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Robert Wiesman: How To Take Control Of Your Brand With A Personal Website


About this session:


In this session of "The Dealer Playbook" podcast Robert Wiesman is flying solo!

Michael Cirillo the other half of team DPB is under the weather and not able to contribute but fear not Robert still delivers the thunder! 

Recently there was a article on (by a unheard of contributor) suggesting that building a "personal brand" was a waste of time and your energy and focus should be directed to branding your product or service. 

That message could not be more wrong and oddly enough the article is not even available on their blog anymore.

That article struck a chord here at DPB so that is what we are going to discuss in this session. 

Taking control over your personal brand and doing so with the power and magic of a high quality personal website for car sales professionals. 


Key Takeaways:


- Why todays car sales professional needs a personal website.

- Common mistakes done on most sales professionals websites.

- 8 key ingredients for a car pro's personal website. 


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This is the deal or playbook sessionnumber twenty seven and I'm going so low on this one you're dialed into thedealer, playbook podcast, where it's all about winning autotailor strategiesthat deliver proven results, and now your houst Robert Weisman and MichaelSerillo. Thank you so much for dialing into thedealer. Playbook podcast, I am your host. This is Robert Wisman and, as youmay have heard, in the Preintro, I am flying solo today. My Right Handman,Michael Serillo, is unable to be here really bushes. He was, but he is alittle under the weather. So Michael, we hope you get well man. We miss youhere at the deal er playbook, but you have me today again I'm Robert Weisman.This is the dealer playbook tha podcast for automotive professionals. You knowwith real dealer strategies that get real results today is going to be nodifferent, we're going to dive right into it. Wehad this article that was passing around with within our team and itreally kind of just struck a cord. I guess youcould say, and it was on Entreprenourcom, and it was a by anauthor that big surprise and nobody knew who this author was he's. Whateven makes it funnyher is. We want to link to this article for you in theshow notes, but we can't find it anywhere go figure, not not sure if itgot ripped down whatever, but anyway, by this unknown author, this unknowncharacter is saying that personal branding is in direction to go,that you should shouldn't, be focus on building, and you know creating yourpersonal brand, but more so y, that h the brand of your product of yourservice, and I couldn't disagree more and it's a wonder why this article isnow mia the product is, the service is always going to be just a commodity,okay, what the people are buying- and this is you know, still remains true tothis day. What they are buying is you,... there buying you? Is there they'rebuying your sales team? Even that's what people ere buying and yourpersonal brand? Listen, whether you're actively creating your personal brandand working on it daily or not. You have a personal brand,everybody has one just everybody isn't controlling that. Your personal brandis, is the the perception and the thoughts and what people think aboutyou before ever even coming in contact coming into any kind of connection, anyengagement or had any experience with you. So why? Wouldn't you want to takeadvantage of that and control? You could say ther thePeople's perception of you at least you know, show them what you're about andthat's what this session is about is about controlling your personal brand and getting the most out of it and thenumber one thing needed to do. That is your personal website and that's whatwe're going to get into today. Let's do it now. I don't know about you, but when Isee a business or think of a business that has no website in today's market,you want to know what I do. I laugh and Ou Sual too, with the amount of peoplethat are online at any given minute. Why, wouldn't you want to be there toengage with them or have your people there to engage with them to buildreport, to build relationships, to build trust to wow them twenty fourhours a day, seven days a week? There's no reason why who wouldn't want thatright, so creating a culture in your store or, if you're, just if you're,personally just a front line sales professional your personal website is easy and still you know not not ascheap as some strategies but cheaper...

...than a lot, but the GAN is so much that it's you're missing the boat withouttaking advantage of an epic personal website. So what I'm going to do is I'mgoing to dive into eight key ingredients today, we're not going tokeep you long. You know it's just me. I got nobody to talk to so I'm justtalking, I'm talking to you so here we go so eat key ingredients for your carsales pro website, whether you are a courselvs professional and you have awebsite now and it's you know it's more of what a lot of sales reps websitesare today and what mine was at. One point in time is just an onlinebusiness, cardor brod shore, you know it's, it's not yet a marketing toolthat you know is a resource ind its marketplace andthat's what we're going to dive into today. So eight quick ingredients foryour car sales pro website, you' ready here we go number one inventory feedsyou don't need. You don't need to run the dealerships, feed and inventory andhave it available on this car sales pro website. Why? You might ask, becauseyou know we all hear about vdps, getting these vdps in front of people.Well then, it's not a get. lite goes back tothe commodity. We don't were not there to sell them. The car you know werethere to build the relationship. I believe it was grand cardon said onetime that the difference between a contract, a contact and a contract isthe r the AR stands for a relationship that couldn't mean more. So what we'rethere to do is build the relationship not necessarily not there, to sell thecar to them. Not there to look like every other dealership website. Followme next, invest in the design of thiswebsite. Okay, something is not better than nothing. It's really not!Sometimes it. You know poor quality web...

...experience will create more harm thangood, especially to a brand design is key, because that's what people seefirst so invest in a quality design. I mean stop with the my friends buddiesthat does websites on the side gets yourself. A professional okay, it'llcost a little bit more, but the gain again is too large and too beneficial.Not to so it's definitely worth investent to design get a good qualitydesign, but then also make sure to keep it fresh. You know, keep it addinggraphics, adjusting the graphics, changing things. Do that because again,that's something that that doesn't cost a lot, but does so much for your sigte,okay, so invest into design, be creative, get if it's not in you, ifyou're, not confident in you with the design, then get consultation fromsomebody that is okay. It's you can't do everything can't you superman and doeverything certainly don't start, try to learn how to do it. If you've gotexperience, you've been it and you are a designer, that's one thing, but don'ttry to learn it. I did that, and I was stupid. Believe me next number three isVidio, make sure there is a video on every page, even if it's welcoming themto that page and telling them what to do there. Okay, don't you know, don'tunderestimate the power of telling people what to do believe me, becausenot everybody will do it, but some will follow your direction. You know thatlow hanging fruit, so at least you know build it catering to them, becauseagain, some will so video on every single page, video build superstars.You know, and everybody loves video, not everybody. You know at will watchthe video some people read, but always have the video option there, all right,there's but there's a tons of. I don't think I need to go over the benefits ofvideo, but it just builds the trust factor, it'smagical when it comes to the trust...

...factor, the you know, connection what can happen, and this istwenty four hours a day. Seven days a week, you shoot the video one time boom,put it on the site, it's there for you, always until you take it down or updateit. So it's there and it's it. They get the to get to know youeasier, better connect with you. So that's three video number four- andthis is these- are all equally important. It's no real particularorder, I would say, but number four is. The platform needs to be easy to usefor anybody for th e, the sales pro for you for your team. They need to be. Itneeds to be at easy use for them to update, because it's very importantthat you can update on the fly that you don't have to wait a day or so havingthat immediate access to be able to make any changes you want when you wantand additions, is crucial, so again make sure one one look for that thatit's that it's super easy to use. You know, make it as dumb down as possible.I guess you could say all right, so that is for five number five. Is Youneed to flex your expertise on this website? What I mean by that is byupdating with blogs and information on there, that your marketplace is alreadyasking okay, and this is how you fun. People always ask me how, where do Iget ideas for the content to create your getting them every day? Think ofall the questions that people ask you I don't know about you, but when I'm inthe show, when I was in the show room, I was working with guests, they all hadquestions and it wasn't just about the product itself, so think of it of it. Like that start,jotting them all down, if you can't think of any off top of your head, butas they come, you know as everythey...

...goes on start writing down the onesyou're getting most common, whether it's on the phone through an email froma past customer on a phone from a past customer tex from a past customer somebody live in your show room, listento what they are saying and start answering that all that onscale ad scale on your on your block, because I rest assured they're askingyou that in person on the phone etc, then they're typing that into a searchengine, and you want to be there to connect with them there. Okay, soflexur Esperty expertise, blogging, just answering the questions. Justbeing you be yourself and answered a lot of the the major questions thatyou're getting asked today every day and also a quick tip here, bonus tip is pomp.Your service drive pump, your you know the service writers or whatever pumpthem on what people are calling in and ask what are the lot of their mostfrequently asked questions? That's another goal: Mine all right. Moving onsix make in modeled landing pages, okayyou're working in a new store, newcar store. You again it goes back to the east ofuse of your platform. You need to be creating pages for all your latestmaking models, so you have a page like your namecom, then backslash. You know.Wo Thousand and Fifteen Dash Hunde Dash Sanata Hagerstown Maryland DashMaryland a D and create a landing page for each making model, and if thePLATFORMIS easy enough it take you five minutes to set up the page, but thenall you got to do to add to it is boom. You do a quick walk around on the brandnewmaking model. You know just hammering out of three or four of thekey feet. Key new features on it add some photos. You can pop all thisstuff with your with your ephone six or whatever you got pops some photos ofthe of the car and then write up a little. You know little review of itjust type up a Quick Review Boom upload...

...that to the landing page. You know people are. You know peopletyping in that making model in your market gives you a good opportunitythere to engage with them and start wil and I'm putting them into your funnel.You know what I'm saying so: That's seven, six, rather sorrymaking model landing pages just for every new making model. You know youget in just, but do the fully loaded one quick tour on it. have it up therehave the page then hopefully get hem clicking back to some of Tyour. Otherpages like this one number, seven number seven! Is your USP your? Whywork with you page your unique selling proposition, what it is it? What is itabout you other than you've been there for ten years, Youre this or that know.What is it about working with you, that's going to be unique that youoffer that the you know the person that this message is getting front of thatyou that its something worthy to them for them to pick you over the guy downthe block. All right, I don't think I need to go deep into what a uniqueselling proposition is and what it does for. You know what itdoes for you and why you need to have one, but you need to have when you needto and make it creative and good, there's a lot of available research onthat. But if you want some help, I actually have a little. I'M gonna look for a link in the shownotes to something regarding to USP. I don't know t off t e top of my head allright. So that's seven, your unique selling proposition your! Why work withyou page this is you need to compel you need to lay it out there thick, butwith the customer mind Al, you know for them that what is going to be of valueto them? You got to knock their socks off right here on this one, all right so number, seven! Look I told you we'removing through these were on eight. This is going to be a quick one. Today,Feeil me always always number eight always tell your visitors what to donext. Okay, the call to action in your... on your page, like I said, ifyou're welcoming them to the site to the home page, tell them where you wantto go. You know, welcome them, say: Hey check out, learn more about me checkout my bow page than from your abow page. You tell him Heid to hear more ofmy about my exclusive car shopping experience, click on click here tocheck out my. Why work with me page, you know or click if it's on a landingpage, you know click here to schedule consultation to see if my uniqueshopping services are a match for you, you know something along those lines,but always whether it's in written text is it whether it's in a video anythingmake sure that you're telling them and giving them the direction and pointingthem holding their hand to wh what you want them to do. Next, that is that's.What creates an experience? That's what people are still looking for. Peopleare looking for online, so give them the direction always and- and they mayfollow, like I said- not- everybody's Gon- to dial in and fall and drink yourcool aid and foll Yo, but some will so go ahead and create this with that low hangingfruit in mind all right. So there is your eight hope that was some bdelivered some kind of value solo session today, so one to get in get out,provide some value for everything regard all the links and everythingregarding this session. Just go to the dealer. Playbookcom twenty seven checkout our new design there. We did a facelift there love to hear your yourthoughts in the comments. If you want to I'm going to give give a go aheadand do a plug here as well. If you want to check out the web tool that I wouldhave wished to have access to when I was actively building my brand andwebsites when I was in the front line,...

...go to the dealer playbookcom car pro,and you can get more information on that, just O. I throw it out therebecause it can be very helpful and it's what I dreamt of when I was activelydoing this, and this is why you know the thing is: is that you need to makethis as easy as possible, because it's hard and that's why a lot of salesprofessionals don't go fully into it. But when you do magic happens for theindividual, the dealership so like, if you're a team leader manager. What haveyou think about empowering four or five of your your Ninjas out there, with with with atool like that and out there pulling in clients just some food for thought? I'mRobert Weisman again thanks for checking out the deal or playbooksubscribe on the chat, the dealer play Bookcom and go to check out the shownotes, and you know, look for the link to more about the USP for salespeople.I link in there and I look forward to talking to you next time later.

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