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Episode · 6 years ago

Prank Calling Automotive Experts


Diving into session 60 of “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast and we are so excited you are here! 


In this session we have decided to shake it up a tad and do something new. 


We compiled 5 amazing professionals in the auto industry and we call them on the fly and ask them just one question. The best part is none of them knew we were going to be calling.


This session was lots of fun and is something we will definitely be doing again in the future. 


Here are the 5 thought leaders of the industry we called on the fly “live” and the question we asked that individual:


Danny Benites


Danny is the General Manager of Greg Lair Buick GMC in Amarillo Texas and a very sought after speaker at auto industry events across the country. Danny is the kind of GM most sales people/sales manager would love to work for. He brings an outside the box approach to everything he does and is lighting it up in the Amarillo Texas market. 


Dannys Question


What is the best way to get more productivity out of your team?


Craig Lockerd 


Craig is a true expert when it comes to art of recruiting staff for your dealership. He is the founder and president of AutoMax Recruiting the auto industries number one staffing/training agency and is also a sought after speaker/presenter for automotive industry events and seminars. This guy is the real deal. Hands down. 


Craigs Question 


What is the number one recruiting tip you can give to auto dealers?


Fran Taylor 


Next up is Mr. Fran Taylor aka “The King of Prospecting” and founder/CEO of Fran Taylor Techniques and also the founder of the 30 Sales A Month Facebook Group.Fran has been around the auto industry for many many years and has trained thousands of sales professionals around the world on how to sell more cars. Fran was selling 50 cars a month in his day and has some of the best prospecting techniques in the industry that will help you sell cars while you sleep! 


Frans Question


What is the best prospecting tip that is working for sales people?


Glenn Pasch 


Glenn is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the topic of leadership. He is also the CEO of PCG Digital Marketing a full service digital marketing agency and is also a partner at PCG Consulting. Glenn goes the extra mile for auto dealerships to help them stay ahead of the pack. Glenn is razor sharp. 


Glenns Question


What is the number one leadership skill people need to implement NOW? 


Mike Davenport 


Also known as “The Louisville Chevy Dude” Mike is in beast mode 24/7! He is the #1 sales champion at Bachman Chevrolet in Louisville Kentucky and is a top performer for Chevy across the country. Mike is known for creative and persistent follow up that really works. 


Mikes Question 


What is the best follow up technique you are using to get customers to come back to the dealership?


This session was jam packed with power house info so be sure to listen so you can get each power players response to the question we asked. 


Connect With Fab Five 


Connect with Danny Benites


Connect with Craig Lockerd 


Connect with Fran Taylor


Connect with Glenn Pasch 


Connect with Mike Davenport 


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 You Know The Drill, Now It's Your Turn

The whole team at DPB can not thank you enough for all the support and love you have been giving us.

Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different , we want to hear your voice.

Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and lets keep this conversation going.

See you next time ;)

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This session of the dealer, playbook isbrought to you by flex dealer, attract, engage and convert high quality vehicleshoppers with innovative digital marketing strategies that will dominateyour market check out more at the dealer playbookcom forward flex. This is the dealer playbook all right.What's going on you're listening to session, sixty of the dealer Playbupodcast, where every single week we are sitting down and having conversationswith the elite, you know Balas and hustlers in and out of the automotiveindustry. For you, today's automotive professionals, my name is MichaelSirilo. I am joined by the man himself, Mr Robert Weisman. What's going on Eo,what's up brother, I'm excited for this episode and I don't think I've saidthat in a while you remember our alrighevery episode is like I'm soexcited you know, but I'm excited for this show because we decided to dosomething new for you guys, and that was to bring some some really. You knowauthentic and really knowledgeable people rate into your ear buds or intoyour car stereo. You know as as you're listening to this on your commuteor,whether you're, you know you're sitting on your lunch break or whatever, and sowhat we decided to do is just call up five people that wehave a lot of respect for that are good friends of ours, but call themunannounced and ask them one question that we think could really help you inyour career on the automotive and we have for you guys. Today we were ableto get on the phone. Just on the fly we got. Mr Glen Pash AK posh from PCG. Wegot my man, the Louisville Chevy Dude de Mike Davon, port Teeman, ChevroletYeah. We got the man Craig lockerd from Automademaracrudi Yep, and we got one of my favorites Danny Benitas, from Greg what a gray Regularlyu, LGREG layrBuick in Armo, Armdillo or Imaroe Texamrelo,Texas, Ame, Amarilla, Texas, yeah so, and each of them. We have a differentquestion for that. Something at that. We feel that it's you know we want toput them on the spot, but we want to get their response on something. Oh,and we also have Mr Fran Taylor for Yeah Gona, Sayiques, yeah, sorry aboutthat Fram, but yeah friend on there. So everybody answers a question that we,you know Mikhel me put the questions together ahead of time and you know that's something t thatresonates with them. It's more so ttheir expertise, their their stylebase right, so you're going to hear authentic answers totally unscriptedand we completely put them on the spot. So without further do let's jump intothis episode of the dealer. Playbook er we go okay, so we're going to get DannyBenitas from greglar Buick he's the general manager there we're going towe're going to dial him in right. Now again, none of these individuals knowthat we're calling this is all in PROMPTU. So, let's, let's see if we canget him on the line, all right, I'm Darlin there we go. If I had to put dibs on someone that itwould answer and unknow number it probably be him. Dude Fello, Hey, benidas, yeas, Hey! What's up it's wise man, Hey,listen! I got SERILLO ON HERE WE'RE CALLING! You live on the dealerplaybook right now, hat's up. Well, I'm on a Webin Arbut. I will stepout...

...well this isthere. You Go! That's howeveryone listening in knows this was totally impromptu yeah. So what we're doing is Yo. I lovehi o we're trying something new we're calling up a few people, Sou cats, andI knew that dialing from not my cell phone number Danny would answer good mov, yes, anotheryourmrting gn, all right, so realo so go ahead. We gotone question for you: We're doing something trying something new here:Man we're just putting some some good people on the spot and Sarilla. Let itrip yeah. Here we go Danny, so we're just calling people out of the blue.We've got one question for you and just curious what your you know off the cuffanswer would be so the question is: What's the best way I mean for you asas a manager. What's the best way for you to get more productivity out ofyour team, the best way for me to get productivyout of my team Wut. We first and foremost, I think we have to Leav byexample. I think people people react to leadership when they see that theyre.You know their leaders are willing to do the things ore asking for people todo- and you know, there's just- has to be a culture of that ive see many times that if I came back either from a conferenceor something o training and and hold everybody that wearing red hats andwalking around barefoot, it was the new thing as going to take is omnext level right. I really think the majority of our sat staffild put thered had on take your shoes off anti go go, so I think if they see that you'rewilling to do this things and can you evea cold, Tur of belief and in confidence from thepeople, I think a productivity follows love. It Hey man, we appreciate you,that's all! That's all we wanted to get you on for we new. We knew you'd answeran unknown number. So thanks so much man, we love Youwe, respect you andthanks for taking the time for us y, you can go back to your Webbon Se. Yourwebbinoff call me any time just make sure it saysno caller ID ye. It's not from Loberwi answer. Yeah no answer. I know thatwe're gonget TDEAD wrestlers, if he callyeah Exactlyyou, guys arer allright, niten, calk, aterbyeybye awesome, so that was great, so 's his number onetip that he feels that's. What's going to crank more productivity out of histeam and his peers, etc, is leading by example, and I think that kind of makessense man I mean that's it's something that I've alwaysbelieved in it's like look. How can I? How can I respect you? How can I youknow, give you credit? How can I see you as an authority figure? If I don'tknow whether or not you were in the trenches or are going to be in thetrenches with me, so you know leading leading from beside instead of from infront so supervaluable tip from Danny Benita's Gmat Greg, lair, Buick and yes,Sir all right. So, let's move on N, we got next we're going to go with MrCraig Lockard from Auto Max Yeah. That's Orooting! Let's Tylin right seewhat he's Gotoingon Crid wocker Craig Er. What's up man,it's Wi, Heyy! Listen! I got Serillo onhere we're doing something new andwe're calling a couple power players. I got. You live on the dealer playbookright now we got one question one question only for you. We want your offthe cuff response. You ready there sittng about like women or thesticker to life. No! No! This is something that you know something about:Yeah, okay, O now what' Os to be.

I know about Womenandi, know bout, theGR! There you go there. You go all right, CRAIG! Here's the question:You're ready what weready okay. So what would yousay is the number one recruiting tip that dealers need to know about rightnow? Number one recruiting tips. Dealersneed to know about right now. Yes, Sir! Well, the first thing that tops into mymind and our main focus and goal and somethingthat frankly were pretty good at is diversity. There are two Farmanan shoroms that you walk intotoday and if you spend ten minutes on that, show Rom and look at the peoplein the PDC, the Internet department, Their Service Lane the sales for themanagement, those people don't look like anything like customers that are walkhing the doorthat they're going to sell in service, and it's in our opinion and all thedata suggested that like by from life and if your dealership period is not as diverse, isyour client base. I think that's a recipe for maybe not ultimate sailure, but re.There's no way that you're going to be able to dominate like you should beable you're leaving money on the table, essentially yeah. I think so yeah. I really do itjust it makes no sense. You K, ow I've been blessed onor to be Askeday, to beas to speak to the ignoredgrl woman, an out o mode of conference, and it just.We talked about females Tus from that point of view and the statistics- andyou know it's statiscitor funny animals to deal with, but the never decisionsthat ar the percentage of the decision that make a purchase at a deal. Ershipis so heavily weighted in a from the SEMAOL perspective. Yet thenumber of females as an example in a dealership is just it's so wew. It'sridiculous and they're out there. It's not matter not being able to find them.If you OV and know how to look and how to post for that segment, but they're HAV being hired it's bad. It's for well, like you say,sometimes Ni can go to any other diverse grou and it's the same thing.Well, it's like you said you've said before is theye not hiring the female,because it's she's too hot. You know the team would not e able to you know,control they'd act, certainly like that's just dumb. That's a culture thing, and just youknow I just really it starts somewhere, probably below the top, but it's aculsere thing and it's you know they. They can't trust themselves. They can'tteach that trust the thing that culture change it needs to take place in thedealership t yeah arn there. It is very good all right, lockerd thanksman forgrabbing the call brother. You guys walk, have a good day, yeahright you to Mank, you alliht, okay, so there you have itagain. You know th, that's a that's a cool takeaway right diversity. I mean.I know I can tell you first hand right. I lived in the Philippines for for acouple years back, you know in the early twosands and you know coming backto North America. I can tell you that whenthose when those- I guess, Wi'll call them minorities,but when they come over to the United States or Canada, theyreally are community driven. They really do stick together and that's notyou know, that's not me trying to look at it from a negative Perspectivi'sjust the way it is, and so to have a diverse staff at your dealership thatcan appeal to that community for those different groups. Just all of a sudden,like you said Robert just...

...if they're not doing it, they'releaving money on the table right, so awesome tip from Craig Lockard all right. So next up we're bringing inMr Fran Taylor from Taylor techniques, this guy's a wealth of information.When it comes to sales training prospecting he's, you know been in thetrenches. He is a record setter and a record breaker and you know, we've hadhem on a past epiisode of the show and he just delivered so much. You know somany power bombs, so we're bringing him in right now again. None of thesepeople know that we're giving them a call. This is all in Promptu we'reputting them on the spot. Here we go a frend yeah Ey, it's Wise Mits, Robert Cear me Roer, O what yeahbut xcite Il elistn. I got Serillo on here with me. What we're doing is Youre live on thedealer, playbook right now we're doing something new we're just randomly offthe cuff Calln, a few of our friends and and power players. I in theindustry and we're asking them one question only, and we got a questionfor you. You ready go ahead, Michael all right, so here wego. The question is: What is the number one prospecting tip that you couldoffer that's working incredibly right now for sales people, I say: advertizing on SFACEBOOK spentfive UKs a week and wo Muh special of the week: Okay Ys, so so spending five bucks, Ofacebook, Advertising Yeah, go o twenty five miles circle go out and do alittle O. my specials are the weeken promoteto course, which one O Trin Ais. If I was selling cars, I do like old agecars bonus cars or something that's hard to get like a diesel truck. Youknow, and I promote it that way. Think about that's two hundred and fortybucks a year. How in the world, can you not avertise two cars a week for fiftyweeks and no get it two hundred o forty bucks tat impossible. So O that's oneof the things I would do love it friend thanks. So much thanks for. Let us putyou on the spot. That's it! Man appreciate it Hanias an awesome powerbomb thanks, foriend be in touch brother,TAK care, yes, sir, by so boom. So the king of prospectingright there drops one that says: Go in so of course you got to have a fan page.You have to have an actual page to do that. Yea Go in there, take a couplecars and he's right like take the ones. That's got some some money on Hem. Youknow the old age stuff. Maybe they got a Spif, some kind of spin going on them.Yeah just SI just thim out there, five bucks a week, five bucks a week. Youcan't go wrong like he said I mean he has such a keen way of putting us likedude it's two hundred and forty bucks a year. You can't tell me you're notgoing to get your money back on that two hundred and forty oars real, quick,so pick a twenty five mile radius right, Yep, H' and he's right. I mean it's,that's kind of that's a good one. It's a sleeper, it's kind of like a no it'sone that you know. It's not nothing like that that you know you weren't,expecting something I was like. Oh Wow, no, it's just like Du. You know, butnobody's really doing that T at was a great one from friend. Definitely all right! Next up, let's see if we canget Mr Glen Pash on the phone all right.Let's do it or, as we call Hem Pash Glen Pash. Weshould start that we should, we should just say everybody Listena ain wheneveryou meet Glenor or have any interaction with them. You should just refer to himas Mr Posh, so this is Glen Poss from PCG. This Dude Better Answer: Bmr Glen Pash! What's going on pal, hey you I it! This is Michael Serillo!...

OH THAT'S WHA! It is God Din Av, CoerID. Oh, that's right! You're across the border, I'm across the boarder, Hey,listen, I'm putting you on the spot right now. I've got wise men here withme: You're actually live on the dealer. Playbook podcast we're trying somethingelse. We're trying something new here. We've got a question for you, hopingyou can answer for us. Oh a glen, Glen Ro, quick! That's wise man Ater, Ibefore e. absolutely that's why I I I before e,got it all right, so SOMOKAYHERE's the question: You're ready. I guess all right, good, good, okay! Sowhat's the most basic leadership skill someone should implement immediately. I think the best leaders are the bestlisteners. Okay, so listen! LISTEN BEFORE I think! Well again, yes, the best listeners aregoing to either ask a question or astropheback, and then they listen towhat their team has to say or listen to feedback or just listening can also bewatching execution. You know getting feedback before making a decision and Ithink one of the biggest mistakes of leaders when they take over a team orGointo a position of Ausority. They don't ask anybody what went on beforethey took over. They just come in with an idea. I was hired, I'm going toprove my workh to you and sort of a Fli the table over and let's roll withoutinterviewing their team and saying weller successful. Why were yousuccessful and what happened and so why in Mi, her type of thing love? It manappreciate you doing this with us. I mean that was off the cuff and, andthat was that was a power bomb right there. So Glen thanks for thanks forbeing on the show real, quick with us today, no problem guy all right have a goodone AK care later. Okay, so there you haveGlen Pass. I mean talk about. You know these e. These are people that you knowwere friends with. We respect them, but they had no clue. We were calling, sowe drop into Glen and boom right out of the gates. What's a what's theleadership skill that that really works for everyone, it doesn't matter ifyou're Carpro, if you're a new manager, if, if you're a long term, vet generalmanager listening, is so crucial and again it's kind of like what we'retalking about with Fran there. It's one of those well doe, but it's somethingjust the evidence shows that it just doesn't happen so make sure that youseek to listen before you. You seek to be heard. You know in the best way, tokind of prove yourself and prove your worth is to get a good, accuratetemperature reading on all of the different scenarios that you might befacing on a day today basis before you start to take action on them, O all right. So I'm going to go with with the Louisville Chevy Dude, MrMichael Davanport yeah. I mean this guy sells corvetts fromfacebook. This I mean you remember when we hadhim on the show and in the in the closing party he's like Oh hey by theway. While we were doing this interview, I was chatting with somebody and endedup selling a corvette. This guy's a machine- oh L, yeah, I mean tell meabout I mean this: Guy Is our age. My Age and he's got kids. My Age, I meanthe guys, a e. You know he looks younger than you to love them yeah.Well, you look older than me. I know believe it or not everybody. Just forthe record. I am actually older than serilla. I still can't believe it. It'strue all right. So here we go Louisville Chevy do Mike Davon port, it's probably in a mix right now doinga deal...

...hello Mike, Hey Mike ddevinport y. Her me yet hey. What's up man? HeyIt's wise N, an it's wise man, Robert Wyheyli Isten! I got I'm Gonto takejust a few seconds of your time. I got Serillo on here with me. We're actuallydoing something new and we're calling you live on the dealer playbook rightnow we're going to take. Ask You one question and off the cuff we just wantyour ear off the cuff answer. You Ready, Yeh, all right, fired, Aut, IM, Michaelso rellawe're curious to know. What's the what's, the number one follow uptechnique that really works for you to get people back to the dealership text, vessage text message, so you justhit him up in a text message and invite him back Yep. What I what I do is fifteen minutes after the customerleaves my dealership. I send Hem a text message, taking them for stop and byand to also feel free to ask me any questions thatthey haveerything come up and sign up mice. Bockman and then that allowsmultiple things allows them to know that hey want a text message to if all the dealers at you know, fifteenminutes later, where o you think they are therehat another dealer and thenthree out of all the business cards they get they set there and, like youknow what that sills over Bockman text me and H, and it's right there in theirphone and they just Tex Oo back really simple. I Soa Car Sui text message allthe time because of that. I love that. Okay, so thanks so much man, that'sthat's all we got for you, you answered it with a power bomb and I'll. Tell youwhat guys Mike Davinports in beast mode twend for seven. So thanks for thanksfor for answering that for us on the show today, an hey thanks. I appreciate you guysput me to Putn my skill te test. o You got Ouimean, we kept chose a couple keyplayers, man and you were one of them- take care of brother. All right,awesome see guys later by okay. So there I go n another D, it'slike n yeah. I mean today today is the day of done: that's not to suggest thatwhat is being brought to the table isn't supervaluable again. These arethese. Are Things that you can start doing right now to make a massivepositive difference in your career in the automotive industry? And I mean y?U Take it from these power players. They've got the recipe to success. LikeI said, Davenport he's in Bees smode like twenty four seven, and you justheard him sending a text message. Something is simple: As sending a textmessage, fifteen minutes after they've left he's saying he's selling. What didhe say? I don't remember the number, but he saying he's selling a few carsjust from text message. I mean they sell scars through text messaging, allthe time mand and you know what I really liked is a good kkeyoy takeaway.There rather is the fact that you're right think about that that thebusiness cards- okay- like what are you going to do like walk around t, thispocketfool cards, will look. They got your your Info in their phone now yeahesutely, like you know, so they can go right to you so there we have it right there. What'sthat five five pros five people that we respect- and we think the world of thatyou know- are killing it in their sector and that's what thet you. Yougot five little nuggets five different nuggets from each of those guys dudesreall. This was a good time. Man We're gonna, have to do stuff like this alittle bit more often it was kind of fun catching people off guard too, butI mean you know this is. This is why you need to share the dealer Playboupodcast, with with you know your coworkers with your friends who are inthe automotive industry, because where else are you getin, Iyo your managementexactly or if you're a manager share it with your team, because I mean whereelse are you going to get access to? You know the the elite inside of thisindustry, who we can ask the questions...

...on your behalf, and you just get thestraight up answer, so I mean make sure you guys are subscribed to the show atTriplwat, the deer playbookcom. You know itunes stitcher radio. This isthis is what we aime to do for you guys every single week so Robert I mean whatwas your: What was the big takeaway today like who stood out the most foryou today I mean everybody came through like we knew they would yeah,especially off the COUF. I think that I mean it's hard to take one, becausetherre are so many they're all so different. You know the questions wereall different, so it depends on where you know you need your attention andany of those things like. Where do you think you need to work on yourself ator work on, your team, W your team needs to work on, etc, and that's whywe did that array of characters, because everybody e brings somethingelse to the table, love it so make sure you tune into the show notes at triplewthe dealer playbookcom forward, sixty because we're going NA we're going toget you connected with all of the pros that we had on the show today. Alsosomething really exciting. If you can't get enough of the the information thatwe're bringing to the table, make sure that you check out either myself orRobert on periscope we're going to start banging that out regularly youcan you can you can check us out on pariscope just by searching for atMichael, a Serillo or at Robert Wisman, and that's I before e right beforeHeyou Bet. So that's it guys thanks so much for listening to the show, we'reso glad you're. Here, don't forget to leave us a review on itunes. We wouldabsolutely appreciate it, but until next time we'll talk to you soon later.

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