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Minisode Monday #2: Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Profiles | Which one should you use?


Welcome to episode 2 of Minisode Monday.  

In this episode we're going to explore the difference between Facebook business pages and Facebook profiles. More importanatly, we're going to look at the pros and cons of each, to help you decide where to focus your brand building energy. 

Though there isn't a right or wrong here, this post will hopefully provide you information about what it will take to brand yourself using Facebook as a distribution method. 

Pros and Cons of a Facebook Business Page 


  • Build an audience of targeted, interested followers 
  • More brand building/engagement tools (e.g., notes, polls, etc.) 
  • Advertising options 
  • Audience insights  


  • Building an audience takes time (PATIENCE!) 
  • It's another channel to mange 
  • Needs to be consistent  

Pros and Cons of using Your Facebook Profile for Business 


  • You're already using it and have a built in friend-base 
  • Friends may be more supportive and willing to help you share  


  • Facebook doesn't really like personal pages being used for business purposes 
  • Not a targeted following (e.g., parents, friends who may not be interested in what you're talking about / possibility of unfollow/hide/spam etc.) 
  • No options to advertise/boost posts etc.  


Whatever you choose to do, be consistent. Have a strategy and see it through to the end! 

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Hey, they're welcome to another minisod Monday. This is the first video edition. The last one I did I was just testing the waters and got really cool feedback. But this is episode two of minisod Monday, and today we are talking about the pros and cons of facebook pages versus facebook profiles. Here we go. Okay, so I've been getting a lot of questions from you about the pros and cons of having a facebook business page or like a public figure page on facebook, versus using your personal profile, and so what we're going to do here is explore the differences between the two and talk about some of the pros and cons. Now I can speak to this from personal experience because I do have a public figure page promoting myself as a brand on facebook, and I also have my personal profile. So let's start with the business page and I'm just going to kind of walk you through some of the things...

...that I see as pros and cons. So you know the first thing. Let's talk about pros here for facebook business pages. The first thing is, you know, there are more tools on a page for building a brand. There's things like notes, I can do polls, I can ask questions and I can build a targeted audience based on whatever messaging I want to convey. So you know, big pro here for me is getting the message out to an audience that, in some way, shape or form, was opt in. In other words, it's not like my grandma or my mom or something like that liking my page, although I do think my mom does like my public figure page, but most of the people following and liking and engaging on my business page are people who have specific interests, who have specific problems that I have the solutions or the answers or the content for something I've been experimenting...

...with, or some of the tools, like the notes feature, I think is a really cool like micro I shouldn't call it microblogging, but a blogging platform, and it's impressive. You know how much reach those posts get and how encouraging they are of engagement. So you know, first thing, like I said, is there are more tools for building a brand and building a business embedded in the pages format versus a a personal profile. I also mentioned targeting my or building a targeted audience, and that leads me to the next pro and that is you know that I can advertise. So if I want to put a little bit of money behind boosting a post or boosting a message or full on running ads to ads manager or power at her. I can do that on a page. I can't do it with my personal profile, I don't think. If I'm wrong on that, somebody chim in and comment on this video or on this on this post at the show notes to let me know if that's wrong or not. But as of today that's that's a...

...convenience to me to be able to boost posts. You know, I get all the reporting that goes along with that, which I think is really important as well. So you know, from a marketing perspective I like the features that are built into a page. That helped me grow a targeted audience and help me distribute a mess message to my audience so that I can get qualified reach, not just quantity reach. Now some of the cons with that. It takes time to build an audience. You're adding another channel here, something that you have to be consistent on, something that you have to manage and something that you have to really put some effort into understanding your audience, identifying who they are and coming up with content that share worthy and information that share worthy so that you can build this targeted following. Now I would definitely not suggest paying for likes like like you heard me talk about an episode ninety four with Cathy crews where she said, you know, a lot of those paid likes are coming from Turkey and stuff like that. You know, you want to be really focused on building a presence and that can take time and I...

...think for that reason that's one of the biggest cons I would have. The other con to having a page is that I can aunt join any groups or participating group conversations, and for me that's kind of a big down or about the page because I can't proactively join in any of these conversations that are happening. So that's something to keep in mind. So those are kind of my big top pros and cons of a facebook page. Again, if I miss any, I'd love your comment on the video or on the show notes at triplew dot the dealer playbookcom forward slash minisode two is where you can find this episode. Now let's talk about the personal profile. There are some definite pros and cons to having a business profile and or having a personal profile rather and building out a presence there. The first and foremost, it can get cluttered. I mean, yes, you're, they're already and that's a that's a pro. Obviously you're using it actively. You have the facebook APP on your phone and it's inherently wanting you to use your personal profile. But along that...

...same line, everybody's there, not just your mom but your entire family and all your friends and people outside of the industry who probably have no interest in anything that you're going to talk about, and so it's very easy for people to just go on follow, on follow, like maybe they're not going to unfriend you, but they're going to unfollow until they're blue in the face because they don't want to see what you're posting. And the problem with that is the more people that unfollow, essentially marking you as spam, the less your stuff is going to show up in the news feed. And so that is that's something to be very, very cautious about. But a big pro I know I kind of broke my my mold here and I just started grouping things together, so bear with me, but a pro of a page is that you can join groups and you can get involved and you can meet New People and add new friends and expand your network, and so that might have some positive pit business implications about building out, you know, awareness about who you are as a real human being, and so, you know, for that...

...reason I really like my business profile or my personal profile. Again, some of the cons the spam effect, you know, unfollowing and and for me that's that's, I think, the biggest reason why I wouldn't you know, I got to think about that, but that's probably one of the biggest reasons I wouldn't recommend if you're a professional who wants to build a targeted following using your personal profile. Having said that, you know facebook obviously wants us to participate in both, and so if you're considering a facebook page over a busy facebook business page or public profile page over a personal profile, you know you need to take all of these things into consideration. Okay, guys, that's it for this episode of minisod Monday. I hope you got value out of it. I hope it gives you something to chew on as you navigate your strategy for building your brand and building a presence, between having a facebook business... or a dedicated page versus using your personal profile. If there's anything I missed, I'd love to hear the pros and cons of each. Hit me up at the show notes. Triple W dot the dealer playbookcom forward slash minisode too, and, of course, if you're watching here on Youtube, I would love a like and a subscribe, and I always look forward to your comments. They are like my oxygen, so definitely leave me a common I'd love to hear from you. Until next time, guys, keep the playbook open and dominate.

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