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Mike Davenport: What It Takes to Sell 30 Cars a Month


Welcome and thank you for dialing into “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast session number 45! So glad you are here. 

In this session team DPB is sitting down with an expert front line, 15 year veteran car sales pro Mr. Michael Davenport from Bachman Chevrolet in Louisville Kentucky. 

Mike Davenport is a real life 30 car a month car pro and in todays session he dives in deeper to what he is doing to deliver him this level of success. 

Mike has really embraced tactics such as personal branding, online video and other cutting edge prospecting tactics that have helped him reach great success selling cars. 

In this session Mike Davenport dives deeper into:

Product Knowledge - 

How committing to learning and knowing your product is probably the most crucial part of becoming a huge success in this business.  If you are not an expert when it comes to knowing your product nothing will kill your sales more than that. 

Being A Marketer - 

Mike Davenport dives deep into the personal marketing he has implemented and how important and successful Facebook has been for his business. From personal websites to consistent social media, there are lots of options to marketing. 

Creative Out Side The Box Prospecting -

Mike D breaks down the tactics like a $2 bill in a customers gas cap and other outside the box tactics he is using to keep him top of mind that you can put into action to acquire new clients right now! 

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Hi I'm Mike Devenport, I sold acorvette while I was talking to you on facebook and you're, listening to thedealer, playbook podcast you're dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autotealer strategies that deliverproven results, and now your host Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla, heythere, and thank you for joining us for episode. Forty five of the dealer,playbook podcast, where every week we're sitting down and havingconversations with the WHO's who, in and out of the automotive industry, foryou, today's auto otive professional, my name is Michael Sirillo and I'mjoined by my man, wise man. What's going on Buddy Eoh, what's up man, thisis the this. Is the last name episode yeah? As on you, I'm thinking ofbecoming that now listen. I know that everybody you're out there. You knowthat! There's one! That's always l! You know! That's the friend of yours andold friend, especially the guys, is definitely more of a male thing yeah,but like I'm thinking of going Lastni like just calling everybody by the lastname being that guy well, what are you going to do? What are you going to dowith us me and my pappy or Bost Serillo Yeah? Well, then, you just go ut sor, I don'tknow. I'M gonna work that out hey so rolo yeah. What you got going on. PatBoth of us be Hittin, Yep. Okay, so you know what awesome episode today. We'rereally looking forward to you you listening in and we want to get yourfeedback. You know we're sitting down with. You know an expert car salesman. I meanthis guy has really taken his career to the next level, but before we tell youa little bit more about him, I just want to get you guys to be checking inat triplwot the dealer playbookcom. We also have some really exciting things.You heard me talk about it. You know in the last episode Robert andI have some cool things, we've been heads down on and I want you guys to beable to to find out what we're doing all you have to do is subscribe to ournewsletter on the dealer. Playbookcom is right there on the home page. Youcan subscribe and actually we're going to we're going to send you out a freegift. A cool ebook that we've put together with some of the cool Ahamoments so be sure to check that out. We also want you to find out what weare working on. That's going to absolutely change your career, but moreon that later- and you know this episode- This episodeis really cool, because we hear from you guys every single week,facebook messages, private messages, emails phone calls, we hear what youguys are saying and and there's so many of you who are saying hey, look I'm newin the car business. I want to really make a go of this. What are some thingsthat I can do and that's where you know Robert Man, he came in and you werelike hey, let's get Davin Porton this this guy's, this guy's in the trencheshe's making it happen. So we're proud and happy to present Mike Daveimportanon known as Louisville Chevy Dude he's going to talk to you about the thingsthat he's done to take him from... know needing money and needing itdesperately to being a thirty plus car guy on a monthly basis. So withoutfurther ado, let's jump into our sit down with Davenport. Let's do it and we are excited to sit down with ourguests today. Somebody we know you absolutely need to listen to. He hasinvested in himself he's a personal branding. Jugger, not you might knowhim as De Louisville. Chevy duties active on social media he's got somecool graphics that he posts all the time with customers, this guy practiceswhat he preaches, and it works incredibly well fom m. When I looked at him on facebook, hisjob title says personal problem, Solver, which I love he's at Buchman Chevrolet,we're sitting down with a thirty plus car guy, Mr Mike Davenport, thanks forbeing on the show with us today. Might thanks guys appreciate you having meyeah, also known in his hometown, known as Davenport, also known as Davinportthere. You Got Right, so you know we're excited to just kind of pick yourbrain a little bit here, because I know people listening in we you know Robertand I get hit up all the time on social media and personal messages and emails,and all that kind of stuff of people who say hey my k, Robert I'm brand newto the business. I want to make a go of it. What are some things that I can bedoing and we get messages like that literally every single day. So it's apleasure to have you on the show, because I think those listening an aregoing to really benefit from what you've been able to do you've. You knowquite literally built a business within the busine life. Thirty car, real life,thirty car guy- it doesn't get any more real than this. So I want to. I want topass you over this question and we just go from there. You know when, when youstarted in the business well, first of all how O G, how long you been in thebusiness now, fifteen years this lite or fifteenyears, I startes June January fifteenth of twothousand, okay, so just a littleover fifteen years. What was your Hu moment? What was that that moment anwhat was that thought that kind of hit you where you were like? Okay? I knowwhat I need to do to make a go of this and then on top of that, what was thatthing that you started doing to kind of get to where you're at now? Well, firstof all, I got into the business because I knew the money I was. I wasstruggling big time back in nine nine twosand, and so that was that wasreally the motivation. Is I heard people made money in the CARB dusiness,so that was my motivation then e, secondly, being the type of nature person I am,but I don't want to take advantage of...

...people. I want to help people so thatwas kind of my my intro into the businesses I'm going to do somethingdifferent and then about two months into the business. I realized how bad Igot taken advantage of on my personal car, so just a couple months into thebusiness. I realized what had happened to me on my personal car and I'm like.Oh my gosh. I can't let this ever to happen to anybody else and that's whereI've that's, where I've really takked for fifteen years, so it happened.Really really quick and my first month in the car business I sold seven cars.So in a half a month I sold seven cars, which I was really hyped with. So I'mlike Oh wow, I can do fourteen next month and I only did thirteen, but Iwas still hipe that second month and I was at a Saturday store in northeastIndiana and I was doing that average twelve to thirteen car a month out ofthat store and it was jus hundred car a month store. So I'd always done good, but that was justbecause the way Saturan approach things of of just taking care of the customers.So that's why I've always done interesting yeah. So they were likethat. One PR was that when they were like the no hack I mean just one priceoffering. So if somebody comes in and they're either going to by it or notright, where theyre they ad, that mottel yeah absolutely a and what onething that I learne I take it I take it today and a large Chevy store is that Idon't sell price. I sell value and that's you know you wrought it upearlier Michaelov, you get hit up all the time and I get hit up all the timeas well. I'm newing the business how to do that and that's what I tellheverybody is like don't focus on price everybody out. There's O focused onprice. You got a true car, Edmonds or Kelly Bluebook or all the other thirdparty sites are all price price price price. But now you got to do somethingdifferent than everybody else, and that's that's that's kind of what I doand and I'll explain. I here a little bit what I do why I'm successful, butyou got to do something different and it is it you know in my. Is it anassumption of mind that the other sales raps in e, in the store that you workin, aren't quite as you K are they? Are there many people around you orencircled with you that are achieving the same kind of success or or is thisvery much that situation where you're doing your thing and whether it's youknow the other people around you re, just kind of you know trying to figurethings out on their own or has what you do kind of kind of spilled off ontoyour onto your working mates? Well, you got you got hit or misguys Imean you know we have twenty three sales guys in my store. I have anotherguy, that's right there with me as bar sales he's two thousand and twenty fiveevery month, we're always battling back and forth for salesmen the month salesme of the year and he doesn't do the branding that I do but he's been inthis store for sixteen years. So so he does do do his own thing, but hedoesn't Yeah Fr anyt. I do and I mean the reason, the reason I asked thatsorry to cut you off, I mean the reason I asked. That was because you know Iwant I want. You know those of you listening into understand that you knowyou have a massive opportunity in front of you, we're seeing more thirty car,guys and and women in the car business...

...achieving great success. But it'sbecause they're doing they are doing what you said Mike they're doingsomething different and they're differentiating themselves, and it'snot as simple as just being in a store with a high achiever that thatguarantees your success. I mean it's in your power and it's up to you to bewilling to do whatever it takes to achieve that success. So you knowpassing passing it back to you Mike what wha, what were some of the thingsthat you started doing in your own career in the car business it in yourbusiness within the business? What what were the things that you started to dowhere you were like? Oh Wow, this! This is working for me. Well, the number one thing this is whatI tell a new sales person. I just just have to just happened. Gentleman namedJeff on Tuesday morning or Tuesday evening. Contact me and says: Hey'm.You know I'm new in the business I'd like to speak with you an. How can I besuccessful and- and this guy doesn't have any mutual friends of mine, so allthe car people out there this had guy, has no mutual friends and found me onmy facebook fan page. So he contacted me through that, and I told him toFrend me on Facebook, so I can get him into some other groups, but this is thenumber one thing that I tell people know your product, knowledge. Yeah, youdon't know your product knowledge. You have nobody's going to come to you,everybody out there on the Internet is searching for things, not only theprice like I mentioned earlier, but they're also searching you know:mebeing a Chevy Guy. What's the difference between an LS and Lt Equinox?What's the difference between NLT and a twolt Equinox Whith, they typicallyknow pretty close to that answer, but when they call you or they walk intothe show room or they send you a womin query on on stuff wha, you know, andyou can't answer that or you send them back a simple form letter that doesn'tanswer their question. They're done with you at that point, they're, likeokay, this person can't this ki person can't do it. I sole a guy last night,he's over an hour away off of e refurral, and once I talked to the sales desk, thethere's a dealer real close to him, calling us to get the two suburbansthat he wanted to buy and after I sold in the car, he was telling me on howhorrible sales people were on Prog Noge. He was on seventy two tousand dollarltz suburban and he wanted to know one simple question outside of the Ltz Trim:What optional equipment on this and people couldn't answer him and and theyone of the guys he told me answered him: Intermit Wipers Wow, really, seventythousand car Soloh, my Gosh, I cle. I agree with you there Mike, and I thinkthat was I mean, that's something I picked up a little bit. You know a fewmonths in that it was very important because e it just they take you serious.You seem professional and you have to know it like because o you know it itbreethes through and your confidence, but when you say that like for somebodyo learn a product, what were I'm curious to know? Because I know I hadmy ways of doing it. But what ways did you study and learn your product?Because, especially with Chevy I mean...

...your guys is line rolls deep man reallydeep. It does, and I just I was just down Alanta last week talking aboutthis and I popped up the number. Eighty five on the on my Keedote speakinspeech, and I was like what anybody know what this is, and I said, Shebyguys how many Shevy guys are in hear Rasorn hes. Do you guys know what thisis and they're like? No, eighty five is the number of trim levels that we havein noncommercial vehicles, so Equinox Cruise Cabero cot corvette all thatstuff. Eighty five different trim levels on our all of our cars thatyou've got to know and just like I mentioned earlier, everybody learnsdifferent and and I'm the type of person I'm a hands on person. I haven't,I haven'n assisted and she does my GM training for me because I don't get awhole lot of out of that GM training. I will do the brand new cars. You know wehave our tracks coming out. We have you know we had our new an Pala, we'll havea sixteen tomarrow coming out here soon. I will do that stuff because I do getstuff out of that, but I'm more of a hands on person I like to go out get inthe cars drive andpair, my cell phones. You know try to make the systems. Youknow these Bor voice recognition systems. I want to know what theirtroubles are. I want to sit there and and say s on eight and it doesn't dowhat I want, or I just say eight and it changes the channel eight on Xm radiorather than channel whatever. But you know so. I try to find issues thatthat's a problem and the reason I do that because when I go out- and I demoa car for a customer and like Hey, let me show you: Let me show you this and Isay show me I'- want to listen to s on eight xon radio and that doesn't work,I'm going to do that in front of a customer and have all o sudden, notwork and the customers. Confidence on that I is gone. So that's how I learneda lot as I go out and I play with things and- and I really get out N mytest drive stuff and that's where my competitive comparisons come in. WHYPEOPLE BELIEVE ME? You know they may not not buy a car for me today to notgo ovo. The Ford is what I was trying to say. They may not go over to affordhe to not buy a Mustang over an camaol today, but Iwill give them information to watch and to look at when they're driving thatforward and like Oh, my gosh, the comarrow is so much better and andthat's where driving these cars and giving them hands on helps out a ton. So you know- and I mean that's really the point-that's a huge takeaway. If you want to be perceived as the expert, you need tohave the knowledge of the expert get your hands on your product and I thinkthat's that's a huge thing that will help. You know those of you listeninginto difference. You yourself is to actually know your product because,like like you said Mike, I mean people, people are going online, anyways andtheyre are they're, conducting some level of research. So imagine how thatlooks. If the customer comes into the lot, you know comes into th the showroom and knows more about the vehicles n than Youeah well, and that's anunfortunately Serillo, that's kind of like hangin up yeah. That's the thenorm today, so something that easy and...'s a good point from like issomething as easy as learn. Your product is because what I'm getting hitup in my whole life, like since I've been in the business, everybody hits meup, and it's like. I want to learn how to get more custo they're. All aboutyou, know the marketing and D, getting more customers and- and I'm tellingthem, like you know, back up, you know, learn toclose learn how to handle every situation first and learn how to learnyour product and be sold on the product before you start spending riime andmoney to get in front of people that you're not prepared to be in front of this is my analogy that I use, and Ithink it's a very, very strong analogy that gives to point across if eitherone of us are anybody. Listen to this podcast has to have surgery onsomething on their body. Do they want and no offense to these people, but ifthey want to have a surgery Dun, do they want to have a fresh out ofresidency Surgon do them to their surgery or do they want somebody who'sgot twenty years of experience and I think that's just very, very strongstatement and I don't have twenty years of experience ince business, but everytime I have a customer come in front of me that has questions or concerns orthey're confused by Internet research when they get in front of me, there'sno more confusion ever yeah every that's. When I talk about like wow, youknow, so they have no doubt and they leave you whether buying or not, withno doubt that this Guy Davan port knows is stuff. Yeah, RACI YEAH! Well, andyou know, and it's and I mean you guys, tell me if I'm out left field here, butI don't think you know th that the there has to be a progression from product knowledge tothe marketing end of it. I think that you can start marketing yourself whileyou're acquiring this product knowledge, it's simultaneous. What are yourthoughts on that? Do? U Do you agree ma? Yes, you can market yourself at thesame time you acquire product knowledge or is it a say for bet for you toacquire your product knowledge and then start marketing yourself? Well, I thinkthere's more steps before that. Like I said, befor, okay, Wat, you gotjusgoting in and sorry sorry Davinport, but what I'm saying is that it's allright wise. I think that I looked back and I used to at one point I game tothe the realization that, like I learned how to close and Learne how toprepare for every possible scenario, because in this business right, Michael,like dvimport within a few months and when you're waiting on people at theabundance that I was waiting on, people coming in you're going to be in everypost, you're going to experience every objection in every possible way itcould play out. You know, within thirty days of you aggressively getting infront of customers you're going to have it playout every every possiblescenario that it could possibly play out you. It will happen to you, so mything is, and it's not that many, so it's like getting prepared for all ofthose and having a way to handle all those different scenarios. I thinkcomes first, then you know well with the product knowledge. Obviouslybecause it's hard to sell something, you don't know anything about wearn formake money off of it. So knowing that and it's like me, I encourage everybodyto practice. You know like Ecaus,...'s the thing. If you're going toyou know yo you're, going to get better as you go, you know no matter how muchyou train. So I think that instead of practicing on the people that you'repaying money to get them to come to see you to come see you like practice onthe ones the dealers already paying for hate say that dealers, but I mean, likethat's, you know from an individual standpointlike I'm, going to practice and get good on the traffic they're. Paying forbefore I pay for Mine Yeah. I agree with that, and you know,and to what Michael is asking kin. Do you want to start prognoory, Yo, wanstart marketing. You can do both at the same time when you come in new to thebusiness, never been in the business of day or life and you stepd in on thefloor one day, it's an information overload completely one hundred percent,and I watched it because we wrode our. We have grown our business a little bitand it actually had to hire some etcrar sales people. We only had eighteen andnow we have twenty three and we have some new guys and of course they alwaysapproachd me, because I'm because I'm the I'm, the top guy for the dealer,show and e're like what do you do? How do you do it and I'm like listen? Itell Hem exact same thing: learn product knowledge and go to facebookevery single day and minimal look two times a day and get your friendsinvolved and then start friendand, every single person that walks in onthe dealarship and when you start doing that, people are going to want knowthat you're in the car business and to it getes them involved, so that youknow that people are watching. You know it's a simple thing. You know I took inan OA charger SRTA I thing was OA. Oh a CHARGEERSRTA with threesand miles on, Itold one of these new guys sai go out there and take a picture of this carand have you have all your friends start guessing how many miles I has onit's not on the Internet yet nobody's going to find it. Have them startguessing how many miles are on this car? Oh, I already already told him a hasthree hosand miles on okay. Take this brand new car set on the showon floorright here and do the same thing. How many miles o you think this brand newcar came in from the factory? Do you think somebody's Goinno Goe his zero,you think somebody's going to Gess, one he's thinks soehe's going to Gess tothree four five: you know it doesn't. The whole point of it is not to get them to make wrong answers is toget them involve because they know you're in the car business and- and weall know it is even managers listening. We know that these new guys that comeinto the business, the best people that buy from their friends and their familyand and it's that's, the probably the best thing to do with learn yourproduct, knology and just start marking yourself on facebook, and then you cango into other things, because all it is. Is Information Overload of front whenyou get that first objection, you're gonna be like what do I do now? I youknow the price is to ig o saying you know, and you don't know where to go,but at least you get people you start doing it up front and lurning learningfrom that very good, very good. So so would you say on the marketing end ofits social medias t t e the top thing that you see results from absolutelyyou know, and and as you guys know, I use flex dealer to use my website andI've seen a huge increase when I, when I came from that and right now, I'mmarketing Corbett I'm trying to be the number one quartet Celes in the countryand I'm done just just grindid out notstop and back towhat we're talking about product...

...knowledge. You go to any of my youtubeyoutube videos and you watch anything about a Corvett or anything else outthere. There is nobody else in the country that knows corbetts better thanI do, based off a wash on my youtube videos. Now is there somebody outhere,I thows Corbete, better Thando, absolutely one hundred percent. I don'tknow everything, I'm not a huge car guy. I couldn't tell you compressure ratiosand how big the calpers are and stuff like that. But for that person thatlook is looking for a professional to do business with I'm the perfect I'mthe number one guy in the country. For that and I think a while back like whenwe talked, I said that I was like man I was like, so I see you're alwaysselling corvettes. I was like dude. I would go in and be like that. CorvettDude, you know a, I mean, be the king, corvet guy. That's a good Nichman,because there's those buyers are serious and they'll travel for thatstuff too. Man and Iy do and I fell them all over the country, but thatcorvette that corvette well is going to dry up here soon. Okay and- and youknow, t they're going to be able to get any dealership down the road. I stillwant to be that Quarbeck guy that somebody drives from New Jersey orstuff like that, and you know I've got some people that just drove fromFlorida. You know they drove from Florida all the way up here to trade ina car as well as to buy a corbette you know, and but but now you know, my goalis- is to sit there and have you know that person? That's in Louisville Kentuckylook at looking up facebook or twitter or Youtube, and, like Oh Mike, Dadenport, he knows everything about thes Shevy cruise. He knows everything aboutthis Ek. Queno knows everything about this Camaral, that's my goal and that'swhat I want to do and I want to be able to walk into a room and not have tointroduce myself and like oh you're, the Chevy Dude, and it happens everyday inside the dealership and that's that's my number one goal and it'srelatively easy with social media yeah it's easy to accomplish, but it's justhard to do because it's a lot of work to do it and it takes a commitment andconsistency. But the thing is is what I try to tell a lot of these sales peoplethat I talk to. Is it's actually easy to accomplish because there's so manypeople not doing it? You know, there's nobody really in our business that it'sreally you know consistently attack and taking that approach. You know it's afew and far between yea teras. The reason they're not doing is becauseit's hard work. You know e I've had I got one point: Seven million use on myyoubube channel just ten ten short of four hsand subscribers and I've been on.I've been on Youtube since two thousand and twelve, I think, was hen when Ifirst started and- and it's taken me a lot of work to get to that, you knowand- and I don't have the budget as as a GM corporate or a Chevy corporate.Does you know they've got all these budgets that they can. You know blasttheir videos out there and get stuff I don't have. I don't have that much atI've got to do it for virtually free, you know and and whatnot, and but whenyou, when someone realizes okay, this guy knows what Het's talking about andyou keep putting great content. Maste value content out there. Now, all of asudden, they start talking people post things to forums they post things offacebook groups that Syeu don't know about and stuff like that, and and Isaw a ton of cars off of facebook and...

...twitter and social media. Well- and youknow what I think is interesting, especially you know speaking youspecifically, I mean I follow you on social media and I love what I love.What you got going on and there's been a couple instances where there's been alittle bit of like controversy, and it's created some haters towards you,but then all of a sudden outside of this exchange, the end result is thatthey actually come out and they're like yeah. But you know what this is one ofthe most respectable like car people. I know so even your haters turn intolikers, because they have nothing but respect for everything that you've gotgoing on and all of the strategies that you implement and they're seeing ithappen on social media, and so I mean the cool thing about that. You'retalking about this following you have and they're seeing this too. So notonly do so, you've got the product knowledge again. Those are youlistening in product knowledge right. You then market yourself, you are theexpert and then you can you align what their their perception of you is fromwhat they see online and social media to actually meeting you in person andthey go. Oh this guy actually is the expert right and then you knowtransitioning here and winding it down from here. You do a lot withprospecting strategies right, so referral programs and whatnot. Can youcan you tell us about some of the things that you have going on on aregular basis to prospect for new clients yeah absolutely and with thehaters real, quick I'll talk about that? Just for ten seconds is you know it'seasy when you don't know to hate on something? I learn that first handknowledge back in November and now and now since I do know on what I washating on for a half a minute there- that that I got slapped in the face andlearned real, quick, it's easy to t hate on something when you don't know,but then, when you realize what you did know, it's real easy to do it. So so that's what that's why peoplehave changed their minds. Like oh wait. Second, he is actually doing somethinghe's being successful and yeah, and now I don't want the proof is in thepudding, yeah absolutely and W th with prospect. You know I last year Lik, I guess thirteen I waskind of sined hitting in a plateau. I came back through the into the sales process sales part of the carbusiness because I was a manager from o to to Oh, two thousand and ten. So fortwelve years I or for ten years I was Sittin there into management, and so Iwas really scared about coming back into sales. So you know three, threeyears back into sales, I can notice myself I'm going to hit a PLATEU. Whatdo I need to do? WHAT CAN T it change? What can I do to get more business soand so forth, and so with prospect you N, I thought I needed to get in touchwith my customers a little bit more and you guys have had hem on on his on yourshow. Fran Taylor helped me out quite a bit as far as prospecting. I thinkanother guy you've had on your show. Quite a little bit too is Jonathan.Dawson he's helped me have a ton, that's where I was just last week,Talkin about my product, knowledge story earlier in Atlantois withJonathan Dawson, and you know, and that prospecting helps out a ton. You know Ido so many things on prospect and I probably have fourteen fifteen sixteenseventeen different prospecting tools. I mentioned you know my fluxdealerwebsite, which has been doing great for... You know I got these littlepreferred owner key tags. I put on everybody's Keychain. I put a littlestick around the gas tank. I put you know I put a sticker on the inside ofthe door for my customers. You know I do so many things I do the facebookstuff. I do my website, I do you know I got my car wrapped with LouisvilleChevy duecom on the side of it, which I'm an agressive driver. Now is a hugetask for me to put that ontside of my car and not cut somebody off and youknow, get the middle fingern ANL hunk. So a was huge that was Ahuge tasfway tocut my down cut my Gresso driving down, but you know theres', there's alwaysthere's always stuff out there. You know, and at least ket part taught me awhile ago to put a twodollar bill in the gas tank and it's amazing whatpeople you know what people do when they get a two dolar bill in their gastank. You know, and and now I just started doing it- Saturday was thefirst time I did it, I'm a little, I'm an a little bit of an introvertedperson, but when I get into the car business something changes an and flipsa switch, and I'm not so introverted. But I'm interveted a little bit that Ididn't want to ask a customer O to do a video review. EO All these videos onYoutube- and I don't do video room Muswith, my customer so Saturday, Ijust told M my wife and I were drivining back from Alana Friday night.I said I just got to do it. I just ther. There can't be any issues anymore, I'mdoing them today. I know I've got four delivery. Stet up on Friday, oonSaturday, when I walk in the next morning, Sat I'm doing them today andand all four of them. I did video reviews on and they went perfect andnow I'm just going to create. You know just make it a part of my part of myprocess seeman. This is hote. I'm talking about see because you know weget these calls. We talked about it. We get these calls from people. We getthese emails, these facebook messages and they're like man, you know what doI do t to grow my business and then look at it. Look at everything you gotgoing on. Dude you got. You are the Louisville Chevy Dude man, you gotprospecting. You know referral program in place. The two dollar bill thing,the the facebook. You know campaigns in the webbsite the website that Y AK canaction. You know your taking action and I mean these people right t. This isthe thing that Gess me, you know again, you listengain man is this: Whereyou're at? Are you going? What what do I do to to get my business to the nextlevel? And then you hear it all man you're hearing this all first hand andthen all of a sudden you're like oh well, I'm not willing to do all thatcrap. That sounds expensive, but look at the results. The proof of ability isin results. Might Davinport thirty plus cars a month top guy at his dealershipout, O Twenty, Oh over twenty sales, people, okay, the personal branding,the money that hes spendin out of his own pocket to make this stuff happen tomake success or reality the reality of this. What I'm trying to say here andwinding down is you can absolutely achieve anything you want. This is thebest kind of business to start because there's no overhead, it's just you putin what you want to get out and Mike is living proof Mik thanks so much man forbeing on the show with us today and just and just letting us pick yourbrain a little bit. I know those...

...listening andwel will find value fromit. But but let me ask you: Are you open to if people want to reach out toyou directly? Are you open to that yeah? Absolutely. You know everything. I'malways able to help yof. You got to Louisville Chevy dudecom, that's mywebsite. If you type in Louisville Chevy Dude in Facebook, I'm going topop up be type in Mike devinport on Youtube, I'll, be the first one to popup. So you can I'm aboaccessible right, ou a', linked all your in the shownotes, we'll see that we linked all all davanports contact stuff and hit him up.He definitely will he'll talk to you. He's a cool dude man love it Mikethanks, so much for being on the showman. Thanks guys had fun all right,the like who and there it was that was MikeDavanport Davenport, otherwise, in en as Louis Ville Shevy dude man, that wasyou know, the thing is is like we're always about like I'm going to talkfrom someone that does a lot of the booking for the for the show and stufffor the guests that we want to bring to you, and you know initially. I wasalways the type that I want to get. That person has a good fault like bigfollowing their consultant trainer ther somebody, that's well known, which,which Michael is definitely well known, but man, these ones of these guys thatare just still in the trenches every day like in the dealership, turn out tobe some of our best sessions that we have yeah, no doubt and what I liked about a man he's down toEarth. He knows what he's got going on, but he you know, that's that's balancedby also understanding how hard he works to make it happen right and and thatthat's kind of the cool thing about this. We talk about in the episode S.Like Look, you want to make a go of your car business. You can absolutelydo that. There's nothing getting in your way, no matter what excuse! Oh, mymanager, this and all this kind of grap right. You heard him talking about how how heuses so many different strategies to put his name out there. The productknowledge thing right. That's immediately going to set you apart andan that's a sleeper yeah, I mean that's the sleep, that's something so easythat really caught you. It wit Don. Exactly I mean it's all provided to you,and you heard US mention in the episode. What better business is there to start?You got no overhead, you don't have to buy your own products. You On't have topay for the lights to stay on. You just get to walk in there and do your ThangBil a del in a business. Exactly I us Ti Somin. I used to feel like when Ifirst got to the business t car business coming from like it was myfirst job in my life for somebody else. I ran my abuss before that. I almostfelt like I was going to go to jail or thet. I should be paying them yeah forthe opportunity, because it's like wait, you're going to give me millions ofdollars of product to sell and you're going to pay me to do it. Yeah EMIO,it's genius! So there you have it...

Mike's open to you guys reaching out tohim. So we encourage you to do that. You can get all this contactinformation over at tripplew dot the dealer playbookcom forward, forty fiveokay forward. Forty five! Also, you know what we want you to subscribe toour newsletter. We talked about in the in the pre show, but we want you tosubscribe to that because we have so many cool things. We're working on that.We know will absolutely help you and you know, in exchange for just joiningthat list. We want to send you out a free copy of ten incredible insightsfrom ten incredible guests. That's our gift to you so be sure triple W dot.The dealer Playhoopcom forforty five get Mike's Information and subscribe tothe show, and you know that in on your phone right now and check it outbecause you're GOINGNA want to be. You know on that list for us to reach outto with some things that we have is going to be a good tresture going to bea game changer. So that's what we've got for you. As always, we appreciateyou, stop Thim, buy and taking the time to throw our voices, albeit sometimesvery annoying, sounding in your ear buds and on during your commute to work.We appreciate your feedback. We encourage you to keep it up. Leave us. You Know Review on Itunes when you geta chance to would love to hear from you and until next time talk to you, LataSeya,.

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