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Episode · 6 years ago

Mike Davenport: What It Takes to Sell 30 Cars a Month


Welcome and thank you for dialing into “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast session number 45! So glad you are here. 

In this session team DPB is sitting down with an expert front line, 15 year veteran car sales pro Mr. Michael Davenport from Bachman Chevrolet in Louisville Kentucky. 

Mike Davenport is a real life 30 car a month car pro and in todays session he dives in deeper to what he is doing to deliver him this level of success. 

Mike has really embraced tactics such as personal branding, online video and other cutting edge prospecting tactics that have helped him reach great success selling cars. 

In this session Mike Davenport dives deeper into:

Product Knowledge - 

How committing to learning and knowing your product is probably the most crucial part of becoming a huge success in this business.  If you are not an expert when it comes to knowing your product nothing will kill your sales more than that. 

Being A Marketer - 

Mike Davenport dives deep into the personal marketing he has implemented and how important and successful Facebook has been for his business. From personal websites to consistent social media, there are lots of options to marketing. 

Creative Out Side The Box Prospecting -

Mike D breaks down the tactics like a $2 bill in a customers gas cap and other outside the box tactics he is using to keep him top of mind that you can put into action to acquire new clients right now! 

Get more from Mike Davenport and get connected with him here:

Mike’s Website 

Mike’s Facebook 

Mike’s YouTube Channel

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