kind of go through those those time periods? Well, I think the very first thing is the more activity you do, the more results you get. You know I always infamously, I always say is the more I do, the luckier I get. So you know, I'm just stay focused and not getting these groups and these huddles and the six car club that's in every dealership. You know, I just don't get with those guys and and just do more and more activity. When I'm slow, the biggest things I do is I start pounding social media, you know, with just different things. If you see me post six, seven, eight times in a day, I'm socially I am slow because I don't have that time to post six seven, eight times a day. I do get, I do get two or three out of every day, but you know, when I'm slow I'll start posting things and and non stop communicating with people, and the best way that I do it is through text message and email. I mean I could set there and Hammer, you know, twenty thirty people at one time and say hey, what are you doing with I talk to you two months ago, what you're thinking, blah, blah, blah, whatever the case may be. I can just do more through text message and email than I can picking up that phone and making the phone calls. What do you think contributes to the slowness? Because I mean somebody, somebody such as yourself, in the position you're in, where you're I mean you're you know, hat tricks are, you know, consistent for you. You've got a lot going on, lots of movement all the time. What, all of a sudden, you know, contributes to the standstill? In your opinion? I think I think it takes when you're taking people out of the market. You know, if you're calling your least prospects that are, you know, three and six months out, with the different programs that you know, GM has. We know we have pulehead program him. I'm sure other manufacturers have similar programs, but you know you're pulling some people out or you're just you know, you know, they always said, you know, sixteen years in this business come January. For me, that I've always been told and always been taught that the best time to sell a car is right after you soldier so nol so. If you keep selling cars and just things keep falling into place, so I think a lot of times when you're real, real busy and you set you have a great month of the month before all of a sudden that next month comes around, your slow and you don't know what's what's going on and kind of like I mentioned a couple minutes ago, that's kind of what I'm experiencing now. I came in and and yesterday and sell a car and it sold a car. Yet today that's last. You only works half for a month, right. Last I did idea. I so I delivered thirty one cars. Well, I see what happens is. What do you think of this, Mike? See, what I think is a lot of times when you are busy and you're the one man's show and you're doing thirty and a half a month, fifteen days whatever. Like it's hard to be doing that, delivering the that amount of, you know, cars, working with that amount prospects, even if you're working the full month and still be planning seeds for next month. Oh absolutely. You know, when when my dealership, one thing that we talked about, because we're such a with such a large dealership, where in the top hundred and fifty for Chevrolet in the nation. So one thing that we talked about on a routine basis, especially coming to like March time, airport time, when we start getting out of that winter month, is we'll talk about CSI. So you know, because we're all busy and we forget to make that follow up call that customer on CSI, our customers, all of us, but you know, we unfortunately have to plant that seed for c aside to get the best marks because customers just don't know. So it's exactly the same thing when you're doing so much work you're not maybe making that follow up call and a follow up text because you're focusing on who's in front of you and not who's not at the dealership. Okay, so what are the what are the activities that you would do then? I mean you said email, social media. What kind of messaging are you putting out there? Because I think that's where a lot of people, I think, struggle. They just don't know what to say,...

...where to say it, where to distribute it. What would a typical slow day? You know, you these six state messages. What would they look like? They're very, very basic, and I think that's what's key with with when you're touching base with somebody that maybe you haven't talked to you in a while or that you feel inside you, Oh Gosh, I haven't talked to them in four days and they were hot four days ago. You know, I just follow up with them and say, Hey, just weren't a touch base and see what you're thinking on this Camaro or this equinox or this huge car. You know, you know when you can set there and just be a generic, quick text message or very quick email, because that's all we have time for. That allows the dialog to happen. Will Mike, I'm off that car, I'm moving on to something different. or or you know, hey, actually, my wife and I talked about I was going to call you today. You know, just basic stuff. You know, you don't have to have this elaborate long email. You don't have to have this elaborate long text. You know, our hundred forty character text messages are long gone in the past. But still, I mean a short work, quick test meshes. Hey, where to follow up with you? What are you thinking about this car? What can we do to put a deal together? You know, some stuff like that. Okay, so, and let me ask you, just from your own perspective, how many cars do you have to push a day for you to feel safe and feel good about your day? My goal is always one car a day. All that's every day I walk into the building. I just want to sell one car to day. I don't focus on a month. Everybody, I've seen in a lot of these groups on man, I see everybody's like, what's your goal for November? Who Cares? What my goal for November is focus on selling one car per day. If you can come in and sell one car at day and you work twenty six days a month, boom, there you go. There's twenty there's twenty six days, there's twenty six cars out. If you work all thirty one, there's thirty one. But the likelihood of us back to what I said a minute ago, the likelihood of when you sell a car, the best time to sell one's right afterward. Thought Likelihood of you selling something that again that day is extremely high. So you just focus on coming in. So on, Hey, I got one car to sell today. Who Am I going to sell it to? I'm going to follow up with this person, this person, this person, and be done with it. One thing I do too, and this this is a little old school, but I literally have a top ten list that I print out, that I'll write ten prospects who I think are going to buy cars and I'll that those are the first ten people that I follow up, like if I'm in the slow if I'm slow, like I am the last two days, I'll set there and write, okay, Bob, Jeff Smith, you know what, case maybe I need to follow up with these people and to make sure I follow up with them. That's good, because then you don't get bobbed down in you know, it's like we talked about in a couple episodes ago, like you get bogged down with the the forty people that that you have and that your pipeline or whatever, fifty six deep and that, and you're spending time calling those. When you do, you know you got ten that are that are scorching hot. Yeah, and you know, psychologically, you know, here's the thing. If you sit there and say well, Hey, I'm going to sell twenty cars this month and on the fifteen of the month you've got five cars out, how could you possibly set their psychologically, how could you possibly set there and I've only sold five cards in the first fifteen days? I mean the way in in my month. I'm going to trend by month at Zen. How am I going to sell fifteen more cars and fifteen days? So now you start getting down on yourself and you start getting bummed out and you sit there at the at the desk and don't do anything, or your negative or you know, you get involved with a six car club and an you all talk about how slow it is or how the traffic sucks or how bad the ups are and all that BS stuff. So now if you set there and hey, I just need to sell one car today and you skip it, you skip a day and you don't sell a car, but all sudden on Tuesday you sell a car in the morning. Now you're setting there height on yourselves like, Oh Gosh, you know, I can make up for yesterday. I got eight more hours, I got six more hours to sell another car. And now psychologically you're okay, well, I'm good. You know and you know and at the end of the week, okay, let's say you blink the entire six days that you work on a typical six day work week. Let's say you blinked on all six days. Now you can set there and say, well, that week stain stunk. So I'm gonna I'm just going to focus on come on Monday and just do one, one more and next thing you know, you got three or four or five out that month, you know, or for that week, and it's it's made it's made up for that stuff. And that's that's...

...what I do. A lot is is I don't focus. You know, I I had a plan trip that I was gone for eight days and I'm like, oh my gosh, you know, I'm stressing out with my wife's a little bit. I'm like, I don't know what I do, gone eight days. Novembers a short month, ascember's a short month. And next thing you now, I'm I sell like fifteen cars in one week or something stupid like that. And I sold. You know, I only work twenty days and I sold pretty one cars and I took for core editors. So so really I sold thirty five cars, delivered thirty one and you know, there and there you go. You know, I was going eight days and that's what I did and it's just a it's just amazing. And even even with the numbers that I put up every month and what I do, and I'm consistent and I have confidence, which is always the biggest thing I have in that confidence, I don't ever stressed out about it because I just know that I just need to sell that one car, just get on a roll and and be fine. Where does that, where does that confidence come from? Because I think that's something that a lot of people struggle with. Confidence and also, like when somebody is feeling that, you know, if they are having a bad scourge and easy to get discouraged, to get, you know, down. Like, how do you find to keep yourself motivated, to keep yourself confident? So let me use this analogy. You know where, you know, all three of us are married and what not. I guess, Robert, you aren't, but the the, but the you know, when we're dating, when we're in the dating life, you know, we're out at a bar, at a you know, at a club or or something, the grocery store or where the case may be, you walk up to somebody and they keep their head down or like yeah, you know they're not making good conversation. You know, you did get that person's phone number. You kind of probably walk away and like I'm not going to call them. However, confidence is sexy. So if you are on the lot and you just have confidence and you know that the way you do a welcome to that customer. Run A lot. It's good, it's strong, it's solid, and you say welcome to the ABC dealership. What brings you intoday or whatever other where else you want to say. Now that's a strong one. What's that customer going to think? On the other side? They're going to go out like wow, this guy really cares about me. So coming back to that confidence, I know psychologically that I've got to have confidence when I go to a customers just like you know. Just like you know, I'm a huge cubs fan. We got swept by the mets, you know. So, so now you know we got swept. But you know what, next year they're going to have confident because they look at the past that they've done. They know they've done a great job in the past. So now they can come back next year and like, you know what, we just kind of stuff one week of the of the year and that's it. So now what can we build on that? So that's the key is to build on your confidence and not not be negative and not be down and not getting that six car club and just sit there and know that you can do it because you've done it before. Even if you're new in the business. You know that third month, I always tell us to everybody, at third month, when you're new in the business, you always fail. You always failed. That third month is it's never, it's never. It's so historical that that that it happens. I watched it all the time and the reason we fail is because our conference levels so high that we start skipping steps to the sale, when we start skipping that and skipping that thing, and nobody, no season salesman or any salesman it's been in the business for two years even wants to talk about steps to the sale. But it's so important to do it and do it correctly and do it with confidence, because that's what starts your sales process from the get go, is the steps of the sale and does it correctly. But that's where that conference comes from, is just just knowing that I've done it in the past, I can do it again and and not and not get and not get diverted to, you know, having any negative thoughts and and do you have a ritual or anything that you do that kind of keeps you in that frame of minders it just kind of the reflection of this is what I got to do. I'm going to keep improving and by all means take that if it's a live corvette call, because we would love I mean, I'm in somebody else's office. Is Office really too busy? It is. I don't really have a ritual. I'm a superstitious person on some stuff. You know. I posted last Friday, Hey,...

I want to sell five cars. Now I need to sell five cars, not that I have to sell five cars, I just want to sell five cars. GOT FIGURED IF I can sell five cars between Friday and Saturday of last week now at which was the thirty and thirty one of October, if I can sell five cars, that ends my month at thirty four and I work twenty days, you know. So so I'm like well, if I can do that, and then dummy me. I post it and it was a great post, a lot of engagement. It was a funny post. It was about blinker fluid and all this stuff and it was so hilarious that I didn't sell a car that whole day. I'm like you've got to be kidney. So at the end of the day, yeah, exactly. I'm like what the heck does I do? And I know better than to post how many cars I want or need to sell. I know better than that. So that's kind of my ritual. I really don't have one, but I just know better than posting how many cars I want to sell or need to sell. And then I come back in on Saturday. Okay, now I had an off day. I didn't sell a car, I had some stupid people that I talked to on the lot and stuff like that. So I was like, yeah, Gosh, my day suck yesterday, but I came back in Saturday morning just knowing that I have to have confidence, I got to do it and whatnot. And now I started my Saturday off as I sold a car overnight. After nine o'clock on Friday, I sold a car to a guy who's coming at nine hundred and fifteen in the next morning. So, coming to find out, the truck that I sold him, a use truck, was not going to fit all his ones and needs. I forgot to look fit the rear in differential in this truck and it wasn't going to allow him to pull what he polds. So I had to stop the sale, go backwards and find a new truck for him to sell and bump him in price, and I did, and in the reason I did that is because of confidence. Okay, I know my job, I know it well. and Go back to what I always tell people. You know, if you'd walk into a doctor's office, I love a knowledgies, by the way, you walk into a doctor's office and the doctor says, Hey, your kidney put out or your kidney taken out, I think are you can let that doctor operate you on you. Heck No, I'm not gonna let you. I think that's what needs to be done. You know, you said, Dr Comes in and say, listen, this is what we need to do, this is what's going to happen, this is what's going to you know, we're going to do this and this and this, and this will be your recovery time. When he spells that all out, now you have confidence as a patient to set there say okay, no problems, get this done, I want to feel better. Same thing and and it's funny. Another one that I hear about that that just the other day, that I like is with with Muhammad Ali. Like, technically, by stats, if you broke it down, he isn't like, statistically the best box or the greatest of all time, but everybody always says him, even if they never even watched him, because he said it all the time. You know, not saying you have to go around saying you're great, but like he drilled down that, hey, I'm the greatest. That's me, you know, and and I do that to a point. I mean everything I do I put on number one. You know, I'm not number one in every category, I'm not number one every single month in sales, but you know that confidence when you when you extrude that under your client. You know your your customers want to buy from successful people, regardless that there are three hundred and eighty credit score or eight hundred and fifty credit score or the highest one that you've ever seen. You know you're comfort. Your customers want to buy with somebody with confidence and know that they're doing the right thing. My customer I talked about on Saturday, he asked me at eight o'clock in the morning when he called me right before our sales me on Saturday. He says, Mike, is this the right thing to do? And I said yes, it is, absolutely it is okay. Now I'll take for granted. I got into that deal about an hour later and I set there and I found out that this was not the right thing to do. He had a wronger and he he pulls ninety five hundred pounds and this truck that I was going to sell him, towy capacy, sixty six hundred pounds. So I stopped the deal, even though he asked me an hour before, and sit there and and I told him, yes, it's the right thing to do. Do this now. Now I've got a back back pedalstone and because I made a mistake by not checking. But the customer had confidence and me, even though I made a mistake, which could have been a very costume mistake if I didn't catch that. Catch that after I had his driver's license, insurance card, everything. I'm that's how far into the truck deal I was. But he still had confidence in me because he trust me. It was a previous customer, but he knew is the right thing, that he...

...knew I was on his side and what I'm helping with. So that's that's always the key thing, as well as know your product also, and I hope you get through the slumps. Yeah, because then you look like the pro a. You show an interest in them, you're looking around, you're trying to find him. What's what's best for him. So I have a video. I have a video on youtube that I did, that I did last year and it was a bright about this time and and I'll put the link. Will put the limp down in the in the description of this too, but it's you need to watch its twenty it's twenty two minutes long. It's a very long video based off of what we were used to watching on Youtube at two and three minutes. But it's worth it because I go through what we don't want to go through, and it's the steps to the sale. But I explain each one of my steps to the sale that I do on a daily basis. And what happens if someone comes in and throws your keys to you on a trade in and you just meet them and say hey, what's My car worth? You know, because again, when we're in a slump, that's the type of things that happen and then you're like, well, just get this, get this show. This guy's just going to dealer to dealer to dealer. He doesn't care about me, he just cares about the lowest price, and that's not the truth. That's not true. If you look at in ADA statistics, you look at all the all the information that you know, and I go to digital dealer and all these other things that I go to to get information, which makes me deadly with the customers. We know customers are shopping. You know twenty five different resources online. They're coming to less than two dealerships before they make a purchase. So if they're coming to the dealership, they're ready to buy right now, and that's that's the thing you need to know too, that this when you have somebody live on your lot, they're ready to buy right now. Okay, in Eland, you've said something that kind of stood out to me. You were talking about how you sold a car overnight was like nine not after nine pm in the evening. How do you feel that contributes to overcoming the slumps? I mean the fact that, I guess you're always open. Is that? Is that right, or is there typically a cutoffers a situation? You know situational. Well, they never shut the doors if you got customers on the show room. So that's probably what happened. Right Mike, just had a walking to walk into best buy at forty five at night and see what happens. You know, ten minutes later, ten minutes later they're paging you, get your stuff and get out. You know, walking walk into the dealership five minutes after nine PM, when you close five minutes ago, and see what happens. You're getting sold a car. You know, you're there till midnight. So so you know again, sixteen years coming up in January on the in this industry, and one thing I've always taught myself, and what I've learned, is be available, because there's a million reasons why somebody doesn't buy a car and there's one reason why they do buy a car and that's because they got closed. That's the only reason somebody ever buys a car. Price doesn't sell. Price doesn't sell cars. Dealership doesn't sell cars, the product doesn't sell cars. The fact that you can close the customer is why they bought a car. And so if I'm always available, and literally only time that I typically will not answer a phone is that when I'm sleeping. I mean I literally I'm a pretty heavy sleeper and my phone's right next to me. If I don't hear it go off, then I won't get up. But if I were to hear that phone get off, I promise you, at three o'clock in the morning and somebody calls me and wants to talk about a car deal alway into the ha ha. It happened while wasn't it happened while was in Vegas. Actually, you know, I had I had a I had someone call me at one, one am Vegas time, if I remember right, and they're like why or no, they text, they text me, they text me, and I'm my very first my very first message is yes, I'm up, I'm not a robot. This is the MIC Davenport that you're thinking. You're texting. I can do what you know, and he's asking me what if you can do certain things, and I'm still working that deal. But there was a deal that, you know, at one o'clock in Vegas time, which are then four am post time, but I was up and available. Okay. So, if I had to recap this, just kind of wind it down, because there's a lot of there's a lot of power bombs here. The first one is when you hit that slump. I mean, ultimately, the first thing is mindset. Just maintained confidence. Know that you're going to come back out of the gates swinging. The second thing you said that really stood out to me is that you ramp up your activity. The more the more output, the more input you get. You Talk to about social media, some of the different activity. So hit and social like a like a madman, emailing clients. You...

...also mentioned a top ten list and writing down your top ten, you know, I guess, hottest prospects. And then you know this concept of your you're always available, making yourself always available. In inclosing mic, is there anything that you would suggest further to some up everything that we've talked about today? Absolutely, stick to the basics. You Got US stick to your steps to the sale. It doesn't matter if you are a three step sales store or any step, like I doos twelve, a million. You've got US stick to the basics because when when someone comes in, because it always happens, I said earlier, when someone comes in and your step five is trade valuation, and that you just meet them on a lot, like I want to know what my trades worth. You've got to know in the back of your head, like Tellperson, no problem, I can get that done, but in the back of your heads like crap. He just came to step five and I haven't even barely done step one yet. Take His keys, go to the manager, drop the car off with the clip with the manager and and go back out and say, Hey, that look, there's a couple in front of you. By the way, my name's Mike Davenport. What brings you in today? You know, and start going through your step process. Hey, they're still going to be a couple minutes. Let me pull this car up and I'll show it to you. Let's drive it and then come back to the to the demo ride. The reason they're the reason that that customer is doing something like that is because they probably got jacking around at another deal ship and you've got to show your professionalism and stick to the steps of the sale because that's what's going to sell you more cars and get you out of that lump. Love it, my thanks so much for joining us today. You're welcome, guys. Thanks. Thank you, Michael. And there you have it. Mr Mike Davenport, the Louisville Chevy Dude. Come on, man, all I can say is freak of nature. He selling thirty five cars and he was out of the store for a week go into a conference. That's beyond incredible to me. So those of you listening and need to definitely follow him if you haven't already done so. He's on twitter and facebook, because, I mean Mike's just full of information, just like what you heard on today's episode. So I know you will benefit, guys. That's it for me. I want to thank you so much for checking out the dealer playbook podcast. I mean, whether you're a veteran listener or you're new to the show, Robert and I are just extremely grateful for you and hope you continue to, you know, get loads of value out of what we're doing here on DPB. Don't forget to reserve your seat for the upcoming Webinar though. Man, if you can't tell, I'm pretty passionate and excited about it. visit triple w dot the dealer playbookcom forward Webinar and is always man, we'd love to hear your feedback. Leave us a review on itunes at triple w dot the dealer playbookcom forward DPB itunes. You guys are awesome. Have a powerful week and don't forget to dominate.

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