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New Episodes Starting May 5


After a brief hiatus, new episodes of The Dealer Playbook Podcast are around the corner starting on May 5, 2016. 

We've been working on some really cool things that we can't way to share with you when the new episodes start back up!

If you're new to the show, this is a great chance to get caught up on the last 85 episodes!

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Hey, what's going on? This is Michael Sorrillo from the dealer playbook podcast and I just wanted to drop you a quick update. I know we kind of left you in the dark for the last month or so. I wanted to let you know that no, we have not gone anywhere and know the show is not canceled. The show goes on. Starting may five, two thousand and sixteen, we are coming back to the air waves the dealer playboat podcast new episodes with big guests, big subject matter. You definitely want to stay tuned. But you know what, this is probably a good time for those of you who haven't checked out our previous episodes to go back and catch up on the past eighty five sessions with some phenomenal guests and really incredible subject matter. The whole purpose of the shows to help you level up your career and automotive by bringing you the best information on leadership, marketing, sales and strategy. And so, you know what, we're really excited to bring the show back to you. We've been working on some really cool things. You know, we've been working on some video content. So definitely those of you...

...who check out the show on Youtube, you're now going to be able to watch episodes of the show, which is going to be really cool and really fun to, you know, just kind of interact with the guest on a whole new level. We're working on some really cool contests that you're going to want to stay tuned for. We're going to start dropping some information about those one the new episodes come out. And, you know what, just really pump man. We've got some really, really big names lined up for you that we're really excited to present. But in the meantime as well, you know what, I'd love to hear from you guys, if you send me an email Michael at the dealer playbookcom and let us know who you think would be a phenomenal guest on the show. We want to bring that subject matter to you. We want to bring that guest to you. So definitely hit us up and, you know what, in the meantime, stay tuned. May fifth new episodes of the dealer playbook. We're so excited to bring him some new content, some big names, some big subject matter to help you level up your career and automotive. So until we start to show up again, we'll talk soon.

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