The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 5 months ago

Paul J. Daly: How to Build Your Brand


Branding is not a logo or your marketing efforts or the fancy showroom you just updated. It's so much more. 

Paul J. Daly, the founder of Congruent and the Automotive State of the Union, explains what a brand is and the power it can harness when done properly. He shares his wisdom about how your dealership can build a brand that drives sustainable growth.

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

3:10 - Why building a personal brand is more important now than ever?

5:40 - How do you create clarity for yourself?

10:04 - How do you overcome imposter syndrome?

14:24 - What are some actions professionals in the car industry could be taking today that can provide them more clarity?

18:30 - How do you get comfortable and stop asking for permission?

 22:12 - Why isn’t it ticking? Because nobody knows you!

25:02 - Am I starting a conversion, or am I just making a statement that nobody knows how to respond to?

26:50 - Start with what can I give, instead of what can I get.

32:04 - Competing in your locality. 

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