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Episode · 6 years ago

Ryan Stewman: Marketing Strategies For Car Sales Pros


Welcome back to the DPB Podcast session number 67. As always we have another powerful episode with another serious player. In this session we are sitting down with the “Hardcore Closer” Ryan Stewman.


Ryan is founder of the which is an amazing blog that is killing it right now. (over 2million monthly visitors) Ryan has a very unique approach to sales and that shines through on his blog.


Ryan has had experience selling cars but specializes in working with high level real estate brokers and mortgage lenders helping them market themselves and become the elite professional in their market place.


Here is a quick preview of this session.


Creating Videos That Close Prospects On Auto Pilot


Ryan talks about the kind of videos he and his students create and exactly what they do with them. He discusses how to make the videos and lists off several types you can create.


Facebook Ad Ideas For Salespeople


Ryan specializes in Facebook Ads and has used them to build his business. In this session he breaks down how you can use Facebook Ads to sell more cars and how to set them up.


Ryans 777 Facebook Strategy


Ryan is nice enough to break down his Facebook prospecting strategy that costs nothing and if executed will sell you more cars. Ryan takes us through the steps and exactly how to get started doing it with your Facebook page.


That is just a preview of the power bombs Ryan Stewman delivers in this session. 


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...our brother thanks for taking to timeman hey no problem man, I am I'm just gladto be here and and have some fun with you me N, just kind of hang out so othanks frapg me on MIT o. You got it man, you got it! You got it so! Listenso again, as is, and I'll build off the intro a little bit that before the show,but you know run, is a lot of history and a lot of experience like helpingyou know real estate. You Know People Sellin real estate, people sellingmortgages all stuff. That really relates to like it's not the same asthe car business. But again it's like it's dealing with people and there'snothing like dealing with people is dealing with people, so strategies thatwork for any other industry. I really think that that they would work for youknow you that are out there selling cars on the front line today. So that'swhy new Ryn was a great guess and not to mention I mean he has a powerfulgroup facebook group out there. What's that sales talk with sales pros right,Ryan, yeah wwe're like fifty two hundredstron, while we're recording this now, I think we're fifty two hundred andthere's a lot of familiar names and faces and stuff in there that sinceI've, since I've jumped in that I've, you know seen that are familiar, so alot of guys from the car game. So you know an in a lot of your blog post. Yourefer back to like if you're selling cars this and that and a big thing youtalk about, is you have so much content on there about? You know marketingfunnels, building marketing strategies this and that because, as weweretalking before, the show it's like and you put enough people in front of theweakest closer in the game like they'll put up numbers. So I wanted to build alittle bit off that I wanted to go into some of your some of theTradesuseyou've implemented for some of your P, your clients and yourself etctthat that really catch steam that you think that that the car seles prolistening en could really gain some value from well Robert. I have some actualexperience as a car person in twohsand and eleven I was married and I wasdoing the entrepreneural journey at the time and you know I was my Iwas doing. You knowjust kind of getting started, trying to find my way I'ms doing a few podcastand I had started the artcore closer blog and all that and my wife wound uppregnant right. You know how that happens. My she x, wife now but anywayshe got pregnant, and so I needed insirt and so in order for me to getInturan Hod to go, get a corporate job, real, quick, whell. I've got kind of asketch T, not kind of DOE extremely skip. You back the crowd right, so Ican't just go: Get a Courpprat job anywhere destpite, my o thatm Youre,perfect for the or Oh yes. So exactly my buddy, whoactually met in federal prison, is the GSM of a dealership. He's like come onover man. I'll, give you a job and get you some dventureance. You sell a shitload the cars for so that's how I got into the carbit. So I sow cars forabout eight months and actually loved... now so like twenty thirty cars everymonth and I'll explain what I did to get there, because I don't have anyneeds- and I sure, as I didn't want any of my friends to know that I was in thecar business. It was this whole thing because I'm trying to live one life andbecome a writer and tell people that's what I do for a living, but I'm reallymaking my money selling cars, so it was pard. I didn't liar to Seev anybody,but I just was't on the LO I was trying to do in life. You Know Yeah Yeah W. Iwasn't what I was trying to do in like, but I sure enjoyed it and sold thembout of cars and has a lot of fun and learned a lot, because WEU get so manyface to face terms. There's not too many places that you can get a thaut.So I do have some really good experiences. Ome stuff that I knowworks right now in the car business. I'd be more happy to share hat you guys.Let's, let's hit it, man go for it, okay, so this is stuff that I did intwo thousand and eleven that there's still veryfus people do t see, there'sa couple of industries that that things don't really change it. There's likethe finance and insurance industry, which is like, let's say, stay farmguys or you know quick and Mons those guys kind of follow the same patternsame with the car industry. You know you come in, they tell you to take theups, they tell you to get on the phones, Call Path, clients go work, the servicedrive and it's just because they have such a high turnover in a lot of thoseindustries. They really don't want to take the time to train somebody. Cansen totalyo tit comes o the scoop some up from forward, or vice versa, rightwe're all in the game here. We know how it works, so you know there's not awhole lot of really good trainin that you get therebut see. I came from the MORT business before I saw cars, and I had this likedream of one day: Bin The inderthat marketer right. So that's what I do fora living now right so like drink, Om thrue, it's really cool O. I stuck withthe program, but what I wanted to do was okay, o. So now I've got this cargunership that I work at that they're on TV, they're, marketing, they're,doing flyers. They're doing you know they're having these contests with TVsand gold, poins and they're kitting people on the door and I'm making Fales,but I'm having to work like seventy eighty hours a week and I'm not really.I want to work on my passion that many hours every week. I don't want to workfor somebody else that that many hours every week, so what I did was I startedcreating a followbup system of videos. No peese bastards cut my tie off when Isold the car one time. I think it was my first one there's some big I'm notthat big of a guy there's SA big Ol car guy its the place that I wearin. Butare you a big, take her Liso, the CHEA ASS TI d? You have some money tied upin it IYEU and maybe forty bucks or Soitwas,probably a lot of money to me at the time I needed all. I could get yeah on happybut, like I think they were recruiting these guys straight out of the halfwayhouse over there slike it wasn't, it was. It was Al te was in the rich parttime but anyway, so this is Texas right, Texas, yeah, that's a huge car market,King of the CAR AXISOS onny baby they do and it'say in downtown Dallasis where we're at. So that's where I live now in the dealerships. Maybe tenminutes UF the road for me even closer to downtown so...

...the the thing was, I didn't want towork all those hours. So, even though everybody made fun of me and everythingelse, I wentd bought a tripon for Lenmon buts from Amazon, took it to work, got a my I phone and Iwould set my higphone up on this trypot and I would go out in front of whatevercar model that was in new. Whatever color, I could get my hands on and Iwould do like the demo and a walk through and all that Shit, just as ifsomebody was right there with me ID walk up and treate the camera, as if itwas the person- and I would like get in the car with them, and I would do thevoice commands n, the GPS, take them for ride around the block. Do the chestdrive thing and then I would send the video, but I wouldn't say, hey jim thisvideos, for you is like hey. You ask about the Honda I made this videospecifically for you Iwas really vague about it. It allowed me to any purposes of Indie OAT. Multipleclients basically is wato absolutely and then I'm able to send it out tothese to the people. It's like, Hey, have you you want. You are interestedin this car. Here's, a cool video, real life me doing it just regular guy witha Tieon, that's cut off at the car deanership right and then you know I'mable to fend them. Another follow up like different screen shots. How theDeali Shit words. I introduce them to the GSM and one video introduce him tothe finance guys and another video e slane with their part and how we coulget them through walkhing through a screen shout of how to do theapplication online, like all these different things, Tan a way when theyshowed up, they were like hey it's that guy he's pretty much helpedg me. Doeverything I'm just here to sirn papers and not a way. Ido have to spend a lotof time, showing them cars and doing all this other stuff yeah. We had totake them on a test aride, but they knew exactly what they wanted, becauseI showed them all the features and got all that up for Wayi MI. Stop you thatone real, quick, real quick when you say I talk o something I got now.That's cool, that's cool! That's why I interjected that's something that I gotthat I hear lot coment in conversation today, so you said we had to take themon a test trot so like that was their thing like which happens in dealerships.That's how it was when I was working in dealerships like they want. You like,you, have to take a test drop and that's what you mean like hey. Theymade you like. Your management was like dude. You got ta take for a ride. Right, EAH, you couldn't sell a car without ityeah. I lie. What do you think about that? Never challenge it. You've selledmultiple batible different items from mortgages to the biggest investmentmost people make to like the second biggest investment. Most people make.Now you get people making investments with you online without ever evenmeeting you for a decent amount of money like what do you think about thatlike? If somebody comes in it's like dude like I don't want to drive it, Iknow it. I'm educated like let's get down to business like. Why would youtry like what do you feel about that? Like me, ive mixed emotions like? Whywould I take somebody to do something they're telling me they don't want todo like? Am I looking for them to just start beefing with me or what now, if I got if I I had run into thata couple times back then, and I just sold the people 's like hey man, justjust tell them that's what we did. The just walk up door on me and Chope for acouple minutes talk out it and go look at it. Well, come back in here. Tin,favorens get the hell out of here, but I agree when I bought my. I have twocars right now and when I'm fought, I...

...release them at Lease Pars on O bicars.I don't keep. I don't have addk keep them on ging obythem. So when I leaveto the cars that I had, I just called the infinity dealership told them whatI wanted. What comers that I wanted and what options I wanted. They said thatthey had tam. They seit me the envoice form. I already had the true parverification thing, which is what I used. You know it's what I got leadsfrom when I was selling cars, so I kind of knew what to do there and theydidn't argue with me or anything. They were like all right, we'll. Let youknow what it's done be in Dt an you can come pick it up in the keys. I Dodn'thave to test drive it because I was in a hurry. I din't want to spend all thattime they were accommodating. So I think I believe that it's up to thecustomer O. I think that T if it's one less sell you have to dat now. I doagree that if you're selling use cars D, then you have to absolutely one hundredmillion percent. Unless you're shipping it somewhere you should, they shouldtake, take a test, an stre, because you never know squealing breaks things likethat can show up Wun on a brand new vehicle, with a warranty and everythingelse that they know what they want. And you know you should be able to deliberit to their doorstep or, however, they want to pick it up with without atestdrive, so yeah my feelins Abanmono. I agree because it's like one, let's ell,to make if I got TA, fail you to take a test drive and then tell you the caragain, that's like a pain in the ass. I really just sell you get the car thats.What you want well, N and- and my thought is it's all the time they comein there and people are saying that, oh well, you got to take thim on the test,drive to build value this and that, what's like, they already know whatthey want and like at this point like it sounds like they're going to they'reinterested in it and if it's going to be a mini, if it's going to be a smalldeal like let's just get it done and over with, let's make it fast. You knowmove on to the next one. Yeah, okay, so use video, and that's something that alot of a lot of people out there. You know a lot of you know the personlistening, they might have done it. They don't do it consistently enough. Ihad great results with that as well, but I love the like bringing in the GMand bringitg in the F and I telling them his role kind of like explainingyou know going like basically pulling the curtain back. You know what I mean,so I do think that is definitely value, so you got video, so let's allright keepgoing from there you're in the mid sof telling us about the steps that you got,that you show people to do yeah. So I did these test drive videos,videos, introduceing, everybody, videos with them, Torin the dealershit videos,showing them different departments, introduce them to the service, guys allthat stuff, and then I was like you. You just said like Ilike to get everything done as fast as possible. Thanks the Internet, a lot ofstuff is minic, it's just it is what it is and a lot of the dealeer ads or tojust liquid a car so and that's cool. I was always good with a i Sol as many asI takes right and every now and then I'll hit a big lick. THATI'LL BE COOLand I'll. Just keep Sele of them, so you know n people walk in with the truecars to Sep off the Internet, ands verified Tasus. You know you can try tosell them protection package and stuff like that and argue back and forth, andyou could just close them and move on right, especially if you have a lot ofleads and T. that's my opinion anyway, because they're going to sell themstuff on the backeand, an they get tav...

...and I anyway not those guys are intheir dawmn money, but just yeah man Wa. Basically tea them up.They got to hit the thigs theirself so but yeah, so the videos workd reallywell. The other thing was, you know getting involved in facebook like in mydowntime. I was one of the only people ther ere that had access to facebook. Idon't know how it is these days, but they didn't want you back on then, butmy log an allowed me to get onto bad view to because the video things, andso what I did was two than things I would tell people I got ino the dealerssocket both dealers. I believe you Gat somewhere, I'm tryning to e the fucketand wrote my own yeah. I wrote my own follow up emails, so you can populatesomeone's name in there and then ride. Hey here's and look at that Honda thatyou wanted to here's a look at that. You know af one, fifty that you'relooking to ar whatever- and I just made my own email so itterts the lead camein. You know within the first two minutes why everybody else is trying tocall Hem, I'm just liing in their email with the free video and what their carlooks like. I think the headline was something like this is exactly whatyour next car looks like video and it was like inprintasy sto people like. Ohreally, I just clap that wonder what that is and then, if ou need obviouslyshowing them that so that works really well and then getting in my downtime. Iwould get involved in groups. There's a lot of car die groups and I'm nottelling about Harr sales guys which are cool too, because if you get in a carso got group you can trade. You know you got to either trades and differentstuff that people minht be looking for to you, but you're going to light it upyou're not going to light the stroke board up in one of those groups. ThoughI get it, though, like it's good for a lot of things like you said, but againlike. I think that those those groups that are full with filled with ratherbuyers, that's an overlook the buyers yeah, yes yeah. They are becausethere's a lot of car offiscient autos man. WHAT ID? If you sell for? If yougo to Ford's facebook page alone, there's every time they post they're,going to get thousands of comments, men there's going to be a lot of people onthere in your area. That say they want a car. You know man, I, like those,I've been meanin to get ther chest drive and you hit them upy, like I'm anofficial for representative for downtown Fort, you can come in. OnThursday. We have an apport. The time at two o'clock be more happy. Givyouthree test rot. You can hit those all day, long and- and you know, there'snot just that for there's a bunch of different for pages, the actual carsand the corporation and the different. You know on the flee and I'm surethere're likeloaloi groups to right absolutely absolutely like the meetupgroups. Here they have cars and Coffey, which they light do once a month at theLexis dealership, everybody pools theyre, like you know, exotics andstums, and all of us goand rule oer them because they're awesome, you know,so they do that, but they have their group to and all those guys are buyingdifferent Suffsan. Se, you take a a couple of yearold corret on trade orsomething like that. You could post it back there in a groop like that and Solit Thi. Okay, dude, I mean heck, no matter whatI sold if like that was something in my backyard like right now, like you justgive me that like if I would show up to that, even if my car wasn't worthy I'dpark, it a few blocks down and I'd stroll up, and if I sold cars and I'dconnect with the dudes there, because... know what those guys are car, byersand when they're passionate about it. They'll kick the dollars out. You knowwhat I mean: Yep Yep, so one thace bat like exactly. Iknow a big part of what you do now is and because again you help a lot oflike real estate. dudes out to me. It's the same, there's no difference betweenmarketing real estate, marketing cars, anything it's all! It's Marke! It's allabout people! You know what I mean. I think the fact that we try to makeautomotive marketing its own type of thing is the problem, because it's notbecause they're only buying a car every three to five years, but they're buyingeverything else all the time and they like to think that it's a differentkind of marketing so with facebook ads. Now I jumped ahead of you a little bit.Were you running like ads at this point in time then? Or this come after thatyou were selling? Well, it's sad to say that that is thereason I got tired or really not the reason. I A part, IAR thate's. Thereason I quit the job is. I was ready to go back to do my passion, but I wasreally going to stay for another couple months and help them out because theywere getting pretty busy, but they GSM made a deal with me and he said hewould get me a dollar for every facebook fan that they had within thenext thirty days. Right he's like you, can run our page and give you we won'tpay you any extra for it, because we're paying the guys five hundred bucks now,but it will give you a dollar for every like that. You get on our page. I gotlike I don't know five thousand likes something on their page within thatthirty days from wearning little twenty dollar ads to myself thinking I wasgoing to get the money back right. Then they didn't pay me theyre, like whereyou know we were thinking. You were probably going to spend three or fourOM dollars of our money. You know we didn't expect to pay you five grand.You should have told US ahead of time. Bu. I kind of Pisse me off, because Ihave worked to make that happen for him. Then they just kind of took that theenerge of me so not to like deat a dedhorser or complain about that. Butthat's like coincidentally running facebook ads is what ended. My careeris the Tou to so but facebook as far ar okay. So between the housing and thecar business, there is no difference. They're. Both the most expensive assetsthat most people will buy in their entire life, the only difference is, ittakes longer to buy a house than it does a car, and it takes longer to findthe righthouse that it doesn' card, because their houses are loved togetheron a lot together for sale like cars are obviously and all the houses that are lovetogether and developments are not always all for sale. So it's a littlebit different as far as ha shopping pattern, but a carselles fom. The realestate agent are virtually identical, have done both jobs, they are virtuallyidentical. They have no POL somebody wit. The fucking money is the personthat makes allthe decisions on the back Hep, but their job to make the customerhappy and they fade all the eat. So I know I know that facebook ads waskind of is one of your things in like Social Menia ads was something that youe. That was big for you, so Le Okay,...

...let's, let's transform you today,knowing what you know now we got the car salesman listening and off the top of the head. What kind ofcampaign like tell me kind of the strategy you would use with facebookright now, Leke give somebody give them some. Okay, there's a couple f strategiesright now that I would use t, let's say Twentya Day Adspin, to get you a coupleof car leavues a dat number one. was we pay top dollar fortrades, find out what your cars work now right, because then you got peopleentering in there that are interested in selling their car they're going tosell their car they're going to meet another car right? Yes, and I wouldtarget people according to their income according to where they live right,because you know certain parts of town by Bita certain parts of town by Pondas,right yeah. You know that that's I the way it is hat. I wouldtarget them by their income by the part of town that they're ere in ow targetthem by you can see what thei recent purchases are. Thet tells you whattheir credit rating is, so I wouldn't mess with any BOT. I'm target people bywhat their credit is thanks. WOR, smart y'all and all of this is found in theAD managers. If you go to facebook and you go to the ads manager and underdemographics, when you're selecting your audience, you can find all thisstuff. It's got predit finances. You can see that if they bought a carwithin the last two years, if they bought a car that in that's over twoyears ago, the last time when they bought a car according to Facebook, youshould run it out. Hey. You should change cars every two years in FRIIHT,I'm San! You can pretty much look back. There, though excuse me all the lift di,different demographics and figure out how you can craft your pitch to come totumble. But for me right now, if I was a dealership and you're likto get inol your salesdude man you're doing a new yourk age, everything yeah! Let's do that one yeah!So Yeah! I would create a page that would be you know I wouldn't name it after the dealership.I would create a community or a fan page. It's like four car pampage, let'sjust ackeep using fowards, whatever reason, but I like, like for cars, sandpage Hati'll, take different pictures every day of stuff. That's on your lotposted up there and then I would boost it to people in the area that tot thecriteria that I just gave you simpersin Pi Oll make a demo video. Just like Italked about. I would uplode the video from my phone like to that Fan. Page Affor twenty dollars a day run traffic to that video to people that lived in acertain area made at least the income that you look for and tit had thecredit that are to take your list down to about twenty thousand people,depending on where you live, but targeting by that are taking abouttwentyuzand people. You can get in front of about three sand a day fortwenty or thirty barks, maybe with the video you can get in front of even morefor that same price, Bu, here's the catch in the video. You have to makesure that, at the end, you have to say, you know, make sure you go to thiswebsite or make sure you send me a message on make sure you texting yourcall. You have to give o some sort of call. The action Y can't just make avideo for them to see the vehicle and then not know what to do next, likehere's the vehicle. This is how awesome... is if you want to come get. It callme right here: Ryan, stuments, four, two hundred four, nine, nine, nine five,five, five five or you can even text me Af, that's what you want I'll set upwith time. Fo Come pick you up from your house and this bad, like whateveryou got to do just you know, make sure that there's a calln the action at theend, that away of fivethousand people see your video for your twenty or fiftydollar Adsspin. Then you've got you know at least comp and fifteen real,an Ou to you, saying that they're interested in the car or one like that.So what about like he chargers over there? What about like? Do you stayaway from interest and things like that when you're doing your targeting onfacebook, you can't see here's the day there,Robert There's like so many different ways, Tho target stuff on facebook.It's not a a one side fits all and the crazy thing. What works in Philadelphiadoesn't work in Atlanta beciuse. It's two different types of personality todifferent ways of thinking and stuff. So and it's not the ads, don't work,it's the targeting that it don't work ads work across the board. You guyshave seen the most ridiculous advertising, aever work, a blow up,girillas and balloons and stars, and then people come in with gold coins. Weseem to advertising works, no matter whatpribt, no matter what it works,it's the targeting of who you get the advertising to so on facebook. You can pick people withyou sell Shemin League, an the people that are interested in Chereles, butmaybe they already own oneand. They want to switch the fords Yoven Khoug.You never really know. That's just different things that you have to test.You can go into audiences and audience insights in the Ange manager and youcan find out what, like the popular pages in your area are such as radiostations such as radio stations, differentthings like usually your local sports teams, really popular your local Dj orthat you know maybe a local business or club, or something like that. So youcan see what kind of people are there. So you know if your people hang out thetype of people that you deal with, hang out at XIV, location or typically buystuff from this place or whatever. Then you can target them as well. There'sjust so many different ways back there pretty much anything that you can thinkof to get in front of somebody you can on facebook to the key is figure outwho you want to get it in front of and making sure that you have the rightcall to action for okay. So what E itles? It's not going to do o good tohave bad credit targets? Yes, absolutely it's all about the rightmessage to the right person at the right time in the right ton yeah. I getthat yeahand, that's completely. I E one hundred percent agree, but whatabout then once they get that like what? What what do you need them to click toon that ad I mean how important is the redirection you know if they do clickand that called action I mean it should go to a specific landing page or youknow what are your thoughts with that. So I use something called Leed pages,so what I would do is when they click the lint from the video or the pictureor whatever you use. There's a software. You can use called Leed pages Lee Tay,just sto at like super easy to use...

...twenty thirty lar a month, and I wouldput a picture of the car up there with something to the tune of o know findout what your cars worth or you know, find out h. You know more about thisvehicle. Whatever the case, I don't way when they click on that site. Facebookallowsy to do something called installing a pixel. They give you thislittle job de script and you like paste it in the web code and the lead pagesand don't freak out everybody. It's like easy stuff to do. I'm no, no Texhguy by any stretch of the magination. So it's super easy to paste in there andeven shows you in the videos on Lee pages how to do it. But then whathappens is once they click your site, whether they gave you their email andinformation or not. Once they go back to facebook. That Pixel allows you torun traffic for ever iing back to that traffic. So let's say: If ThousandPeople Click on your Leagu and out of a thousand and ten people give you theiropton right that they give you their email name and phone number wet oneabout the other, nine hundred and ninety people. So now, when those ninehundred and ninety people go back to facebook, they'll see a different andit's like hey still looking to sell your car or whatever the objective ofyour add, is so, and that's pretty easy to do as far as en stoln the pice. Foragain the guys that have your own website that you drive track to o evena dealership UF, you don't have a facebook, Pixel and soln on it. BuYou're messing out in a lot of easy traffic, yeah very good, very good, and that'ssomething you don't Havei a website for that right, like with lead pages nowyou got to have a website. Okay pages, you don't know, lpages is the website NTHAT's a great program? I use it. I OMichael Mycos, SIS unavailable today he uses it. I think it's pretty gangsterthat thing right there. Definitely! Okay! So another thing you talk a lotabout before we start going in the rap this this this thing up. So what aboutlike with prospecting like offline online etcal like t? What ar some ofthe things that you teach you, your students and whatnot on prospecting onjust you know other ways to drum up their own traffic and their ownopportunities Wal. The keepit can grow with the show.I'l leave you guys with this. I have a method that we call the lucky sevenmethod and it's three actions. Seven days a week which, for some reason wecame up with seven seven seven that sounds lucky like they gus to just gowith right. So this this method is you're, going to take three actionsevery single day of the week and it's hard to do this for an entire month,not hard Os, Ta sense of physically laboring or anything like that. It'shard to keep up with, because you start getting attraction just because thedynamics and the algorithm of how facebook works, but three actions Odaythose threeactions are actuall number. One is make sure you comment on atleast one person's post every day you know engaged with people. Even younever know. When somebody's about to buy a car, they have a tire blowoutthey need new tires of transmission, fell out there on the side of the roadsomebody hit them theyre mad at their car. Whatever the case you never know,so you need to be interacting and leaving at least one comment onsomebody's post every day, and that takes all of what thirty seconds.Alright. What's the worst thing, coan happen, Y conversation with somebody.You like...

...second thing is you need to wride onone person's wall every day, okay, so going to somebody's Walt see whatthey've been up to lately, telling you just want to drop by. You were thinkingabout him that you miss them. You're. Thinking about him, you want to sayhello. You saw the other day that they have. A wonderful family is want tocongratulate of whatever right, be nice to Tu start that conversation with Hem.The third thing is private message. One person every day same thing go to theirfacebooks wall, see what they've been up to in in would a message like thit,Hey man, I saw you were the do on Saturday. I was Lo, hey man, I'mthinking about you and wance you've been ut to, and then I looked on yourpace, al You wer the Zo on Saturday. What's the do like these days startthat conversation with on the way through that conversation, humansidentify with three things they identify with their jibd, their name ND,where theirwt, where they're from so you already know. Most of that stuffyou're going to ask the person once you? U Get through the casual conversation,you're going to say, hey man, hows business, treat Yit they're, going togive you some bs answer like Om business is good, bad and different.Whatever the case, they're, usually nine times out of ten they're, going toturn around they're, going to see how t business for you becaus see it Bose Col,you know the car business is what it is. You know somebody's lookg going to buy,silven training, Cherin La Man, make sure you send im my way and always usesome mole business cool. That's just the easy way to get in front ofsomebody. You didn't have to be all agpressive or weird about it. Youweren't spamming them because you showed some interest in what they had.First, I called that social reconnisance Bugt you live in sawsomething that they were interested in talking about before you. Just like heycome down. If you know anybody wants to caller type of crap right, what do youcall Theo? What social, what the social reconnissance? Okay, so, like you justgo on their page, do a little recont about what they've been up to you knowpeople put stuff on Sfacebook because theyre they want attention, so yougettin them attention. I rewarding them psychologically know it'Si came outlooking at the stuff, you want to need to look at yeah, Ou, anupm somebody you S, therthere. If you're pming with somebody, it seems that their post show up more and more in your new, that's thebeauty of this. So at the end of a week you have twenty one people that you'vedealt with right: seven actions, three different people every day, seven daysweek or three actions from three different people: Seven days a week, sothat's twenty one different people that you've got in front of prospate wise inhe week and then again that adds up fairly quickly right, but each one ofthose people now are going to see your post in their news feed you C promitedon their walls. You have what facebook calls affinity they're going to showyou therethey're, going to show them your post same thing. You PRIBA messagesomebody ther Facewat's, going to show n your post. Do you interactingsomebody on a comment? THREAN TANS T's, going to start showing them your postand guess what you're in font of them on a consistent basis, whet peoplethink cars when their friend say who should I go? Get a car from and theirfriends make a post about who's te good on this car guy in town, they're, goingto say running and they're going to tag me in the thing and I will be able tosay I can get you whatever. You want, I'm more than happy to help you outright there and demonstrate my ospeciallism in front of them and allof their friends as well. So he the thing is in the in the business is toget in front of as many people as you can you guy ups coming in you got yourInternet leads. You got your calls from service and from past customers, andyou got the ups from the service...

...testrive as well in your downtime. Whennone of that gool put on because we all know we have so many hours that thereare slow, one and you're down time make sure you're engage in people goingthrough three steps a day. One comment: One Post on somebody's: Well, an oneprivate message in Thirtytda: If you will sell cars from it, you can'tthat's called the triple seven right, the seven seven, seven yeah severitagain it's a luckylever comment on the wall. We it's coming on a post, privatemessage on Te Post, Wa and then Ye Primat Messag en post on ther Wallnep,just relevant, not just inrea Ego Everytin, asking them to marry you fromthe gate you go in and you start the conversation upright and then yeahomarry you dout man. I like that. I like that thatwas good man. We should kicked it off with that. That's a good one! So theseven seven seven! So if you guys aren't doing that, put it in actionright man. We want a little bit over today man, but where can Ayou know my people listening and work and theyget where? Should they hit you up? Where should they get more from? Yougot the new redesign site man. Congratulations on that thanks. Thank you appreciate that Rolt.You know everybody can find me at a hardcote.CLOSERCOM I'L be honored. If you debscribeing my Mailon list, I promiseto deliver some kickass content that you'll enjoy to make. You laugh some ofthems a going to piscs you off with that kind of part of ourjump o. You gothave to tixs again and I promise that everything I make and in deliver ontothat website. If the intention to help mor entertain the community of one formone way or another, so you guys Coul ad over to hard course closercom and checkthat out it s, nothing, but goodness, just don't let your kids begin the same.I place oer the videos yea definitely now, but it's good guys definitelycheck it out. Like I'm a I M I'll, be honest. I'm a newbe subscriber overthere ban, but I've definitely been loving it all right, Ryan, listen man!IT DID AWESOME DUDE! Thank you so much for for taking the time, and I hopeeverybody goes and checks you out and I will continue to keep tuning an Bra hey. I appreciate you Hav me on hereman thanks again you got a bro and there you have it. That was himselfthe hard core closer. Mr Ryan stuman check out him on the hardcore,closercom, really cool blog guy updates it, and you know insanely amounts oftimes with a lot of great content. Again, I knew that I was new to to hiscontent, just really started Fallin in but definitely enjoy. I think Hes Hav,a great thing going on ind, definitely want to look out for so thanks foreverything for checking out the session, make sure you swing over to a the DuwePABOKCOM slastsixty, seven for the show notes and all the links to any of theresoarce that anything that Wa' discussed in this episode until nexttime stay out there stay killing it and...

...well see that s.

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