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The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 9 months ago

Nicole Atanasoaie: The Best Way to Setup a Subprime Department


There's no doubt that subprime financing is a great opportunity for both car shoppers that need it and dealers that can properly offer it.

Nicole Atanasoaie, the founder of Right Turn Auto Credit, shares her amazing insights about how to setup a subprime or special finance department in a way that builds a deep relationship with the customer.

It's one thing to like the idea of including special financing options. It's another to roll them out in a way that helps build the customer, makes them feel safe, and most importantly, builds a relationship of trust with them.

Pay special attention as Nicole shares some out-of-the-box ideas about the best way to build a subprime department at your dealership.

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

3:31 - Where do we start when thinking through whether we should add a sub-prime department?

6:39 - Why did you choose sub-prime as a business model?

10:47 - What is it like being sort a counselor to customers as well?

16:53 - Moving metal is a byproduct of helping people improve people’s lives.

18:46 - You need to shift your mindset if you want to get into sub-prime.

22:15 - Is it a business model that thrives in economic downturns?

24:55 - All the tactics in the world won’t compensate for you being a jerk. The route to growing a business is being a good person.

27:24 - Providing phenomenal customer experience by adding excitement and removing pressure. 

33:21 - Generating your own leads via referral business. 


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...and then they fail miserably and theysay, screw it, we tried subprime, we're never gonna do that again. It justbrought us the wrong type of quote unquote people or whatever phrases weuse in the industry. But you've been doing it for 17 plus years. So there'sobviously something to it. And we want to dig into the ever expanding inwardexpanse of Nicole's brain and say, okay, from your vantage point, doing this,successfully thriving at it. What what's the, you know, I guess,where do we need to start? What's the first thing that we should considerwhen thinking through whether we should add a subprime department or not? Well, very good question and I'm gonnatry not to talk too much because there's so much about this businessthat is so different from a traditional, you know, car dealership as a whole. Um,and it has a lot to do with, I mean, a lot of dealers ask me all the time, youknow, where do you start and everything like that? And, you know, it'simportant that, um, you understand that you cannot have your business officerun subprime leads as well to okay, or you cannot just boggled down onebusiness manager with all the other leases and everything else that theyhave to do their, you know, running 100 cars through. Um, you know, withpaperwork and everything and all of a sudden, you know, you buy leads oryou're trying to generate subprime leads and you want them to stop for afull day to work on, let's say 56 leads. You know, the business is extremelylucrative. Um So that is where, um, you know, it's absolutely right. However,you know, it comes with a big cost. It's very time consuming as well too.Okay, so, you know, it's important to actually start if you, if you're goingto do this, you know, have one or two people kind of um you know, run justsubprime and make them the go to um for dealing with these kind of people andthe transition, let's say, for example, if you have a customer that comes in ona vehicle and they think that their prime or whatever the case may be isthe transition between one department to another is actually um you know, itmakes a lot of sense as well too because the customer understand theydon't fall into the prime world, right? So now they're in a different category,They're talking a different language, mind you, you know, I've always saidthat um, it's not the leeds, it's not the cars. That's not the issue when itcomes to dealing with special finance. It's really the people, you know, arethey willing to put in the time the work, Are they willing to do what'sbest for the client as well too? Um I I don't even know where to start in termsof, you know, I guess you have the lead...

...generation. Do you want to buy leads?Do you want to generate your own leads? I mean, I started off with obviously,um, you know, buying leads to see exactly where I'm going, you know, seequality and so forth and eventually down the road you get into. Okay, well,now I want to start branding myself because I have some great testimonialsand some good feedback from people. Now I'm creating raving fans, so, and thenthe referrals just come, you know, they just come automatically. You said that,you know, pre show as we were just chatting, you brought up like this isnot you need to shift your mindset if you're going to get into this businessmodel, what are some fundamental shifts thinking about what you just said aswell? Like you can't just have your finance, your business office, justalso all of a sudden do do subprime or special finance or as they say in theCarolinas finance? Right, where does your mindset need to be?Like, why did you choose this as a business model? All right, So interesting question. Um, I really liked the feedback that I wasgetting from people. Um, and the thought of knowing that I've made adifference in somebody's life selling a car is one thing to somebody, butchanging their life for the better and helping them get into a vehicle thatfits their budget, that fits their situation. Um, you know, very often I Ihave a, you know, an application that came my way and I see all theseinquiries from different dealerships and I asked them what's been yourexperience, you know, so the experience is either they're not calling me backor, you know, nobody got back to me, they need a co signer without anyreason. And so it takes me back to why I'm doing this, why am I doing this?I'm doing this to empower my clients to be better and to trust what we, whatmisconception we have as dealers, which is we're not trustworthy, we rip youoff for scam artists and so forth. So we as a mindset and on its own becauseit's actually tough, you know, to work with these kind of people, they haveall kinds of problems, you know, they have divorced, they lost the business,they're on disability, they have, you know, all kinds of issues that comewith their situation and reasons why they fell into these um situation. Sowhy not give them an opportunity to give them, you know, to actually talkto them about their situation. Right? So sometimes when I, and when businesswas a little bit more tough and I wasn't able to maybe sell as much, Iwould always go back to my testimonials and it gives me purpose, it gave me apurpose to do this business because, you know, let's say I'm not able tohelp somebody or they, you know, I didn't, my numbers were not strong. I'mable to go back and say, okay, why am I in this business? Why am I not justselling cars? Why don't I just skip all...

...this riff raff and just really focus onselling cars and I can probably do better. Well I didn't, you can't reallydo better. It is really lucrative. Um, but also is making a difference in theworld and I knew it. So it's if you're willing to, um, if that's important foryour business model, then you'll do very well and very often when I have asales staff here as well too. I don't celebrate the cars that they're thatthey're that they're selling. Although obviously it's important for me, likeeverybody else, I celebrate their testimonials. You know, I take ascreenshot and I put in our group and I say, you know, great job, Mila, Isabel,everybody, great job. You guys did an amazing job. This is what we're allabout. We're about providing the best service, We're about giving the bestopportunity and you know, some of these, some of these clients, you know thetestimonials that I get our it kind of chokes you right? It's this is one ofthose intangible tangibles. I know that sounds really weird, but I mean whenyou look at what you've just said, that issomething that that is a sentiment that fewer people just moving metal shareright? They're not this isn't the life changing thing, this is you know,whereas what you're talking about here, I love that you just said we're notwe're not celebrating the metal that moved were celebrating the change thatwe were able to help facilitate for somebody, the freedom that we were ableto help facilitate for them and that's a bit tougher of a process I wouldimagine. Right? Like they're not just people like you, you, I wrote down theword counselor because it's I would anticipate that you're probably in aposition day in and day out where you are a counselor to people where they'rekind of unburdening themselves on your desk saying like here's my story,here's what my issue is. I still need a vehicle. Well it's funny you say thatbecause I took this business one step further. I am also a certified debtcounselor too. Right? So you know if you're going to be good at it, if youwant to be good at it, if you want to excel with it, just do everything. Givegive your client all the tools they need to succeed in life. Yeah. Let meask you this, just, just as a quick sidebar is a certified debt specialist. How many Canadians are living beyondtheir means? What would you say Most of us most?Yeah, for sure. Like overextending on the credit card. Well you know what thebankruptcy rate right now is ridiculous. You know amount files I'm getting on mydesk just for you know people not they they're they're drowning completelydrowning. So when I when I when they...

...hear me talking about their credit andand their situation and me giving them advice on how to actually get to abetter step, it's like refreshing for them, you know, so I do the counselingfor them. I make sure that you know if there's a possibility for us toamalgamate all the debts and also get them a card, it's affordable. We willdo that as well. We don't see yeah, we don't we don't push the client right.The approach that we use is a very soft approach. The point where we're givingthem enough information so that they can move on with their life and be um,and and actually feel the trust where we, to the point where we say, look,you know, you don't even have to go through us if you don't want to, butjust make sure that when you're out there and you're getting theinformation, you're very, very educated, right? So, um, I mean, our mission forthe office, I'll read it over to you and everybody should have a mission of,they're trying to do this is to educate and empower consumers in finding avehicle. We combat the lack of trust in a car dealership by implementing ourcore values and experiencing and experience, ultimately leading to abetter vehicle purchase experience. Well, hold on a minute, you mean totell me you actually have a mission statement? Yeah, of course you have to.Why else is everybody coming to work? Well, I say it these weighs almost asmarkers because I really hope that the DPB gang that is tuning in andlistening right now are paying attention to these small things thatmake a huge impact. Do you know where your mission statement is? Is there amission statement? Do you have core values? Do you know where they are? Doyou believe them? Are you compatible with them? This is you know, this isone of the reasons why I was excited to have you on the show because I, I everytime I see one of your posts on social. Um, and some of the things that I'veheard people say about you, you can tell that you're driven by this mission.You flip the model on its head like forget about subprime and specialfinance and all that for a second. You have a mission and you're aligning thatmission with monetization. Like there's almost this like philanthropic part andthat's the fire. I would say that I'm picking up on, that's the fire, that,that's the engine that keeps you moving. I see on the wall behind you never,never, never give up. Yeah, that's what my employees see every single time theycome into my office, which, which is something that only someone driven by amission would, would care about. Like that's a reminder that somebody that'sdriven by emission. So you're not just here moving metal people that arelistening in wondering how do I add a special finance department into mydealership? These are the small things, I hope you're picking up what, whatwhat Nicole is saying? She's driven by...

...a mission to change people's lives. Somuch so that she becomes a certified debtcounselor, essentially a debt specialist. And the, the car to me based on what I'm seeing here.The car is the cookie as the reward. Hey, we're going to get your life backin order here. Here's all the things you can do and by the way, here's acookie like you solve the immediate issue, but you also expand beyond that.It's like I think of, you know what you, you remind me of? Can I say this? Thatyou remind me of Apple? Because we would be naive tothink that Apple put this device in our hand because they cared how we makephone calls. No, no, no, no, no. They created a piece of hardware thatcollects data. The big thing was data for them. It wasn't about this piece ofhardware, So they gave us the hardware and it pleases us and we always upgradethem every couple of years to three years. But they were there was a biggermission to what they were trying to accomplish. Now, there's a little bit,you know, let's talk about capitalism can stuff sidebar, but they had a therewas a bigger purpose driving them. And now we find out they're developing acar. So For however many years, 10 years, they've put devices in our handsthat we love, that we that that are track our every movement that give themdata and then they make it so we can interface them with the vehicle, whichgets all the tele metrics about our driving behavior and all of that kindof stuff. And then they use all of that data to build what they ultimatelythink is going to be the thing, which is the car you now, that's a very commercial example,but you remind me of that because you're going, I'm not just showing upevery day to move metal, move metal is the byproduct of helpingthese people change their lives or improve their circumstances for thebetter. Is that this is gonna be kind of a leadingquestion. But do you think that's why so many dealers struggle to implement a specialfinance department, because there has to be more to it than just leads incars out? I think there's many reasons, but, youknow, one of the reasons that I've heard is we don't want to deal with,you know, the flake or, you know, it's just the perception is wrong, right? So,I think a lot of people, you know, a lot of dealers don't want to take, um, They don't want to have theresponsibility of charging a customer a higher rate. But you know, and Iunderstand 39 of story, 29 is a very high rate. I generally do not work withcustomers that fall under that category. Very rarely. I do the debt counsellingfirst and didn't try to see where I'm going to go with them. Um, but orsometimes I'll just say, hey, it's not a good time to buy. I know you'redesperate, but let's wait a month and let's get you a better rate. I've donethat before, right? Um, so they don't...

...want to deal with somebody that ispaying a higher interest rate because a lot of dealers are scared that they'regoing to come back and complain about the car, complain about this, complainabout all kinds of stuff. But I mean if you do everything right from thebeginning, Then there's no reason why they should be coming back. Likecertify your car, then you do a good job with the actual maintenance of thevehicle. Like any client would come back just because my nine doesn't meanthat they're any different. Is your credit counseling? So say where you'replaying the long game with someone you're not charging for that or are you,is that part of, you know, so that's just freaky credit council creditadvice. Um, I think that's tremendous that that'sgoes right back to what we started with, which is mindset, like you need toshift your mindset if you're going to work this type of a business model. Oh,but there's, you know, there's so much more like, you know, for example, youknow, what are you gonna do? What's your, what's, what's your plan? Do youwant to buy leads? Do you want to generate? You know, that's anotherthing, You know, if you're if you're planning on buying leads, you know,understand your closing ratios, right? What what is that lead providerproviding you what kind of clothes rate and you know, it boils down again tothe sales person, a lot of times sales people don't call the customer enough.Don't um don't follow up enough. So you need a system that kind of works sothat you're able to track everything that's happening right? Um So there's alot of factors to kind of figuring figuring out what you want to do insubprime. Um Also, you know, I've built a system which it's an excel system, soYou got to get really good at lenders. So you have to understand every singlelenders programs, what they offer a lot of people. It's really funny. I'vewalked into a key a story before and I told them, I said, Okay, I have asubprime client. They had a subprime client that was approved at 15.9%. I'dwalk in and I'm like, You realize you have a seven to program for this kindof client at 4%,, wow. And they're like, what, what doyou mean? I'm like, look at this program, start looking at other lenders.Don't be so naive to just say, hey prime lenders are the thing, you knowwhere to go. But again, it's, you know, as business managers that's why they'renot good for those businesses because they are just used to okay approved yetpaperwork done. You know, and then menu selling where you can do many sellingin this business as well to it just takes a little more effort and now youhave more gross in the front and the back everywhere. Right? So I'm alsothinking about lifetime value because if you are the reason that, well, Ishouldn't say reason, but if you helped facilitate change in somebody's life, you have a relationship that runsdeeper with that individual than anything. You could buy. Michael. My business runs on referralsright now. Yeah, exactly. The amount of...

...referrals and repeat customers. I mean,it's kind of like a multilevel marketing, right? You put in the work,put in the work, put in the work and you reap the rewards a year, 23 yearslater because everybody always comes back. You know, it's, it's a businessthat's it, forever evolving. And if a dealership is not willing to kind of gowith the times as well too and be innovative. That's the whole point,innovative. I do not, customers don't come see me, 90 of my cars are beingdelivered. Right, right. We do everything through zoom,we do everything through um, you know, doc, you sign, we have that flexibilityto do that. We deliver the car right to their house. So if a dealership is not willing to gothat extra moms, especially right now with Covid and everything that'shappening, I mean, that is kind of, that's where the world is going andthere's no more customers coming in anymore. They're scared. I was going tosay it probably sounds rude to the wrong audience, but the DPB gang knowsI got nothing but love. Um, but I mean, I anticipate this might also be abusiness model that thrives in economic downturns to a degree, right? Like, Imean, more people just entered the pool. Mhm. Um, and I always think about, youhad mentioned earlier bankruptcy divorce, um, you know, unforeseencircumstances, job loss, like all of these shifts that happen in people'slives does not eliminate their need for a vehicle. And it also ties into my philosophy,which is a vehicle is much more than a vehicle is actually freedom. We'reactually providing freedom for people And I've said that a few times at 20groups and things of that nature and I kind of get that blank stare of like,what do you mean? A vehicle is freedom. It's a it's a computer on wheelssurrounded by metal. And I'm like, yeah, well tell that to the parents who needto Carpool 12 kids to soccer, you know, you know, there was years ago I had Oneof my managers at the time because I was like, I can't do this anymore. Ican't I can't I can't charge these people 29%. well, if you're not gonnado it, somebody else will. Mhm. And they're not going to have the sameexperience that they're going to have with you, that actually cares. It's aservice to service. Right again, mindset. Yeah. And I think, you know,the trick here that I really kind of want to underscore is if you don't careabout people, then don't even entertain this, you if you just don't care. And Imean that's that's a thread that runs deep through the DPB over the lastseven years. The trick to being a good business. This is why by the way,Nicole, the first 150 episodes of the...

...podcast, we're all about tactics, likehere's how you drive a better marketing campaign and here's how you get moreleads and here and we slowly organically evolved into more of alifestyle show for the, the industry because the premises, all the tacticsin the world are not going to compensate for you being a jerk, like the root of growing businesses tobe a good person, to care about others, to have a servants mindset to givevalue. And I just see that running deep, that's why I really want to just keepunderscoring, you know, the things that I'm picking up here because I thinkthis is so valuable for anybody, but by the way, this is stuff that couldtranslate even if you weren't wanting to do a subprime department, like justthe premise of caring about people and being driven by a mission. That'swhat's going to help your dealership grow, That's what's going to help youactually grow as an individual. I bet you could speak for days about just theimpact. Like you've already brought up testimonials, you could probably speakfor days just about the impact of, of knowing that day in and day out, youare making a positive impact on somebody else's life who will then beable to go out into the community or in their family and do the exact samething and have a positive impact on someone else. It's true. But I do weirdthings Michael, like, you know, I do, I do strange stuff like if a customer, ifI see a customer has been Down on their luck and they came back to me with somesort of issue with their car for five months later, I'll actually take careof the bill. Like it doesn't happen very often, but it's it maybe it costme $300, but I have a rating fan now and now that person is going to besending me, you know, uh so much business if they wanted because theyremember me right? So they always remember, you know the fact that Ihelped them out just recently. One of my customers is like, I'm really havingtrouble right now. I lost my job. Um I don't even know what to do. And there'sthe lenders not offering any help. I actually paid for one of her payments. But I know that customer is going tocome back to me and she's gonna remember me and you know, a lot ofdealers think, okay, you know what with the service, I'm going to give $100 gascard for every car. Or I had one of my competitors say, oh, I'm going to givea free T. V. To anybody who gives a testimony. I was like, why just givethem proper service? Why do you need to give them a T. V. What are you buying?Like? I don't even understand even these ads that I see running or receive$500 cash back. Why why are you doing that or six months for free? We'll payfor your six months for free. Why are you doing that Makes no sense. You know,if you give them the service, they will actually work with you. They don't, Alot of people don't go after those gimmicks. Let me ask you this umearning, earning the referral versus paying for it, right? Because we do seeit. We see that all the time. Hey enter to win and here's how you win. You youleave us a positive review or you fill out this survey or whatever. But you'retalking about providing an exceptional...

...experience that encourages them oftheir own free will and testament to give you a review what markers likejust for yourself, what kind of, what kind of markers do you have foryourself to just make sure that you are providing that experience. Do you know what I mean? Like you're inthe process, you're working a customer, How do you know? Like what, what areyou gauging to know? Yes, this is they are receiving. In fact the experiencethat I hope they're receiving. Um, okay, so that's a good question.But think of it this way. A lot of, okay, so when I seesomebody's credibly or I see that they've been looking everywhere andnobody's getting back to them, everybody's goes to them. But althoughI see all these inquiries on their credit, right, it's the experience ofgetting a vehicle. So let's say for example, the first call, you know, youhave your, you have your script which I'm happy to share with the listenersjust to kind of customize something for them as well too. Then you have thesalesperson or myself, I would get involved, but the salesperson would begoing through the script. You know, they put everything into the crm thatwe work with and then they start communicating. So obviously texting asa huge, um, is a huge factor and phone calls, you know, even if you don't have,um, if you don't have any good news or any news whatsoever, just call them andjust be like, I'm going to have some news tomorrow, just give me a littlebit of time. You know, we're working on this, we got an interest rate of thisright now, but we're trying to move it down a little bit further. So it's theexperience of getting a car. So what I do with them is I take them through theprocess, I let them understand exactly where we're going and most people needto hear things seven times anyway before they actually know what's goingon. So constantly repeating the process is very, very important. And then um,you know, even to the point where the car is getting detailed, take a videoand send it to them to make it real, Why are they different than any otherclient? Make the experience real for them? Youknow, show them, hey, you know this is this is what's happening or I'll send apicture and be like, it's on the truck right now. You know, it's on its way toyou. You know, they're just crazy excited. They have this excitement andthen you should see some of my text messages you, it makes you like, makesme so happy, right? Um, you might be the Disneyland of automotive. Maybewe'll, because I'm writing down, you know, you said, well, it's theexperience of buying a car. So the first thing I wrote down wascommunication, the next thing I wrote down as people need to hear thingsseven times. So you're constantly repeating the process. You arereiterating the process to make sure like they know what's coming next. Butthen you said things that anybody in any business should be doing, which islike bringing them into the excitement,... putting yourself in their shoes.Exactly. This is what I tell my, my employees all the time. How would you,how do you, how would you feel and put it this way? How would you feel? I justapplied online, I'm talking to you through Messenger. You know, how, whatare you going to do to make me feel all warm and fuzzy? Everybody else has saidno to me. Everybody else is treated me like shit. Now I'm here with you. Tellme why are you different? You know, and then that, that it's that extra touchthat you give them and even giving them something and pulling it back like, hey,I'm here for you. I want to help you. But you know, you can go anywhere. Youdon't have to stick with me. Yeah, let's stick with you. You're removingthe pressure. You're having excitement, removing pressure. That's right. Ithink that's so tremendous. Now. Have you always been this kind of a personor did it did you grow into understanding the customer experienceorganically? Uh, that's been an experience that Ihad to learn over the years. 100%. It leads into what I believe. But timeshave changed so much. So if you're not going to go with the times with thisbusiness, like you know, I have a spreadsheet. Again, I'm willing toshare it with your listeners, but it's a spreadsheet where it's a lenderspreadsheet. So I itemized, okay, you know what, these are the kind of thingsthat this lender takes. And he could hear the requirements. So like you knowwhen my employee comes to me and says, well look at the credit bureau and Iwas like, okay look at your spreads. Which lender would take that so whichlender would take a young buyer, which lender would take this new credit, nocredit, you know whatever. So you know we send it to the right lenders becausewe know what we're doing, You really have to know what you're doing. Andagain, using a system that will actually work for you. So we use asystem called turnover crm. And essentially what it does is it helps us,records are all of our calls and I get a chance to see what's going on theinteraction. So I get a notification right away and I see, hey, you know,Isabella mila, they're not communicating with this clientcorrectly. Why not? You know, so I can jump in. I can see it. The other thingthat's really important is businesses understanding your numbers, yourclosing ratios, you know, your referral sources. You know, you have to knowbecause if you get to the point where you really like it and you've got thatmindset, everything's fine now. Okay. Do we steer away from, you know,general buying leads and now generating leads at a very low cost, which is very,very possible, which I'm doing right now, and I've been doing it for thelast 2.5 years. It's probably the best thing you can ever do for yourself,which campaigns are working, you know, which ones do you dump more money into?So you do need a powerful crm that will tell you this stuff because otherwiseyou're going to keep on spending money, spending money and you don't know where,you know, what's the best opportunity. Also, it's very good for training. Soyou'll know exactly, you know, where,...

...where your employees are, um, you know,suffering where they need a little bit more guidance, where they need a littlebit more help. So, yeah, big takeaways for me, mindset mission values, giving an experiencethat causes them to burn in their bosom and want to give you the referral, understand you know, generate what whatyou've just brought up is like generating your own leads, your ownbusiness opportunities. Because you're right, when you when you actually havean understanding of what's going on and not afraid to test, you can generatebusiness opportunities for yourself way cheaper than you could buy them from athird party, Right? Yeah, but not not Michael, if you if you knew yourlenders and you're comfortable with a specific lender, you can gear this isthe powerful part. You can gear your advertising to what that lender willtake. You know, there's so many different ways to do it. But again, youcan do that, you can do that when your to your own branding, it will becomemore, it becomes more powerful. But would leave providers, I have nothingagainst them. Don't get me wrong, I mean, you know, some are better thanothers um but I don't uh you can't customize it that way. Right? Yeah.Well and they're going to they're going to miss the subtle nuances of somethinglike what you just said, which is under knowing your vendor, knowing yourlenders and being able to create customized campaigns that speakspecifically to what you know that lender will will approve or not. Wow.Well you said you had pages of notes of things that you can talk about. I havepages of notes of things you have talked about. Um I think the DPB gangwould love whatever you are willing to share with them, whether it's thespreadsheet or whatnot, we can include that in the show notes over at triple Wdot the dealer playbook dot com forward slash Nicole. Because let's just behonest, we don't want them to try and spell your last name as gorgeous as itis forward slash Nicole where you can get access to all of that. I think youare a delight. Thank you. I it's evident that you know what you aredoing and it's so refreshing to hear, you know, just the humanity in the carbusiness. That's something that we really try and get through to on thepodcast. So I want to thank you for joining me. How can those listening getin touch with you? Um, by in Lincoln? Nicole at tennis. Y A T A N A S O A I Eum by email. Nicole at our ta dot c a. My company's right turn out of credit.So our T A dot C A. Uh also by phone number you can call me directly. I knowI don't mind. 4163015570 You're a superstar. Thanks for joining me on thedealer play with podcast. Thank you so...

...much, Michael with pleasure. I'm Michel Cirillo and you've beenlistening to the dealer Playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, pleaseclick the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now, leave arating or review and share it with a colleague. If you're ready to make bigchanges in your life and career and want to connect with positive nurturingautomotive professionals, join my exclusive DPB Pro community on facebook.That's where we share information, ideas and content that isn't sharedanywhere else. I can't wait to meet you there. Thanks for listening.

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