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Neil Patel: How to Build a Massive Audience from Blogging


DPB is back at with session 61 and this is not one to miss! 


In this session we dive into one of the most overlooked /under utilized tools for building awareness to your brand and building a audience online… 


We are talking about blogging and the insanely awesome way how you can use it to really thrive online in your market. 


So to cover this topic we sit down with one of the best in the world…


Mr Neil Patel.


In case you not dialed in on Mr. Neil Patel here is a quick introduction.


Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. 


Neil was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations. Neil has also been awarded Congressional Recognition from the United States House of Representatives.


Neil is active and super popular blogger mostly over at and is banking 80-90 thousand unique blog readers a month. That is amazing! 


Here is a quick preview I what you can expect from Neil Patel in this session


- Key points to growing a powerful targeted audience with blogging


- The type of blog posts that get the best results


- The blog writing strategy Neil uses for his posts


That is just a quick taste of some of the nuggets Neil Patel delivers in this rapid fire session. 


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This session of the dealer playbook isbrought to you by flex. Dealer attract, engage and convert high quality vehicle shopperswith innovative digital marketing strategies that will dominate your market. Check out moreat the dealer playbookcom forward slash flex. This is the dealer playbook. Heythere, thanks for joining us for episode sixty one of the dealer playbook podcast, where every week we feature conversations with some incredible elite trainers, speakers andauthors for you today's automotive professionals. My name is Michael Cirillo. I'm joinedby my partner in crime, Mr Robert Wiseman. What's going on, Budda a main? What's up man? Hey, looking forward to this thisepisode because we're we've got a quick, you know, rapid fire interview withour guests today. Before we get into that, though, I want tomake sure you guys stay tuned for the end of this episode, where Robertand I discuss some really actionable information from the the interview that we have sothat you guys can really take what we're talking about today to the next level. Our guest today is the cofounder of crazy egg. He's also the founderof quick sprout and also blogs regularly, very consistently and very in depth overat his personal website, Neil patelcom. Our guest is none other than NeilPatel, and I'll tell you what. We've been following him for quite sometime. I read every single one of this guy's posts. They're very,very in depth and very informative, and so we thought it would be agreat idea to have him on the show to talk about what he has personallydone to take his his personal blog, neioptelcom, from zero visits to overa hundred and twenty thousand visits a month and then, of course, hewas you'll hear him talk about how he needed to back that number down,so he actually stop tracking visits and went on to unique visitors, where he'sclose to, I think, eighty five or ninety thousand. So super awesome. We thought that, you know, for those of you who are reallywanting to build your brand and really get yourself out there in your own localmarket, Neil offers some incredible information that you'll hear him talk about in thisepisode that will help you, maybe if you're just starting or maybe if you'vebeen struggling for a while to get more than, you know, say twoor three hundred visitors a month. Take your content and take your personal brandin your website to the next level through blogging. HMM. And also heis under construction, as you will hear, so just wanted to give you aheads up on some of the background noise. But nonetheless the content stillkiller and it was a great episode. Just goes to show that you candefinitely monetize a blog, especially if he's doing all those office rentos right nowor whatever he's going going on. So we hope you guys enjoy it.Let's jump into our conversation with Neil Patel. Hey, Neil, thanks for beingon the show with us today. Thanks for having me. Yeah,we're really excited to have you. We've been following you for quite some time, both on Neil potelcom, reading your blog, and also on the quickspar out blog. In fact, just this morning I posted a link ontwitter to one of your recent posts, which I thought was super brilliant.But something that really I'm really excited to pick your brain about is you haveyour website, your blog, Neil patelcom, and really the whole concept is,I guess one big experiment, if that's if that's fair to say,to see what's been working for you to to get towards, or work towards, a hundred thousand monthly site visitors. And Right now I'm on your websiteand I'm looking at this and I'm seeing that you're somewhere between eighty and Ninetyzero, like you're almost at this goal,...

...which I think is so phenomenal.The question for you is, where did you get started? Where did thiswhole concept come from? What was your I guess, what was your reasonfor wanting to do this? And and then maybe what are some of thethings that you found early on that worked really well with with your audience?Yeah, so I have clicks brought as a blog. I've had that foryears. An eventually we're going to create software make it into like bigger business. So I was like, you know what, I don't ever want tolose a personal blog in case something I was a business or cells or whatever. Maybe. So I was like, let's start a blog on the OPTELCOMand that's what started the whole process and I was like what would be funis actually walking people to the journey of just how to go traffic and showingthem my traffic sets at the same time. And the goal is to hit lessthan a hundred thou or a hundred thousand or more visitors within twelve months, and I definitely hit that many months ago. Actually hit over a hundredthousand. Last thirty days I already had a hundred and twenty five thousand.Wow. But what I ended up doing was I was like, I'm likecrow. I had to keep redesigning it, right, because that bar it costsmoney to pay developer to go in there to ache change it, because, like, I don't want to change it from zero to five hundred thousand, right, right. What I did is I started get instead of goingoff a visitors, I started going off with unique visitors to get the numberback down so that it's like I'm not starting from over, but it givesyou more time. Yeah, fair enough. So, so we're talking about eightysome odd thousand unique monthly visitors to your to Your Neil Patel blog.Is that correct? That's correct. This month. That looks like o'head,like ninety US thousand, way CRASP. So what I mean, because thisis something really big for our audience listening in because you know, especially withthe web boom and with car dealers always trying to get their brand out thereand get their name out, there a lot of car sales professionals listening inwho are dabbling and blogging right now. where. Where would you say thebest place for them to start is? What? What did you find?Worked really well, as you said, okay, I'm going to bite intothis and start blogging and start producing information. What what was kind of, Iguess the Ahama went for you, that you saw things just start tosurge, traffic start to come in bigger quantities. Well, when I startedblogging, there really was just your main sight and that's it. And nowthere's so many sites like entrepreneur, Humpington Post. Everyone has a blog andthey're actually accept writers. What I quickly learned over the years was it's actuallywhy is it a postcontent other people's sites versus your own site? The reasonbeing is other people site typically you will get more trafficked than you and youhave to be consistent when you're blogging on your own site versus other people sayyou can just blog whenever you have time. So drives quite a bit of trafficback to your site. Plus you can be inconsistent. So, ifI had to start all over again, what I tell people is like firststart blogging on other people's sites and then, if it goes on you like it, you can start creating your own blog, but don't start on yourown site. Interesting, so kind of build out credibility. Posting on otherpeople's sites. Are Building up a network of other blogs that you can poston well, and people and I think the the the reader, probably isa little bit more receptive when it's not, you know, on a in regardsto the content. When it's on you know, your namecom is differentthan when it's on you know, a third party or you know whatever.Yeah, exactly right. So it brings you out, like you said,also a lot of credibility as well. It can generate a lot more businessthan if you start your own blog, because just because you create a blog, now there's so many other people who are blogging these ads that it's competitiveand it doesn't mean even if you, I get content, people are goingto come to meet your own site or your blog, and I mean I'veread your blog post, I mean I read them every time they come out, and I mean these are not typically what we see these like three hundredto five hundred or maybe a thousand word... posts. I mean, thesethings are monsters of blog posts. How much time, realistically, do youspend putting these blog posts together? And what's I mean? Do you havea mechanism in place that helps you, I guess, organize all of thisinformation or curate it? Or, I mean, are you just like I'malmost at the point where I'm like, dude, I got to sit downnext to neal when he pounds out one of these blog posts because I justgot to see what his processes they're so they're so detailed and so, Iguess, enriching. So what would you say the process is for for thoselistening in to I guess a limit the overwhelming feeling of putting together a blogwhile still having enough information that it will be beneficial to the reader. Yeah, so, in general, because I've been blogging so long, I canwrite a two thousand word blog posts in less than an hour, right,and I read so much that I already know a lot of sources society.But here's my process and here's how you can make it overwhelming, assuming youhave a bit of a budget. Okay, just sit down. Come up withthe headline first, right, once you have a headline that you like, or if you don't, you can go to sites like buzz sumo andtyping keywords and I'll help you generate ideas. Once you come up with the headline, outline your posts, write the introduction, pull it out what youwere covering the body and then write your conclusion. As you're starting to writethe body, just crank and write as much as possible. Then post itup within wordpress. It won't be perfect or if you typed in word forSerdy, fine, and have someone go through and correct it for any errorsor bugs or anything like that, and also have them add in all thesiting, the linking, the images, etc. Then have an editor goingand just review a one more time. So you yourself or just pretty muchpainting out the initial version and then other people are cleaning it up for you. Okay, and so that's your process right now. Do you have you'vegot team members or virtual assistance or I have an editor named Anna and shepretty much does most of it. I mentioned your my blogs a few times. You had to think about I blog way too much and I post away too long for me to be doing everything. You know what I mean, like it's impossible for me to just sit there and make a perfect blogclose sure, all on my own, with the quantity that I'm blogging.Yah, I can said. I balls are important to look over it too, I would think. Yes, really important. Without that, I wouldn'tbe able to think out the quality that I am producing right now. Andwould you say that? I guess, when it comes to the content you'reputting out, what should what should people be aiming for it? Should theybe aiming for a once a week, post, once a month, post, what have you found kind of a sweet spot for posting? It's allabout being consistent. So if you're going to post once a month, postonce a month, if you're going to post once a week, post oncea week. Let's say consistent. Don't never go down. You can alwaysadd more, but don't go down. And in ideal role, you shouldposting at least once a week, ideally three times a week. Okay,okay, super, super helpful information. How I mean, aside from guestsposting on other other people's blogs that maybe have a lot of traffic, especiallyfor those that are just getting started, what what else have you found that'swork for promoting your blog and and getting your name out there and driving traffic, linking up. I know this sounds good. A look the Neil tellblog. I not like so many times, and I did this on the blogwas starting out as anyway, I agree the traffic, because then Iemail every single site that I linked up to. I'd like, Hey,Robert, I just want to let you know they are contents amazing, somuch so that actually even linked out to it for my latest blog post.If you like it, you're free to share it with your readers. That'sinteresting. So really kind of building out your network and just making people awareand hopefully creating some brand ambassadors. Right.

Exactly? What have you found asfar as a success rate? Like? Do you have a typical form formula, I guess, or a template that you send out, or isit a is it a one off email every single time to everybody that youlink out to? One off email and usually twenty two thirty percent the peoplewill tweet out the article. Is Very rare that the link back, butjust asking for a tweet or share on facebook or whatever it may be.Okay, so I'm loving this. So first, first things, just torecap up to this point, we're talking about being consistent. We're talking aboutand not not, I guess, detracting from that. So if you're postingonce a month, post once a month and be consistent at that. We'retalking about providing exceptional content. I guess not not, I don't know whatyou'd call it, just maybe not the the five hundred word quick post thatdoesn't really offer value. But really, folk, because I'm providing a tonof value. We've talked about how you should have someone helping you out ora second set of eyes to check things over and maybe help with some ofthe repetitive, monotonous tasks. And then the last thing is, and Ilove this one, is actually emailing out people that you linked to and andnotifying them. And you're saying at twenty to thirty percent receptivity to two people, you know, sharing it out with they're following exactly right way to actuallygenerate quite a bit of traffic. Now let me ask you this deal froma now, obviously in within the auto industry there is you know, it'sreal ge it's geographical right, it's on a local level, so to speak. You know, within x amount of miles. Like at any experiences you'vehad with that or any advice when it comes to, you know, geographicalbusinesses and bloggings the same thing. Although you're focusing your content, let's saytoo, although you're focusing your content to the region, you still may linkout, let's say, tell like another car side that talks about how tofix the for right and our car side could be in Canada, doesn't matter, but you can still get these people to you can link uption, becausestill get them to promote your content, tweet it. The main difference iswhen you're blogging in this localize within your Google search console, which used tobe called Webmaster tools, you want to, that's by which region you're actually targetingtheir site. Okay, right, okay. So basically, all ofthe all of the rules that apply to blogging at the level that you're blogging, which is, I guess, worldwide, apply to a local brick and mortarstore who are only trying to attract people. And that was a coollittle nugget. to the previously called Google webaster tools, you can you canselect a region that your site is meant for so that, I guess,it indexes and ranks in those areas. Correct exactly. Okay, so we'reconsistent, we've got a second set of eyes, we've got regional based,we've set all that stuff up. What what? What's the next piece tothis? Because, I mean, I think a lot of people out therefeel really overwhelmed because they don't know what to write about. They're they're youknow, I think, especially in our industry, a lot of people feellike just having a website is good enough. Where else do we go from here? I mean, what? What? What else were you doing? orI mean, Gosh, it would be so awesome if you were likeand this is all I did to get ninetyzero unique visitors a month. Whatare some of the other things that you're focused on? D You? Areyou looking at editorial calendars, or is it whatever you're just vibing on andyou sit down and write? I mean, what's the rest of the process hereto get get this kind of traffic? Yeah, you can one. Iwrite based on friends, so like Google trends, what people are talkingabout? What maybe the next hot thing, because those things usually do way betteron the social web. To I also try to plan out a contentcounterss is. That way I'm consistent because... takes a long time. Three, I also work on building links. So email out other sites that leakedto competing blogs and back. Hey, I notice you're leaking out to thisother marketing blog. We offer X Y Z type of condom which is differentthan theirs. I think will also benefit readers if you like it. Butreal link email a lot. A hundred people, maybe five will link back. So those are the main things. Other than that, I just makesure the blog is searching your friendly you can use like the Yeos Seo plugin for that. I also crossing my blog post together. So within myblog posts, if there's other relevant posts that I wrote on in the past, I make sure a link them up. This helps with rankings as well.Awesome. Awesome. And have you found? Have you found certain typesof post perform better than others? It's hit or miss. Sometimes there's patterns, but it really comes down to like it's hard to predict saying that afive thousand word posts or one thousand word post is going to do better,or a post an SEO versus PPC. You just never know. You gota test. So I was listening to an episode of Amy Porterfields podcast.She had darren rows on there from pro blogg er, and he was talkingabout different types of posts that he tries, like a list post or curating contentfrom other posts or aggregating content. In your experience, are there?Are there certain types of posts like that that you found have traditionally worked alittle bit better or maybe have some more share ability, or is it's,like you're saying, just kind of hit and miss? Just you got tofocus on providing value and and see what sticks well. Typically, anything thatis actionable, like you read it and then you can take that information anddo something with that, usually does better. Hence, let's pose how two guides. Anything that's resourceful typically does well in the lawn. Okay, sohow to guide? So, applying that to automotive industry, I guess thatcould be anything like how to how to sink up your Bluetooth phone to theStereo as the skysis the limits. Yeah, there's so many. I mean we'retalking cars. Yeah, how to change your tires right, change theheadlight, the tire press. What's the top correct tire pressure? Like nobodywants to look through the manual. They go to Google first. If theycan't see it. On the I mean I'm just speaking what I've done,you know, and like I'll ask the you know, Google these questions exactly. I think most people are like that. Okay, I got one last questionfor you here. I think this has been very actionable. I LoveI love this information and I know our audience is always keen on this kindof stuff because blogging, I think, traditionally, is something that we've alwayswe've always struggled with in this industry and and sticking with it long enough tosee the results. But the last question I have for you, Neil,is, I guess, in the last six months, what's the biggest Ahamoment you've had when it's come to producing your content and and putting information outon your site? Longer posts that are like five thousand words tend to doway better when it comes to search traffic. Right and I don't realize how theygive a difference. It was until I started writing them and comparing thetraffic world sets on flick spout versus Neil beteldcom. Wow. Okay, so, and it's as simple as making it exceptional writing longer posts. Obviously,and I'm going to say this, some people might think it's obvious. Othersmay not, but not just writing these five thousand word like keywords stuffed,you know, blog post. But you're really focus are I like it very, very, very, very, very very, you know, like stoppingit with the words. And Okay, I love this information, Neil.You know super, superactionable stuff. I appreciate you taking the time to sitdown with us today and talk about how you've taken your own like this.This was what stands out to me. I mean you took a site thatwasn't doing anything or where you're just wanted... experiment along the way, andyou actually surpassed a hundred thousand visits and wanted to get more specific, soyou had to dial it back and now you're getting like close to ninetyzero uniquevisitors a month applying these principles. For those of you listening in, Imean this is the real deal, Neal. You'd need to check out his blog. Will Link to it in the show notes for this episode. Neil, thanks so much for being on the show with us today. Thanks forhaving and that was, you know, hidden from all of the the buildit built. I guess remodel that it sounds like. What's going on there. That was Mr Neil gretel from quick sprout and Neal Patelcom so Elo.Like I knew you were going to like that one. Yeah, well,I've been following Neil for a while now read every single one of his blogposts, like you heard him say, I mean Fivezero word posts. That'snot to say that you should aim for that rate out of the gates,but you should definitely focus first, like he said, on getting consistent and, you know, focus on over delivering value. If that naturally turns intoa longer post for you, fantastic. But if you if you aim forthat thousand word, you know post and just focus on being consistent, Ithink I think you'll be you'll be great, and that that really is the bigpart to it, right, being consistent. Yeah, and I meanhe got he dropped some really good stuff in there. That that that nomatter what you know, salesperson or you know run it, you know someonethat's their interests for the entire dealership. Like, for example, you knowwhen he's saying about like guess, blogging and stuff like that. So alot of people are like, well, where the heck could I do thatat? That would be relevant. Well, instantly I jotted down like the localevery city newspaper has a blog. Now, you know freaking like youknow, you have your magazine. You know a lot of places will havelike you know so and so city magazine that's all about them. It's alocalized magazine that you could that they always have a blog. So there's somany different opportunities like that. If you if you really think outside the boxin your market and then, like you said, that's going to egg getyour traffic back. You capitalize off their traffic, but also it's going tobe it's going to do wonders for building that, you know, authority andcredibility in your market places. Like a go to guy, no doubt.And I mean the thing that I like about what you're saying here to isyou're thinking about you're thinking outside the box. But these are the places that youryour clients, your potential clients, are hanging out right they're not hangingout on the the sometimes I feel like we get stuck in this bubble insidethe industry where we're like, oh, I want to write something, soI'm going to post an article to one of the forums, like the dealershipforums out there, and there's a million of them. I'm not going tomention any. Your else are anything. But really you're just sharing that informationwith other people who are already in the industry. So like, like yousaid, Robert, hitting up your newspapers website, hitting up the radio station'swebsite, who are all blogging, who are all looking for information. Youknow, I think, I think that's an excellent opportunity for you to getyour information out in front of the market place. M definitely, I mean, and it's and it does wonder for your brand, incredibility of your brand. You become trusted because this newspaper that they've been going to, this blogand whatnot head you know, is a resource to them. Then they seeyou like pretty much cosigned by them. Boom, instant relationship. You knowwhat, here's the other thing to even in the traditional print version of thenewspaper, I'll tell you something. Right now, your local communities newspaper isstarving for content. Like they I've done it. Yeah, I mean theythey need they need information in there, or else they're going to keep drawmingup the crap that they talk about like, Oh hey, you know, likeI look at our I look at our newspaper here in the community.Waste the papers. That's a waste of paper. It's like hey, checkout those little girl in her little canoe...

...on the lake and it's like,dude, that really made the first page. Come a paint boots and a paintand was stolen from a garage. They have a you know what Imean, like yeah, I've done that. I did that for a while.There there's always the local section. You know it. Now again,if we're talking to you and you're in Manhattan now, that's going to bea little bit challenging to try to get in the post and the times,but there's so many local blogs that are news. What's hot, what's goingon around here, you know, life living in New York, this in, that and a. You really want to step it up, you,you, you start the site, you start the localized website. Yeah,I mean post on. There's the other thing to write. Like sometimes weget super overwhelmed, but that's because we force ourselves to get overwhelmed. Imean, I've been in this boat before where I'm like, Oh man,I want this to work so bad and we just sit there in front ofthe computer for like hours, like searching around and doing all this kind oflike non busy, busy work, I call it, where it doesn't reallyaccomplish much and we're like, Oh man, I'm putting all this effort and energyinto this and it's not working. But the thing to keep in mindis that with blogging, you heard neal talk about a couple of things,like reaching out to other blogs and sharing information about them, like this isnot stuff you have to sit there in front of the computer and wait andget anxious if they're, you know, waiting for the response from these people'slike pick five, you know, pick five a day or a week,send them out an email, get back to doing keep to move in metaland just keep moving right, and whatever happens happens. And you could sense, I mean at least I could sense, that that was Neil's kind of vibeas well. It's like, Hey, here's what we do. If you'reinterested, awesome, you'd maybe give us a link. If not,that's what that's up to you as well. What ever, and he goes aboutrunning his business, not like he's sitting there in front of US computerseven being like Oh, I hope Robert writes me back, you know.So that's something to focus on. That should hopefully alleviate some of the pressurefrom the I mean, I think back. It makes me think back to likewhen we were first starting to record the dealer playbook, sixty one sessionsago. Member, how many times we would record certain things like, youknow, worried about all man, you know what? I didn't like howthat sounded, this and that. Now we just boom. Yeah, exactlyknow. So there you have it, Neil Patel. Go check them out. Neil patelcom we're going to link you up in the show notes at triplew dot the dealer playbookcom forward slash sixty one. Okay, would love yourcomments. Let us know what's working for you and in the the common sectionin the show notes, of course, we'd love if you'd subscribe and leaveus a review on itunes. We'd greatly appreciate that. And the last thingis, Hey, we'd love for you guys to join us on periscope bysearching for myself at Michael a Serrillo or Robert Wiseman at Robert Wiseman, wherewe are doing regular live broadcast to talk about things that will help you riseabove the clutter and thrive in your market, so make sure you join us there. Until next time, guys, thanks so much for listening and wegreatly and very much appreciate it and we'll talk to you soon. Laid a.

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