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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 5 months ago

Nicole Atanasoaie: The Best Way to Setup a Subprime Department


There's no doubt that subprime financing is a great opportunity for both car shoppers that need it and dealers that can properly offer it.

Nicole Atanasoaie, the founder of Right Turn Auto Credit, shares her amazing insights about how to setup a subprime or special finance department in a way that builds a deep relationship with the customer.

It's one thing to like the idea of including special financing options. It's another to roll them out in a way that helps build the customer, makes them feel safe, and most importantly, builds a relationship of trust with them.

Pay special attention as Nicole shares some out-of-the-box ideas about the best way to build a subprime department at your dealership.

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

3:31 - Where do we start when thinking through whether we should add a sub-prime department?

6:39 - Why did you choose sub-prime as a business model?

10:47 - What is it like being sort a counselor to customers as well?

16:53 - Moving metal is a byproduct of helping people improve people’s lives.

18:46 - You need to shift your mindset if you want to get into sub-prime.

22:15 - Is it a business model that thrives in economic downturns?

24:55 - All the tactics in the world won’t compensate for you being a jerk. The route to growing a business is being a good person.

27:24 - Providing phenomenal customer experience by adding excitement and removing pressure. 

33:21 - Generating your own leads via referral business. 


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