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The Dealer Playbook

Episode 517 · 2 months ago

Scott Simons : Creating A Dealership Growth Environment


Scott Simons is a successful car dealer that is involved in multiple businesses across many industries. Scott’s main focus is in the auto industry. He is the Managing Partner and General Manager of five Carter Myers Automotive dealerships in West Virginia. He is a speaker, business consultant, astute investor, and purveyor of filling the cups of anyone who is willing to put in the effort.

Scott shares specific tactical advice you can apply and how he continues to push himself by surrounding himself with those he can learn from .

What we discuss in this episode:

If you own or manage a dealership, you must be willing to explore new growth opportunities and embrace new ideas. Dealerships that embrace the future will maintain their profitability and relevance in the coming years. Those who do not will be squeezed out of a tightening landscape. In this week's episode of the Dealer Playbook, Scott Simons goes into great detail about Creating A Dealership Growth Environment. As a true leader and an excellent communicator, he ensures that each member of his team understands their role and works together to further the company's growth.

While Building a Great Team. Investing in employee training, retention, and happiness is critical to growth and success for your dealership. A motivated, positive team is your greatest asset in building competitive advantage for your business over the long term.

Customer service is easily the auto industry’s best salesperson. With customer emotions running so hot,it's crucial for your auto dealership to give every facet of customer service the finest polish imaginable. Due to the "virtuous circle" nature of the automotive industry, where strong customer service performance brings customers back later to the showroom floor—and the other way around—there is no doubt that this will pay off in amazing ways.

How doing business with your own people make your climb to success is better

Scott stocks his view on training employees “training is not it's not a knowing issue here, people know what to do. It's a motivation issue. And I need to help motivate them and get the best out of them. That's my job is to give them all the tools in order to be successful and give them an environment to thrive.”

Chain of Command in Organizational Structure establishes accountability, it lays out a company’s lines of authority and decision-making power. A proper chain of command ensures that every task, job position and department has one person assuming responsibility for performance.

To unify competing desires and perspectives, emphasize that choices be made in the best interest of the customer.

How Scott pours back into his team weekly including monitoring their personal credit, managing expenses, and much more that’s lead to saving their lives

Growth and rewards have always been critical components of human resources and employee motivation. Furthermore, most people want to advance in their careers. To keep employees longer in your organization, you should provide them with a Personal Development Plan. You can use this plan to map out employee development. How does a Junior Developer advance to the level of Senior Developer? Or, how can a Manager improve in his or her position? Another advantage of employee development is that by promoting employees internally, you can easily fill senior positions within your organization. Furthermore, because you already know everything there is to know about the employee, you are less likely to hire the wrong person for the job.

To keep your employees and increase growth in your dealership, one of the most important factors is company culture. Before using motivation-boosting methods such as rewards and development, preparing your organization to support these changes is important. It's not about having the right infrastructure, but also having the right people in the right place. You must create an environment that naturally stimulates motivation.

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Connect with Michael Cirillo

The car business is rapidly changing and modern car dealers are meeting the demand. I'm Michael Cirillo and together we're going to explore what it takes to create a thriving dealership and life in the retail automotive industry. Join me each week for inspiring conversations with subject matter experts that are designed to help you grow. This is the dealer playbook. Alright, gang back for the second time my man Scott Simons, GM managing partner. How many rooftops now we have? I have five with Eliza CMA. Liza has twenty three soon to be. Believe we are, she is. CMA is on the move. Dude, you and I we're on a call the other day. We're doing some stuff with a Soda Getting Ready for the a soda con so it's gonna be cool to connect with you, but we we're gonna be on a panel together. Actually, I'm gonna be moderating a panel and you're gonna be on it with Liza. Um, dude, you started just riffing on stuff. I don't even know if you know you're doing it at this point. You just started riffing and I'm over here. I'm like Apple. I'm trying to get my apple Pencil Open. I'm trying to like because like it's such like boots on the ground, nitty gritty. You either know the business or you don't know the business. There's no middle ground kind of stuff, and every time you go into like tactical mode like that, I'm like Yo. So that's why I quickly I message you. I'm like yeah, I need to have you back on the show. I want to talk about that stuff in particular. Just like to get an inside look at Um, the organization. I mean we all when we hear you, you've you've mentioned a few things and I want to dig into this. First, you're any stop and I think that scares the crap out of a lot of people and I want to get insights into that. But also like just how you've created a culture of accountability, because I think you know, it's crazy to me that in two thousand twenty two, on the cusp of whatever unknowns we're heading into as an industry, you've been able to like kind of bridge this gap between like, yes, I'm the leader, but yes, also, I'm gonna show you what I expect and then I'm gonna Show you enough grace so that you're actually able to do it, and that's like a hard thing for people. So I want to start with just like give me an inside look. I think a lot of people are wondering. What is a day in the life of Scott Simons actually look like? Operating Your five rooftops? Yeah, so it starts off really early, Michael. So it starts off I get up about four am um and I go hit a heavy bag at a gym called Valley fitness. So I'll say there was between nonprofit and a and a profit facility. The profit facility the operations that a profit. It opens up at five, but the owner will let us in at four thirty just to go in and I do a workout in there. Then I have to wait for the nonprofit gym that has the racketball court that's owned by the city. It doesn't open up till six. If a gentleman named Joe Is there, which Joe is probably sixty, he'll open up at five forty five, because we want to get in there and get done so we can get our day gone. The younger generation their disrespect of the twenty five year olds to open up. They'll sit and stare at you out the window. Are you stare at them wanting to get in early. Now the gym doesn't open until six, but still nonprofit opens up right on time, not less old Joe's there and then the the for profit, opens up thirty minutes earlier because we asked if they would open up a little early for us, you know, people that want to get our... started early. So from there, man, I go home. I've worked out twice already. I do that for a couple of different things. One I bloomed up to two hundred sixty pounds at one point and I'm down to about two hundred. I had the high s blood pressure possible and I was gonna die, but I didn't do something and my wife was very frank. The doctors are very frank. And Uh, I was winning in business but I was losing everywhere else in life. So once I get home from the from the gym, I take a shower, of course, get ready, eat breakfast with my son, my daughters, now, our daughters now in college, talk to my wife and then my wife and I drive our son to school together. We loved them and he's fifteen and you know, Um, there was times when my daughter grew up. I wasn't there all the way there and I learned some lessons from that. So I enjoyed every minute I'm around my son and UH. I spend as much time with both of them as humingly possible. From there I got about a thirty minute right to work, man, and I really get my mind right, like I gotta get my mind right on the way there and then on the way home I kind of wind down. So I'm winding up as I get there. That way, when I hit the ground I hit the ground running and kind of wind down. M I typically pick a dealership and reports that dealership and just stopping and say hello. So we have Honda, Nissan, subrew, Volkswagen, Christ or Dodge Jeep Ram. I like parking in the back of the business and coming up through the shop so I can kind of give a feel for what's going on and I try to speak to everybody I come in contact with, everybody. Um, I'll pick a different one just so that they see me and I say hey, how y'all doing today? Pretty much on Sunday I lay out my whole week so I'll know what days I have an assistant at work. That helps me. I have a right hand guy called a performance manager. He he helps me run this operations. Um, we kind of group huddle up in the morning and say hey, what have we got going on? What do we need to accomplish today? And I have a list of about ten things I want to accomplish. Some days I'll get two or three accomplished, some days I'll get all ten accomplished. If I don't get accomplished this day, it goes to the next day. Those days I actually thinking about. I don't get any of accomplished because I have to deal with what's in front of me first. We try to be more proactive than reactive, and I used to be in a very reactive state and I tell you, that's just not a fun and productive way to live your schedule. I mean, you're being dictated to by everybody else. I do. I do have an open door policy, which helps. So, Um, it helps with employement ral, so people can come to my office without an appointment and meet with me. So that kind of throws your schedule off a little bit. As you go. I use tools as color Candar early, I use my assistant. UH, they'll put stuff on my schedule and a lot of times they'll just remind me, hey, this is what you've got going on today, and I tell you what it is. Uh, I get a report every morning and when I get the report, it's got all my numbers on it from my performance manager here, and I will review it and I'll say, Hey, Michael, I know you're running Nissan Service. Hey Man, our customer pay hours pros slightly down. What's going on there? Or Hey, our C S, I took a dip. Now they're looking at it too, but I pointed out and sometimes my right hand guy will say, Hey, Scott, make sure you see this or you see that, or he put it in our our chart is is green or red, and so we know, hey, this is what I need to zoom in on now. I do have leaders at every store and the store fits within the culture of C M A, fits within my culture, which is moving lives forward, and then the leader of the store. The stores run a little bit differently because if you're running the Honda store and you're there every single day and I pop in and I'm not there every single day, they need to recognize you as the leader because there has to be a chain of command for this all the work and I don't want them all to be robots of me. They don't need to have their own personality. Um, and the showroom dictates. I said, I can walk into the showroom and...

...tell that show rooms having a successful day or not, and that depends on the leader. That trickles down to everybody else. Now, at the end of the day, the results are mine. When we win it, I deflect praise. When we lose, it's my responsibility. Like last month we came up short. It's my fault. It's my fault. Own it and we're gonna see what we can't do to do better this month. We came up short last month. So that's just kind of my management style and the nutshell, and give you a little bit of glimpse, and I mean we have meetings throughout the day, um, but that's the gist of it. Then I go back and play racketball in the evening. I've work out three times a day, twice for sure, and then I get home, we eat dinner and their family kind of recaps our day and man, it's kind of groundhog day, Bro. That's kind of what I do every single day and I love what I do, man like that. People say, man, is that the life you dream of? You know it is. I I just thoroughly enjoy what I do, man. I don't feel like I'm working, like I get to talk to people like you, I get to you, I can adjust and I can clear my schedule out and I don't have to be here if I don't want to be. But I like being here and when I'm in town I'm at work. So when I'm when I'm not traveling on some of the speaking arrangements and some of the events that you and I are going to talking about, the upcoming event, which I'm extremely cited about, with how the matter State of Union. Um, I'm here, man, I'm here, and when I'm home, I try to be home. There's a couple of things I want to key in on. The first one is I think a lot of people get stuck on the life they dream and then don't take ownership of the life they created. Like you're living the life you created. You know what I mean. That's the it's it's that way by design for you, and maybe that doesn't work for some some, but it it works for you. Uh. And then the second thing is I'm really interested about this because we we kind of have to. Well, there's more, but where I'm going and my my brain is like there's two layers to the business. There's owner, operator and then there's owner. And you know, people can't. I find like there are some stores who should probably, despite owning the store, should probably hire somebody to run it for him. And like having that level of self awareness. How do you navigate that? Like, like you said, there's there's a lot of ownership, but like how do you navigate like, no, these are my stores, I don't like it is what it is, but I've got capable people that I work with. Who who are, you know, GM s or running them or whatever. Like, how does that look for you? How do you how do you get enough awareness to know what people shouldn't be helping you with? Well, I try to try to send everything. I came back to the leader. So if you worked in one of the stores, Michael, and you came to me and said, hey, you know what's kind of gotta I like to talk to you about it, I said, Michael, first of all, did you go talk to job where? Did you go talk to Lisa, or did you go talk to your media supervisor, your your your your leader. Did you go to your leader? Yeah, I did. Okay. Well, do you have a resolution to what you want to talk about? Do you have a suggestion for me? Yes, okay, I do. Okay, let's sit down, let's talk about it and if it gets too nitty gritty, I may say, hold on a minute, let me go call Lisa, let me go call Joe and have them in to participate, if you don't mind. Um, I try to also empower the people here to make decisions. Look, make the decision, do what's in the best interests of the customer, because if they make it to me or make it the lies of we're going to do it anyway. So there's no use putting yourself through and make long term decisions as though we're gonna be here forever and you're gonna be here forever, and do what's in the best interests of the customer. Um, I want these places to operate. I don't have an ego. I don't want to have a bunch of meetings. There's there's leaders that want to have a meeting just to show them the boss. There are boss and they're sitting there barking out orders. Like people say, Scott, why do you check in? What you do every day? I posted on instagram earlier I picked up a customer car and brought it in for service. I'll be taken to read says vehicle back to...

...her this evening and my customers can text me and I picking up a car tomorrow. Because when you deal with me or deal with our staff, we want to be everything automotive for you, even if you don't buy from us and you've got a question, we want to be everything automotive. Now, I trained, so a boss tells people what to do, a leader shows them what to do. So I check in. I go pick up customers cars and then a Saturday morning I said hey, how many people picked up a customer car this week? And then you'll see two or three hands go okay, why don't the rest of Y'all, when you're reaching out touching these customers, are y'all telling your customer that you will? You, you that your service departments are busy. Don't call the service department. Text me. I'm your guy. I hate you know I will take care of you. I know you're busy. I will come pick up your car and drop it off and I said, Ladies and gentlemen, with the price of gas going up, if you take our loan or to go pick up that customer car and you bring their car, and whose gas are you using? Not Yours? I said. So, if anything, be a chiefscape right, if you're not going to be a good advat at least be a good jeeps gate. So we just train on that and I truly believe on empowering your people. I want them to make decisions. You know, sometimes they make decisions I wanna agree with, but they made a decision. And then I'll trained on on social media. You know, social media, social media. I mean I've sold some major influencers cars based on social media. About one post today, one post to day that goes through a life experience that either educates entertains, and this is all something around stuma teaches. If you can do that post today and then let people know what you do, Michael, there's people that know me that still don't know what I do. You know, Sean whyland talks about there's two neighbors. They both were in the same industry and for years never spoke about what they did. Like they're in industries that could have done business. They ended up doing business, hundreds of thousands and dollars worth the business and this neighbor would have told this neighbor what they did. They were millions of dollars worth the business. But I don't want to be that person where I'm up in your face, like I don't want to send you a text message. Michaelhol you finally got out of that Canada. Can I sell you a car? No, hey, bro anything I could do to assist you? Anything, man, you let me know what. I'll call you in your referenced before we got in here. Man, I about called you. Next time, call me if I give you advice about buying somewhere else. That's okay, because guess what you're gonna do. You're gonna think about me and you're gonna refer other people to me, and people bring up my name to say, you know what, that Scott Simmon's I needed help and that can't help me and didn't even sell me a car. But guess what, next time, I know he ships nationwide and I'm gonna give him a call. So it's just Um, you know, it's stuff that I've learned from a whole lot of people outside of other industries that are brought in the auto industry. But how, specifically, how I operate these businesses, Becau? I empower people to make decisions and I want them to make decisions and they know at the end of the day, even if to make a bad decision, I'll have their back and we'll work their way through it. That's how I operate these businesses. Uh Sarah on my team says there isn't any decisions so bad that it can't be undone with another decision. In fact, it's like everything's figure out herble. You know so, so I love that. It also sounds like you know you're you're focused on the long game, like it's not just about today, it's about tomorrow. How do you maneuver inside of the long game, like keep a focus on the the infinite game, so to speak, in an industry that is affixated to the Thirty Day cycle? So on our team we don't want the superstar GM that's going to come in and blow it out of the water for a year and make a bunch of money, make us a bunch of money, it is going to be gone in a year. We don't want that. We don't want the mercenaries. My philosophy is I hire from within, I promote from within. So I think you have twenty two managers and twenty of them so cars for me. So they know our culture. We give them a career flight path based on you start off as a product salesperson, mostly salary.

Once you average x amount of cars and it's it's fluid. Then you go to a sales rep, commission salary, once you produce there and you have high cs I. Then you go to a sales professional, commission. People want to go from here to here because they make more money. Then, if you produce there and if you want to, you go to a business manager, you go to a sales manager, general sales manager, general manager, managing partner, dealer, principal. So we sit and give them that career flight path. So the first we have an opening, we sit and tell our team, okay, who on your team is someone we should keep an eye on in our up and comers. We may go on to send them to finance school or Business School. That way they're already trained and they're already ready. And then when that position comes up and I say who's interested, I have like six hands go up it's gone with that position. So we very rarely hire from without. And when that happens you have a culture of long term decision people. So many dealers want to go make that quick buck and they're gonna bring it in paying a lot of money. They'RE gonna burn you out, they're gonna if you falter at all, you're blown out. They're bringing in the next person. Well, that doesn't that that. I would rather be steady and and and have Um, financial freedom for sure, then get rich quick. If you get rich quick, what happens? Easy come, easy go. How many people go broke that win the lottery? All of them. They don't know what to do. I mean you see the athletes that get all this money in then all their families sucks it out of them. They make dumb decisions and the people that are smart take their money, not all of them, and then they end up broke. You know. Um, so we it's a culture. It's just starts with Liza, it starts with me and here. Um, it's just more of a long term thinking and I say hey, don't ever make a decision, ever ever make a decision that will disrespect your name, Our Name and cost you your career. It's not worth it. And unfortunately there's people out there that you know, they don't have that guidance and man, they'll make bad decisions, really bad decisions. They get fired and then they go to the next place and then make a bad decision there because they got themselves in a bad position here because they're overleveraged. And then it's never in a cycle. So it's just a long term planing Um. You know, I plan on being in this industry a long time. I've been in it a long time and uh, there's dealers that produce more than us some months. But long term, I mean I see turnover and change all the time. Michael and we had very little change here over very and we have quite a few people that want to come work here. I just had a guy from Pennsylvania come work for me. Uh Too from Pennsylvania, one from Ohio and uh one from West Virginia and one from the other part of Virginia down to the beach and they all came to work for me because they wanted me to mentor them and I will not people cannot pay me. I'm not for hire outside of here, but I do mentorships with my team about health, uh, wealth, finances. We do talk a little bit about relationships, but you know, that's not my that's that's not you know, that's not that's not my best because I'm a little bit different most people. Um, and we don't. We do not touch religion. No religion, but those other things I do. And I had a guy I came here and he said I he took he took a backwards step in in job title. He used to run parts of service. He only runs service here and he took a pay cup and I said, well, why would you want to come here? He said, because I want to be mentored by you. Nothing to do with money, actually making less money. That's okay. You said something that I don't want to just gloss over. In in the preparation of your people, you said you're paying to send them to get the education they need, and that's not something you typically hear a lot about, like thinking well enough into the future that you and be confident making an education investment in someone.

What does that look like? Do you have some sort of formal program that you guys have put together, or is it just kind of on a one off basis, like, Oh yeah, they think I think they'd be good. And so, formally we have a partnership with strayer university, which is online. They have a two year degree, a four you degree, a master's degree. Anybody that works at any of the valley dealerships can go to strayer university and get a degree and it cost them nothing. It costs their spouses nothing and it cost their children zero, nothing. Nothing. I gotta do is come work for us. So also, once people, we we have uh Danielle Delgado that trains this in London, that trains as our leaders. They work with us. We have Jonathan Dawson for Cell Cology, trains our people on sales, and then Um we sent our managers to a dealer academy. If they we think they can go to the next level. So training here, I mean training, is not it's not a knowing issue here, people know what to do. It's a motivation issue and I need to help motivate them and get thee and bring the best out of them. That's my my job is to give them all the tools in order to be successful and give them an environment to thrive. That's my job at the end of the day and that's what I try to do. Um. You know, do I necessarily like mentoring people? You know, I like seeing people improve in life. I get frustrated when we do, you know, money counseling with them. They go buy some stupid thing. Like one of my guys, I love him to death. Man, he flew to he flew to Vegas to get this type of cat, like a Bingo or something, I mean, and the cat eats nothing but like real food, like meat, and they rescued it and his wife flow out there and I just he was just in my class. I was talking about counseling and I'm like, Bro, but are you listening to this at all? Like, what the heck? Man, a thing, you're lucky thing don't eat you. You know. Um. So it does get frustrating sometimes when you see people not listening when you're trying to help them. Or, you know, you see where they're trying to help them lose weight. We have weight loss contest and I see him walking through the showroom and they got, you know, uh M, a milkshake in their hand and they're, they're, they're, they're throwing down cookies like the cookie monster, you know. So those things get a little bit frustrating, but you know, you don't give up on them. But imagine if, imagine if your leader cared so much about you that he gave an hour every Monday to pour into you and not asking anything in return. Besides, you give us good reford and not everybody passes our class. I think we had twenty and uh, twelve made it. They all didn't make it, but you know, and we're a car dealership that does that. So if you're competing with us and you have managers that are there just to make money and they're going in a year and you got Scott and c m a doing all these other things for other people, now you can kind of understand why we have people moving throughout the country to come work for us. Yeah, well, I'm just piecing things together. So, uh, you're paying for education. Um, you're providing mentorship and coaching, you're providing them on job training. Uh, and you make them all owners. Yeah, and they, and they. Yeah, so in a stop, you ask that Questionnaaria too. So a stop is an employee stock option plan. So we have independent it's probably owned buus. You can't go and buy stock in our company. So we have a stock evaluator comes in and looks at our it comes up our whole operations. That comes up with a stock price based on how many owners we have. Once you hear for a thousand hours, you get stock in our company up up the starts from when you make,... know, uh thousand whatever, up to a hundred twenty thousand. So if you make two D fifty thousand, you don't get more stock than someone that makes one twenty. It's captain one. We take ten percent of our net profits and we share them with the thousand or so associates. That stock has increased price eleven point eight percent a year for the last twenty years. So when that happened, your money doubles about every six to seven years. Last year our stock went up twenty some percent in one year. Yeah, in one year. So I mean people that have been here for a while, like we have a gentleman story with our company when he was like seventeen, eighteen, fifty four, I think in between east soup four one K. he's got a three four million dollars and he's fifty some years old. So that's just unheard of. But Carter did that years ago. LIZA's Dan to to combat with Um, to track people that were going to like Philip Morris and going to these other companies. I mean, no one's I benefits like that anymore. Right, everybody's taking those benefits away. But that's a true reason why he did it and I would say, another secret, entire success. And Trust me, we're not perfect, you know, we're not some holy grail of the car industry. We have problems, is like everybody else. Um, is that career flight plan? That that and I'll give you one. I'm giving you all my secret weapons. Man, this, this gonna be gold. The three personal and three professional goals, man, is a secret weapon of mine. So, Michael, you work for us, you're selling cars. Hey, man, I want to know, Michael, what's your three personal not our goals? which your three personal three professional goals? And what are they? And losing weight cannot be a goal. You know how much weight you'RE gonna lose. Saving is a goal. No, no, no, no, no, saving goal, save money is not gold. And then we meet with your quarterly and see. Now, say, if you say, Scott, I want to be a general manager one day, we're going to manage the crap out of you. I mean we're going to really manage a poort to you because you've said that you want to go to the next level. Some people say, I don't want to be considered for anything else but sales. So when you see what they actually want, how many people get promoted because of the top salesperson and they didn't want to be a manager. So when you find out those personal professional goals, it helps us manage you to become the best version of you. And if you say Scott, you know this sales thing. Bro You know I'm just here to make some money to go get starm owned. I'M gonna go teach people how to do podcasts, or I've got this big, you know, deal or playbook. Hey, Michael, no problem, this is an audition for the rest of your life. Be Successful here with all that give you. It gives you a greater chance to be successful on your own. But if you can't be successful when you're just managing you, then you're probably not going to make it out there on your own because of those businesses failed. So give it all you've got now and then guess what. Also, if you're really good, Michael, what you do. I part of it about different businesses I may go into business with you as a partner, as a bank, and people are like man, yeah, yeah, Bro, yeah, that's what I want to do. And I mean they come here and produce and they do a good job and then try something. I may invest with them. I've invested with a lot of people, so you know that. We just mean you've got to be Evangelical, which is what ml let's said. You've got to sell their dream and fit it within your dream, and that's what we do, Dude, and we're a car dealership. I would say you're Um. Well, you know, the thought that came to my mind is hunting versus farming. Like everybody, we've glamorized the hunter. Oh Man, I'm looking for hunters, Dude. There are seasons where hunters are starving. There there are like, unless it's a rare circumstance of famine, but like most of the time, farmers are one the ones that are carrying the load because they know how to uh, turn the dirt...

...narrated, nurture it, fertilize it, plant the seed, have patience, nurture the seed position and for growth, you know, like and then harvest, and that's exactly you guys are farmers, Dude, but I've never had anybody, I've never had anybody take what we do. We're not teaching them to hunt, we're teaching them to farm. That could be the caption of this podcast, you know. That could be, you know, the click faith that gets them to come in. Are you, you know, less hunters, more farmers? But you're right. The auto industry wants the hunters. They don't. They kill and they eat, and then what happens in the winter when things go south? They don't. They don't put anything away, they don't save their money. We teach people and that mentorship. Michael. A couple of things we do is we do weight loss challenge. Who can lose must weight? We do Um, who can spend the least amount of money in a week? Not Not fixed expenses, not your cars, not just additional yeah, you know, somebody in that in the class, spent six hundred one week. The low spent eight hundred. The person that's excuse me, I'm sorry, one person spent eighty months. Person Spent six, six hundred. The person that spent eighty, he spent six hundred the time before that. He went through and I said, well, why are you coming back through? You've obviously learned some things, he said. Man, I'm here to pour back into everybody else. The difference in the people spending habits variable expenses was six, six verses eighty. To show you, the whole thing is to show people how Frugal you could live if you want to. Now No one wants to live that way. It's not a fun way to live, but you could. If you wanted to, you could. And then we also had them all right down with their credit score. was without looking, and then whoever was the closest to pick their credit score got a prize. The closest was within two points. The guy was a six or two versus a six hundred. When we first started helping him. He was a four hundred, four hundred to six hundred. The other person was is a two hundred and fifty swing point swing. He thought he was a five because he was young. His parents put him on as an authorized user when he was a miner and he started building credit up and he had a seven fifty one. He thought he was a five hundred. But what we taught people there was is what if you control your credit and you know your credit, you could dictate the terms of the transaction of whatever you buy. You're not just talked about it because they can't candidates another if if you have the good credit and you have the income, then you dictate everything. If not, you're at the mercy of everybody else. So we're teaching these staff members what they should have learned in school and by their parents. And when I'm finding out Michael's they're not taught by anybody. They live for today. They don't worry about two more well, and it's because, you know, my wife and I were just talking about this, it's because the lessons must be learned by someone like you, because you know, we're not. They're not teaching us these these these things that you and I are talking about right now seems very commonplace to us, like, how do you not know this? But the reality of it is, how has it pitched everybody? Those are the secrets of the wealthy. Dude, these aren't secrets. And if you knew anybody that was truly wealthy, they want to teach you everything that they've learned. Yeah, they're not holding back. It's way to get back. It's a way. No, we would rather sit and sit and argue in classes about things that are irrelevant, like I don't really study history and I was bored with history because I really don't worry about it. I know what happened in the history repeat itself, but I had terrible grains in there because I'm not worried about that. But See, I was lucky, man. I had two really good parents, really good parents that have were just blessed with common sense and grow during the depression that they taught me or things to see. I give back by teaching other people and the benefit for me is I have loyalty, like I have people that are loyal to me because I go above and beyond, because I teach them these things and they're... I teach them how to use social media. When I went and picked up Teresa's car today, I posted on social media one. I did it to show my all my network that guy part of his cars and he's picking up cars and taking them to work service. Yeah, I am, because the other dealer principles and general managers, they're not doing it and they know they're not willing to. They're not willing to because that's gonna I'm not gonna get in this older car like you know, some of these people got some of these people got some hoopies for me to pick up, you know, and they got kids and they got food in there and dirty diapers and I'm like yeah, but you know what, if I say I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it. Well, I'm not going to go do that. My staff members can go do that or they can. You know, I'm gonna go show you what to do. Then I'm gonna take a picture, I'm gonna Post it and then when I posted it, you know what, the lady that I did it for send me a message. He goes, thank you so much for doing that for me. Do you think she'll refer me a couple of people? She's she's telling you everybody she knows about you. Not only that, it really demystifies Um. You know, as we wind down here, this is a thought that just I'm listening to you, man, and I could listen to you for hours. Dude, Um, we are, we are. We've adopted this mindset on mass of like the money ain't all green. Okay, that's you want to believe. That fine, but is is serving others beneath you. If serving others isn't beneath you. If that's the crux of what we're all trying to figure out, then be willing to serve others, regardless of whether or not it gives you the money. Right now, Michael, I think you'd agree with me. There's never been a greater time in this world to separate us from others by providing superior customer service, because customer service has went to ship's bad. So if you're average, actually really good now, if you're really good and you're going above and beyond, then you're at the top. Then your phone is sitting here ringing as I got twelve messages, and I know there's people that weren't buy cars for me, that I don't make house deals. I flipped to my team and flipped to my leaders and then I showed them how to sell seventy cars, seventy T R X as a ship them all over the country. I just put a post up. A Guy just flew from California to buy trxc order for me. It gets thirteen miles per gallon on average, maybe a little maybe a little better. You know how many miles it was from here to California, from where he drove it back to twenty six hundred miles. When I told him his truck was in, he said I'm flying in take delivery, I'm flying back, and I said, Bro, like, we'll ship it to you, no, I'm coming. You know why he wanted to take a picture with me? I don't know. Let me calculate that. What's what's thirteen miles per gallon into miles? I mean, what is that? I mean, I mean it's a lot. Yeah, now I'm got my calculator open. Yeah, I mean that. If you think that, how many, I mean that that's that's what he did to make it to come in for a picture. And you know what? He documented the whole way back and he did a post. He tagged me in it and once into t Rx has seven or horse powers. So once seven hundred horse powers, six point two year supercharged. Once it got over five hundred miles, it unlike then you go full power. You can't go full power. He stopped and did this thing called a he launched it where you sit and it shoots out like you can figure your brakes and set it all up. Once he got the five miles, he stopped where he was and launched it and he documented his whole trip back, you know. And now I just I just sold trx, just got completed for Jake Paul. I sold chase. He like these major influencers, all because I tell people...

...what I do. I treat people right, I get in groups like rt a, syndicate, Um Apex, and then I serve other people, not asking it for a lot in return. Most time I don't even ask for anything in return, and it's loyalty. And then I go above and beyond from my customers, that go above and beyond from my staff members. And then next thing you know, man, I've had a real successful career working for an awesome uh company partners and live my version of my dream life. Now will it change? I see myself slowing down at some point. I'd like to maybe get up and see an ocean when I get up or something like that. But I'm having a hell of a lot of fun still, and I said I'll do this to the day I don't have fun, the day I come in here and I'm miserable and I don't have fun, I don't do anymore. I'm done. I can do something else. I'll go, I'll figure it out right well, but the beauty of it. If it is, you have an infrastructure in place where you won't have to come in and it'll keep going. I could, I could do that now, but I tell you, man, I'm just wired a little bit differently. Um, I just like what I do, you know, but when I just want to change, you're right, I have it set up to where this place runs. Man, when I'm not here, I do get to travel, and you know, we'll be going to the outmod state of the Union and Um, I'll be going to Dallas for apex and you know, Um, I do get to travel for the different manufacturers. I got an amazing team, Bro I just you know, I know I get on shows like this with people like you, but you know that am I respect, but I truly my team and they're one of the best. That's that's ringing the bell to me, Dude, like that's like Ding, Ding Ding. Did it. You know that. That's what we're striving for and, Um, that's why we want to have you on the show to to share with the community. You can keep complaining about crap on Linkedin and facebook, or you can just get your fingers in the dirt and start cultivating and get cracking and I love that. Man Talking. Those listening get in touch with you and and connect with you. Yeah, Michael, thank you so much, man. I look forward to seeing in Philadelphia, you know, a Soto Con. If y'all haven't got tickets for that, it's not too late. WE'LL BE IN PHILADELPHIA starting Saturday. Brian Benstock lies aboricious. You Know Paul Kyle, you know the founders of automotive state of the Union, all of our investors. That's that. That is one of the best events in the automotive space period Um. But yeah, you can reach out to me on Instagram, Scott e Simons. My Middle Initials E. I met Scott Simmons on facebook. My my gmail is our email, Scott e simmons at Gmail Dot Com. Just shoot me a message. I checked my messages. I don't have bots, I don't have assistant. You won't get me since spamming. Yet I don't I don't have anything. I'll sell you a car, but I don't have anything to sell you. And anybody's interested in the automotive industry and it's an excellent industry. We do things the right way. We have a lot of opportunity. We have a lot of dealership. It's reach out to me and if you're in the auto industry, reach out to me. I mean I have a lot of conversations, I'll have you know. A conversation within explained, going deep greater detail. How about anything that I explained today? But I mean I just more, I get back more I get man, it's is crazy. I've always heard that. I didn't believe it for a while. I wentn't that way. I'll be damned. Food wasn't the truth. Thank you, Jo. Thank you. Thank you for joining me on the deal with playbook podcast. Appreciate you. Michaela. I'm Michael Cirillo and you've been listening to the dealer playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, please click the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now, leave a rating or review and share it with a colleague. Thanks for listening.

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