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Paul de Vries: How to Stand Out in a Competitive Market


Back from a short 2 week hiatus it is The Dealer Playbook episode 52 and we are super excited and pumped to be back at it. 

Today we are sitting down with Paul d Vries founder of located in Holland. Paul is one of the most influential automotive professionals in all of Holland and has an amazing story of amazing success as a auto dealer and later as the founder of, (New Car Buying) which just in the beginning of this year he sold to eBay. 

Here is a quick preview of the topics we discussed with Paul in this session. 

- Paul goes into his story about how he went from pumping gas to owning a dealership in only 5 years. 

- What Paul did to make his dealership one of the top producing dealerships in all of Europe and how he was able to stand out in a cluttered market.

- The power of process when it comes to internet leads and the exact process Paul implements. 

- How he built the brand from scratch with zero marketing budget to getting on eBays radar enough for them to purchase the company from him. 

This was a really good time chatting with Paul and that is just a small taste of some of the awesome information he drops in this session for your listening pleasure. 

Connect with Paul d Vries for more powerful incite and information to help you sell more cars. 

Paul d Vries Twitter

Here is the link to the book discussed in this session “Invisible Selling Machine” by online marketing guru Ryan Deiss. 

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... dealer playbook podcast, you're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. Hey, there, what is going on? You're listening to episode fifty two of the dealer playbook podcast, where every week we're sitting down with some pretty incredible people from within and out of the automotive industry. For you, today's automotive professionals. That was a mouthful. And My name is Michael Cirillo, joint today with my partner in crime, Mr Robert Wiseman, was going on buddy also, man, glad to be back to week vacation. That was crazy, lining up some crazy guests, including our guests today. We've gone international again for this episode and you know you guys are yeah, and then what you said. That of the show I've had the last but it's it like I'm in the United States states. Yeah, I guess we all. I think every shows going international, but it's always different when they're across the pond. You know, what I mean. No doubt that you're our guest today. You know what? Yeah, crazy, crazy information. Today our guest is the founder of a Dutch company called I'm in a screwed up man. I gotta, I gotta check my notes. It's new outs of Copen, punts and L or new car buying DOT N L, and we're sitting down today with a man by the name of Paul Defres de Fiche Man, I hope I got that right. Paul to finish, man, awesome, godible guy, listener, loyal listener, duties, shouting out like you knew the process. He's like, Oh yeah, your you guys will be able to find all my contact info in the show notes. So absolutely check that out at triple W dot. The dealer playbookcom forward slash fifty two. But I want to jump into this episode because you're going to hear Paul's story about, you know, just coming in in the car dealership and just his rise to being what what? You'll hear US reference him as one of the most influential people in the European auto industry. So, Robert, if you've got nothing else, man, let's jump into this. This is great, like from especially from a salesperson's perspective is he goes through like emy. He created a company that's still relevant automotive but wasn't a dealership. But he's started from the bottomy, beyond the bottom of what you say is what us is its crt sales people do, and he worked up to buy this dealership. He goes a little bit into that story and I had a great time with Paul Man on Shit Pre show, post show. Awesome Guy. I think you guys are gotta like this. You're let's let's let's get it. Let's jump in, man. Here we go. All right, we are here now in episode fifty two of the dealer playbook podcast, sitting down with our friend. We've Gone International for this episode. We hope you enjoy it. We know we sure will. We're sitting down with the man himself, Mr Paul de Freece, from new OUTO COPEEN, punt and L I hope I said that right, Paul. Thank you so much for being on the show with us today. Hello guys at this an honor to be here on the fifty two and in fish and did the one year anniversary of the of the deed, the PODCAST, and I'm honored to be here on the show. Hey, wink, we couldn't be more thrilled to have you on the show. I know you and I met finally in person yes at an Ada in San Francisco. Yeah, and I I'll never forget it. Be when that happened. Dude, you're like a cat. You were roaming around the floor and you're just like there, you showed up for food and then you kind of took off. anyways. So I remember Paul, you know, he was kind of standing behind me, and you remember...

...this, and I turned around and I was kind of like I was like eye level with your belly button and I started looking up and kept looking up and Kevin Looking up, because you are actually you're quite a tall fellow. ORS Five Five. He's five foot, Bob Michael. Yeah, for foot? What? Yeah, but I don't know the English term of the American term for that, six foot or whatever, but I am to meet us. Yeah, I don't know the head the US terms, but to wait six foot for six percent. Metric system? I don't know. Yeah, I should know the metric system, being in Canada, but I have yeah, no, yeah, two meters, I think is three. Three feet. anyways, you know, I thought, holy smokes, Netherlands is made up of giants and and you know what, in in certain terms, I think that's actually true, because we were just talking about how we think you are quite possibly the most influential individual in the automotive industry in the Netherlands and that, you know, what, kind of makes you a giant. So we wanted to sit down. Yeah, you do your best, that's right. So we want to sit down and actually pick your brain about some of the cool projects that you have on the go in. But before we do that, maybe just tell us a little bit about yourself and what you're where you've kind of come from, and then, of course, the most recent, you know, big news that you've had with your company. Yeah, of course. I stopped in the automotive business in ninety six, so almost twenty years ago, and I started on on on the guest station as as to clerk at to pumping gas, etc. And on the guest station they have also in folklore the dealership, and I asked the owner if I can have an internship that I can learn the graft of this shals people, because I fall to it. It's easy you to get the nice suit a nice car, etc. That's better than pumping gas. Right. And finally they agreed that I can do an internship. I do it buy six week. I thought then I was selling my first car, and it was. I was not promoted to the sales people, but I was promoted to to to another company because they thought of me too ambitious and they only and they are only looking for a clerk on the gas station. So, but that was my objective because I wanted to to have some experience that I could go over to the other to the other deally ships, and they can I. I can say I've experienced in the car selling, etc. Etc. Right, and that's why I was hired by a big U V company, for for a four company, a deal company with selling some young Christ leep dodge, the Nissan, and worked there for a year and after that I started with one of the Suns in ninety seven, our own dealing ship in another town, and from that down I was the the general sales manager, did the general manager and in two thousand and one I buy the company from my former employee. Okay, because so it was all right. Let me ask you my question, Michael. Okay, go ahead, go ahead. Sorry, sorry, Bro. So that like, how does that happen? Because there's so many people that are that that that listen right now. You know, in the person listening right now, they're probably most likely sale you know, in the sales and management whatever, some dealer principles, but a lot are, you know, frontline guys. Like how do you a parlay it up to buy it? Like, like what happens? Like do you just like sock money away, or do you just like go to a play bank? They give you the money, or did you just like independently wealthy growing up?...

I mean like no, no, no, I am all. Gave you the money. Well, I mean, how does that work? No, I tought thousand and one. I. I I had money because I save money. I buy my home at twenty five. It was more in value, etc. And the rest of the money I was borrowed from the from the former owner. That's so. So owner financed. Yes, yes, otherwise you could. You could you. You cannot have that kind of money here by the bank. They are laughing at you. Right, and so so so was the floor. So did the floor plans and everything stay into like his name, do I mean? Or does floor plan existence? So everything then transferred to your name. Yeah, for all of that. And this was a franchise store, right. It's a friends so with one brand and Korean brand, Song Young, I don't know if you know the brand, but an as you feed brand which was big then in Europe. And I was the shales man the ship. We were ATS in the road, the best performing dealer in whole of northern and western of of Europa. So they know me, they know my sales. So they wanted to finance also the spillpen. So wow, that was not an issue. That's a well, so I'm listening to this. I can't so you. I mean I can see you know, there is quite a level of ambition here because, if I understand the time frame, you went from, you know, pumping gas in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, five years five, and then within five years you're the you're the top dog at the dealership. You you are the dealership. That's incredible. So from the dealership, then where did you go? When did you get out of the dealership, and what was your reason for doing that? Now, in two thousand and one, two thousand and two, we were the top performing the top performing dealer in Holland, in Europe, etc. But the reason why was that we were the dominant on the online space. We crush the online space in that particularly era. We have morphasts than the import, than the brands, then all the dealers combined, because it was our goal, because that was the only thing. We can make you back then, because advertising in the papers we cannot measure. afterising on the Radioho you cannot measure. The only thing. What I I was measuring, what's the online performance? So I am I made it, like Cardon is saying. I made it my bitch, and so I will push it like hard. Back then, in two thousand and two, I made a website which you can see all the brands, all the sun young she can smid the leads that they get two offers, the directly, etc. And when the regulation about the selling of the issue vs changed by the government in two Tho four and I lose in one week for four hundredzero euros. Who? Because of the real money, folks, that's real money. I was talking to myself. Do I want to be in the business? Do I want to be an entrepreneur? Yes, do I want to be in the automotor spaces? Yes, then I have to make some some some decision. So I have to make political independence. So I didn't want to have it again. That the that the government can change the regulations and that my brand is suck at back then and I have to have no stock anymore because the stock was killing me because of the regulations, because I was selling so much of the brand it online. I thought if I can sell dead brand online, I can sell any brand online. So...

...then, back then, in two thousand and five, I started a new outcope and doctornel as a startup after my own business had the real business, to the automotive business. And Paul, real quick for you move on. That es that translates to what in English for the listener. How do you mean? The name the new auto? The name that? Yeah, what does all that company? Yes, it was, if you translated in English, is new car buying. So it's an it's an awesome it's an awesome it's an awesome name for if you are doing the query in Google, etc. Hey, because that's the common name you are looking when you are looking for a new car. And I bought as for two hundred fifty dollars. So it was it was stalls, he fixed. Yeah, I stole it, but here. But then you have to make it your brand and you have to make it something bigger than only the URL. But then I was starting that, the development of the website, etc. And in two thousand and eight the regulation and change again of the government and the back. Then we are selling Chrysler and some young and then I thought that that's the that's a that's the final thing. I had to sell my my company, with big loss. Had Christ the dealership to some young billy ship and then I moved to the attict in my house to do only new out of cope and as a brand, as a website, as my company. And from there on I was crushing it online, to sell cars online, any brand, it doesn't matter. I have to sell cars because that's my living. Now. Sure. So fast forward to today. We're where's new out too copen. Now what's the big news that's happened recently? Now, the big news was that Ebay Modus, or ebay classified, the group, bought the company fifteen of back in January. So I will start again. The big news was that and Ebay bought my company in beginning of the year. So I'm now part of the Big Ebay family and now I have big opportunities to make new out go when as big as we wanted to go. Wow, because I've also are you sold it? I'm sorry, Poul so, you sold it and you're still like the president. I mean you get the run your company. Yes, somebody else's budget. Wow, although to you man, yeah, Ri can dreams is where we're in certain American dream absolutely. Yeah, and that just brings up a whole lot of questions for me. You set a couple of things I'd like to ask you about, because I think this is so phenomenal and I think it it's valuable to those listening in, because everybody, you know, I think, and Robert, you and I see this. People purchase a domain name M and they go awesome, I bought you know, I don't know ever Italy used Carscom or I jump out of this shower to buy domain. Yeah, that's that's his bad. He doesn't really. He doesn't do real estate investing. He does don't name investing. Yeah, said multi family domain, five box in my pocket every toe made. You would, that's right. But you said something that I think is really applicable to those listening in right. They buy the domain and they say great, here's my brand. But you said, okay, I stole this domain, new outs of Cope and points. L Man, I gotta learn this, I gotta learn Dutch man. I love it and you learn it. You burn you. You purchased the domain, but then you said, but I still had to build a brand around it. Yes, what...

...were some of the things that you did right away, immediately after purchasing that domain? What were some of the things you did to start building that brand? The only thing what I did the the dude the first to year, is because I had no but shut out, no marketing, butch hip. I have nothing, is to constantrate on the two things, SEO HMM and and the press that they are. So every everything I can publish to the press, etc. To the automotive press, every little thing, every new feature, every every new thing I push too through the press. I have a new thing, I've a new thing, etc. Etc. So stay there. On the public side, on the dealer side, on automotive side, new outcome, dottel has a new feature, doctor new outcome, dotel has a new future, because I cannot win the battle from outdoor trader or outdoor track or Mar plots or whatsoever, because they have a lot of money to marketing, sure, but the one thing they lack, and I have plenty of, his passion of my brand, of my product, of my website. And they and and you cannot pay that here. You cannot betch you that, you cannot dwards that. Well, that's right. Noell Mike. What do I tell you, Michael? You can't pay somebody more to be like. All right, I need you to be more passionate and needs to be more creative. I'm gonna up your ally a little bit. Yeah, it has to come from the heart and I push linkedin from the ferry, from the very start of Linkedin here on holiday, and Linkedin ISS Noland fairy very, very big to make my my database as big as possible. So in my network on Linkedin it has to be every sales people in Holland in the in car business has to be in my space and moutpower and in my power base, because then I can push my and content, my videos to treat a HMM Dodem, and there I can crush out of trade etc. And because they are going to advertise and I'm going to and gift the sales people content videos what they can do better in the dead dealership because I talked their language right. So the programmer right, and this is inter I love this because you're actually the first, I'm pretty sure you're the first guest we've had on the show that has brought linkedin into the mix before facebook or twitter or any of the other social network. So think we've ever said the word linkedin on this show before. Is An out of a back and so resting. So you're saying that you you went straight to linkedin and while while auto trader or the other platforms or portals out there were just busy advertising. Yes, you were in the cars sided view cars. All right, so there was the differentiator. You, you're focused on new cars. They're doing the secondhand, pre owned cars. But while there's so while they're busy. No, that's fine, while they're busy advertising that stuff, you were actually just going to a professional network and building connections and and sharing information to empower they delivering value and empowering people in the industry. Yes, because the two things I cannot win the war on second hand the cars, because they are bigger. HMM, they have more advertising money, et Ceter at, CITTERRA, but they all have and shade on the new cars, and that's the way I chast a new cars, because that was the battle. I it was open for the graphs and then I thought where can I hit the most? where it can I reach my customers, the seals people, etc. I can. I can reach them on Linkedin, goose, there are, there are anybody, and I can send out every day. You created like as in a saturated market, you created your own space in the inner and and here's the thing, though, Michael, not to jump in, but...

...yeah, it's what I do. The what I like about it is and what people can take is about him the vowel, like he said. He went on whether advertising essentially spamming, you know and Mork, and that's what advertising has become, except for the savviest of the savvy. But it's like, what's the what's the digital marketer? Guy's name Ryan Ryandyce. Okay, he said in the book, that is an awesome book. He says that when you ask somebody on like your first like engagement with them, okay, and you're like like in your face, you're asking someone do business with me, it's yeah, the it's equal to going on on the first date with somebody, you just man and you ask them to marry. And what book like that, Harry Me, like it'll creep you out. Like the fuck is that you? That's the hold on. It's actually sitting right over here. Lease. What is it? The machine or will you know the name of it? I know, but nobody wanted to see the physical machine. Invisible selling machine. Yes, yes, invisible selling machine, will sell. Will drive up to that in the show in it. Yeah, absolutely, published, killing out, no doubt. I love this man. So you. That's what really sticks out to me. You, you, you would. Sticks out to me, though, is I really want to know a little bit more about what that psyche because he's saying his customer were the sales people and this and that, and like I think that you know, I don't know about you. I want to know, like how is the salesperson, your and user car salesperson and my amfusion. Yeah, how are they are? And you a meaning your client, your target audience. Now, the first seven years I was in shelling the cars by myself. So I and get the lead to middelait. I called customer one time, two time, free time, four time, forty times, I don't care if I have a yes or no, I will go hunt you down like calling, calling, calling, when I have when I have to sell, when when I'm selling the car, I have to buy the car and I have to and she'll the complete and shale included the trade into the shals people because I don't want to deliver the car, etc. Etc. has so I I first I am your comparitor and then I'm your friend. And two years ago BMW and came to us and they say, we want to learn that the online space. We want to learn how is and selling cars online works. And you are the authority. You are the first brand to to to think of in Holland. Can you help the man? But one, one thing. We want to ensure that the dealer, the BMW dealer, has to stay in the loop. And they ask me if you have the lead, and you qualified lead, because you are calling the lead. Can you then transfer the lead to us? And I said Nut's fine. At Bmws for me, not the biggest brand, hey, because I'm selling a lot of key. I see and the ice hold us, etc. But not so many BM ws. And in the pilot phase in six months we selling more BM WS than in the seven years before. Wow. And that's what's a turning point for us, because then we thought, hey, we are on the on the wrong track. We can qualify the leads, then selling the lead and then and then sell the deal to the dinner, or we can transfer the lead to the dealer before the deal happens. So now we are collecting the leads, we are qualifying the leads, we are calling the leads, asking them and good questions, and then transfer the qualified lead to the dealers, not one dealer, but for Dealus, and the one dealer which... selling the car is my best body over then, because so this is where, this is where you said pre show. It's kind of like true car, but way better. Yes, yeah, I totally to say that. Yeah, that's it is because one thing in Holland, but the process of the dealers are not that good like in Canada or in America, because IDA been to yes, yes, yes, yeah, it's heaven on Earth if you compare it with the processes here. That's okay, man, my plane ticket. That sounds like a ben may made a comment when we first started about yeah, well, pumping gas was a better job than selling or something. Depends on the dealer. Yeah, yeah, it is. What is okay. So, so now not a lot of process in and Netherlands us. Nothing. Nothing, if the conversation is mostly with the sales people. It was a bad leads. And then I know and then I say why is it? The bad leads? Because I can see you have not calling the lead, you have not emailing lead, because we're working with cold tract numbers, etc. Etc. Because the sales people here are only doing on average one call and if they are going to call the customer on the voice mail and the customer is not responding, back then was a bad leads. MM and mirrors are very similar to the states. No, no, because he it's I'm talking a lot with Brian Pasha, because that's my that's my friend. He taught me a lot, HMM, over the of the last few years. He's coming often here. So we have to fix something for you as well to come over here to do presentations, because we have to learn the deal this in Holland. More about processes, about emailing, about websites, about Seo, branding yourself, because we think the seals are for granted. We don't fight, we don't fight for it right. But the average amount the dealer makes in Holland, the profit is and Cerro points hero Seroo, one really brow. Yeah, that's now thing. How many? How competitive is the market? Justice competitor? I'm sure it's not as competitive as the states, but like how competitive is that market? I mean how many dealers to our out of one really too, mommy, there's always. There's never like there's not enough competition out here. I mean that's never they but I mean, like is it? Do you guys have those like you've been to the states and you see the the cheesy like dealer. You pull up on the Avenue or the boulevard and it's deal or after deal or after deal or after deal or, you know, competitors, not the deal or group that owns the Strip. It's, you know, different groups that own a store. There's it's similar and kind of but we have sixty million people and we have about two hundred, two thousand six hundred dealers. So not the independent but dealers. So we had sixty million. Sixty million, because the average dealer the rooftop, only sells one fit one hundred fifty cars a year. Beat roofed up as close to the state. Well, that's close to the states, though. A hundred and fifty cars similar a year. You know, that's not hear. Oh, that's her say where here? You live in the sticks, like has so more. I sold more than I've sold a hundred fifty cars a year this year, not on even sell cars. Yeah, but you cannot make money on that one. And they can sell more if they have a process. If they have I see, I see if they have seen the value of elite, because the customer is not walking in anymore than the customer is calling and is submitting elite. And if you are not starting the dialog from from there off, you are...

...toast. Okay. So let me ask you this, because I mean it's no question the reason you've kind of risen to the top in your market with what you do is because you followed the process. And, and I mean you're right, I think in a lot of ways the US is a little bit more, what's the term I'll use, more process conscious. Yes, they're aware that there should be a process for the most part, but most people are just kind of wayasy to follow it, whereas in Netherlands you're saying there's just no process at all? No, but you had a process, yes, and I think your process would work well for those listening in, because I think you know whether it's you qualifying the lead or the dealer qualifying lead. What are some things that you did or questions you asked to really help qualify that customer before they came in to see the dealership? The first thing is that we have a process. How many and Gods we are going to make if we have no contact with the lead? So the lead is coming in, we are calling within fifteen minutes in the wind from zero to nine, from Monday to set a day. So the most it is here are closed at at thirty s at six PM. So that's our opportunity. From zero to nine, we are the only one is open, and so we will find the lead, which is submitting the lead after six and we have the conversation already at six right. If we cannot have a dialog back, then then we are calling six time within forty eight hours we are calling twelve times within five days. We we will send you five emails with the with bloody could written text which which will do a dialog. We will and give you five fourse meals which with. We with a template which are going to have a dialog in it, because we want the dialog. If I will and say that to to a dealership here, they're going to say to me, spammer, you are crazy, you doing too much, etc. Etc. Here we just call that hustle. Yeah, but if the customer is reaching out, I have the responsibility to to have the dialog. It's my responsibility, not the responsibility of the lead. Is My responsibility. And here they are and they are saying, for if the customer is really interesting, they are calling me back. Yeah, in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five they are calling back back, but in two thousand and fifteen they are not calling back, they are calling another, another dealership. So Hey, and and that's the way we do. And then when we qualify, we are qualifying by how can we help you to to get the best offer in the market? We have to ask you some questions. Why this car? Which alternative? What's information do we need, etc. Etc. And all the data is going to the dealers and then we are going to proceed the dealers in a process. If you not accepting the lead within the two hours, we are going to give you an email in six hours. We are going to give you an email in twelve hours. We are going to give you an email if you accept the leads, and then you are not calling te lead we give you and your manager every day and email with the who are not cold, because we can stay that only could correct number. So we will proceed and we will make the process hard for you to see that our needs are valuable because they are full free. But this not for free. In the process you have to follow the process, otherwise you cannot have please anyway. You have to see it through from start to finish, no matter what. Yes, but, and you know what that's I'm glad you brought that up, because this is a really air tight process, it sounds like for me, you guys, you guys were relentless or are relentless...

...and making sure that that customer gets contact. And I love, I love what you said. It's your it is your responsibility to have the dialog, nobody else's. They might reach out to you in the form of a lead, but really from there it's on you, the salesperson or the you know, whatever your role is, to make sure that you're reaching out and making every attempt possible. To get in touch with that and I think what I see, especially in Canada and and you know, United States especially, is people will reach out once and then they feel like they're burdening that person but in or that they're not a real opportunity. This guy doesn't answer the phone. Is just look for excuses. They look for excuses. So you, you're saying, though, hey, have a process, make sure it's air tight, don't be afraid to follow up with this person, but counted as your it's your your, you are obligated, you have the responsibility to make sure that that person gets contacted by you, by you and with the information they're looking for. Yees, because you're letting them down. It's awesome. My Card, that's my I'm a sales guy, that's all my business cards. So at this my responsibility. It's awesome. Nobody else. Okay, I'm loving this. I could keep asking you questions because it's so fascinating, but but I'm going to wind this down. You know, super, super impressed with all of this stuff. I you know, aside from wanting to learn how to speak Dutch. Now, you know, with certainly love to get connected. Wondering how many salespeople we know are going to like that. Yeah, that salesperson listening right now is like and there's a lot opportunity in Holland. They pick out my dude. I'm right. I goot my banks, I'm make money. Dude. I send a text message to my wife telling her to pack bags and Book Plane Tickets while we were talking here. No, but I think research that information falls looks I si some solid information here, because here we have you, Paul, who went from, you know, an incredible success story. You went from pumping gas with a little ambition, you know, and people tried to you had some dream stealers, I call them people that that said you were too ambitious. They're looking back, probably crying now. Ye, bank abrupt. They are bank their bankrupt. There you go, so they literally cry. Is Not and and you are not Ebay. Yeah, within five years you own a dealership and a few short years later you're now bought by Ebay and running under their umbrella. I think that's so fascinating and the big takeaways for me, for those of you listening in, is, again, and I've said this over the last couple of episodes, how many more people's success stories like this do you need to hear before you start taking the same kind of actions that they took. Here we have Paul, who, you know, purchased this domain name and he knew then that it didn't just stop with the purchase of that domain name. He built a brand, he differentiated himself. He, you know, made a space, and this is what I love about your story, Pall you you made a space in a very cluttered industry by doing something that was different. Yeah, where there was a demand and boom, it brought you to success, and so that's incredible. Thank you so much for being on the show with us. Stay, but before we hop off the call here, what's an honor. You know what, it was an honor for us to have you on. We love having international guests on the show. Staying up late, absolutely, it's what we're pushing midnight where you are. Yeah, how can those listening? I just what it's company to Ebay. You can stay of as late as he wants. Yeah, he'say, he's got work in the morning. New OUTSO COPE and punts and L had to throw that in there. How can those listening in get in touch with you to ask more questions? Of course, I'm available on de Linkedin, okay, and on twitter, yes, well, on Paul Frees One thousand nine hundred and seventy two, and also by email Paul at new autocop and Donnel or... the freese at ebaycom. But it will be in the in the notes. I think absolutely show familiar man, you we gonna, yeah, yeah, yeah, we'll wake you up in the show notes. And I want to thank you both because we will listening every show from the from the first to now, because when I'm not, when I'm now going to the states to the NDA or digital conference or whatsoever, I don't get the learnings from you guys, to Holland and to translated to the Dutch markets. I was not where I am today. When I'm not have the knowledge about process, marketing, leads, etc. Etc. I was not here. If I don't use card on on amount, I honestly say I'm using it every day. My sales people are using it every day. It's mandatory. So we're we use, we are still. Yeah, we are too. Absolutely God love it, because otherwise I don't get my I cannot have my whole fame and my biggest dream is when I have the money I need. I'm starting a business of again, a dealership, because I want to see my my, my, I don't I don't want to call it the wisdom, but my experience about online space, the process and Ceter to a real dealership, a fish coal dealership, and then crush it also over there. Oh, so you're going back in the dealer game. So you're going to go back in the because eventually, well, we're going to have you back on that. Definitely to be a dealer. That's my my night. It was great to be a dealer. And in Holland you are not recognized like that, but when I when I'm in the states, and especially on the NDA, when you are a dealer, you are something, you are, you are hey, you have something and here is nothing, but over there you are a dealer. So I like that. I love it. Thank you so much, man. We appreciate you and we'd love to stay connected with you. Okay, thank you, thanks. All Right, take care of Paul Byeye. And there we have it. That was Paul Soros. Come on the three. Yeah, yeah, I enjoyed that. I mean we just before this, we cut that off and then we talk a little bit before we go in for these like posts, you know, out rose and Intros, just talking about how like, you know what, I had a good time with that one. You know, I liked here in the story aspect of it. You know, it's like he dropped some valuable stuff that I think anybody really take at least some kind of inspiration motivation from. I don't know, at least no doubt. I mean, you know, like you heard him say, here's this guy who's pumping gas, you know, and and I love just that drive right, like you know, we talked a lot about not making decisions with your gut but making Guts Hee decisions. And can you imagine what must have been going through his mind? He's sitting your pumping gas, you know, and didn't he say that was like a better job than selling cars or something like that? You know, at least bore and sisters from the Netherland, Anotherland, so, you know, from Holland, and so he's pumping gas, feels ambitious enough to say, Hey, can I do an internship here and start selling cars? And actually had to, you know, actually ended up leaving that dealership because they thought he was too ambitious. Went to work at another dealership within five years, the dudes buying a dealership, owns the dealership and then, I'd yeah, like five...

...years from from the ground floor to all like dealer principle. And then, you know, a few short years later sees another opportunity and a few short years after that being purchased by Ebay and and after the show. You guys aren't privy to it, to that conversation, but he basically said he, at the time of purchase, was like three people in his company and now he's already at forty people in a matter of just a few short months because of the growth has been so incredible. and Bro like to me, the fact is to like get on somebody like ebay's radar. Yeah, that that, that alone is it, with it not being a cease and desist, you know, like they're stealing our logo, you're stealing yeah, platform. Yeah, like he got on their radar. They bought him. Well, come on, now, there's there's deep there's people listening in right now. There's dealers listening in, like car sales people who are struggling to get on the radar of their general manager. You know what I mean, like so he that's the thing. I love about this is he drops some interesting, you know, power bombs that those of you listening in can really apply to your career in car sales or inside the dealership or whatever it might be, to just take things to the next level. And I think the first thing, and card own, you heard him reference card own, I mean car. That's one of card owns things too, is you can tell right out of the gates that Paul's attitude was set, you know, like he knew where he was going even from the ground floor, and I think that's a thing that a lot of people in the industry struggle with, is just having the right attitude, like a winning mindset, to be ambitious enough or to have the desire enough to take things through to the next step and then from there go to the next step and the next thing you know. You know, you could, you could be own in your own dealership. Exactly, you know whatever, I think, exactly in a big nugget there with that is just the fact of the impact of educating and continuously educating self, whether it be through, you know, our tens, bt ever you're doing. But like he sat there and said, you know, praised and you know, said he owed so much of a success to something like that. So, I mean that just tells you. I mean it's you know, the formulas there and like these train you know the right you found the training platform that clicks to you. They're going to give you formula, the recipe. Yeah, absolutely. So, anyways, thanks so much for listening into this episode of the dealer playbook. We want you to guys, to go hit over hit up the show notes so you can connect with Paul and hear more of his story. Triple W dot the dealer playbookcom Ford Slash Fifty two. We've also got a free gift for you over there if you subscribe to our newsletter. We'd love to have you on our list and keep you updated with the things we've got going on and just more valuable all, don't forget to my follow a sillow banks man and add rubber wise man. Yeah, we'd love to pick up some more twitter followers and connect with you there. To feel free, man ask us at any questions you want give us your feedback. We'd love to hear it, and don't forget to subscribe to the show on Itunes or stitcher radio. And until next time, we'll catch you later.

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