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Rico Glover: Get More Business With Social Retargeting


Team DPB is back from a short hiatus with a fresh new session to help your dealership or career in the car business go to the next level. 

In this session we sit down with some one from the trenches, some one still plugging away Mr. Rico Glover the eCommerce Director with Bryan Honda in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

You might recognize Rico from the cover of March 2015 Auto Dealer Magazine where they dubbed him as “The Social Media Superman”. (Awesome name btw like it or not)

Since Rico has gained some attention when it comes to the topic of social media, here at DPB we saw it only fitting to have a conversation about just that. 

Social media is nothing new to any of us, but yet it is in fact very new. Different techniques and strategies work for different people in different ways. 

Here is a quick preview of this session. 

- Focusing on both lead generation as well as lead conversation.

- Using retargeting on Social Media mainly Facebook, to build your customer database. 

- Getting found, convert, and analyze - what that does for your online strategy. 

- Step by step formula to creating raving fans online using content. 

This session is great for anyone in the automotive industry who want to try some advanced online strategies. 

If you would like to connect with Rico Glover you can catch up with him at the following:

Rico’s Website

Rico’s Facebook

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The whole team at DPB can not thank you enough for all the support and love you have been giving us.

Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different , we want to hear your voice.

Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and lets keep this conversation going.

See you next time ;)

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You're listening to the dealer playbook podcast, session forty three. Here we go. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. Hey, everybody, what is going on? Thanks so much for tuning into the dealer playbook podcast, where every single week we're sitting down with elite trainers, speakers and authors for you today's automount of professionals. My name is Michael Cirillo, sitting down here with my man, Robert Wiseman. was going on pal. Hey, man, what's up? Brother? Man, I feel like we just saw each other. We did too long, man, I'm fresh. Too Long. Yeah, you know what. It's good to get back onto the show here. You know, those of you listening in probably know, we took a couple of weeks off here. We were heads down out of the While I was out of the country. We we've been heads down on a really cool project that you guys will probably hear about in the near future, so stay tuned for that. But you know, it's been a lot of fun. Thankful that you guys are still tuning into the show. Today's a cool show because we're sitting down with, you know, a friend of ours, Rico Glover, this guy still working in the dealership. He works at Brian Honda. He's their ECOMMERCE director and you know, he's seeing a lot of success right now by implementing some social media strategies that you're going to hear about in this episode. But, Robert, you've been following Rico for a while because you were the one that kind of tagged up with them. Yeah, I've connected with them some time ago and, you know, on one of the the groups on Facebook, I believe, and you know, just seeing it, you know what he was talking about and you know the information he was sharing there. I knew that this was somebody that that I wanted to connect with. I knew that he was, you know, definitely learning from some of the same people that I like to learn from and you know, I just, you know, thought he could bring you a different, you know, perspective to the table. What I find interesting, and you know, we've seen it as early as this...

...morning even, there's a little bit of controversy going on on on the social media regarding Rico's position on some stuff. So definitely state down here what I'm saying. That's what happens when you make a little noise, man. That's part of the there. You go make a list, an oratory picking up some haters. So those of you listening in, let's stay tuned here for for Rico Glover, here what he's got to say. Would love your feedback. Is What he teaches. Controversial. Let us know in the comments. Well, we'll hook you up with the show notes after. But let's dive into our sit down with Rico Glover, and we're sitting down right now with the e commerce director at Brian Honda. This gentleman's been described as the social media superman and he's been featured on the cover of, I think, the current an auto dealer magazine. We're sitting down with Mr Rico Glover. Rico, thanks for being on the show with us today. Thank you, guys, Finn Inviting me. I appreciate the opportunity to speak absolutely. I feel like we're best friends now, man, we know each other so well. You know what, though, super excited about this conversation Rico. I got a question. Sorry, Michael, if you don't mind, if you since being the Superman of social media. Which Superman do you think? Which Superman do you see yourself as? The Christopher Reeves or WHO's the new WHO's The NEGA SID question? I don't know the new guy's name, but I like the new guy. Yeah, yeah, that dudes pretty ripped. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so we can dream. Yeah, there you go without that out. Yeah, I think. You know what, if there was ever a superman that looked like Danny de Vito, that would probably be suitable for me to portrait. But you know, it is what it is. So you know, day didn't. So Hey, listen, jumping into the conversation here. I know you know, being the Social Media Superman expert that... are and having the privilege of still working inside of the dealership here and making things happen, we really want to just kind of crack open your your head here and dive in and learn about some of the things that you are doing currently to bring, you know, big success to the dealership, into yourself. You've mentioned something about how you know dealers are losing seventy percent of their AD budget on their digital advertising, but can you can you get into or explain why that is? To those listening and what? What is it that dealers are wasting their money on and how can they solve this issue? Well, the big thing about it is that before and in traditional advertising, traditional marketing, there was really no way to actually judge in see where your your ats being, where it was being wasted and where it's being used. So the old way of traditional marketing was you just threw it out there and hope something stick. Okay, and even when I was selling, I sold radio advertising, and every radio station was number one in some demographic righteousand eighteen and thirty four young kid, every radio station is number one. And it was funny. I walk into a client's office one day and he says, so what do you number one in? and cling gods. And that's what we sold because we didn't have any way to actually say, Hey, look, we're going to bring this traffic in. And when I sold at Radio Advertising, we would even say most of your clients that here I ads won't even come in and say they heard it from my ads. It sounds funny, but that's what we pitched and that's what advertisers, meaning dealerships, believed in. That they would not they would throw it out there and hoping, pray. Well, with digital marketing is completely different. You can quantify, you can actually check and see if I do an ad budget, if I do it add words, or if I do a facebook or if I do a twitter, then I can actually see the click throughs. I can see when the people actually went to the website. I mean most most dealership's websites have analytics way shows where they came from, Google being youtube, where it...

...came from, and now you can actually quantify where your leads are coming from. But the key thing is, because we have the old mindset, meaning traditional marketing, where just spend, spend, spend, spend, span and don't worry about trying to retain or recapture those customers. We spend so much money on lead generation, but we don't spend money only conversion, which is completely different. Lead generation is when you just throw out the money and you get the leads in and you get a thousand leads in a month and then you may sell twenty to thirty cars and you're happy about that right. But lead conversion is when you spend that money and you know you may have this set amount of folks actually buy within the first day or the first week. Sure, and you've got a next set that with buy within the next thirty days to sixty two, ninety days. Right. What you're doing is you're putting those people in your your database, what I call your book a business, so you can retarget them, because what happens is with retargeting, most customers when they go or consumers or prospects, when they go to a website, they go to a website and they click off with if you advertise your website or your facebook page or whatever it is, and they go on there. They did what you wanted them to do. But if you do not retarget you're missing the opportunity to sail them and put them in your book of business. Sure so. And retargeting, of course, the practice of you know, when when a visitor visits your website or a Web page on your site, they pick up a pixel in their web browser which then allows you to kind of follow them around with relevant advertising, exactly, exactly. So the thing I love about this, you know, the thing I love about this is that you know, it's not we hear this all the time. If you say, Hey, what do you want to accomplish through your website? Through your facebook page. It's always I want to get more traffic, I want to get more leads, but we always tend to, like you said, throw more money at generating new opportunities, new traffic, new leads, without leveraging the thousands, sometimes thousands, you know, five, six, Tenzero, monthly sight visitors that are coming there already. And so you're...

...saying you you implement a strategy of retargeting these customers and and driving them back to you, to you essentially exactly. It's kind of like the old digital is, like digital sales is like old school sales. We always hear in sales, having in sales since I was nineteen and I'm forty one now, and we always hear ABC, always be closing, or you won't get the prospect to say yes until after the seventh or eight no. We know all these things, but then when we take it and when we flip it to digital marketing, we forget all those things. Very good pointext we spend the money and then, if they don't buy the first time or click all capture page or a lead page or something, hl I'll just be in some more money. I'll throw another six thousand dollars in Google add words to get my name out there so someone can click on it, which is crazy because it doesn't matter about the quantity. It will is the quality. And if you're not able to convert, when I first guy started to digital marketing, my company did, I actually develop what's called one, get found, to convert, three, analyze, and I got that from one of the greatest digital marketing companies out there. And what it bake that three step, if anyone can just remember, get found, convert, analyze, and what that is is you're found on whatever platform, twitter, facebook, social media, whatever it is. So you found, then what you want to do is you want to convert that prospect from a prospect to a client. And then what you want to do is you want to analyze. You want to analyze the steps that got you from getting found to convert and analyze it so that you can start tweaking it. And all that three little step will save you a lot of time, a lot of energy in increase your sales. Get found, convert, analyze. That's the beauty about doing business online, you know. We kind of say when it comes to that whole analyze, you can then rinse, refine, repeat, so you can find out what's working,...

...what's not working, rinse it out, refine what is working and then duplicate the crap out of it. And I think you know, and that's the important thing I think you're saying here. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the beauty about doing business on the Internet is that it's a process. It's not an event, it's not this one time thing. It's not the print ad, it's not the radio AD. It's something that lives. You can continue to, you know, evolve with it and make it expand and pull it back where it needs to be pulled back and it works and it works for you around the clock, twenty four slave seven, doesn't sleep. And the great thing about it, just kind of chiming in with what you guys say with newspaper, Radio TV, you never when I was doing radio, I never had a customer because I worked on here before I started working in sales. I never had someone called the radio station and say hey, can you play that commercial war more time? That was hilarious. I want to share it with the fun I never had. That happened never and I did radio for almost seven years out of my life. But if you create great content and even that message is and add people will become your greatest advertisers. They will share it, they will like it, they were retweeted and they become what we call a raven fan, because there's a couple different people when you looking at social media in general that actually helps you generate sales. You got lurkers. lurkers are people that would never ever, ever, ever, ever, they will never comment, they're never like anything, but they listen to everyone else. So you got lurkers. Then you got when you eventually get a fan, a fan will like but they won't go too crazy over and then you've got those raven fans. They'll tell everybody, share everything, pump it out there'll be your best advocate. Every time you put a post, they put a like on there. But the crazy thing about is statistically they said that the Raven fans, the people that content to actually like, share, are things that nature. It's only about thirty percent of those...

...people that are on facebook, twitter, linkedin whatever social media you're doing that will do that. But that thirty percent actually influence the seventy percent, because the seventy percent don't know it's thirty percent. They just see all these people comment in, liking and share and they think everybody's doing so a small number. That thirty percent your Raven Fan control seventy percent of your prospects. So you really want to know how to get to those folks. You really want to how to talk to them so they'll share more of your stuff love it. So on the on the topic of content here, because I mean it's no secret we're big on this topic. What is your formula for, you know, kind of creating these raving fans through content? What I do is I do target marketing, and what I mean by that is that, let's say, for example, if I put a like recently, I work at Brian Honda, course, Brin Han and Fabulle, so or on Honda dealership. So recently the mini van Ur Honda Odyssey was rated like one of the top the safest Hond of it Honda. They or safe at vans in general. So what I did was I actually went into my custom audience, and I go ahead in a little bit, but I went into my custom audience and I actually targeted people that like Honda's but I went in deeper than that. I went into people that like on us, but people that are in my area, within a fifty mile radius, but also people that like Honda us that are females, because those are usually two people that permitt the buind decisions, men or the Headhole, head of the households. But women are the nick that turned that head. So I was targeting specifically those, those people, so the content that I actually sent out was Taylor to them. So when I did that, I got great and engagement, because a lot of people, and it's still like this, most people think when you're doing now, I'm just sticking with facebook. There's other things, with twitter and...

...things that nature, but in Facebook, I see it's still today. I was looking on facebook and so one said, can you like my page? Now? Of course you want to get people to like your page, because then facebook gives your analytics and things of that nature. But most people don't understand is that that's not facebook's number way, number one form of seeing if your page is relevant their key. It goes into these steps. Engagement, share, then like. Let me say that again, facebook's basic algorithm, and you don't know the full context of how it works, but their whole thing is in getting number of audits and order engagement, share, in like. If they see someone engaging on your page, meaning commenting, if they see some people sharing on your page, sending to other people, and then they see people like in your page, they say this is a good article. So whenever I'm actually putting content out there, I'm not trying to get some want to like the page. I'm getting stung. I'm trying to get someone. If I put that minivan on there, I targeted a family, married marriage, parents with kids between ages and two and seventeen, and I put that on there and then I say something like these are some of the safest vehicles. How would you feel about having one of the safest vehicles in with your kids in the car? Something that nature to create engagement. That's how you be a good content by talking to the right people, sending them a message there that they want to talk back to you and also share to their like frands. Okay, so custom audience. Just touch on that a little bit. Well, you know, just for anybody that's that's that's down and in right now, that's that's not knows what isn't up on it. Custom audience is one of the best things created in marketing. It is absolutely is something that every ECOMMERCE, BEDC, ebd ABC director needs to know.

When you go onto facebook, there's a section in the back in which you, when you're doing start doing your ads managers and you can use power editor. It's or the traditional one. But basically, what custom audience does? It gives you the opportunity to advertise and market specifically to your fans, and when I say your fans meaning whatever product or service you have, people that like your product and service. So, unlike traditional advertising, you're not blasting it out there every one. And what I tell anyone I'm sitting down and I'm speaking to a dealership specifically, I tell them to take their database there, as most of them you can export your your email addresses and phone numbers in. Facebook has it where you can actually break it down and you can separate it by email address, by telephone number or the ID, and most dealerships going to the facebook ID. But they do have their clients or prospects telephone numbers and they should have their email address. And what it does? It gives them the opportunity to upload it into facebook. Now, facebook doesn't share that information, or least states that's what they say. They don't share that information and you won't be able to go in there and see which of your clients clicked on an ad because it's all jungled up in there and it's just this is your database, but what it does is gives you a focus on advertising. So instead of sending your ad to people in Japan or China or Asia or something in nature, you upload your your database and let's say you have with me, I'm used, for example, my pilot customers. I got customers that have bought Honda pilots in the last four years. I can actually, in my crm system, get that database exported into my facebook and twitter. Twitter has the same obtions to they don't call it a customer audits. They call it something different, I can't think of right now, but you can upload them into both formats and now you can specifically send messages and adds to your custom humors who won't Honda pilots four years ago and they...

...think they're seeing it all over facebook, but it's just Ti. It's just targeted towards them. Yep, and so this is so on the dealer and they can just go in no matter what. You know they're carrying filter their search list get every owner from a two thousand, you know, let's say it's for you. They bought a brand new car four years ago or something from them. Target that list, even a particular car like a a chord or exist. Nada. Boom. Then then target, you know, custom content that's that's directed to them to appeal to exactly exactly see is he. That goes into engagement too, because what happens is when you do it like that, and I'm big in the segmentation, when you do that and you send a customer life you just mentioned, let's say it's a Honda Civic, and you put them in your custom audience, when you send an ad talking about the Honda civic or maybe the new Honda civic that's coming out, those folks are more likely to engage, share and like, which is going to increase your engagement with facebook, which is going to give you a better look to facebook, which is going to lower your costs for point. So it all relates in one a person that owns a civic and a person that owns a Honda Odyssey are two totally different people. So why would you see in the same add to two totally different people? Yeah, and I mean, what a novel idea. Right, speak to people about the things they care about and then get rewarded by spending the last Sunday, you know, putting your message in front of the right audience to begin with. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but when you look at, you know, this aspect of facebook advertising, you don't really. You can't really get this deep with your ad words, can you know? And it's some people will argue with me. I was a Google agency partner, in love Google. Still Love Google to death. I mean not that they're they changed the world. advertiser's been done. I mean no questions about that. But just for me, when I was looking at my budget, and our deal is ship,...

I had to look at how much I could being on digital to get US started. And Google, even though you can get into the analyects, you really can't talk with unlike the Google ad words. You can't talk to your prospect in real time. Yeah, and you can't end and you're not as it and you lose the visual, you know, appeal as well. Correct exactly. So, just with the the few minutes that we have here left, can you maybe walk us through what you know, what you're doing on facebook specifically, like, can you walk us through from an ad to, you know, a click and where they go and then how you turn those people into leads? Sure, sure, sure. First of all, everyone needs to learn that retargeting is the new marketing. Is kind of like when when the Internet first came out and you had people like Amazon, they came out and people like knit that came out. They lost money in the beginning and now no one can take those guys on because they really built their customer base. Well, I'm going to make a scary prediction that some people are on a ballk at, but I guarantee you that if you do not get your ground and retargeting, you won't be able to make it up. It's just as simple as that, because what happens in in most of these platforms like facebook or twitter, Google, their start off and give you cheap advertising and then what happens is to people that are really really gaining and really getting up there, their costs is a lot less than somebody that comes after them. Well, with this particular format, you got to get into retargeting. So what I do is my whole thing. My mindset is I want to find my audience, people that will buy my product. And with my product I mean a car or truck or is UV. So what I'm trying to do when I sit down and I say what, what add am I going to put on today, it may be for let's say a Honda pilot.

I'm use the hand a pilot for example. So Hannah pilots or redesign. They're actually coming out with a new two thousand and sixteen hundred pilot. So what I did was I actually have a video of the new two thousand and sixteen hand a pilot when they released it. I uploaded it into our facebook. facebook loves videos. Most platforms now love videos, and that's the native video right. That's not embedding a youtube. Exactly, exactly, exactly, okay. And so I put that in there and then I target it people that height on the pilots and I wait for engagement. And then what I do is now I can talk to those because those potential prospects. Now I do it two different ways. That's the first way, without putting anything on there. Sure the second way I would do it is I could go to a Honda, the Honda website or the Honda Youtube, and there's software out there, and this is not in some people speak before they even know when I say this. There's nothing wrong with this. This is not a legal you're not still in anything because you're actually driving traffic to him. But there's I use some software in which I can take the youtube of I say, for example, time, and I actually code it with basically tracking pictures. So I'm sending them to the Honda Youtube site. I'm not putting any pixels on Behnda Youtube site. But what happens is is they click on my mask. You are ready. Now they get put into my audience on facebook or on twitter, where to where I want to put them at. So now these people clicked on that and now I'm putting them my audience. So the second thing I'm going to do you do two ads. The first one is to get that, get the folks. They click on it now. The second ad I'm going to do on facebook is actually too directly to that person, and I mean, let me clear, Fridays, I'm going to make sure I'll make it simple, because I know I can get along. One first ad, I'll put my my pixels own behind a youtube bad going talking...

...about on the two thousand and sixteen pilot. I'm building my database now because when those folks click on that and never one of my quick customonys, my second ad, I'm actually going to send a direct ad to those people that clicked on my Pictel. You are real. So now my costs were point is less, because these folks have clicked on and ad about a Honda honest hand a pilot, and now I'm sending them content and advertising about a hundred pilot so they're more likely to engage share in a like. So my whole thing, once again, it's just segmentation, segmentation, segmentation, segmentation. You could really use facebook as a hybrid between live chat and targeted advertising. Exactly, fantastic. So this is something that I think there are that there's so much information on. There's so many questions that I have here, but in the interest of time I'm going to wind it down. You know, Rico, this, this is so incredible. This, this information, I can tell you know, would drive a lot of traffic to dealers. Were big on leveraging existing site traffic. We're big on the whole retargeting. Some people call it remarketing. You know, we're big on that concept. Is this kind of your primary thing? Is facebook kind of your playground right now? Are you? Are you spread across any other social networks? Oh No, I facebook is my first one because I wanted to get good at least one. But I want to put a disclaimer. I'm still I don't ever talk about it, but the twitters, the Pinterest, the instagram to Linkin. I've got some stuff out in the works that I should be really, really pushing hard at our dealership with the next thirty, two, sixty days when all those platforms, because what I don't want to do is if facebook all of a sudden wants to decide their change, which they do all the...

...time. They change monthly the things you can and cannot do, I don't want to be left in the lurk and I've just built a audience with them. So I think you need to spread it out, test out the main one is getting you results, or used one is giving your main results, but then test out the other platform. Yes, and I think I think that's a real good nugget from this right here. Also is that that, like you know, everybody wants to be you know, everywhere, you know and on all the platforms, which I agree and there's certain ones. You know, based off your audience, your target, your clock, target client, which platforms you should be on. You should know that. But I think they miss I think that a lot of people make the mistake of not going on to one and just honing in on that, getting nasty with that orn at all, you know, learning the language. Yeah, and then and then move on, and then it'll it'll probably make you even, you know, more dangerous on those other platforms because you have experience on building like real processes and exactly. Yeah, exactly. And let's face it, if you if you you know, in the beginning, if you ignored the other social networks and you learned, like you said, out of getting nasty and down dirty on one of them, learn the language of one of them, you're probably going to be much further ahead in the long run anyways, because you know that most of the dealers, I think you guys would agree, that are doing social media right now aren't really doing a very good job at it anyways, and then they're spreading themselves out to the other networks and not doing it well. So you know, it heads down on one of them. Learn the language, get to know it. You know, super well and make the most out of that one. So with that, Rico, thank you so much for being on the show today. Lots of powerful information. We wish you all the best. And what you guys are doing and rolling out those new social platforms, how can those listening and get in touch with you? Well, since I like the name when I heard it, I actually have a domain is called the you never guess, the Social Media Supermancom. There you go, if you go on there and what I'm doing as well, and I'll just let it one know, because I got to teach what I got to use what I what I preach. Down at the...

...bottom, I'm actually doing some free training on facebook marketing and things that natured as ours vp down at the bottom. You can click on that and I'll see in you a little my little cheat list. It's you can download and get some information on as well. And before I get off, because I don't want some folks to think that this is a key thing that I didn't learn, that I learned later on, be all your book a business, be Ald your book a business. I didn't mention this, but a lot of the stuff when I send customers or prospects to a page or something. Even on Facebook, I'm actually asking for the email address, because what you don't want to do is spend thousands of hundreds of thousand dollars in facebook and then they shut you down and your list is gone. I actually take those platforms and I have captured pages and I upload those email addresses that I get from my social media stuff. So now I own my asset. So these customers that I'm spending all this money on to get found on social media and email, a marketing, online marketing. I've got them that. If facebook shuts me down, I've got a CSP file that I can upload to a next next thing. Very good, very good. Love it, man. Thanks so much again. You know we look forward to having you back on the show sometime in the future and and sharing all the new things you're learning from the other social networks. Awesome. Thanks, man. And there you have it. That was Rico Glover, e commerce director from Brian Honda in Fayeteville, North Carolina, and also the cover boy, you know, for the body dealer magazine. Yeah, so what you think, Michael? You know what, he had some cool insights there. I think any time you can hear it from somebody who's in the dealership and implementing the strategies that they...

...talked about. That's really, I think, where the power happens because you know he's not keeping it secret. You can, you can get in touch with him and find out what kind of results that he's getting, and I think that's really the most crucial aspect of this. Like we talked about in the INTRO, right he's picked up some haters. He's on the cover of auto dealer magazine. He's being called the Social Media Superman and you know, I think that's for a reason. There's merit in that. I like what he had to say. I like the concept of retargeting and what he's using there. So yeah, I think. I think the guy brings value and I mean it's and again, it's not for it, and this goes with any of the guests that that come on here. It's not necessarily you know, the conversations we have, it's not always our stance or our beliefs. I'm not saying I did agree or disagree with with anything Rico was saying. I kind of liked the conversation with Rico, but it's not a necessarily we're putting it out there, you decide. Yeah, you know, there's got to be perspective, got to execute on it. If it's for you, if the Strett if it's something you want to try. It's not necessarily like exactly what you know, Michael and me feel is always, you know, everybody comes on their stance is and always you know what you and me get behind or how we practice or what we do every day, and you know what to further that. I think maybe I'm going to pick up some haters here, who knows, but I don't subscribe to the idea that there is just one way to do all of this stuff. There's so many subjections. Your local market, your region, the demographics that you know, there's just so many variables in the mix that that, I think you know, that's the whole purpose of the show here, is to deliver various perspectives and to find out, you know, put into action and find out what's working. And we talked about it in the show. That's the beauty about digital marketing. You can put something into action, gain, you know, acquire some Intel, see if it's working. If it's not working, you you refine wrapping. Yeah, exactly, yeah, it's or if it's working, you... and repeat. You know exactly, so you know what those of you listening in. Thanks for stopping by. Check out the show notes were also link you up with Rico Glover, so if you've got any questions for him or anything, let let us know it. Comments in the show note. Triple W dot the dealer playbookcom forward, slash forty three, and also we want you to get your hands on our free ebook. Ten incredible insights from ten incredible experts, some crazy, cool Aha moments that we've had on the show, put together in an Ebook just for you. So go ahead and check that out again. Triple w dot the dealer playbookcom and, as always, would love your feedback on the show, so hit us up with an itunes review, stitcher radio, soundcloud. Would love to hear from you. But until next time, thanks so much for stopping by and we'll catch you late.

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