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A Rant About Relationships In Business


Can you believe we've already been together for 70 episodes?!? Crazy, right?

In episode 70 of DPB, Michael brings you powerful advice that will help you thrive in your automotive career. What starts as a valid question, turns into a bit of a rant, but ultimately, those that listen to this episode and take the advice will find lasting, sustainable success.

Michael kicks off the show by asking a question. Why are you in business?

During a recent speaking engagement, Michael asked this same question to the audience. They answered much the same way anybody else might. 

"To make more money!" or "To sell more cars!"

While those are definitely good reasons, Michael suggests it goes a layer deeper.


BRT = Build Relationships of Trust

People do business with those that they both like and trust. If you don't work to have incredible, trusting relationships with your customers and community, how do you expect them to want to do business with you?

This is a challenge that many automotive sales professionals face. They struggle to build strong enough relationships with people, and that could be contributing to why sales aren't as plentiful as they could be.

That's not to suggest that the sales professional is entirely at fault.

This is where the rant begins...


Mass Media Perpetuates the Negative View of Dealers

While there certainly are some dealers who have earned the negativity, it's not right to peg all dealers as shady and as con artists. Yet there are still so many articles and publications that suggest to the general population that they should be worried about dealing with you because you're not interested in them.

While the media really grinds Michael's gears in that regard, he suggests that it can be used as leverage to paint a happier picture for dealers.

Look at Jack in The Box. In this episode, Michael didn't have all the stats in front of him when he mentioned that their food killed someone. It was worse than that! 

171 people were hospitalized with E. Coli poisoning, four children left dead. It has been referred to as the "Pearl Harbor" of the food industry!

Jack in The Box took that negative situation and turned it into a growing reputation. That's because they understood that when there is a problem, they have the power to fix it.

While dealers haven't had to deal with a situation as horrible as that, the negativity that surrounds dealers is pretty bad. Luckily, you have the power to fix it. To turn things around and prove to your market why you're different.


Mission Statement and Core Values

Does your dealership have a mission statement and core values? If so, do you know what they are? Have you bought into them? 

A set of strong core values and a thoughtful mission statement can be a great first step to differentiating your store from the competition. Especially if everyone on your team is aware and buys into them.


Money is the natural byproduct of being human!

If your definition of success is predicated upon money alone, you're in for a long haul! The money will come naturally as you seek to enrich and enhance the life of those you serve.


You Know The Drill, Now It’s Your Turn

The whole team at DPB can not thank you enough for all the support and love you have been giving us.

Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different, we want to hear your voice.

Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and let’s keep this conversation going.

See you next time 


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This is the dealer playbook. Heythere, what's going on? This is the dealer playbook podcast, episode numberseventy. Can you believe that episode seventy, bringing creative strategies for you, today'sadvanced automotive professionals. What's going on? I'm Michael Cirillo and I could notbe joined by my partner in crime, Robert Wiseman. He really really wisheshe could be here, but wanted to send a quick hello to everybodylistening. And guys, can you believe? Seventy episodes of the dealer playbook andwe couldn't be more excited to continue lining up some incredible guests to bringyou actionable insights and intelligence to take your career in the automotive industry to thenext level. Man, it's all about thriving, not just surviving. Thereis so much that we can be doing inside of this incredible industry. Nowthe dealer playbook, we are you know, team dpb is excited because we havebeen working on some really cool stuff that we want to tell you abouthere really quickly. The first thing is the launch of our brand new website. We have, you know, just been heads down redesigning our website experiencefor those of you that visit it. Thank you so much to those ofyou that do. We've just jampacked this thing, man, with goodies,freebees, insights, tips, trick strategies, you name it, to really helpempower and you guys listening in and also, you know, because wewant it to be a real good supplemental resource to the show that you guysare listening into every week. Go check it out. Triple w dot thedealer playbookcom. It's really exciting and Oh so beautiful. Yes, that's right, beautiful. Let us know what you think. Visit US on facebook.You can check out our facebook page. Would love to hear some feedback fromyou and any suggestions that you guys have about what you think might work,you know, better on the new website, but we've been heads down working onthat to bring to you guys also. Hey, listen, man, we'rereally excited because we have been asked... fly across the pond. Yeah, that's right, man. We are super pumped because we've been asked andinvited to the digital card dealer workshop hosted by Paul de Friche who, ifyou guys recall, has been a past guest to the show, all theway in Amsterdam. Can you believe this? We are leaving. You know fromtoday's air date, we are actually leaving, heading on a jet plane. Man Like two weeks from now, we're going to be flying to Amsterdamto participate in a couple days of intensive workshops. So shout out to Paul. Thank you so much for inviting us to that that event. It's goingto be phenomenal. We're super excited and definitely we're going to be filling youguys in. Check us out on instagram and facebook, where we're going tobe posting a lot of pictures and content from our visit to Amsterdam. Allright, so for today's episode, it is me, myself and I,and I'm going to do my best to drop some power bombs on everybody listeningin, but before we do, let's just take a quick break and justgroove out for a second. Here we go. Okay, so we wantedto bring you valuable information as much as we possibly could. We've got youso used to the nuggets in the power bombs. I really hope I don'tlet everybody down, but I want to talk to you today about a topicthat I think is just so vitally important. Not only is it going to helpyou in your digital marketing efforts and your regular traditional marketing efforts, butit's really going to help you take your business and your career to the nextlevel. It's about thriving, not just surviving, and so I want toshare some insights with you about a topic that I've really just been stuck onfor quite some time and hopefully you take some power bombs and nuggets away fromthis that will help you in your career in automotive well, recently I wasspeaking at an event in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I posed a questionto the group of dealers and sales professionals...

...that I was speaking with. Isimply asked why are you in business, and there was a bit of apause, but it triggered such a phenomenal conversation amongst the group that I wantedto let you in on it and also share some of my thoughts with younow. As you can imagine, the responses were, you know, prettystandard, something that you would expect. If you had to stop and thinkfor yourself right now, it would to and answer that question. What wouldyou what would the answer be? So why are you in business? Well, there were some. While we're in business sell more cars, to makemore money, to push more products, to all those sorts of things,and while that's not wrong, because none of us are running charities, I'dsubmit that we need to go a layer deeper. So take a minute,pause, if you have to, and think to yourself. Why are youin business? Why do you do the things that you do? Why doyou get out of bed in the morning? Why do you roll into work?Why do you put in an honest effort at work? Is it allfor you to enhance your life? Is it all for the dealer? Areyou there just to make somebody else rich? Because we know there's a lot ofpeople that feel that way. Why are you in business? Why doyou go to generate an income? Well, I'd submit that if money and sellingand pushing products is the reason why you're in business, it's going totake you a long time to get to where you want to go in life. If financial freedom is really what you're after, if creating a phenomenal,happy life is what you're after, I would submit to you that the pursuitof money, if success for you is predicated upon money alone, buckle up, man, you're in for a long haul. So what I submitted tothe group is that the first priority for being in business is to enhance andenrich somebody's life. Now put that in context, because those of you thathave listened to the show before have heard... say probably a dozen times onvarious, you know, varying episodes. It's about being valuable to somebody,not worthless to everybody. So I'm providing a little bit more context behind thatphrase right now. See, business is about enriching and enhancing somebody's life.And think about the connection there. It's not about trying to enhance everybody's lifebecause everybody, no, not everybody, has the same exact problems. Andso how do you enrich and enhance somebody's life? How do you get intothe lives of your target audience and enhancing enrich their life? While you simplydo it by getting to know them, identifying their problem, you notice Ididn't put a plural on that, identifying their problem that you can solve,and then by empowering them through content and through your actions and interactions to becomebig, eager and better and more hopeful than when they first came to you, and this is a really tricky thing because it really comes down to needingto understand human behavior, of which I would suggest reading how to win friendsand influence people, which has changed my life in my career. I've readthat book by Far More Times than any other book that I own because itshares such phenomenal information about human to human interaction. But I submit that beingin business to enrich and enhance somebody's life, to solve their problem, will getyou to where you want to go so much quicker than if you wereto pursue money alone. Now, part of enriching and enhancing somebody's life isto build trust. You've heard you've heard US talk about this on previous episodesof the show. Build relationships of trust, because people do business with other peoplethat they both like and trust. And if they don't trust you andif they don't have a relationship with you,...

...they're never, ever, ever goingto feel comfortable giving you their money. But if you go the approach ofputting out information and building awareness and having interactions with your potential customers andthe community, that will enrich and enhance their life. How how fast youthink that word will travel? You know we talk all about in the industry, about reputation and being involved in the community. Well, imagine how quicklyyour reputation will, or your perceived reputation will increase when you go out ofyour way to help people, not just pitch, not just, you know, sell products. Now there's something that really kind of burdens me, itfrustrates the crap out of me, and that is seeing articles online, youknow, whether it's Forbes or mashable or entrepreneurcom or whatever, you know,Time magazine, and you know you've probably seen articles like this where they talkabout how to negotiate with a car dealer, and the gist of these, Imean you can google them, but the gist of all of these articlesthat I found on the topic really come down to treating the dealer like theirpieces of crap, and that, I mean that, really drives me insanebecause it perpetuates this massive problem that we have in the industry, which isthe stigma or the negative connotation that comes along with being a card dealer.Well, I submit to you that the automotive industry is one of the mostpowerful and one of the most progressive and one of the most phenomenal industries onthe planet. It's filled with thousands upon thousands upon thousands of individuals who areseeking to make improvements in their life. I know because I see it,Robert, and I know because we hear from a lot of you, andit's just so incredible how many of you are really straight driving and really concernedabout how to create better experiences for the people that you serve. To justsee these articles online that basically, you...

...know, allude to the fact thatyou're going to be shady and allude to the fact that you're going to usesome crazy, like terroristic, you know, negotiation tactic and that you're not outfor their best interests. Now, don't get me wrong, there aredefinitely some dealers that need to work on this stuff, but it's wrong topeg all of us as a whole in this industry, as you know,not not, you know, looking for the best interests of those people thatwe serve. But this causes the problem, it perpetuates the problem, it whatit's what keeps causing people to not trust us and to not believe whatwe say and to treat us like crap. Well, while that is negative forsure, and while that's a problem, it shouldn't remove the fact that thebest way to achieve success, true lasting success, is to enrich andenhance somebody's life, while it's really difficult to enrich and enhance the life ofsomebody who hates you without getting to know you. I agree. But here'swhat I'd submit to you. While things certainly appear to be negative and whilepeople still kind of are, you know, uninformed about car dealers as a wholeand they believe that we're kind of scumbags, which drives me insane,it also presents a pretty freaking powerful opportunity for us to prove them wrong.Now, hear me out. Think about you probably remember this. You rememberback in the day, I don't know, maybe twenty to twenty five years ago, Jack in the box, the fast food chain, somebody actually diedbecause of the the mad cow disease or, you know, some like rogue,like nuclear infested piece of beef for something. This this individual died.Now, I'm not trying to make light of the situation. It's certainly really, really bad, but what happened after that? Jack in the box couldhave crumbled. They could have said,...

...well, where the fast food jointthat kills people, like our food is so disgusting that that somebody has diedfrom eating it. I mean, you can't get, you really can't get, a worse reputation than that, I think you'd agree. But what didthey do? They took it as an opportunity to prove that that's not whothey are as a whole and that they can be trusted and that they do, you know, create food that is safe and is edible and that wouldn'tkill you. And what they did is they started a campaign whereby, youknow, they brought in people to make sure that their restaurants were the cleanestin the industry and that their kitchen processes were to the point where, youknow, there were no there were no leaks in the process and that theirkitchens were the cleanest in the industry. And to this day, Jack inthe box has really turned themselves around and and now a lot of people realize, because of the opportunity they took to prove the industry wrong and to provethe market wrong, that they can be trusted. And so I'm kind ofsubmitting the same thing here. I think while you know, mass media stillcertainly tries to paint car dealers and car professionals in a negative light. Thatgives us the opportunity we need to prove them wrong. In most instances,though, I think we just kind of sit around and we don't really demonstratewhy we can be trusted and we kind of contribute to the problem. Andso shifting things and not being so concerned about money first and not being soconcerned about the sales pitch first, but being more concerned about whether or notwe've empowered somebody to make an informed purchase decision and whether or not we've enrichedthem and left them better than when they first came to us. And ifour focus is on building relationships of trust, money is the natural byproduct because,again, people do business with people...

...they both like and trust. Sohow can we do this? How can we leverage this? How can wemark it that were different? Here's a couple of suggestions I have for you. The first do you know what your company's mission statement is? Does yourcompany even have a mission statement and, if it does, do you knowwhere it's located? And, if you do, does everybody on your teamknow what your dealership's mission statement is? If not, this is a perfectopportunity to first and foremost, make sure your entire team has bought into themission. The second thing I do is I would be running a series ofcreative campaigns, whether on instagram or facebook or twitter, that demonstrate how ourmission statement comes to fruition. The next thing is I'd be considering the corporateor dealership core values. Now, to give you some insights, my agencyis so invested in our core values that we actually hire our team first basedupon compatibility to the core values. And they're not, you know, mindnumbing and mind blowing and and you know. But we also didn't take them fromGoogle either, or Google, you know, cool core values that makepeople feel warm and fuzzy. These are just things that we truly believed in, things like long term relationships, striving for excellence, creating awesome there's alwaysmore to learn. Right. positivity, no negativity. Allow that sort ofa thing be positive. We hire on compatibility to those core values before anythingelse, because we believe that that's something that can make us truly unique.And listen, as a vendor, quote unquote vendor, that's a whole otherepisode. We kind of struggle with the same problem because the same light,the that same negative light that the general population paints car dealers is also kindof the same way card dealers paint vendors, which is a shame. And sothere's an opportunity for us, as...

...there is for you, to reallyinvest in the core values and make sure again, that your entire team isbought into them and that they're compatible with them. Because, you see,while your competitors have no clue what their mission statement is, let alone hireaccording to it and let alone let anybody know what it is. And,as well as the core values, you have an opportunity to start letting peopleinside your dealership and sharing with them the things that you find important. WillImagine if, similar to my agency, one of your core values is longterm relationships? Well, that doesn't really sound like a value or a charactertrait as much as it does embody and resemble the fact that we are goingto do anything and everything ethically in our power to make sure that you arebeyond thrilled with us. We often talk about how the proof of ability isin results. Well, that goes for your dealership as well, and wewouldn't care about having long term relationships if what we did kind of sucked,if we didn't provide good experiences in those sorts of things, and so italso acts as kind of a North Star for us to cross reference our actions, interactions and relationship building to that core value to make sure that we're onon track. So think about your mission statement and, if you don't haveone, create one. Think about your core values and, if you don'thave any, create them and make sure that everyone on your team knows themand make sure that you start marketing them, that they become you and that everythingthat flows out from you is incompatibility with who you are as a companyand as individuals. This is an incredibly powerful and fast way to start differentiating, because while the the the general population, keeps thinking that you're the shady characters, you can start demonstrating exactly and precisely why you aren't. And wetalk a lot about this. I talked...

...about it in my book. Don'twait. Dominate how these these small problems or these big problems, though perpetuated, can be resolved quite quickly. If you are the first one to standup, you'll quickly rise above the clutter because you'll be demonstrating how you're different, not the same. I hope this really makes sense and I hope youguys are finding value from this. And again, to sum it all up, here's what I would say. First, figure out why you're in business,and I would suggest that you should be in business to enrich and enhancesomebody's life. Be Valuable to somebody, not worthless to everybody. Think aboutbuilding relationships of trust and how far that can go. Think about how,if success is predicated upon money alone, for you it's going to be areally, really long road. But if any inkling of happiness is built intoyour definition of success, I submit that the fastest way for that to happenis to help other people find success. Stop paying attention to the crap that'sbeing published about us in the industry, from Forbes, immashable on all theseother, you know, companies that want to keep painting you in a negativelight, and use it as a springboard, as a launch pad, as aplatform to demonstrate why you are truly unique. And you can do thatby having a mission statement that your whole team buys into and by having corevalues that you hire based compatible to. And the last thing to all ofthis is that money is the natural byproduct of enriching and enhancing somebody's life,solving their problems, your reputation in your market will increase and you will foreverown the differentiator, meaning you will forever be the first dealership in your consumersand in your markets mind that will be known for changing the way people perceiveyou. Be Human, be valuable,...

...over deliver value always, and youwill begin to rise to the top. Guys, I hope that brought youso much value. I hope there were some power bombs and nuggets in therethat you can apply to your dealership. Listen. Thank you so much forcontinuing to join us and and and, you know, interacting with us onfacebook and instagram and twitter. We absolutely love hearing from you. Guys.Were so excited to be able to do this show each week for you.We love your feedback. Don't forget to hit us up, you know,on facebook or twitter, give a show suggestions if there's a topic you wantto learn more about or if there's a guest that you think would be agreat fit for the show, and also check out the show notes at triplew dot the dealer Playbookcom, where we have free gifts that would like togive away to you guys. Free information that's going to help you rise abovethe clutter and thrive online. That's it for me. Thanks so much forlistening, and we'll hit you guys again next week and until then, bepowerful. Catch you later.

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