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Mike Davenport: What It Takes to Sell 30 Cars a Month


Welcome and thank you for dialing into “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast session number 45! So glad you are here. 

In this session team DPB is sitting down with an expert front line, 15 year veteran car sales pro Mr. Michael Davenport from Bachman Chevrolet in Louisville Kentucky. 

Mike Davenport is a real life 30 car a month car pro and in todays session he dives in deeper to what he is doing to deliver him this level of success. 

Mike has really embraced tactics such as personal branding, online video and other cutting edge prospecting tactics that have helped him reach great success selling cars. 

In this session Mike Davenport dives deeper into:

Product Knowledge - 

How committing to learning and knowing your product is probably the most crucial part of becoming a huge success in this business.  If you are not an expert when it comes to knowing your product nothing will kill your sales more than that. 

Being A Marketer - 

Mike Davenport dives deep into the personal marketing he has implemented and how important and successful Facebook has been for his business. From personal websites to consistent social media, there are lots of options to marketing. 

Creative Out Side The Box Prospecting -

Mike D breaks down the tactics like a $2 bill in a customers gas cap and other outside the box tactics he is using to keep him top of mind that you can put into action to acquire new clients right now! 

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... you on facebook and you're listening to the dealer playbook podcast. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. Hey there, and thank you for joining us for episode forty five of the dealer playbook podcast, where every week we're sitting down and having conversations with the WHO's who in and out of the automotive industry. For you today's Automotive Professional. My name is Michael Cirillo and I'm join Bamba, man, wise man. What's going on, buddy? Hey, oh, well, tell up, man. This is the this is the last name episode. Yeah, as on you, I'm thinking of becoming that now, listen. I know that everybody you're out there, you know that there's one that's always look. You know that's the friend of yours and old friend, especially the guys. It's definitely more of a male thing. Yeah, but like I'm thinking of going last night, like just calling everybody by the last name, being that guy. Well, what are you going to do? You, what are you going to do with us, me and my pappy or boat, Sorillo? Well then you just go out, sir. I don't know. I'm work that out. Hi, Sir Rolloh Yeah, what you got going on? POW, both of us be hitting up. Okay, so you know what awesome episode today we're really looking forward to you. You listening in and we want to get your feedback. You know, we're sitting down with, you know, an expert car salesman. I mean this guy has really taken his career to the next level. But before we tell you a little bit more about him, I just want to get you guys to be checking in at triple w dot the dealer playbookcom. We also have some really exciting things that you heard me talk about it, you know, in the last episode. Robert and I have some cool things we've been heads down on and I want you guys to be able to to find out what we're doing. All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter on the dealer playbookcom. Is Right there on the home page. You can subscribe and actually we're going to. We're going to send you out a free gift a cool Ebook that we've put together with some of the cool Aha moments, so be sure to check that out. We also want you to find out what we are working on that's going to absolutely change your career, but more on that later. And you know, this episode, this episode is really cool because we hear from you guys every single week, facebook messages, private messages, emails, phone calls, we hear what you guys are saying and and there's so many of you who are saying, Hey, look, I'm new in the car business, I want to really make a go of this. What are some things that I can do? And that's where you know Robert Man, he came in and you were like, Hey, let's get Davenport on this. This guy's this guy's in the trenches, he's making it happen. So we're proud and happy to present Mike Davenport and on known as Louisville Chevy Dude. He's going to talk to you about the things that he's done to take him from,... know, needing money and needing it desperately, to being a thirty plus car guy on a monthly basis. So, without further ado, let's jump into our sit down. With Davenport. Let's do it, and we are excited to sit down with our guest today, somebody we know you absolutely need to listen to. He has invested in himself. He's a personal branding jugger. Not You might know him as the Louisville Chevy duties active on social media. He's got some cool graphics that he posts all the time with customers. This guy practices what he preaches and it works incredibly well for him. When I looked at him on facebook, his job title says Personal Problem Solver, which I love. He's at Bachman Chevrolet. We're sitting down with a thirty plus car guy, Mr Mike Davenport. Thanks for being on the show with us today. My thanks, guys. Appreciate you having me. Yeah, also known in his hometown known as Davenport all, also known as Devenport. There you go right. So you know, we're excited to just kind of pick your brain a little bit here because I know people listening in. We you know, Robert and I get hit up all the time on social media and personal messages and emails and all that kind of stuff of people who say, Hey, Mike, a Robert, I'm brand new to the business. I want to make a go of it. What are some things that I can be doing? And we get messages like that literally every single day. So it's a pleasure to have you on the show because I think those listening and are going to really benefit from what you've been able to do. You've, you know, quite literally built a business within the business. Real life thirty car, real life thirty car guy. It doesn't get any more real than this. So I want to I want to pass you over this question and we just go from there. You know, when when you started in the business? Well, first of all, how long you been in the business now? Fifteen years, a little fifteen years. I start as June, January, fifteen of two thousand. Okay, so just a little over fifteen years. What was your Aha moment? What was that that moment and what was that thought that kind of hit you where you're like, okay, I know what I need to do to make a go of this. And then, on top of that, what was that thing that you started doing to kind of get to where you're at now? Well, first of all, I got into the business because I needed the money. I was struggling big time back in nine nine two thousand, and so that was that was really the motivation. As I heard, people made money in the car business. So I was my motivation then. The secondly being the type of nature and person I am that I don't want to take advantage of people, I...

...want to help people. So that was kind of my my intro into the businesses. I'm going to do something different. And then about two months into the business I realized how bad I got taken advantage of my personal car. So just a couple months into the business I realized what had happened to me on my personal car and I'm like, oh my gosh, I can't let this ever to happen to anybody else. And that's where I've that's where I've really taken it for fifteen years. So it happened really, really quick and my first month in the car business I sold seven cars. So and in a half a month I sold seven cars, which I was really hype with. So I'm like, Oh wow, I can do fourteen next month. And I only did thirteen, but I was still hip that second month and and I was at a Saturn store in northeast Indiana and I was doing that average twelve to thirteen car a month out of that store and I was a hundred car a month store. So I'd always done good. But that was just because the way Saturn approach things of just taking care of the customer. So that's why I've always done interesting. Yeah, so they were like that. One prize was that when they were like the no hack, I mean just one price offering so that if somebody comes in and they're they're either going to buy it or or not, right where they are. They've had that model. Yeah, absolutely. And what one thing that I learned, I take it, I take it today at a large Chevy store, is that I don't sell price, I sell value, and that's you know, you brought it up earlier, Michael. Of you get hit up all the time and I get hit up all the time as well. I'm doing the business. How to do that, and that's what I tell everybody's like, don't focus on price. Everybody out there's a focused on price. You got a true car, Edmonds or Kelly Blue Book or all the other third party sites are all price, price, price, price. But now you got to do something different than everybody else, and that's that's that's kind of what I do, and I'll explain here a little bit what I do why I'm successful. But you've got to do something different and it is it, you know, in my is it an assumption of mine that the other sales reps in the in the store that you work in aren't quite as you know, are they? Are there many people around you or encircled with you that are achieving the same kind of success? or Or is this very much that situation where you're doing your thing and whether it's, you know, the other people around you're just kind of, you know, trying to figure things out on their own, or or has what you do kind of kind of spilled off onto your unto your working mates? Well, you got you got hit or miss guys. I mean, you know, we have twenty three sales guys in my store. I have another guy that's right there with me as bar sales. He's two thousand and twenty five. Every month we're always battling back and forth for salesman a month, salesman of the year, and he doesn't do the any that I do. But he's been in this store for sixteen years. So so he does do do his own thing, but he doesn't do brainy. I do, and I mean on the reason, the reason I asked that. Sorry to cut you off, I mean the reason I asked that was because, you know, I want, I want you know, those of you listening in, to understand that, you know, you have a massive opportunity in front of you. We're seeing more thirty car guys and...

...and women in the car business achieving great success, but it's because they're doing they are doing what you said, Mike. They're doing something different and they're differentiating themselves. And it's not as simple as just being in a store with a high achiever. That that guarantees your success. I mean, it's in your power and it's up to you to be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that success. So, you know, passing passing it back to you, Mike. What what? What were some of the things that you started doing in your own career in the car business, it in your business, within the business? What? What were the things that you started to do where you were like, Oh wow, this, this is working for me. Well, the number one thing, this is what I tell a new salesperson, I just just have to just happen. Gentleman named Jeff on Tuesday morning or Tuesday evening contact me and says hey, I'm you know, I'm new in the business. I'd like to speak with you. How can I be successful? And this guy doesn't have any mutual friends of mine. So all the car people out there, this head guy has no mutual friends and found me on my facebook fan page. So and he contacted me through that and I told them to friend me on facebook so I could get him into some other groups. But this is the number one thing that I tell people. Know your product knowledge. If you don't know your product knowledge, I you have, nobody's going to come to you. Everybody out there on the Internet is searching for things, not only the price that I mentioned earlier, but they're also searching, you know, me being a Chevy Guy, what's the difference between an LS and Lte Equinox? What's the difference between one lt and a too Lte Equinox? With they typically know pretty close to that answer. But when they call you or they walk into the show room or they send you a webbing query on stuff why you know and you can't answer that, or you send them back a simple form letter that doesn't answer their question, they're done with you. At that point they're like, okay, this person can this keep person can't do it. I sold a guy last night. He's over an hour away, off over a referral and once I talked to the sales desk the there's a dealer real close to him calling us to get the two suburbans that he wanted to buy. An after I sold in the car, he was telling me on how horrible sale people are on product knowledge. He was on a seventy twozero ltz suburban and he wanted to know one simple question, outside the Ltz Trim, what optional equipment on this? And people couldn't answer him and and they one of the guys, he told me, answered him intermitt wipers. Wow, really, seventyzero our car souls, oh my gosh, completely. I agree with you there, Mike, and I think that was I mean, that's something I picked up a little bit, you know, a few months in. That it was very important because a it just they take you serious, you seem professional and you have to know it, like because you you know it. It breezed through in your confidence. But what when you say that, like for somebody learned a product. What were I'm curious to know because I know I had my ways of doing it, but what ways did you study and learn your product?...

Because, especially with Chevy, I mean your guys, is line rolls deep, man, really deep. It does. And I just I was just down in a Landa last week talking about this and I popped up the number eighty five on the on my keynote speak speech and I was like, well, anybody know what this is? And I said Chevy guys, how many Chevy you guys are in here? RAIZOR hands? Do you guys know what this is? And they're like no, eighty five is the number of trim levels that we have in noncommercial vehicles, so equinox, cruise, Camaro, coat, corvette, all that stuff. Eighty five different trim levels on are all of our cars. That you've got to know. And just like I mentioned earlier, everybody learns different and and I'm the type of person. I'm a hands on person. I haven't I have an assistant and she does my GM training for me because I don't get a whole lot of out of that gum training. I will do the brand new cars. You know, we have our tracks coming out. We have you know, we had our new IMPALLA. Will have a sixteen Camaro coming out here soon. I will do that stuff because I do get stuff out of that. But I'm more of a handson person. I like to go out get the cars, drive them, pair my cell phones, you know, try to make the systems. You know these works, voice recognition systems. I want to know what their troubles are. I want to set there and and say s on eight and it doesn't do what I want. or I just say eight and it changes the channel eight on XM radio rather than channel whatever. But you know, so I try to find issues. That's that's a problem. And the reason I do that because when I go out and I demo a car for a customer and I'm like Hey, let me show you, let me show you this, and I say show me, I want to listen to s on eight Xm radio and that doesn't work. I'm going to do that in front of a customer and have all sudden not working, the customers confidence on that is is gone. So that's how I learned a lot. As I go out and I play with things like and I really get out my test drive stuff and that's where my competitive comparisons come in or people believe me. You know, they may not not buy a car for me today, to not go over the Ford, is what I was trying to say. They may not go over to aforda to not buy a Mustang over at Camaro today, but I will give them information to watch and to look at when they're driving at forward and like, oh my gosh, the Camaro is so much better. And and that's where driving these cars and getting in the hands on helps out a ton. So you know, and I mean that's really the point. That's a huge takeaway. If you want to be perceived as the expert, you need to have the knowledge of the expert, get your hands on your product, and I think that's that's a huge thing that will help you, know, those of you listening into different you yourself, is to actually know your product because, like, like you said, Mike, I mean people, people are going online anyways and they are they're conducting some level of research. So imagine how that looks if the customer comes into the lot, you know, comes into the the show room and knows more about the vehicles than you. Yeah, well, and that's and and an unfortunately surrell oh, that's kind of like yeah, yeah, that's the norm today. So something that easy, and it's a good point from Mike, is something... easy as learn your product is because what I'm getting hit up in my whole like since I've been in the business, everybody hits me up and it's like, I want to learn how to get more custom they're all about, you know, the marketing and and getting more customers and and I'm telling them like, you know, back up, you know, learn to close, learn how to handle every situation first and learn how to learn your product and and be sold on the product before you start spending time and money to get in front of people that you're not prepared to be in front of. This is my analogy that I use and I think it's a very, very strong analogy that gets the point across. If either one of us are anybody listen to this podcast has to have surgery on something on their body, do they want, and no offense to these people, but if they want to have a surgery under they want to have a fresh out of residency surgeon, do them do their surgery or do they want somebody who's got twenty years of experience? And I think that's a very, very strong statement and I don't have twenty years of experiences business, but every time I have a customer come in front of me that has questions or concerns or they're confused by Internet research, when they get in front of me there's no more confusion ever. Yeah, that's when I talked about like wow, you know. So they have no doubt and they leave you, whether buying or not, with no doubt that this Guy Davenport knows his stuff. Yeah, race, yeah, well, and you know. And it's and I mean you guys, tell me if I'm out left field here, but I don't think you know that the there has to be a progression from product knowledge to the marketing end of it. I think that you can start marketing yourself while you're acquiring this product knowledge. It's simultaneous. What are your thoughts on that? Do you do you agree, mate, yes, you can market yourself at the same time you acquire product knowledge. Or is it a safer bet for you to acquire your product knowledge and then start marketing yourself? Well, I think there's more steps before that, like I said. But okay, what you got jumping in? Sorry, sorry, Dad, import but what I'm saying is that it's all right. Wise, I think that I looked back, and I used to at one point, I came to the realization that, like, I learned how to close and learned how to prepare for every possible scenario, because in this business, right, michaeled, like day have import within a few months, and when you're waiting on people at the abundance that I was waiting on people coming in, you're going to be in every past. You're going to experience every objection in every possible way it could play out. You know, within thirty days of you aggressively get in front of customers, you're going to have it play out every every possible scenario that it could possibly play out you. It will happen to you. So my thing is, and it's not that many, so it's like getting prepared for all of those and having a way to handle all those different scenarios, I think comes first. Then you know. Well, with the product knowledge, obviously, because it's hard to sell something you don't know anything about or make money off of it. So knowing that, and it's like me, I encourage everybody to practice. You...

...know, like because here's the thing. If you're going to you know you're you're going to get better as you go, you know, no matter how much you train. So I think that instead of practicing on the people that you're paying money to get them to come to see you, to come see you, like practice on the ones the dealers already paying for. Hate to say that dealers, but I mean like that's you know, from an individual standpoint, like I'm going to practice and get good on the the traffic they're paying for before I pay for mine. Yeah, I agree with that and you know, into what Michael is asking. Can do you want to start procnology, will start marketing. You can do both at the same time. When you come in new to the business and it's never been in the business a day in your life and you step in on the floor one day, it's information overload completely, one hundred percent. And I watched it because we've wrote our we have grown our business a little bit and actually had to hire some extra sales people. We only have had eighteen and now we have twenty three and we have some new guys and of course they always approached me because I'm because I'm the on the top guy for the dealership and like what do you do? How do you do it? And I'm like listen, I tell him exact same thing. Learned part at knowledge and go to facebook every single day and minimal look two times a day and get your friends involved and then start friend and every single person that walks in on the dealership. And when you start doing that, people are going to one know that you're in the car business and to it gets them involved so that you know that people are watching. You know, and it's a simple thing. You know, I took in an charger SRTA, I think was oo charger SRTA, with threezero miles on. I told one of these new guys to go out there and take a picture of this car and have you have all your friends start guessing how many miles that has on. It's not on the Internet yet, nobody's going to find it. Have them start guessing how many miles are on this car. Oh, I already already told him it has three thousand miles on. Okay, take this brand new car set on the show room floor right here and do the same thing. How many miles do you think this brand new car came from the factory? You think somebody's going to guess zero? You think some he's going to guess one. He's thinks he's going to guess two, three, hundred and fourty five. You know, it doesn't. The whole point of it is not to to get them to make wrong answers, is to get them involved because they know you're in the car business and and we all know it, as even managers. Let's see, we know that these new guys that come into the business the best people that buy from their friends and their family and and it's that's the probably the best thing to do with learn your product knowledge and just start marking yourself on facebook and then you can go into other things, because all it is this information overload of front. When you get that first objection, you're gonna be like, what do I do now? I don't you know, the price is too highly, saying you know and you don't know where to go. But at least you get people, you start doing it up front and learning. Learning from that. Very good, very good. So so, would you say? On the marketing end of its, social media, is that the top thing that you see results from? Absolutely, you know, and and as you guys know, I use flex dealer to use my website and I've seen a huge increase when I when I came from that, and right now I'm I'm marketing corvettes. I'm trying to be the number one Corbett sells in the country and I'm done just just grinding out nonstop. And back to what we...

...were talking about product knowledge. You go to any of my youtube, youtube videos, and you watch anything about a Corbat or anything else out there. There is nobody else in the country that knows corbets better than I do based off of watch on my youtube videos. Now, is there somebody out there here knows corbets better than absolutely one hundred percent? I don't know everything. I'm not a huge car guy. I couldn't tell you compression ratios and how big the cowpers are and stuff like that, but for that person at look is looking for a professional to do business with, I'm the perfect I'm the number one guy in the country for that and I think a while back, Mike, when we talked, I said that. I was like man, I was like, so, I see you're always selling corvettes. I was like, dude, I would go in and be like that Corvette Dude, you know, and I mean be the King Corvette Guy. That's a good nicheman, because there's those buyers are serious and they'll travel for that stuff too, man, and they do, and I sell them all over the country. But that corvette, that corvette well, is going to dry up here soon, okay, and and you know they're going to be able to get it any dealership down the road. I still want to be that corvette guy that somebody drives from New Jersey or stuff like that. And you know, I've got some people that just drove from Florida. You know, they drove from Florida all the way up here to trade in a car as well as to buy a corvette. You know. And but but now you know, my goal is is to sit there and have you know that person that's in Louisville, Kentucky, look at looking up facebook or twitter or Youtube and like Oh, Mike Davenport, he knows everything about the Chevy crews, he knows everything about this equhen I. She knows everything about this Camaro. That's my goal and that's what I want to do and I want to be able to walk into a room and not have to introduce myself and like Oh, you're the Chevy Dude, and it happens every day inside the dealership and that's that's my number one goal. And it's relatively easy with social media. Yeah, it's easy to accomplish, but it's just hard to do because it's a lot of work to do it and it takes a commitment and consistency. But the the thing is, is what I try to tell a lot of these sales people that I talked to, is it's actually easy to accomplish because there's so many people not doing it. You know, there's nobody really in our business that is really, you know, consistently attack and taking that approach. You know, it's a few and far between. You know, the rate. The reason they're not doing it is because it's hard work. You know, I've I've had I got one point seven million views on my youtube channel, just ten, ten short of four thousand subscribers, and I've been on I've been on Youtube since two thousand and twelve, I think, was when I first started. And and it's taken me a lot of work to get to that, you know. And and I don't have the budget as as a GM corporate or a Chevy corporate. Does you know? I've got all these budgets that they can, you know, blast their videos out there and get stuff. I don't have. I don't have that budget. I've got to do it for virtually free, you know, and and whatnot. And but when you when someone realizes, okay, this guy knows what he's talking about, and you keep putting content, great content, masses value content, out there. Now all of a sudden they start talking, people post things to forums, they post things of facebook groups that you don't know about and stuff like that. And and I saw a tone of cars off of facebook and...

...twitter and social media. Well, and you know what I think is interesting, especially, you know, spe speaking you specifically, I mean I follow you on social media and I love what I love what you got going on, and there's been a couple instances where there's been a little bit of like controversy and it's created some haters towards you. But then all of a sudden, outside of this exchange, the end result is that they actually come out and they're like yeah, but you know what, this is one of the most respectable, like car people I know. So even your haters turn into likers because they they have nothing but respect for everything that you've got going on and all of the strategies that you implement and they're seeing it happen on social media. And so, I mean the cool thing about that you're talking about this following you have and they're seeing this too. So not only do so, you've got the product knowledge. Again, those are you listening in product knowledge, right. You, you then mark it yourself. You are the expert. And then you can't you align what their their perception of you is from what they see online and social media to actually meeting you in person and they go, Oh, this guy actually is the expert, right. And then, you know, transitioning here and winding it down from here, you you do a lot with prospecting strategies, right, so referral programs and whatnot. Can you, can you tell us about some of the things that you have going on on a regular basis to prospect for new clients? Yeah, absolutely. And with the haters real quick, I'll talk about that just for ten seconds. Has You know, it's easy when you don't know, to hate on something. I learned that first to knowledge back in November and now, and now, since I do know, on what I was hating on for for a half a minute there, that that I got slapped in the face and learn real quick. It's easy to hate on something when you don't know, but then when you realize what you get know, it's real easy to do it. So that's what that's why people would change their minds like Oh, wait a second, he has actually doing something, he's being successful and yeah, and now now don't want the proof is in the pudding. Yeah, absolutely, and I'm with with prospecting. You know, I last year, I guess the thirteen, I was kind of signed hitting a plateau. I came back to the into the sales process, sales part of the car business, because I was a manager from two to two thousand and ten. So for twelve years or for ten years, I was sitting there in management, and so I was really scared about coming back into sales. So, you know, three, three years back into sales, I I can notice myself I'm going to hit a plateau. What do I need to do? What can I change? What can I do to get more business, sowing and so forth. And so with prospecting, I thought I needed to get in touch with my customers a little bit more, and you guys have had them honor on your show. Fran Taylor helped me out quite a bit as far as prospecting. I think another guy you've had on your show quite a little bit too is Jonathan Dawson. He's helped me out a ton. That's where I was just last week. Talked about my product knowledge story earlier in Atlantos with Jonathan Dawson and you know, and that prospecting helps out a ton. You know, I do so many things on prospect and I probably have fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen different prospecting tools. I mentioned, you know, my flex dealer website, which has been doing great for me.

You know, I got these little preferred owner key tags I put on everybody's Keychain. I put a little sticker on the gas tank. I put you know, I put a sticker on the inside of the door for my customers. You know, I do so many things. I do the facebook stuff, I do my website, I do you know, I got my car wrapped with Louisville Chevy dudecom on the side of it and which I'm an aggressive driver now, is a huge task for me to put that on the side of my car and not cut somebody off and, you know, get the middle finger on a honk. So that was a huge that was huge tast for way to cut my down, cut my aggressive driving down. But you know, there's there's there's always there's always stuff out there, you know, and at least kept part taught me a while. I got to put a two dollar bill in the gas tank and it's amazing what people you know, what people do when they get a two dollar bill and their gas tank. You know. And and now I just started doing it. Saturday was the first time I did. I'm a little I'm in a little bit of an introverted person, but when I get into the car business something changes in it and flips of switch and I'm not so introverted. But I'm introverted a little bit that I didn't want to ask a customer so to do a video review. And you all these videos on Youtube and I don't do video reviews with my customer. So Saturday I just told my wife and I were driving back from the Landa Friday night. I said I just got to do it. I just I there's there can't be any issues anymore. I'm doing them today. I know I've got four delivery set up on Friday are on Saturday, when I walk in the next morning, said I'm doing them today, and and all four of them I did video reviews on and they went perfect, and now I'm just going to create, you know, just make it a part of my part of my process. See, man, this one I'm talking about see because you know, we get these calls. We talked about it. We get these calls from people, we get these emails, these facebook messages, and they're like, man, you know what, what do I do to to grow my business? And then look at look at everything you got going on, Dude. You Get oh you are the Louisville Chevy. Dude, man, you got prospecting, you know, referral program in place, the two dollar bill thing, the facebook, you know, campaigns in the website, the website that, and you can action. You know, he's you take an action, and I mean these people right. This is the thing that gets me. Yeah, you know again, you listening in, man, is this where you're at? Are you going, what what do I do to to get my business to the next level? And then you hear it all, man, you're here in this all firsthand, and then all of a sudden you're like, oh well, I'm not willing to do all that crap. That sounds expensive, but look at the results. The proof of ability is in results. Mike Davenport, thirty plus cars a month, top guy at his dealership out of twenty, over twenty sales people. Okay, the personal branding, the money that he's spend, it out of his own pocket to make this stuff happen, to make success a reality. The reality of this. What I'm trying to say here in winding down, is you can absolutely achieve anything you want. This is the best kind of business to start because there's no overhead. It's just you put in what you want to get out, and Mike is a living proof. Mike, Thanks so much, man, for being on the show with us today and just letting us pick your brain a little bit. I know those...

...listening animal will find value from it. But but let me ask you. Are you open to if people want to reach out to you directly? Are you open to that? Yeah, absolutely, you know everything. I'm always able to help. If you've got a Louisville Chevy dudecom that's my website. If you type in Louisville Chevy Dude in Facebook, I'm going to pop up if you type in Mike Davenport on Youtube, I'll be the first one to pop up, so you can I'm will like accessible right out. I'll linked to all you're in the show notes. Will see that we linked to all all davenports contact stuff and hit him up. He definitely will. He'll talk to you. He's a cool dude man. Love it, Mike. Thanks so much for being on the show man. Thanks, guys, had fun, all right. Thanks you, Mike. Who? And there it was. That was Mike Davenport, Davenport, otherwise known as Louisville Chevy Dude. Man, that was you know. The thing is is like we're always about, like I'm going to talk from someone that does a lot of the booking for this, for the show and stuff too, for the guests that we want to bring to you. And you know, initially I was always the type that I want to get that person as a good fault like big following, their consultant, trainer, there's somebody that's wellknown, which Michael is definitely well known, but man, these ones, of these guys that are just still in the trenches every day, like in the dealership, turn out to be some of our best sessions that we have. Yeah, no doubt, and what I like to buy him. And he's down to Earth. He knows what he's got going on, but he he you know, that's that's balanced by also understanding how hard he works to make it happen. Right, and and that's kind of the cool thing about this. We talked about in the episode. It's like, look, you want to make a go of your car business, you can absolutely do that. There's nothing getting in your way, no matter what. Excu all my manager this and all this kind of crap, right. You heard him talking about how how he uses so many different strategies to put his name out there. The product knowledge thing, right, that's immediately going to set you apart. And then that's a sleeper. Yeah, I mean that's the sleep that something so easy. That really caught you. It's exactly you would done, exactly. I mean it's all provided to you and you heard US mentioned in the episode. What better business is there to start? You got no overhead, you don't have to buy your own products, you don't have to pay for the lights to stay on. You just get to walk in there and do your Thang, build up bell and a business. Exactly I use a business. I used to feel like when I first got into the business, to car business, coming from like it was my first job in my life for somebody else. I ran my own business before that. I almost felt like I was going to go to jail or that I should be paying them. Yeah, for the opportunity, because it's like wait, you're going to give me millions of dollars of product to sell and you're going to pay me to do it? Yeah,...'s genius. So there you have it. Mike's open to you guys reaching out to him, so we encourage you to do that. You can get all of this contact information over at triple w dot the dealer playbookcom forward slash forty five. Okay, forward forty five. Also, you know what? We want you to subscribe to our newsletter. We talked about in the in the pre show, but we want you to subscribe to that because we have so many cool things we're working on that we know will absolutely help you. And you know, in exchange for just joining that list, we want to send you out a free copy of ten incredible insights from ten incredible guests. That's our gift to you, so be sure. Tripled W dot the dealer playbookcom forward forty five, get Mike's Information and subscribe to the show and you know, that in on your phone right now and check it out, because you're going to want to be, you know, on that list. For us to reach out to with some things that we have is going to be a game pssenger, going to be a game changer. So that's what we've got for you. As always, we appreciate you stop them buying taking the time to throw our voices, albeit sometimes very annoying sounding, in your earbuds and on your during your commute to work. We appreciate your feedback. We encourage you to keep it up. Leave us a, you know, a review on itunes when you get a chance to. Would love to hear from you and Don until next time, talk to you later. See you go.

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