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Episode · 6 years ago

Paul de Vries: How to Stand Out in a Competitive Market


Back from a short 2 week hiatus it is The Dealer Playbook episode 52 and we are super excited and pumped to be back at it. 

Today we are sitting down with Paul d Vries founder of located in Holland. Paul is one of the most influential automotive professionals in all of Holland and has an amazing story of amazing success as a auto dealer and later as the founder of, (New Car Buying) which just in the beginning of this year he sold to eBay. 

Here is a quick preview of the topics we discussed with Paul in this session. 

- Paul goes into his story about how he went from pumping gas to owning a dealership in only 5 years. 

- What Paul did to make his dealership one of the top producing dealerships in all of Europe and how he was able to stand out in a cluttered market.

- The power of process when it comes to internet leads and the exact process Paul implements. 

- How he built the brand from scratch with zero marketing budget to getting on eBays radar enough for them to purchase the company from him. 

This was a really good time chatting with Paul and that is just a small taste of some of the awesome information he drops in this session for your listening pleasure. 

Connect with Paul d Vries for more powerful incite and information to help you sell more cars. 

Paul d Vries Twitter

Here is the link to the book discussed in this session “Invisible Selling Machine” by online marketing guru Ryan Deiss. 

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