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Robert Wiesman: How To Build Your Car Sales Brand And Create A Monster Business


The automotive sales industry is such a lucrative opportunity for any one who is willing to do whatever it takes and has the entrepreneur state of mind. That goes for the GMs, ISMs, Sales Mangers, F&I Managers, Showroom Sales Pro's, and even the Dealer him/herself. That being said in todays session "The Dealer Playbook" episode 18 we turn the table and Michael Cirillo sits down with co host Robert Wiesman to talk about thinking and operating like a entrepreneur as well as building a power house brand. Robert goes over some super valuable nuggets and strategies that the majority of automotive sales professionals are completely missing the boat on in such a lucrative industry with high ticket price tag items. Quick Preview Of Some Of This Sessions "Power Bombs" - How to not be another "Car Guy/Gal" - How whether you are actively building a brand or not you are building a brand - Quick start up steps for building a personal brand the right way - The power of video and why you need to make them, if you are already, why you need to make more, and make them better. (even if you are scared of the camera) - How to know what videos you should be making All that is just a taste of the information you will get in this session of "The Dealer Playbook". The great news for you is that stepping your game up to the levels discussed and properly building a professional and quality brand (most that are doing it are not doing it right, sorry) in your market, is easier then you think. Thats because no one is doing it or they are doing it wrong. If you are a sales professional chances are your dealership and surrounding dealerships are doing a poor job. All that means is it will be easier for YOU to get your shine on, stand out in the market and be the credible authority expert when it coms to investing in a new vehicle in your market. Resources Mentioned In This Podcast Have you downloaded your free copy of Robert's "Mobile Video Creator Resource Guide" ? Save yourself tons of time and money by knowing the best tools and resources to create high quality video with your mobile phone on the fly. Get your FREE copy here: Click below to check out Robert Wiesman's all new podcast "Automotivepreneur Academy" that is dedicated to automotive professionals who are looking to build a powerful business within a business. Click here to check it out: You Know The Drill, Now It's Your Turn The whole team at DPB can not thank you enough for all the support and love you have been giving us. Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different , we want to hear your voice. Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and lets keep this conversation going. See you next time ;)

You're listening to the dealer playbook podcast, episode eighteen. Here we go. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. Andnow your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. Hey, they're and welcometo the dealer playbook podcast. I'm here with my co host, Robert Weisman. My name is Michael Surrillo. Robert, how you doing, buddy? I'mdoing excellent, Michael, excited for where we at. This is thedealer playbook session number one eighteen. WHOA, there we go. Yeah, it'sbut alas, and you know what I got to say, I amso happy that you have chosen to take some time out of your day andlisten to Robert and I as we deliver real auto dealer strategies that deliver realresults, and that's really what we're our aim is here is to deliver youwith actionable insights that will help you grow your business, that will help yougrow your e Commerce Department, that will help you grow your sales team oryour sales business within the business. And you know, we've been just poundingit out, like we you know, Robert, you and I were talkingabout pre show. There is so much that goes into these podcasts and weare so extremely grateful that you have chosen to take time out of your dayto be with us. We definitely we're having a lot of fun doing itand again, you know, thank you, Michael Kay. He said it,but I can't thank you enough for, you know, like putting putting usinto your headphones for, you know, a short hop for your commuter,for whatever it is every day. And in exchange for that, wejust try to bring the heat man, bring you some value, bring yousomething that, even if it's one little nugget, but could shift everything inyour life and in your business. You know that that that's that's the ultimategoal. That's why we show up. Yeah, we've been. We've been, you know, just overwhelmed and super grateful with all of the support thatwe've received. People commenting on the show, notes at Triple Wat, the dealerplaybookcom, you know, people engaging with us on social media. I'vemet so many new people inside of the car business who I am, youknow, building relationships with. I know you are too, Robert, butit's just been so incredible to join with and be a part of the automotivecommunity. There are some incredible individuals out there and so, you know,we're just super grateful. I just wanted to just hop in and frame inthis episode because you know, many of you know that we have put alot of effort into getting some fantastic guests. Past episodes include grant card own,Tracy Myers, Craig Lockard, Gary Vaner, Chuck Mark Tore it andso many more, and you know, Robert can tell you, there's somuch work that goes into these things. But what we wanted to do istake a little bit of a breather today and just, you know, spendthe time with you, between Robert and I, because we have some incredibleinformation that we want to share with you. And so, you know, Robert, maybe without further address, will just jump into talking about what wewant to talk about and I'm going to start with a question for you.Do it so you know, I think the thing that fascinates me about theposition that you have in within the automotive community is that you went from justthe short time period of coming into the car business and then building this monsterof a business within the business and this is something that you and I talkeda lot about, the automotive preneur, building a business within the business.So the question I have for you is, you know, coming into the dealership, we talk a lot about how sometimes it's by accident. I thinksue be mentioned that she came into the car business by accident. Most peopleget in it by accident, unfortunately. You know, like I said,I had a conversation with a great guy today that's getting into it and he'smore of the type of people that we... Hopefully this business can canstart attracting moving forward. But you're right at you know, you made awrong turn usually or you you know, something along those you know, somekind of disruption or just to change in your world and your life brings alot of people to the business exactly. And so I mean for you cominginto it, what was your biggest thing? I mean what was the biggest thingfor you that you said, and I think you mentioned it a fewepisodes ago when I got them. What took you from no, I'm notgoing to earn, you know, three grand a month and I'm going toreally explode this thing. Well, first it. First things first, isI just came out from being burned like I never it was my first jobfor somebody else at the age of thirty when I walked into started working ata car dealership. It was my first job for anybody else. In mylife. I always built and ran my own company s since I was,you know, a kid, and this was actually my first time going tofor work for someone and I was so excited about it because I was just, you know, went through tough economical times and I was in a businessthat was, you know, real retail driven. So you buy for youknow, it requires a lot of money invested in the products that you selland having money tied up and I was just like blown away by the opportunitythat, you know, I can go in here, I don't have toworry about keeping the lights on, making the payroll, keeping the inventory,stock, they're all of that. I just go in and I'm provided millionsand millions of dollars of products for me to sell and then I'm going toget paid. Like I really looked at as an opportunity. I was notlike I felt I should have been paying my dear the deal or to giveme that for for me to be there and to have like those tools atmy hand and the opportunity to sell that amount of product that my fingertips,and I just went in and I you know, the genius thing I didwas, although it was my first time working for somebody else, I didnot stop running my own business. And I've want, I went into myselfand I met my peers and I just did not want to be looked atas another car guy, just another car guy, and I mean that's athat's an excellent point. I mean somebody else is kind of, you know, so to speak, fronting the risk. Now, that's not to say youdidn't have your own risks of, you know, making it work orwhatever, but you know, like you said, somebody else is front inthe bill to purchase the product, to keep the lights on and all thatevery stuff, and you're seeing as an opportunity. So you came into it, I mean, with this entrepreneurial mindset. It's all I knew what what objectivesare? Certain not objectives, but what obstacles did you face coming intothe car business that you think those listening might resonate with them like okay,well, well, going in, initially it was the you know, learningthat the the idea of training and God level, I'm like I worked fora great deal or that was, you know, still all my friends that, like people that consider my closest friends locally. That's where they're still at. They still work there, etc. But they they don't really provide,you know, education wise, like it's on you, you know what Imean. Unfortunately, even if the even at the dealers that do have likesome kind of, you know, programs and stuff for you to log intoor virtual training and stuff like that, like that's not enough. Watching somevideos and stuff is, it's helpful, but I mean you really have thedrill them down, you have to watch them a lot. You know,you need to you know, you need to practice, drill and rehearse andbe prepared. So, like the education was was tough, and just likethey're certainly know, there's there's nobody in there showing you how to build abusiness within a business, how to be... entrepreneur. They and and they'reso quick with saying like a selling cars, it's like Havin your own business.Well, you know, the only thing that that's like that they pointin that direction of it being your own business is just by saying that there'sreally no resources or there's no tools or no education or or blueprint for makingthat for really building a business within a business, having a, you know, functioning, proper profiting company. You know that. So you having revenant. I mean so you come into this business, there's not really any supportto launch you towards success. But I mean there must have been, andI mean I don't know anything about it. There I'm assuming you came into thedealership. There were people that were already there in the sales department,but over a matter of months or your first comes on, first month onfloor. So first month I like, I wipe the you wipe the floorwith big guys, but on the floor. Yeah, and he was unstoppable.He was on dethroned and I never sold cars in my life. Thatlike they didn't put me through like a I did the certification stuff this inthat my friend that I grew up with was a salesmanager there, and thenhe was friends with the general manager at the time and they just knew it, like when I sat down with them and they knew that that I wasgoing that I had it. I told him, I said to him,I was like listen, I'm going to be the best guy that you have. Okay, so let me ask you this. What we're what did youdo in that first month, because, I mean, we know the problemand we know that you just exceeded the the top guy there. What didyou do in the first month that he wasn't doing, and what can peoplewho are listening to this right now do to surpass those that have perhaps beenthere longer than that? Good, good question. Well, go in inlike I recommend anybody that's new to the business or or really hasn't gotten agood grip on you know, really hasn't opened it up and tapped into theirpotential in the business, that, before thinking about building this brand online,like we're going to talk about, and doing video and building the websites andall this like. That's not like how you go from from there to there, you know what I mean, like you need to beat down every opportunitythat's that that presents itself in the dealership currently first before you start going afterother ones. Because, a, it's going to give you great you youknow what I mean, training, it's going to get get you comfortable withit, it's going to you know, it's you're going to learn along theway and you're going to learn with the customers that the dealers paying to getin there for you. So there's no sense in investing in buying and marketing, because basically, what's what's in this is what we're talking about League,League acquisition prior to this off air. That, in a nutshell, what'smarketing? When you're investing in that and you know websites all that, you'rebasically buying leads. You know what I mean? In a sense, oneway or another, you're looking to buy more customers. Well, there's nosense in buying customers when you're not ready to handle you know, when you'renot even ready to handle them properly. Yeah, you know, it's itmakes more sense to just tap in and then just just beat to death everyopportunity that's in there. What I did as I waited on every single personaround there, I walked over, I cut in front of everybody. Youknow, I would, I would, customer would pull up, and I'mjust being straightforward. This is how I got into this. Customers would pullup, I'm the new guy there, and I'd be like, Oh,they're here to see me, and everybody would back off and not go upto him. I'd go up to him, Hey, welcome to ABC motors,I'm Robert. What are you here to look at today? Boom,and then go right into it. That's when I then, you know,continuously doing that, and then I started to get referrals and I started toget really good with the product, like I dove in and learn the productas I was going. I am and now that, yeah, you needto be the master of product knowledge. That to me, I think ismore valuable than being a master closer.

Is, notice, being a masterof the product, because then you can genuinely find your best solution that youhave in your product line for your customers problem. Well, and how doyou sell a product that you don't know about or don't believe in? Right, yeah, you can, and that's the thing. I got one hundredpercent by in into my product like I was genuinely all about it. Imean, I bought one, my first lefter with within seven days at thedealership. I bought my first vehicle from there. Nice, you know.And and so that's really step one, right, coming into the dealership,or maybe you've been at the dealership for a while and you're you're wanting totake things to the next level. Robert, you touched on, you know,personal branding, videos, websites and all that, but really, Ithink what you said, the first step, before any of that, is makingsure that, a, you educate yourself. You learn as much asyou can about the product, the dealership, you know core values. Miss anexpert, you know, not just Vergil, not verbally and not youknow, presenting yourself and and positioning yourself as an expert is one thing andit's a very important part of personal branding, but just genuinely being one first.You know what I mean? That's that's that step one is like knowingthe product inside and out R and, you know, knowing the situations,because in any encounter you have with a customer, there's only x amount ofways it can play out. And in our bit and especially in the inthe auto industry, because for whatever reason it hasn't changed in how what youknow x amount of years. So everyank calendar, every objection, every twist, you could say that you're that you can possibly get within for your firstthirty days, you're going to you're going to go through it, so thenyou're going to know how to handle it when it comes up again, youknow, and that's very important and I think something to about this that wehaven't really talked about, but that, you know, that willing to dowhatever it takes mindset. I find that in the phase that we're talking about, where you're at the dealership and you're coming in, no previous experience incar sales and just coming in with that entrepreneurial mindset, the the big differentiatoris the theory of doing or saying that you're willing to do whatever it takes, and then the application of actually doing whatever it takes, because I thinkthere's a lot of people out there, even you know, maybe some ofthose listening in, who, you know, can easily say, yeah, I'mwilling to do whatever it takes to succeed or achieve my personal definition ofsuccess, but then when they find out what the application of doing that means, yeah, you know, learning, ah man, you know, Idon't want to learn about the mission statement. That's not going to you know,they're looking for shortcuts and I find that exactly sure, every, always, everyone, and everybody's out there talking about they're a hot they're getting.You know, the term now we use and the training term is hustle.You know, everybody's a hustle. Everybody's getting their hustle on this in that, but really they're not. You know, like I, anybody that knows meknows that hustle and I you know, I always have and always will.It's what I do, it's you know, I got this from fromjared and grant is. It's like I have way more hustle and way morepersistency than I do talents. But that's all right. And you know what, and that's either fortunate or unfortunate for those listening in, where it's like, you know what, if you do have the hustle, that means thatyou are going to have to do some tough things. Like I mean,I'm I'm putting words in your mouth and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure there were things that you're just like. Man, Idon't want to learn about this right now, but I'm going to do it becausenobody wants to make a video to put it on and put it onYoutube where they're sitting there screaming and doing absolutely making a jackass of themselves.Okay, nobody wants to do that. It's just of doing that. Andthat's where that willing to do whatever it takes mindset turns into application, andthat's what it really looks like. Sometimes...'s just framed into things that youdon't want to do but you have to do because they're going to take youto the next level and that's going to be the differentiator. Like you surpassing, you know, the top sales guy or whatever. You did it becausehe wasn't actually an application, willing to do whatever it took. Yeah,and and it's just like and then you go in and and a beautiful partwas about it was that I didn't have. After you're there for a while,you tend to get bad habit. You tend to then prequalify people thateven the best of us do that you see somebody walking on that they've beenthere x amount of times, like there's somebody that everybody's worked with and it'sbeen a stroke for every salesperson there, but they always end up with thenew guy and everybody laughs about etc. But one day that somebody, thatguy, walks in and he does buy right. So let me move thisalong with with my next question for you. So step one, doing whatever ittakes to learn the infrastructure of the business and educating yourself on the product. Step two is, I'm guessing now you're in a position to look attaking your business to the next level, because you've kind of covered the survivalbasis and now you're moving into the thrive area. And for you, Imean it was all about personal branding, and anybody that knows you in theauto industry knows that. You know, you were huge on video and youwere huge on, you know, branding yourself. What what was the processfor you? What did that look like you? So, I mean you'rein a position where now you know what's going on, you've learned about theproduct. Where was your mind apt when you finally made the decision that youhad to get into the video and all those others things that you do?Yeah, okay, well, and first off, so much of what Idid was wrong. You know, I did, ever, made every mistakewhen it comes to online video, to branding and everything like that, andI think that that's what makes me, excuse me, as I to myown horn, but makes me has Brittain, allows me to bring value to themarket place and to this bit, to this industry, is because ofI've exhausted so many avenues. I made so many wrong turns in trying tobuild my business within a business that, you know, I can filter outand save a lot of people a lot of time and money. Yeah,but and let me say they're too I mean, I don't know who saidthis. So, as I say it for those of you listening, ifyou know who said this, enter it into the show notes, because inthe comments on the show outs, because I actually don't know. But it'sI think, fits with this and and that is I heard somewhere that youknow why is? People learn from experience, but super wise people learn from othersexperiences. So I mean just you saying, yeah, you spent yourown time, you made your own mistakes. I think we're we're it's acceptable tosay that. People don't want to make the same mistakes as you.And that's absolutely, in my opinion, what gives you the credibility in thisarea. Well, thank you, Michael. Thank you. And so I startedlooking at it and I was noticing, you know, first off, likeI started going to, you know, seminars within the business and I startedconnecting with with the the experts and whatnot in the business and and justthrough all my education and I'm seeing the statistics, like, you know,the fresh of the the fresh up, so to speak, the random customerthat's rolling through the lot, is a twenty percent closing ratio. Okay,if they're, if you're not closing at twenty percent, then you're not takingenough of them, because in the in the end, you know that's you'regoing to be in that twenty thirty percent. You know, even if you're atforty percent, for for you know, strong closers, great, but there'sthat cut. But when you have an appointment, when you have somebodythat's coming back, a be back, there's somebody that's bought from you before, or somebody that's cut that that came in and didn't purchase his coming back, a repeat customer or a referral. There you're talking. They're going theS, the s and up percent closing ratio. So I really started likegetting kind of down in it, like...

...the business was kind of like Istarted to get a little negative about it because I was to the point likeI was nowhere near this point, but I saw like the future of itas listen, no matter what, there's going to come a day, nomatter how many people if I would have my own assistants and everything, myown team in here, that I wouldn't be able to deliver another car ina day, right, you know? Yeah, that it. You tapout. So basically, I was just thinking of what's how am I goingto scale? How can I, you know, scale myself? How canI be out there? You know, how can I, you know,attract people coming into me that are I'd rather play with the sixty, theseventy and the eighty percent closing ratios instead of beating beating my time up runningaround outside in the heat or the old chasing some person I don't know ordon't have a relationship with. That's they tell me some twenty percent chance thatthey're gonna THEY'RE gonna sign up. You get what I'm saying. So Iwanted to get the people coming to me prior to this, to the automotiveindustry. My previous marriage, I thought I was going to be into thereal estate thing, and I had. I was too busy to be likean agent because I was running my own businesses. Long Story Short, Ihad, you know, was buying some properties and selling them and whatnot inmy ex wife at the time. I had her dive into it. Shegot our license, got license and what not, just for our owner,you know, our own benefits. But I'm looking, I started getting alittle bit into the real estate space, the agent space, just looking atit and I started to wonder, like why aren't auto people, you know, autoprofessionals, branding themselves like that, like a real estate agent is,like that's their own business. Why aren't they on the shopping cart, youknow, in the grocery store? Why aren't they on the billboards, youknow, in this generation? Why aren't they like public figures that you knowexactly what they're going to do? And I mean there's there's certainly enough spacefor them to do it too. I mean the last report I saw forme an Ada for two thousand and thirteen is something like, you know,a seven hundred and thirty billion dollar revenue jader generator in the United States alone. So there's there's definitely enough room for Crybab be doing absolutely and here's thegood news for every but for you out there that like whether, I don'tcare if you're the dealer principle, the GM the manager. Like this allhits home because, first off, like, if I'm a manager, I'd stillbe building my own personal brand to because that's the leads that coming inthat I give them out to the salespeople, you know, and sell and thatbenefits me because I'm paid off of everything. But everybody like and gettingyour or getting your people, showing your people and it gets them excited aboutit and some people will just be you know that the drive of of beingan entrepreneur and the thought of owning their own business is enough for that,for some people to get to get fired up and excited. If they're firedup and excited, they're going to sell you more product, point blank.But whether you're building a brand or not, I said this before that if you're, if you're actively building your personal brand and taking strategies to do that, your you have a personal brand one way or the other. The personalbrand is just people that haven't met you or had it experience with you yettheir perception of who you are, of what you do you know like theyregardless. You have that, whether you're actively doing it or not. Soif you're not doing it, then you're another car guy, you know.So so let's iverage just to use a business to to build your brand.YEA's in anybody. Just be out. Be Out there, like be pushingthe message, make the videos right article. Go to the radio station. It'slike your we're professional sales people. So you should be able to sellpeople on you to you don't to step to sell them cars. Sell theradio station on you and why you should be on here. I can helpyour listeners. I did that. I...

...was on like a the the mostpopular morning talk show here, you know, in the in two thousand and teneleven, you know, and I was in it, in the morningtalk radio, and I was on as an auto expert. I was neverlike Robert Wise. I was never like come down here, get a greatdeal and call, you know, stuff like that. I never even saidthat I sold cars or where I work. That would give my website and ormy twitter handle whatever. Yep, and I would go on there andI talked to them about buying a car or I talk to them about howto save money and gas, how to do this and that, and Ijust research it the night before, Bro and go on there. But itwas that present. You know what I mean, like you, you knowexactly what I'm talk about. It's all about the shole time. But likethat's something nobody else is doing, and I mean you're in a market.Well, here's the thing. You take these little extra steps that nobody elseis doing. Yep, you become visible, you become someone that they can seeis expert, knows what they're doing, because there's nobody else doing in yourmarket. You're going to get so at much low hanging fruit just frombeing the person out there that they see, that's that's in front of them.And you know what? You know, you and I talked about this allthe time and you've heard me say this a couple of times, because, I mean, nobody's exempt from what I call the impostle ster syndrome,and that's like you know. I mean you could have been like, dude, who am I to go on the morning talk show and be known asthe auto expert? And I mean some people, you know, I feellike even you know you listening in. I'm sure there's things in your lifewhere you're going, man, who am I to do this or who amI to be pegged as the auto expert? There's there's other salespeople in this dealership, who sell more than me, who are more visible than me,and I mean that's really just the imposter syndrome at work, and I thinkyou know, the cool thing about that is really, at the end ofthe day, you are the person to be doing that, if you're theone who chooses to stand up. Do you know what I mean? It'slike, whether it's, you know, contributing an article or being on themorning talk show or going out of your way to do those things, thereason why it's going to work for you is because, even though there maybe other more qualified people to do that, you're the only one that's going tostand up and do it. And then those people can't can't say anything. You know what I'm you know I'm getting out like I feel like.You know, like you said you were studying at the night before, andI can guarantee, I can guarantee there's people out there that just know everythingabout it and you know they're walking encyclopedias. And that's why I say knowledge reallyisn't power until you know what to do with it. And this isa perfect example of the application of that. It's like, yeah, you acquiredsome knowledge, but then you put it to use and you were theone who stood up, and that's absolutely why you became the credible sort for, you know, your community or whatever. Yeah, I mean I literally waslike us, I called the celebrity expert. I mean everybody knew whoI was and what I did and who I did it for, and that'sthe ultimate goal and like it's, it's I was. It was even easierfor me because, as you can see, and you look back at like myolder videos and stuff. Now, I'll choot my horn and I'd sayI'm probably one of the most lethal with an iphone video, with with mobilevideo right now, putting out good quality video from mobile h but then Ihave a it was terrible quality, audios, bad everything that I'm telling that thatI tell salespeople not and people not to do today, I was doingall that and it was lucky that I was just an early adapter, youknow what I mean, like I just got it. I was one ofthe first ones there. So it was just good enough. It's still workedbecause it was still so different. You know, not there was no Iwas competing with nobody. I was. I would I had more. Thegreat news is also that if you're a salesperson. But, for example,the chances are your dealership isn't doing the best job at branding themselves and marketingonline, and eighty plus percent of your... is online searching. When they'recertain, you know, are searching online, when they're shotting for a car,it's easy for you to be the the you know, show up morethan them. Yeah, you know. And you know the thing I loveabout this. You know, the concept of Entrepreneur, being an entrepreneur,the concept of taking control. As you know, I say this sometimes I'mlike, you know, unfortunately, there is a limit to success. Fortunately, you're the one that gets to set how high the limit is, andI mean you're what we're talking about here is a perfect example of that because, like you said, dealerships aren't branding themselves properly, they're not promoting themselvesproperly. But this is where you, as a car sales professional, orjust a sales professional, or an automotive expert or celebrity expert, however youwant to peg yourself, this is where you have the opportunity to set thelimit and, you know, work with in what the dealership is providing youas far as product and all that kind of stuff in a place to dobusiness, but really start thinking outside of the box. You know, youwere talking video, and I think a perfect place for people to get informationon how to do video better. I mean, don't you? You've gota resource for that, that you that resource love, that Canadian the resource. Yeah, well, what do you what do you resource? Yeah,what Americans call it. I few just go to Robert weismancom I I beforeE. Everybody, even my even Michael, still misspelled. Well, actually,you're probably one of the better. Yeah, but they are right thereon the top. You'll see a place with an Arrow pointing into a thinglike jude. Enter your name in email so we know where to send it, and it's a resource guide for Mobile. It's a mobile video creator resource guide. It's going to give you all and again, something I'm invested andwasted tons of dough and time on was the wrong like tools and accessories tostreamline things and to make things easier and better. You don't have to gothrough those struggles. And I mean the funny thing, all there is islike I, so I I've downloaded your guide and it's help me even takebetter family. So it's fine fun, it's and it yeah, it haseverything for like it. You will get top quality. You know, showyou how you to make top quality video from your mobile device. That lookslike you know, it's on thousands, you know, five ten thousand dollarcamera. I've done the sidebyside comparison with a DSLR and iphone five s specifically. Yeah, and you know, it's a trained I like, with theright lighting and using the right apps and the tools that are in this freeresource guide. Mentioned that it's free, that you you know. You knowyou're not going to have to worry about sinking big money into equipment and allthis, and that's what scares a lot of people off from video. Andif you're scared to be on video, will don't worry about that. Makesure you sign up there and you there's a place for you to contact me. You hit me up and I will talk to you about multiple ways foryou to do video that you don't even have to be on camera. Ideallythe best way. It's best for you and everything that you are, butyou don't have to be. And a video is that effective that you needto be doing it, whether you're going to be on it or not.It changes everything. It creates super stars that like and why I'm sitting heretalking to you right now is from dope web videos that I did when Iwas coming up in the in the business, the whole reason we even know eachother to start out with. Yeah, you know, and I mean thinkabout that. So your East Coast United States. I'm West Coast Canada. So the fact that I mean think about to reach that video does nowyou mentioned something too. I mean just doing good quality video. I heardsomeone say, maybe it was even you, I don't know where you said youknow, one of the best ways to overcome that, like not likingto see yourself on video or whatever, is to just film yourself on videoand then just keep watching that video over and over again until you get usedto seeing and hearing yourself. And I mean I can, I can attestto that. I I'm at the point... where when I see myself onvideo, it's not even a not even an issue. I'm sure that's thesame thing for you, but that came after like countless hours of seeing myselfand hearing myself. Always liked myself on video. I've been getting a lotof compliments lately and thanks. If you're listening. If you you were onethat did this on my voice here on the podcast and I listened back toit and you know, not to sound like that guy, but again I'mlike, man, you know what, I really do like the way myvoice sounds on here and you make I sound like my voice over, likeI hate the way like I would when I would try to voice, Iwould do a video at a dealership or something like that, and then Iwould want to write in like the voiceover talking about about the vehicle or thedealship, whatever, the voice. Just have the voice there. I didnot like the way my voice sounded over the video, but I loved itwith me, but I loved being on camera, like I had no,you know, problem at all being on camera anywhere, anytime. But thatis like that's the one thing that if you're not doing that now, orif you're only doing it a little bit, then really crank it up. AndI'm not just talking about the stuff that my my my good friend atleast, kept our talks about where, like you know, her thing wassending doing video communication. Well, yeah, I did that. You know,that was part of it, and I you know, that's it's definitelya big part of your business that that can definitely help is sending emails likethat. But I'm talking about videos that are trapped, designed to drive trafficbasically, or designed to intercept somebody that's in your market, that's shopping online, and you're just trying to get in front of them and hopefully give them, deliver them a compelling message with a strong call to action for what theycan do, and it just allows you to be building relationships and building rapportwith people and building credibility twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, while you're sleeping, while you're eating, while you're selling, while you're whatever. You know and you know that's the power of video and you justneed to do them exactly like, with value, though, like, ifyou look at what I mind, I made a commitment when I first starteddoing videos. I was like, I'm going to do six months of videoand every single day, and I did, and I ran I was was gettingcreatively bankrupt, so to speak, that I just was having problems comingup with something good enough value, and that's one of the rules that I'vebroken. Why I don't take down all the videos that I don't like andstuff like that. Is because I want to keep those mistakes there to showyou. But I I didn't consistently deliver value. Sometimes I just would beon there with a rant or just something completely pointless in my eyes when Ilook back that and I think that's a mistake. I think you'd always needto be thinking of value and just answering the questions that you know are beingasked. You know automotive shoppers are going online with a question or a problemin mind. And you know what I think is that, or what we'veseen proven time and time again, and you're living proof of this, isif you can go out of your way or show your customers or potential customersthat you're willing to go out of your way pre sale, before you've evenmet them, then that conveys the message that you're going to also go outof your way during the sale and post sale to take care of them,and those are absolutely the type of people who you want to do business with. I mean, if I see you, know see you and you're taking thetime to do a nice quality production that delivers value, that answers myquestions, not only are you attracting the right customer to start out with,your you're taking a much of the hassle out of the sales process and you'reare aligning, you know, the customer with the right vehicle. Well,and and and here's the thing. When you're on there and you're communicating tolike, it's basically that you want to be compelling enough, because, inthe nutshell, it comes down to this, the could consume as consumers, andwe're all consumers, that we don't... about they don't care about you, they don't care about me, they don't care about our probably there areproduct even they care about themselves. And that's how you did when designing andcreating your content. You need to think like that and you need to havea message in there or some way that, like, you know, again goingafter this low hanging fruit. People are going to find the videos,if you're making the right ones, they're going to find them. Then youneed to have like the the calls to action and just the compelling content that'sgoing to make you stick out. The good news is that it's not hard. But you need to tell them what to do next and you need totake them through the experience, and your presentation on everything is so important becauseit's going to pursue. You know, it's going to be how they perceiveyou as. If you know, then this guy's professional, everything's perfect,everything's great, and what it's going to do is and if you're on theretalking about stuff they they'll also know, hey, you know what, whatthis guy does and offers is not for me. They're going to prequalify themselvesbefore you can reaching out to you. So these people that reach out toyou based off of the content, stuff you put out there, you have, they're pre qualifying themselves. Yep, that's power. You said something.I want to move this along to the last question I have for you.How did you know what to create your videos about? Well, first Imade I did not make them for my customers at first, you know,like I just knew that it was the craze. I want to that's whatGods are doing them. Yeah, no, you don't want to do that.You need to answer. You know what to make them. You knowwhat people are like. You have every new model year coming in like it'syour ridiculous if you don't have make a video of you with the new twothousand and fifteen, two thousand and fourteen, whatever new product line you doing apresentation on it and then, with a strong called action in there,back to your website or something and you're titling it like two thousand and FifteenHande Sonata, Baltimore, Maryland, whatever. You know what any mean, likeand tighten like that, because people are searched people around the you don'tthink that they're going to be searching for the brand new product like that.So you also pull your current customers, send emails to them or when you'reengaging your talking with clients, have like right down your you know the whatyou're getting frequently asked questions, you know what I mean, about certain vehiclesor about things that are involved with the ownership or with service. Like anothergreat thing is that, I've always say this one. This where I gota lot of mine. Once I started to get Orient you know, startedreally getting it, I would ask my start the service writers. I'd goback there and ask the guys, like what are the most phone calls thatyou get? People asking about like what are some of the most common questionsthat you get back here? Boom. Then I'd ask some of my goodcustomers to about like buying, you know, when they're shopping for the car andjust like the process of the car, like of buying a car, notnecessarily product information. Something else answer this. Something else I think youcould do is consider who the vehicles for in the first place. So Imean if you're, you know, as an example, if you're a Toyotadealer and you've got a Sienna, you know, Mini van, you canjust simply start by asking yourself who is this vehicle for? Oh, it'syoung families, and then you can frame the information. You know, youcould do a video to frame in the information in a way that would beappealing to a specific customer segment. Or maybe it's at the hot odyssey orwhatever. The Toyota is UNDRA. And as far as sales be your onehundred percent right. My going like. This is where this is getting ina little bit deeper, and I do go over it on the newly releasedAutomotive Prenoor Academy podcast, which probably will mention it again later. Where tofind that apt but I go into deeper in this is as salespeople, likeas an individual salesperson, especially in this... something that you teach your teammembers, if you're not on the frontline yourself, but that they need toidentify who their ideal client is, like, of course, every but of courseyou're always going to be if you want to start building a brand andmarketing online, like personally, because you need to know who you're talking to, because we all say it might everybody. Sir, if you're trying to talkto everybody, you're talking the nobody. So you need to know who you'rebuilding your content for, meaning, like where you going to find themand what are their interests in? Like you, you want to be.You want to have an idea of WHO, if it was your way, ifyou could have it your way, who are the type of people thatbe buying from you all day every day? You know, like I like peoplethat I enjoy being around, that pay me all the money, thatlike to move it fast, and also there are great advocates of me whenafter they leave and they tell everybody about how great it is working with meand they send me loads of business. That's the type of people I want. So then I think about who that is in my current customers all,you know what? That perfectly describes Jim and Sally Miller or whatever. Likethey're like that, they're young, perfect or they're you know, I dogreat with the the young entrepreneurs or, you know, corporate executives. Youknow, because then you know when you're creating a video, you're creating amessage, you're answering questions, you know who to me, who you're makingit for, who you're speaking to. You know where to put it sothey'll find it. And then the best part is, once they consume it, it's going to resonate with them better, harder, faster and it's going tobe you know, they'll feel it, it'll have an impacts. It's goingto feel like you're speaking directly to that cool man. I'm going toshut her down right now because I think if we give any more information thanthis, people's brains going to start using now. That's why I have aRobert wisemancom click on podcast. No, all nothing to do about with notliking, not like enjoying working with Michael and hanging out with you here onthe dealer playbook. But I did. He just doesn't let me talk enough. You know what I'm saying now and I'm riding him right now. Solook, we're trying to get him a break off to it's not going toaffect the deal playbook. But it's the odd automotive Prenuria Academy anybody. It'stargeted for salespeople built, you know, to tips and strategies to build yourbusiness within a business in today's automotive industry. Go check it out. We gotthree fourth episodes about to go live. It's just me, a short tent, ten to fifteen minutes once a week. No guests, straight tothe point. It's all killer, no filler, boom and absolutely, andyou know I'm that's certainly not to confuse anybody. What we're actually doing hereis building out a network of information because we are so passionate about helping youachieve greater levels of success. So absolutely check out automotive Preneur Academy. RobertWeisman, the man himself. Thanks. Thanks for all that information, dude. I mean, you know why I have a guest on the show totalk about personal branding when you're on the show every single week and and inmy mind, nobody knows more about this. Like I said, check out youknow earlier, check out the show notes to this, because we're goingto we're going to outline those steps to what Robert did to take his businessfrom you know, survival mode from the first day, it sounds like tothrive mode thirty days later. Yeah, and Michael will tell go fat willcome back around on these topics and stuff more. So, you know,moving forward, because there's so it's hard to pack into all this. Andagain, we don't like to keep you here for hours, but like thatwe're just we're just getting started, you know, we're just having a conversation. So when it's spiraled out a little bit. But there's so much moreto it. And again you can catch an automotive Pernora Academy, but getto the show notes. We'll break everything down for you a lot better.YEA, and so so check it out. Triple Wot, the dealer playbookcom wouldlove to hear your feedback and comments...

...on the show notes. Like Robertsaid, check out Roberts new podcast. Don't worry, he's staying. Hestand where he is. But this is just a supplemental enhancement to helping peoplethrive, not just survive, and that's the automotive priniter academy. Don't forgetto subscribe to the dealer playbook on itunes or stitcher radio. visit us onour website, where you can also subscribe and get the latest episodes delivered righttier in box. We appreciate you being here. We hope that you foundthis information helpful and we'll talk to you soon. Thanks. A Lot.Later.

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