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Episode 2 · 8 years ago

Craig Lockerd: Recruiting Tips for Automotive Dealerships


The Dealer Playbook Episode 2


If you want to pack your dealership with elite professionals, there’s no way to cut corners on building a disciplined recruitment strategy. Hiring someone who doesn’t fit your dealership culture or who isn’t qualified hurts your team. You’re only as strong as your weakest player.


Craig Lockerd is a top expert when it comes to automotive recruiting. His professional recruiting company, Automax Recruiting, is the industry's number one source for finding and hiring quality people to add to your dealership team.


In this dose of the Dealer Playbook, recruiting expert Craig Lockerd reveals some key recruiting strategies. Craig discusses every step of the recruiting process, from the interview, right down to actionable tips on how to sift out the good applicants from the bad ones.


In Craig’s 15+ years of recruiting experience, he’s seen way too many auto dealers tailoring the interview process around their applicants, instead of creating a rigid interview process that’s right for their dealership and sticking to it.


But before the interview can happen, you need to know how to get qualified resumes in your hand. Craig discusses some universal “super strategies” that any dealership could start implementing to increase ROI on their recruiting efforts, including shaping your initial ‘help wanted’ ad to bring in more motivated individuals.


For more on how to turn up the volume on your hiring efforts, check out Craig’s Automax Recruiting website.


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You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. All right, everybody, what's going on? This is Michael Cirillo and Robert Wiseman with the dealer playbook. A Robert, how are you? A Michael? What's going on? Hello, everybody, thanks for being here. I am so excited about today's episode. We have Craig Lockhard, who is, you know, really goes without an introduction, but he's the nation's leading expert for automotive recruiting and sales training and and before we get to him, if you haven't had a chance to listen to our previous episode, I would I'd encourage you to do that. We've talked a lot about creating a culture inside the dealership and one of the key points that came out of that was how to recruit the right people. So this is a perfect follow up to that episode. I'd encourage you to go back and check it out. Robert, you have had a lot of association over the years with Craig. What can you tell us about him? That's just going to really set the stage for this episode. Well, when it comes to just the whole the industry and its hole, that that Craig is as passionate about it as you and I as any of you out there. He really, really is really progressive for somebody that's that's been in it as long as he as and he really understands that what we need to do, how we need to really adapt to capture more elite people, more people that are gonna be in it for the long haul, and just professionals. I mean he's about creating professional and solutions, not temporary plugs to your leaking ship of people, and this that he's about creating long term, you know, employees, so to speak, for any aspect of the dealership. But I've had hours and hours of conversations with him at numerous conferences and this guy's great. I mean he knows it in and out of love talking to me as some great visions for dealers on how to really capture true professionals and, most importantly, keep them happy and keep them as ambassadors of Your Business and of your brand. This guy, this guy's got it and you had mentioned he. He is the WHO's who of automotive recruit of it, recruiting and sales training. He speaks literally at every single conference about this topic and the thing I think I love most about how he presents is that he's really giving valuable information. So I'm looking forward to to, you know, asking him some questions and hearing what you have to ask him and seeing how he responds. But guaranteed those of you who are listening in today are going to be walking away with some just super valuable insights into how, like you said, Robert, not to just patch up a leaking ship but to create long term sustainable recruit exactly solution. I don't care what department or what your position is in the auto dealership. I know...

...we have a lot of sales people that are that are in the trenches, on the front line, that that download the podcast, and then we have dealer principles GM's. Whatever position you are, there was value to be to be gained here for the simple fact that you can pass this information onto to your superiors or just for you to know yourself, for you to know how to be that model employee and to be that rock star, because that's what you know. You go in there and you do you focus, you do your job, people are going to notice and exactly he's and I mean not even being on the dealership level myself, but I'm looking forward to hearing this guy speak at Internet sales twenty group in Atlantic City in April because I'm confident every time I've listened to him speak there's been just so many valuable insights that apply to any business in bringing in the right people. And again, our last our last episode that we recorded was all about how to create that digital culture or that that internal culture for the dealership. And again one of the main points was bringing in the right people, bringing in people that are going to be able to be brand ambassadors who are going to convey the right message to the public so that the bottom line of creating an atmosphere that people want to purchase vehicles in is going to be there. Exactly. It all starts from the back end for it to pass over and leak through to the front end where your customers, guess, etc. They're gonna they're going to feel the wow. But yeah, if you didn't get that podcast, go to the dealer playbookcom. You can download it. They're also itunes situated wherever you like. The roll they got. You know, they have it for you. They're so awesome. Let's let's, let's go. You ready to get started with him? Anything else? My yeah, let's know. I think that's it. Let's just jump right into the interview, right. So, like we said, guys, Craig Lockhard from automax recruiting, number one automotive recruiting and training organization in the country. Here we go. Okay, and we are here, guys, with my good friend and automotive recruiting expert, Craig lockward. Craig Man, thank you so much for coming on and it's good to talk to you. Well, it's good to talk to you, guys. I appreciate it very much. It's not a promise, not a problem. So, like we said earlier, guys, Craig is his his team and outfit is, you know, the the best in the business when it comes to recruiting in this industry and, like we said in the past, past episode, Craig, I don't know if you have to catch actually at this time recording this. I know you didn't get the catch this yet, that catch that episode yet. But we talked a lot about the importance of the culture in the dealership on the back end, meaning internally, for not just the in the recruitment stages, but just for the whole basic clee. The the whole dealership in a nutshell, meaning that it starts, and this is a conversation you have, I've had, where it starts from one...

...and goes down, that everybody needs to be on the same page and there needs to be a certain culture and you know, mantra, I guess you could say that everybody should be on in order for it to then carry over to the Front End Meeting to the consumers. That being said, we touched a lot on the recruitment aspect of it and how the problem is a lot of dealers, and I think you could second this, have the notion that a body is better than nobody, and that's fortunately, that's true of you and that's unfortunate for this industry and what makes people have such a negative perception on it, for either employment purposes or for confirm a consumer standpoint, because you're working with nonprofessional, non trained people. So that's correct. This is I think this is a good one. That just to go to roll into what for a dealership. You know that that doesn't have necessarily somebody like you or your team there that that's one hundred percent focus and dedicated to the recruitment, to the interviewing process. What some of the some tips that you could that a dealer could use for, you know, I guess, to interview? You know, for the interview. Let's say they got some people coming and they got some applicants. I mean, what are some great ways that you can easily filter out, you know, some of the things that already should be on the bottom of the pile? And he's like easy suggestions? Yeah, that that's an excellent question. And and really that's almost not the end of the recruitment process, because we then you want to get them through hr and that's that maybe as a whole other discussion, because sometimes it's people have to wait, you know, a week, ten days before they actually start to work after they've been selected to work. But the interview process, we've found over the sixteen years we've done this and we've done twelve thousand six hundred and some recruiting campaign so we have a certain idea what works and what doesn't in regard to the interview. What we find happens at dealerships most often is they kind of tailor the interview to the applicant, to the applicants work history to the applicants, sex to the applicants, nationality to the applicants, geographic location, what they previously did their education with have you that interviews is different every single time. So there's no way to truly gage, judge, if you would, one person versus the another for the open position at the dealership. So what's of paramount importance is that interview has to be, and I when I say work, for word. It literally has to be word forward. A Yes, scripted interview that you will interview every single applicant for, whether it being certain us in service, obviously you would have a different interview than you would in sales or different in me for the administrative office or what have you, or for management, but thee but whatever position you're interviewing...

...for, it's got to be the eject same one, robbert. It can't be you know, hey, dude, you know. Why do you work nine jobs in the last three years? You know and or you know serve. What did you like about your former job and what didn't you like? It's got to be the exact same interview person after person after person. So at the end of that you can score them, great them, take a look at them and have a real good idea how they answer the questions to that specific scripted interview makes sense done. That makes one hundred percent sense. Michael. Anything you want to add to that? Yeah, so I'm curious to know, because we're talking about this this traditional sense of a body is better than anybody you're or better than nobody. How you know? What would you say to the dealer principle, or the general manager who's kind of in charge of this hiring process met, you know, if they are asking the same questions and there's going to be a bit of time there before, like Robert and I have said, the cream rises to the top. What do you say to the person in charge of hiring to help kind of buy them sometimes so that it's not as overwhelming, so that they can, you know, give themselves or alleviate the pressure of not having to find somebody rate this moment if those interview e's don't check out. So, in other words, when they need staffing and how exactly that okay in this is it. We probably don't have enough time for me to go into this whole idea, because it's let me just share this with you. You're so right, Michael. Did dealers typically make decisions on what we hear when we get to call into the office or what happening someone, someone reaches out to retain our services. will ask them how many, how many committed, well trained people do you need on your clump floor or in your BTC Department or in your service depart what happen? And a lot of times they'll in they'll say a number. Well, we need free and we'll ask them, how do you arrive at that number? And this is I'm not kidding, this is not meant, not meant to be a joke, but it is relatively funny. We've heard this is what we hear most often. Well, that's how many deaths we have available. Yeah, or that's what we typically run with. Now this should just really I mean to say that out loud. That's what we typically run with, or that's how many doesth we have available. There's nothing, there's no way to grow your business based on available chairs or what we've typically run with. That's just doesn't make any economic sense. So what we subscribe to and really try to push is a is just a firm basic economic clock, the law diminishing return and it's just a matter of finding a point where...

...your input, input the number of employees, will increase or will equal your output. Will increase your output rather. That's the first stage. The second stage is where your input, the number of employees that you hire, put in a certain spot in your dealership where it will equal the output. Now it will start to diminish. Your return, your output will start to diminish at a certain point of bringing people on. It's at that point where you want to stop. You don't want to it will kill the culture which we alluded to earlier. It'll just store morale that gets into that flooding the floor mentality. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about using a sheer numbers, looking at your statement, looking at the productivity of each employee, whether it be a tech somebody in the body shop, somebody on a floor, somebody in your beadship, Bebr and your BBC Internet sales forces, doesn't matter. But we're at what point does that return on putting plugging another trained professional into that position and when there's your way to return to start to diminish and when you see that, that's when you stop. That's when you know you have a quote unquote, enough talent in your dealership. But I don't think dealers for the most part are anywhere near that figure because they'll do it by we have an additional inmentory or traffic seems to be up, so we'll plug some more people and we have available desk. So that's what we've always run with and we a few guys. That just doesn't make any sense. There's just no economic sense to it. I do so that that I mean, yeah, there has to be a formula, but is it behind anything? I mean, you're right, your input is going to equal the output. Well, what is to go? Let me go one step further with that, and you've mentioned the word formulae. I'll go through this quick. A lot of good dealers and there's always been a formula around a certain if you know, a salesperson or Internet person or a BBC Degd are can handle so many people. survisor contains to handle way up so many people during the course of the day. But WHO's keeping track? You know who's I mean how you know who's entering the information of the CREM who? What is the real traffic count. So if I'm a dealer principle, the only traffic count that I'm going to rely on one hundred percent is our my in me being out on that floor to you know, every single hour of the stores. Oh, but otherwise I don't believe the traffic count, so I can't really use that as a formula to know when I need to put on more people. Okay, yeah, it's of our opinion. Yeah, so, okay. So going around for the dealers and being in the amount of dealerships that you've seen it, just watching and watching the activity, looking at the numbers, talking to them. Are More dealerships over or under staffed? Forget quality, we're talking just bodies right now. We already know the answer to the quality issue there, but it's a no brainer. The vast majority understaff now,...

...and I think part of the reason is because we're still leary of what happened in light no nine, and I think that really stops dealer from and maybe rightfully show in some areas of you know, I don't want to, you know, raise my expenses. You know I want to, I want to stand line. I don't want I don't want what happened in before happen again. So I think that has a lot to do with it. But on the other hand, now there's less dealers, now is the time for dealers to really put to travel down and dominate their market places in the only way. You couldn't be able to do you could have the best promotion, you can have the best product, you can have ridiculously wonderful processes, but if you don't have the talent for the people, forget who take care of all that, you're screwed. You're never going to dominate your market. Just not going to happen, most definitely. All right, so here's one for you, because on the first one went into about the actually interviewing and your one hundred percent right. That is the lower part of that funnel, so to speak. Because so, as dealers, big part is with our with our online process, what we're doing is our writing, our ads on our vehicles and R V, developing our vdps to be, you know, superb, but when in fact it should all start with the process of how we're going out there to get our people. I mean that should be there. The time that you spend in that and I never sat back and thought about, Oh man, the writing of a ad or where to place the AD. Is it? What? Where would you suggest? Let's say you're one deal you're going to do one at or I mean you can choose one platform, while where do you place it? What kind of frequencies? I really don't know how those, those platforms really work. And is there any kind of keywords or caused to actions or any things that you see that that return just just give better results than others? I mean, obviously, again, just that's an over the top great question. Let's start with the job title. Here's often what happens in a mistake that dealers make. What are some of the you guys are asking you the question. What are some of the titles that are given to for sales people at a dealership? Just give me one other sales consult and leasing consultant, client advise or sales professional, Scott. Yeah, I mean and on and on. Right. Yeah, well, here's what happens. Here's the way search works and or more people are going to google to search jobs than they are the the actual job boards. cur build a monster and what have you. So the way that Google reads this thing out, in the way their analytics work, is this that the job title. Excuse me, that you post for the open position at your dealership can't be necessarily what you call those people in house, because that the way that all these analytics work, the job boards and everything, which I...

...can get into an amended answer the second part of your question. They quote unquote. Read that resume and if a in the number one in terms of salespeople, let's just use that one. When someone makes their resume out, they don't say call themselves a sales consultant, they don't call themselves a product specialists, they call themselves a sales representative or sales rep so, consequently, that's what you want to title your ad with. You'll have you'll be more relevant and you'll have a better chance of that applicant finding your job strictly because of the job title. Is it makes sense you probing one on? Yeah, so basically you're reaching out to google first to make sure Google understands what is actually being presented there so that the people searching for it can confine it in leave in terms of and I think Robert and I were actually having a conversation about that and I have a conversations about this with my team. You know, and talking Seo. Most typically we find that the things that or the terminology that we use inside the dealership isn't what the General I look is looking for. Without it right, without a doubt. Right. Yeah, so, Craig, second in this second part of that. So where do these okay, so I'm going to post an AD. Where do I want? I want to get wrong, I want to get some an awesome rock star, you know what I mean. Team are I want to pay to them. I want to get in their face. We're where do you say? You're saying to Google. So where we posting? Where do you write to tell these people to post this right now? Of course, a lot's going to depend on the position. You know, if I'm looking for executive, well, person I probably want to go linked in or ladders or something very sure. But whatever everything else. I'm going to group a couple of these together and then going to give you a little different idea. For dealers that they can douce right now cost them a lot less money. They can go to career builder, spend three or four hundred dollars and have some success. They can do the same thing with monster for about the same money. But here's something that every single dealer has and with an hour and a half from their webmaster they can have amazing results. Indeedcom is actually the number one job board in the world. Number five or six is simply hired. They're called job aggregators. They're not actually a job board. You can't call indeed right now and say hey, I want to put a add up for Internet sales people. They pull the job or aggregate the job from another job board. Is an example. Monster and career builder paid indeed to post their jobs on indeed site. So we have a couple of our own job boards and they we set up a budget. It's paid per click situation. So your total control of your budget for that particular higher. Now all dealers have a website, right, and a lot of dealers on a website somewhere on the... is going to say job opportunities, a career tab or what have you, and they'll post the job there. Well, that's fine, but what are people coming to dealers websites stot for our certain specials and and and an availability of a vehicle and what else? They're not going there to look for a job. So with some very simple coding, the webmaster whoever takes care of their their website can turn their job tab, if you would, or career opportunity portion of their website, into an actual job board. Then they can contact indeedcom or simply hired and had those open positions pulled from their website. And then they pay per click. And then in there some there's a there's a lot of data that goes into that. It ends up costing you of the sweet spot would be somewhere around they call them conversions but they're actually applicants. If you can get about, get your conversion rate to about ten dollars per application, that's kind of a sweet spot. We're considered with less in that, but we'll do such a large volume if it kind of skews the numbers. But but a dealership by dealership basis, if they can get to the you know, an applicant for eight to ten an applicant that way, it's just awesome. Now think of this. So they're going to be able to get there, going to be able to get there. Some employees there. So if they put together a budget for sales people, they want three or four sales and then they want to pick those three or four from fifteen or twenty people. If you're ten bucks are shot and you get twenty applicants. You know, I mean you're talking about two hundred dollars. It's like ridiculously cheap money. Now that can be adjusted higher lobe depending on the budget you put per click, you know, seventy five cents or a dollar per click, whatever, whatever the case might be. But the people, they're going to be multiples of impressions that are going to be shown up on indeed or simply hired. So some of that traffic might come back to your site because it'll all direct back to your website, to the deals website, so that's where they'll apply it. So you're forcing the applicant to come back to your website and see something maybe there that they've ever seen before. So it's really twofold. You get an applicant and you also have people looking at your website that maybe never looked there before. So it's it's a win win. Doors just yellows that way. Yes, anything I love about this as we're talking technology and and any time we can talk technology. I mean we could go on on that just for three or four episodes. I think that right. There was that's a nugget right there. We got isn't add up right now. Guys, I mean ay the dealers out there, I mean, Craig, that one is that's I mean, that's all where you're seeing your best and I love how they call the applicants conversions. That's the I love. That's the bomb. Right. So what do they that's where you're...

...seeing the best activity right now. Well, yeah, for us it's huge. It's the numbers are off the charts, but in price wise, between them and I'm sorry to cut you off, between them and them doing the monsters and the career builders, etc. Like that. I mean, are we talking a hut? A big dollar difference between the two? Three thousand two, thirty five percent less that are well, can't beat that. So so we're really talking about how, you know, if dealers want to really get the most out of this, at least in this phase of the hiring funnel, they really do need to embrace technology, they need to get online and they need to make, you know, full use of the resources available, which kind of leads me into another question here for you, Craig. We've talked about the interview process us, which is during the end of the funnel or the hiring process. We've talked about how to get people in the door. What would you say in your observation, for the dealership getting started, what's the single biggest mistake that dealerships are making in the recruiting process? A grand we have what's over. It has stop a greg real quick. But before you answer that one, how about the one that I love when you say it is they don't hire that female because she's too hot. Right, because they're worried about the other guys. You know, I didn't mean once she would probably kill it on the floor. Yeah, they're that's exactly right, from both your and if I would have to pinpoint one major issue that is happens in the majority of dealships, not all of them, but in the majority of the dealerships, is a lack of diversity on the shore own floor, in our opinion, and it's just I mean this is a no brainer. Again, this is a say it out loud thing to have. It makes sense. When you walk in your showroom floor and you count your traffic, don't just count your traffic, take a look at the human being that's walking in your door. The diversity of your client face, why in the world would you not want that's same or similar diversity in your sale staff, in your beauty we see in your Internet Department, at the service desk, at your parts connect. I can't see anything. I just I fail to understand why, why a dealer wouldn't want that same diversion. kind of a kind of a no brainer. It's kind of now the crm companies in these old your your up charts and stuff. They should maybe have a little bit more information to check off in there when you're doing that, because because I think that's and I think that's I don't see anything ethically wrong with that either. I mean that's just strategizing based off of the customer base that you're appealing to. So try to create that environment that's going to appeal back to them. It only makes sense. That's right. The like right from... You know, I'm sixty two years old. If I walk into a cattle a dealership and you put a twenty two year old kids in front of me, that's going to be troublesome. It's just you know, and I you know I have children a little older than that, but you know I you know I want you give me a mature person, man or woman, doesn't matter, but put somebody in front of me that I feel more comfortable with if I'm a woman. You know, maybe that's the way to go, you know. And Robert, you brought up women, and it's you know, that is a real problem. We hear it way too often. You know, we know, we you know. Don't put any women in your class. What do you mean? We done? We can't have any woman here? Why? Yeah, we got shut ones. That's you do problem and that, yeah, pactly. That's the type of thing that will get Craig. That's the type of thing right that comment right there from a story you told me one time. I won't go into. That's type of thing that you can will fight that. You'll fire a client for that guy stuff before right there. They give that well and and I feel like of everything we've discussed today, there's been some incredible, you know, powerful insights from you, Craig, and I think this one, you know, about having diversity at the dealership, this one is probably, in my opinion, the one that will give dealerships the most immediate results on their on their bottom line. Something that I talked about is how we, you know, dealerships need to segment their market so that we know who we're speaking to and we know what to speak to them about. And I feel, like you know, having having the right individual and place, like you mentioned, not having a twenty two year old kid trying to pitch to you at sixty two in a cadillac dealership, but having somebody who can relate to you. After all, people purchase vehicles, products and services from people that they both like and trust, and so that is really a no brainer. Yep, definitely awesome. Well, listen, I don't want to Craig, I know you're super busy man. We just wanted to, you know, get in and give a cool and I think that there's plenty right there. We will definitely, hopefully you will allow, you know, give us some time again in the future. Come back long we can go a little bit deeper into a lot of these a lot of these things is there are so much more on their there, but I we like to keep these things short and sweet, and I'll tell you what. They have instant actions that can be taken right now that you drop that that I mean, I think that would see instant results. Just like Michael said, right there I mean that's kind of a no brainer to you know, approach to it and do. If I'm in, if I'm a dealer, I'm going to get right on that because it only makes sense. It's it's getting that, it's chasing, like I was saying earlier with Michael, the low hanging fruit. You know what I mean. It can only it can't hurt, it can only help and it could be something that easy that can get the liver so much more results. So you know that. So I got Michael on board, man Michaels on board. He's sponsor and the flex dealer will be a sponsor at the Internet sales twenty group at the revel in Atlantic City April. Teeth, I know you're...

...on board correct. Yes, with that, both the sponsor and a speaker there. You'll be speaking there again, which is always good to see Creig speak, and it sounds like from our pre show conversation it sounds like you got something, you know, some new content that you're going to be unleashing there. That that definitely sounds like it's going to get to keep some people, some people tuned in where it's right. It should be fun. It's the title of the workshops going to be online dating, recruiting top tellent into your dealership location study and it's it's a pretty cute and should open some eyes. And there's some very distinct similar areas between post things, but they're both online. So Great. So who you coming out with? You you kind to be out there with with Greg? Are you just just you, or know myself, one of my business partners in another company we own called Auto H Q, and my general manager will be there and my assistant will be there doing some filming and so forth. So awesome. I want a google all of that. People there? Well, we will all be out there too. So, Greig, before we shut this thing down, tell it, tell the go ahead. Let anybody know where if they I mean, if anybody has any questions, right there. I mean, are you open to speak with anybody or whatever? I mean, just feel free mail leave any off you want. Yeah, most definitely. Yeah, if you know anything that we discussed or any other help that or assistance I could I can bring to the table to anybody listening, I'd be more than happy to do so. Couple easy places. Our website is www automax recruiting and and the Trainingcom we have a couple fan pages on facebook, automax recruiting and training and automaxs recruiting. A personal page Craig Lockard. Look Ard, we're all over Google, Linkedin, twitter, your name at we're out there. They number at the Office is eight hundred, eight to seven, eight five zero nine. Gero. Eight hundred, eight hundred and seventy eight to five zero nine Gero. My extension is five, but you might want to hear the extension list. It's kind of funny. We kind of put a different twist on our recorded message. So kind of cute. So if you don't think he's got to answer your questions, guys, or give you some information or at least help you out. Look, you just gave you as extension. How about your home phone number, Craig? Let's hear that one. But Hey, my shell is just the five one seven, one one five two. Awesome. Look, that's Craig. Thank you so much, man. I mean we were, I told Michael and we talked when we first knocked out our first episode. We're talking about the importance of recruitment, this and that. There was for I'll be I'll be straightforward there for every other except for one for the wow experience. That's what that's definitely tea money. Tracy Myers...

...thing too. But when we talked about a crewman, there was no other name that we juggled around to do that, because I know you're you know, I look up to your your speaking ability and just your knowledge is just so deep on these topics. Man, and I mean this is for you and me to talk twenty eight minutes or whatever this is is nothing together. We've done you know, every couple times a year. We do it together outside at all these different events. So and Michael, you got anything to add? Man, I'm ready to know. I'm just super excited. I hear you at at Internet sales twenty group and and you know, always look forward to hearing what you have to say. I was telling and Robert in the pre show that the information that you have is not only applicable to auto dealers but anybody in the in business airship. Yeah, and so absolutely we've got the excited redealers motorsports, you name. Yeah, and so you've got me excited. You're telling me the title of this of this workshop, and I want to hear all about it right now. But I can wait. Till April. I can wait till April at it as a little teas there, but it'll be fun. Guys, it's been a real honor. I appreciate your asking. A really blessed to spend a time with this. So I appreciate you both and likewise appreciate the time for rather know. Likewise, thanks, Craig. I'm gonna hold you. I want to get you back. I want to get you back one of these days. Man, I'll get you linked up to this. When we get on there, I'm going to put all of your contact information that you gave us into the show notes here for people to access it, and I'll make sure that you get a you know, advanced screening and whatnot. All right, already, all right, right, the man, Dude. I'll see you asume. Man. Thanks a milion. Thanks, gentleman, have a guy to brother. Have a great one you too, and guys, wow, I hope everybody enjoyed that as much as I did. Man, Craig is a definitely a true expert. There's no fluff in him at all. He delivers the goods and he knows what he's talking about. Take down that information he's got in there. Everything will be back in the show notes. Listen to this thing over and over again. Michael, what you think? Man's you like it as much as me. You know what I do and I was tickled pink that he went to technology. I didn't think he was going to go there. So anytime anybody brings in technology into the mix, I think that's powerful. You know, it really shows forward thinking and embracing the way business has done these days. So you know, I told you he was progressive guy. I'm the beginning. Man, I like what you're saying. I'm going to be listening to this over and over again. That was there was just some, you know, incredible, powerful insights. But listen, if you guys want to get more information on Craig and his company and just get some more valuable insights again, the contact information for him is going to be in the show notes. You can check out as website triple w dot automax recruiting and TRAININGCOM and listen. He's going to be a speaker at Internet sales twenty group in Atlantic city on April eighth through the ten, which is going to be a powerful event. Look forward to hearing him there again. We appreciate gave out a cell phone. Bumper, give out a cell phone. That was incredible. But listen if you want to hear more dealer playbook, we appreciate... be in here with us. Hit US up on our website. We'd love to hear from you topic ideas and, Hey, if you want to be a guest on the show, we'd love for you to reach out to us. We're always looking for the biggest in the best in the industry. Triplew dot the deal playbookcom hit us up on Itunes, subscribe, leave us your feedback and again, your success starts here. Talk to you next time. Take care of body.

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