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Episode · 6 years ago

Rico Glover: Get More Business With Social Retargeting


Team DPB is back from a short hiatus with a fresh new session to help your dealership or career in the car business go to the next level. 

In this session we sit down with some one from the trenches, some one still plugging away Mr. Rico Glover the eCommerce Director with Bryan Honda in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

You might recognize Rico from the cover of March 2015 Auto Dealer Magazine where they dubbed him as “The Social Media Superman”. (Awesome name btw like it or not)

Since Rico has gained some attention when it comes to the topic of social media, here at DPB we saw it only fitting to have a conversation about just that. 

Social media is nothing new to any of us, but yet it is in fact very new. Different techniques and strategies work for different people in different ways. 

Here is a quick preview of this session. 

- Focusing on both lead generation as well as lead conversation.

- Using retargeting on Social Media mainly Facebook, to build your customer database. 

- Getting found, convert, and analyze - what that does for your online strategy. 

- Step by step formula to creating raving fans online using content. 

This session is great for anyone in the automotive industry who want to try some advanced online strategies. 

If you would like to connect with Rico Glover you can catch up with him at the following:

Rico’s Website

Rico’s Facebook

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See you next time ;)

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