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Episode · 7 years ago

Robert Wiesman: How To Take Control Of Your Brand With A Personal Website


About this session:


In this session of "The Dealer Playbook" podcast Robert Wiesman is flying solo!

Michael Cirillo the other half of team DPB is under the weather and not able to contribute but fear not Robert still delivers the thunder! 

Recently there was a article on (by a unheard of contributor) suggesting that building a "personal brand" was a waste of time and your energy and focus should be directed to branding your product or service. 

That message could not be more wrong and oddly enough the article is not even available on their blog anymore.

That article struck a chord here at DPB so that is what we are going to discuss in this session. 

Taking control over your personal brand and doing so with the power and magic of a high quality personal website for car sales professionals. 


Key Takeaways:


- Why todays car sales professional needs a personal website.

- Common mistakes done on most sales professionals websites.

- 8 key ingredients for a car pro's personal website. 


Session Resources & Links:


Check out the ultimate car sales professional digital marketing solution click here.


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For more on building your power house personal brand check out DPB session 18 where our very own Robert Wiesman dives even deeper into personal branding here.

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