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Sean V. Bradley: The Secret To Making Big MONEY Selling Cars


"If you do not have GPS precision and know where you are going, how are you going to make money"?


Sean V Bradley 



 One thing everyone in the automotive industry wants MORE of but seems to never talk about is MONEY.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make more money and that just so happens to be the topic of "The Dealer Playbook" session 24.


Money, Money, Money, MONEY


In session 24 of the DPB podcast Robert and Michael sit down with automotive internet sales expert and CEO of the award winning automotive training company Dealer Synergy Sean V Bradley. 

When it comes to building powerful and successful dealership internet departments Sean and his team at Dealer Synergy are the go to team. 

Sean V Bradley and his team at Dealer Synergy have worked with many dealerships internet departments and in less then 90 days he has helped them double, triple and even quadruple the amount of cars they sell online. 

The proof is in the pudding and Sean V Bradley knows how to make it happen and how to make money.

That is exactly why the DPB team knew that Sean was the right man for this session.


What You Will Learn From Sean V Bradley


- How to make MONEY in the automotive industry


- The Money Map to making more money for showroom sales professionals


- Building a profitable internet department 


- The truth about 3rd party lead providers


And that is just the tip of the iceberg on what to expect in this powerful session with DPB's good friend Sean V Bradley.


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Hey you're, listening to the dealer,playbook podcast episode, twenty four and our guest today is the CEO ofdealers, Ynergy Seanvi Bradley. Here we go you'R dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autodealer strategies that deliverproven results, and now your houst Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla, hello, and you are listening to thedealer. Playbook podcast episode, Twenty Four. Thank you so much forstopping by so incredibly appreciative that you take the time each and everyweek to learn new winning, auto dealer strategies that will increase yourability to sell cars, enhance your ability to deal with customers. We aredelivering results, I'm here with my cohost and partner, a crime RobertWeisman, how you doing buddy, I'm doing amazing, Michael thanks for askingyou're welcome. You are so welcome. In fact, I am TA. I feel like I've takenthis back, but I'm super excited about today's show like we are about every show, but youknow what that's because We'e we've lucked out. I feel so incrediblyfortunate. I know you do to we talk about it all the time we've managed toround up some of the most incredible thought: Leaders, speakers, trainers,consultants in and out of the automotive industry, I'm thinking backover the last twenty three episodes- and I mean most recently at least cappart, but you know Gary Vanerchuck grant cardown Tracy Myers troyc SpringCraig Lockard we've had so many Willie Jea rand, Fishkan, Randy, fily yeah, Imean I meas, been. I can't even remember all of them. Buttoer they've,all been so incredible. ML Mark Tort, best selling author that come out foryourself. If you haven't guts that deal or playbook dock yeah exactly I wasjust going to say if you haven't listened to previous episodes either ofthe dealer playbook episode. Twenty four is your first. Do us a favor rightnow go check out the dealer playbookcom and and listen to some of those pastepisodes, because there's just such an incredible wealth of information thatwill help you in whatever position in the dewlership you're an now. Today weare talking about how to make money and we couldn't think of anybody better toinvite in the show to talk about the specific strategies, tips, tricks andmethods that will get you closer to your financial goals than the manhimself Shun V, Bradley CSP, and so I mean Robbert, you've known Sean forquite some time, yeah yeah he was when I was you know in the front line,doing my thing. Every day you Kno, I was learning you know I was seeing hiscontent online a he had some good stuff that really really moved me andmotivated me. So I wanted to connect with them and I just was verypersistent in getting in touch with him and finally, we connected and he so youknow he believed in me and I'll tell you what he is very, very, very bigpart of, while I'm sitting here today. I mea absolutely showd me a differentend, tof the business, and he brings a lot of energy to the tablehe's his own.You know, he's very unique. You know people love them, people wildhate them. But that's that's like anybody. That's that's voices, theiropinions and and Dheir expertise like somebody like Sean does so yeah, andyou know what there's regardless there's one undeniable factand it's that he not only worked on the front lines and made big money. Youknow you hear him talk about it. His average unit sold per month was in thethirty range, so he's got proof in the pudding, but what he's done is he'sturned that into a robust training strategy where he's in and out ofdealerships. You know nearly every day the week, if you follow them onFacebook, you'll see he's traveling. You know it's almost like three. Fourdays out of a week, he's traveling to dealerships and one after another he'staking these dealerships. That are, you know, maybe not selling any cars fromInternet, maybe they're doing t o thousand an thirty forty and he'simmediately doubling them. You know we look at the most recent dealership. That'sreally made a big big impact. Actually we got to know them was, was Ron Bosson,his crew, and you know- and you remember when we sat with them at theInternet sales. Twenty group in April- and they were talking about how youknow if they need to doshift some things around- will sean jumped inthere and boom next month out of it sixty units sold from the Internet. Theproof is in the pudding and that's why you are going to find this episode soextremely helpful without further ado, let's hand Ma Xcover Mona. Let's makesome Monday People Sean Bradley all right here we are episode: TwentyFour F, the dealer playbook podcast, and I'm going to tell you what, unlessyou've been living, eating and breathing under a rock, you will knowour guests today: Sean V, Bradley CSP,...

CEO of dealers, Synergy Sean thanks, somuch for being with us today. My pleasure body, thank you for havingme, and you know it's cool we connectedhere just before you know, hit and record and were excited about this episode becauseyou know, like you said you don't want to talk about sale. Specifically, you don't want totalk about. You know some of the other things thatwe typically talk about in the industry. In fact, you want to talk about how tomake money, because you said something that really stood out to me, which isthere is a ton of money, there's a tremendous amount of money to be madein the auto otive industry, and it's time that we start talking about how tomake money. So what we want to do for today's episode with you, the time thatwe have with you is really just get into it. We want to kind of turn thetime over to you and let's talk about how can somebody who's in the businesswho's, maybe only making four hundred or five hundred bucks a week right nowexplode their income and start making money inside of the Car Business Yeah my pleasure, but before I go intothat, it's really important that I kind of just build the framework for whypeople listening to this need to pay attention and executing. When I sayI've been in the automotive industry for going on sixteen years, that's along time and what I found it's there's no gray area, it's either you suck oryou don't suck, and I don't mean to offend anybody, but it is what it is,and here are some stats that are fact thas coming right out of my head,there's roughly approximately seventeen thousand five hundred franchise cardealships in the United States, add of them the average dealership has aboutten salespeople and the average dealership sells about ninety six unitsso doing some quick mat. That means that the average sals person sells ninepoint six units now. Here's the reality is that, yes, there are fifteen carpeople, therr twenty coure people, but that's not the majority and that's noteven the average. The average salespersonal sells less than ten unitsa month. The average salesperson makes between forty two and forty sevenusanddollar a year. That is horrible. When you look at glass doorcom and youlooked at a McDonald's manager- makes about forty five to forty six thousanddollars a year, basically managing French dries and cheeseburgers an don'tjustrespect to anybody, but step up your name: They're Makin, O yeah. Youknow ty hours, a leag yeah, exactly and sometimes car peopleare working fift sixty hours to wake to make almost minimum wage. So I want toshare with you just three quick examples and I'm going to break downwhatever questions that you, an you ask of me. One is that Tamy leblu is, Idon't know if she's been on your show yet she's a gyms zigler protege. Thisis a woman that basically got in trouble and she, you know, went throughsome real tough times and she bounced back. She came back to work at a cardiealorship at or Nissan in Bojesida Louisiana, where she was selling fortyseven and a half new cars and don't know how moy use cars but I' meanin.Fifty sixty units she was making almost four hundred tousand dollrs a year inBojer city, Louisiana, not beverly, hills, California, Not New York City,not you know Las Vegas, not in a major market area like Chicago or Boston, orsomething like that. She was in Louisiana, almost four hundredgrandselling cars. Yes, I man wanting bood money out there, razing money, youknow so they're people like myself, I gotinto the car business with nothing. I was. I had bad credit S. I went throughdivorce. I was in trouble, you know what I mean I had you know debts. Youknow at just problems. I came into this and within Li' say four and a halfyears, almost five years, I left the automote indistry to start myconsulting company. Now I own ten companies, I'm tracking a hundred million dollars,I'm going to repeat that one hundred million dollars again how you do that.How do you come from the projects in Queens New York not to have a pot toPissin? They have problems bad credit, you college loans that you owe and thenbe. You know on a fast track to making tremendous amount of millions ofdollars because of the autommotive binistry, because I learned how to makemoney in the automotive industry. I made a ton of money when I was saw inColl Fars. I averaged thirty units a month at wise, Literallincon, Meckry,Monstin, brick, town, New Jersey and then after I left the front lines. Istarted making a tremendous amount of money even more by teaching otherpeople how to sell cars, whether they're on the show room or on theInternet, questions so yeah. I mean no doubt proof in thepudding, and I love this because I mean that's really what this is all about.It's all about how to make money, I mean who wants to do anything I meanyou know you hit me you're, like men, forty hours a week, working atMcDonald's, managing French fries and, of course, O. This is smarter person.Out of I mean not for nothing, that's the moneymaker yeah the erether fortyhours and they're, making the same...

...amount of money because the carbusiness, when you're not making money. It is not fun. You know what it meanlooking at it like it would it could not be fun when you're not selling carsso et what I mean let', let's get into this, though I mean so you walk into adealership. There's you know the guy that you know needs to be making moremoney. He knows he needs to be making more money. What does he do? Where doyou go with this guy? I love this okay, very dear friend of mine that you bothhave met is Dr Willie, Jolly. The author of a setback is a setup for aCOMESA e shot out to Willie Jolly, so listen Willie, you know, says somethingI think is absolutely brilliant. There's two sets there is the mindsetand then there's a skill set and I'm and I'm going to play this out a littlebit deeper. The secret from round O burn the laws of attraction Monistation. You know the way that you think what you perceive is what youwill achieve. Dr Culy says from the seven happs of hiefective people.Things have to be created twice, first mentally and then physically. So toanswer question Michael, it's very simple. The first thing is, they haveto have vision, they have to have forcesight, they have to have thedesire and what they cannot have is the barrier. You know what people's worstenemy is. It's themselves, it's their own. You know self loathing ourcomplacency with mediocrity and I don't mean to hurt anybody's feelings, but itis what it is. Most people don't think they can acheeve things they said yeah.I want to be rich yeah. I want to sell thirty cars, but secretly t ey likeI'll. Never do that shit yeah, I neerd be able to do that, and so I think thefirst step is having vision, clear vision, I'm talling about a visionwhere a blind person could see vivid, colors type vision. Do you know SLMgetting that they need to be able to know what they want. You can't build amultimillion dollar. You Know Custom House without blue prints, you're notgoing to go to Home Depot, get a bunch of people that you know the Aareillegal and go build a house without having blu prints. So how are youGOINTA expect to have your career built an and executed without a blueprint? Soyou need to begin with the in result of mined. You need to be able toarticulate exactly what it is. You want to the detail and I'm going to bespecific. With this, I have a strategy called the money, mindmap and woul. Iteach show themselves. Consultants to do is first begin with the EN result inmind and what I mean by that is focused on starting with your current situation.How much money do you owe based on your fixed cost, your situational, yourincidentals, and what I mean by that is your rent, your mortgage, your childsupport your car payments, your gas, your tolls, your movie, money, Robert!You have a child. Michael you've got. You know you got a child as well. Soagain, if you want to take your kids out the chucky cheese, you want toYouve Berties. How much is all that money if you were't walkingto a cardealarship, and you have no freaking clue what your expenses are? That's aproblem now that that next thing is, if you want to just work to survive,that's pathetic, no disrespect! It is what it is. So now you want to startadding to it things that you want, such as to form one case. Let's get somegrant out here and talk about real estate, real estate investments. YouKnow College, you know for your kids, whatever it is, and you add that money.So, let's just play this out. Let's say based on your your monthly nut that yougot Ta crack and things that you want to enhance the quat of your life likereal estate, Invello investment stocks, etc. You know college whatever let'Dssay it's eight grant. Here's the next problem of sales people have is that ifthey have a number in their head they make that money, but they forget a bigvarybole. It's called taxes. So what happens? Is You got twenty car peopleor fifteen car people that are broke? They don't even have money for lunchmoney. They can't even go to McDonald's because they don't have it and they bumlunch or bum cigarette. So here's why you need to have a ly check of youryeah keep up, so you have to have a reality teck about the tax liabilitysituation. So specifically, if you need and want to make a grand, you can'tjust make a grant and be okay. You have to at least make I my opinion and I'mnot a tax accountant, but at least make twelve grand to net out Agranyo guyswith me. Yep Yeah, the next piece of the next pieceof it is your ACPC, your average compensation per copy. What does thatmean, depending on all your salary, Spis, spins bonuses, Commissions, etc?You have perk car x amount of dollars that you are going to turn around andbe able to generate. How do you figure that out secret tip number one is lookat whatever amount of money made from the Oem spins bonuses and then justdivide it by how many cars you sold and boom. That's your average compensation,Por Copie. So let's do basic math. If you want and need to make a grand to dothat, we already know with He. Irs Liability need to turn on andgrosstwelve gram. How are you going to turn on and gross twelve grand well,depending on what your ACPC is, and I was stressed, depending on what yourACPC is, it's going to dictate how many cars you need sell specifically, if youturn around and need to make that twelve grant net eight and you're onlyat four hundredolar per copy, then you need to sell thirty cars, but on thefoot side is if you're at five hundred dollars per copy. You know, commission,you know with all the compensations...

...thrown in then you're only at twentyfour units you got to create. So this is a thing I'm talking about here and Icould spend hours talking about this, but most people don't have a plan ofwhat they're going to do. If you walk into a car dealarship and you don'thave a freaking exact number of what you're going to make at the end of themonth. That's a problem, and now, let's talk to t about an Internet department,if you want to make because o before we press record Robert, you mentioned howwe flippe dealerships around you know we turned dealorships from doing fiftyYeu and its to two hundred units hundred and fifty UN. It's to threehundred car stores, true storyit's, all over the Internet, how you do it is thesame way you back into it. If you want to turn on, if your store is onlyselling a hundred cars out of the entire dealership, and I'm using thisbecause it's as specific here, the average dewlelship, the United Statesonly sois ninety six cars, everybody want to Tun and make another millionone point: five pay attention really close. Okay first thing is this: Whatis the easiest way you could do it? Dr Cuppy says it's really simple. Thethird habit put first things. First, if you're going to put first things firstwit, that also means is you're, going to put your biggest effort time andmoney towards what you're going to get the biggest return on. What is thatthere's? Nothing pause for a dramatic effect, there's nothing more powerfulthan the Internet on ninety two to Nie. Nine percent of Americans go online,that's where you need to focus on so, if you're, a hundred car store, youwant to Trun and put another forty fifty cars on the books within sixtydays pay attention. What you need to be able to do is create a viable Internetsolution. What I mean by that is that you, if you got to back into thenumbers to net forty cars to net forty carts to go from one hundred to hundredand forty all you got to do- is create a model. Here's what you do you turnaround and you take I'd, say probably about five hundred to six hundred leadshere's. Why? Because at a five hundred to six hundred leages you're going tosell about fifty to fifty five units out of those, fifty to fifty five units,you will be able to net increase those forty cars. Now this is where peoplegoing to get confused. You can't just dum it back and say: okay, I need fortycars, which means I need eighty bodies to show up, which means I need ahundred, a sixty appointment. You can't do that because if you do hondred andsixtden eighty forty, if you just backward pencil into it, which mostdealarshoups do you will soll forty cars but they're not going to be a atrue net increase, because some of those forty cars will come frommultiple ways. They might be people that would have came in and bought acar day. It could have been a repe customer EFERRAL, so for you to havethat true net increase you've got to pack those numbers for the accelerationpoint. So again, if you want to net forty, you got to build a mouse trap.That's going to sell you fifty five cars, fifty cars minimum. Does thatmake sense guys mm yeah. So now let's go blet's pencil back intoit. How are you going to turn around and sell fifty five cars? Let us usefifty is around number well, then you need to get about a hundred bodies toshow up to get about a hundred bodies of show up. You need to make about twohundred appointments. Let's backwards into it, you take two hundredappointments and I'm going Ta round it off. I know there's four point threeeeks in a Onte, but you divide it by four boom you're. Looking at fiftyappointments a week. Okay, that's it divide that by five workime days,you're looking at ten appointments per day, so then you got to figure out. Howam I going to make ten appointments for day? You getto have x amount of reps,in my opinion, if you have at least you know three to four appointment, settersthat are doing, you know two to three appointments there, you're at you knowwhat you're around ten Ond twelve appointments that you're making a dayso o you se, I'm saying you don't have a roadnap to be able to map into thisyou're going to be screw O, let's to see how much mony we just made. Ifyou're able to nit increase forty cars times to Jesu copy front and back, saythe number at loud guys, that's eightythousand dollars a month times,twelve months, you're at what almost a million dollars net increase, one, nobusiness, that's wha! I mean by making money how many people do you reallyknow how to actually do that for the show room for the for the InternetDepartment for the BDC for the Fni Department for all the prophit centers,most people just throw shit against the wall N. whatever stick sticks, that'scrazy. It's called runn ing a business havinga plan from the from show room up a hundred percent. That's Robert! Youjust said something that I'm very passionate about. Everybody runs aroundthe car businesses, your own business, the car business is your own business.Have you ever heard that beofore guys yeah well and we kind of say it alittle bit? Yea always yeah, but here's the problem,though, if you talk to a show themselves, consultants say: Hey: Buddy,Hey! You got to turn around. Take this career seriously, because car sales islike owning your own business. Here's the problem, if they didn't know ha ifthey knew how to own their own business and run their own business chances, arethey wouldn't be working for you, hello right, so you need to be able to do. IsTeach People Entrepreneur, ship, the road to the sale is notentrepreneurship. The road to the sale is not owning your own business, theroad of the sales, how to up, engage and close a customer, but you know whatyou know if you really believe that car cells is like owning your own business,like Robert Weisman did when he was on the shown floor, it has to do withmarketing. It has to do with. Advertising has to do ith sales withclosing, projecting fodecasting time... Pr Is Yeah, it's a businessand there's a lot of you know components to it. Just like any otherbusiness. It's not easy. So would you suggest then Shan? I mean you said it's.It is running a busin. I mean it could be looked at as running a businesswithin a business, but before that you need to know how to run a business. Youneed to you need to be focused on entrepreneurship and and acquiringskill set mindset of an entrepreneur. How do you implement that to yourpeople, though, Shawonto t to the manager out there to the dealer outthere like? What do they do to the culture with their culture to you know have that promot. That kind of you know promotion to their peopleagain. It starts with the reality check that, even if I go into a store- and I try toevangelize the message- There's going to be people that receive it that runwith it and theyare going to be people that Ar bely like this, never going towork it. What have you so, let's just let's just clear that up really quickand say: okay. Theoretically, what should happen is this is being able togive awareness? That's what I do as a trainer and as a consultant, I'm not amagician, I'm not I'm not divine in nature. I can't just major you know,wave a magic wander finger and make it all right, but what I could do is givepeople the awareness to say, look forget about everybody else. Look at meif you could take somebody from the projects in New York without a pot ofpisson troubled. You know background as a kid you know twenty years ago and beable to become a multimillionaire. You Know Me, I'm not the you know smartestPencil in the box. I didn't Graduate College Oni, so if I could do it,everybody's got this shot to being successful and there's a ton of peoplein the industry that have similar or even bigger stories than I have so Ithink by leading by example and shown them what the possibility is. That'sthe first part is basically showing them that this is possible. It is real.You can have success and that's part of the reason guys on a personal evut.What I do, what I do some people misunderstand me and that I have theblack dimes hundred housand dolars and jewelry tha the cars the this that I dothat because you know for me: It's all part of the show I want to show peoplethat they coun get the funer things like, because, let's stop, let's stopthe BS for a second year people. Don't work at a card gealarship because theywant to you know, donate blood or save, treats again they're in the carindustry to make money money's, not a bad word. PROPIT is not a dirty word.You know hat. I mean it's okay to want nice things and, as a matter of fact,here's what I'm going to tell you if you do have altrusm in your heart,which I do if you are a good person and you do if you have faith in all thosethings with the amount of money that you could make being successful, youcould do a hell, a lot for good and charity, I'm just saying right, Orwrong,right, absolute solutely. So the first thing to answer your question is bygiving them awareness and then this is the other thing that tries me crazy,given awareness is great, but if you don't give them a road map with GPSprecision, it's just BS. That's what people do in this industry they spin bs.They basically say you can be successful. You cal, wear the blackdiamonds. You could have the hundred fifty Thousan O car. You could do allthat, but I don't know how to do myself. So how am I going to tell you? That'sthe problem yeah, IT'S US! It's they get to that. One point where they getyou excited and like car sals. Is Your own business get on the floor? Go Gethem, fring Hem in Eahman they don't you don't give you the Robat. You need GPSprecision. What do I mean by that? I mean like me: I have atd so I'm drivingtalking Robbert Weis ban. I misse my turn. It happens, Robert, how Man TimesOsh Shit. I Miss My exit, but you know what thank God. I got my garment. Thatshit keeps me focusd because she says recalculate and guess what I take thenext turn and I'm back on course and I'lleventually get to where I need toget to. If you do not have GPS precision on how to be successful, howto make money, how the El Yo o o make money Ho a homeless hope is for the hopeless Sean. Let meask you this, and this is something I mentioned with when I was. We weretalking with a lis on here the other day. As far as like the the structureinside in an Internet department, this one, I just wante, to hear your opinion.What is you still stand firm behind that the bt seat, like the appointmentsetter, is not greeting the customer when they come in, etc, yeah good catch?First of all, let me just clear this up is I respect everybody and what I'mgoing to Sayit, I'm going to preface this here that I am not divine in nature. I amgifted what I do, but I'm not divine an agurer. So my opinion is my opinion.That means that you could have a different opinion and bea completelyequally successful, even anymore, but so h doing this for sixteen years andtraining, tensand automoted professionals and working with onethousand dealerships. Okay, here's! What I've learned is that there is abest way to do this. In my opinion, and it's more of a hybrid situation. Firstthing: I'm going to tell you: it's not BDC bdcs, the most degregatedbassardize academ in the whole dam...

...industry mean something to somebodydifferent all over the place. ters. What a BTC is to me. It's a it's, acentralized department strategy and technology structure that proactivelydrives business to a dealership with all propit centers example: An Internetdepartment, Phone Up Department or call center unsocialm Traffic ServiceService, conversions least fortension fleet, orphan owners, dataminingcampaign management, Cross pomotion, an marketing just to name a few. That iswhat a true bdcer pump an all. Those is what you're sayin they're pumping onall those Rs. You See, I don't believe in BDC at first. I think that BDC isdangerous, because it's so much stuff. What happens to dealers is they getsome parasite bender a crm company. You know that basically says ooh, you cansell a lot of cards and you can do all thise BDC stuff. They do it and theimplementation plan sucks and it doesn't work. That's why MERCITES BEENSMANUFACTURED FAILE BDC! That's why the majority of dealership eighty percentAF dewerships, that TRIBDC are non profitable and broken. How do I knowbecause I've spoken to over a hundred and thirty and AD andncm twenty groups?My own twenty group, I work with several different manufactures andeverybody still can't figure out BDC almost twenty years later, because whenyou're trying to do too much shit, it's going to be what Shit. What you need tobe able to do is slow the held down and specialize now. What I believe in isdoing an Internet department that takes phoneups. That's what I do. Ninety fivepercent of the time as I sell Telos OPABC at first, I slowm the hell down,because with an Internet department that takes phoneups, you could makemillions and millions of more dollars, and once you get into rhythm with anInternet department takes phoneups, then you could scale in the right way.The additional prophit centers one by one. Does that make sense guys so now to answer your question aboutthe least question here: here's the way that I feel that it should be I'vetried. This is a one man show where I sold thirty three NIS by myself, takingit from Creto te grave and there's a point: A diminition return right thereand I've also did this a pine bout where I was stilling a hundred and tenunits out of my inner department back in two thousand and two two thousandand three, and I had a team of like ninges like myself and here's theproblem. The problem is Robert, so I'm not leading this I'm going to answeryour questions specifically give me a number how many leads more than like ahundred dout pick a number off or four hundred, eight hundred okay, eight hundredMichael Serillo. If you have eight hundred leages and you don't haveappointment setters how many sales people do you think should be able tohandle eight hundred leades yeah lots, ten, no ten, okay wrong, noteven close to enough here's whyififteen the sixteen! No! Even Sixteen you guysare both O. it's never enough! Here's! Why? If you turn around, you take eighthundred fresh leades from sp from August first August, thirty firnt,eight hundred leagues. If you turn around and you sell even a hundred cars,that's over a ten percent closing rattio. That means there seven hundredpeople that it didn't buy a vehicle. The fact is Jady Parravan says, andeverybody avalidate the average buying cycles between forty five and ninetydays. So that means hat the end of August August. Thirty FIRSE! If you didnot sell seven hundred fresh leads. Yes, SOM are dead. Bogus bodels were changed,my cuckoo whatever, in my opinion, you're going to start with that, atleast at least three hundred and fifty from just August what about July? Whatabout June? So I'm saying honestly you're going to start September. Firstwith four hundred caryoverlates, then in September you're going to get anadditional eight hundred fresh leads. You now have a residual flow factor oftwelve hundred leavues. Now, let's get into this right Robert, because nodeals US going to put sixteen people on just things: s, let's just let's justget really stupid with it. If you had sixteen people they're, not workingBeldabell, you know they're, not and plus you got to remember. If you havesix twelve hundred leads and you have sixteen salespeople, they have to doproduct presentation, demodrive delivery, chase stips they cas theirdays off. They have their own problems. They've got kids they've gotgraduations, they got holidays, they've got playing hookie, so they coan hangout with their spouse whatever. So that means, in my opinion, that at somepoint at least twenty five to fifty percent of those people are not goingto be in that Internet room pound in those leads. So what are you going todo do and have twelve hundred leads there who's going to be folling up withthem. Do you see what I'm saying? Here's a different way to think of this.Now, let's flip that around how about this? If I now had in my dealer'sSynergy Model, eight hundred leads, I would have seven appointment setterssix to seven, so I'm going to be high. I would do it six, but let's just doseven for dramatic purposes. If I have seven appointment setters, these arenot BDC. REPSSES are not telemarketers. These are highly trained phone dealer,ynergy experts. Okay, these people are trained in outbound phone call process,invot, poncal process, qualification, escalation, email sells, the phone callphone call sells the appointment. The appointment builds a relationship,product presentation, demwo drive, deliver you get what I'm getting at.These are strong phone sales, pict PEOP. So now, let's do the math yget sevenpeople they're going to make or take a...

...hundred and twenty calls in a day. Ahundred and twenty calls in a day. Why? Because you're only having eleven ofourteen percent connection ratiol fact some of these numbers are full gazythat these people are. These SI call trainers to put in out there it's aneleven ond fourteen percent. So now you take seven Bodies Times undred andtwenty. That means eight hundred and forty calls in the month of September,there's twenty two employee working days. What I mean by that Usualtye onlyfive working days, so now you take eight hundred and forty calls a day inthe month of September Times, twenty two employee working days. That'seighteen thousand four hundred and eighty phone calls come on. Man Keep areall there's no way in hell. Sixteen sales people in the shom floor aregoing to be responsible for eighteen. HOUSAND phone calls it's not going tohappen, but my teams do it. They do it all the time every day. So let's gothrough this at eighteen thousand. Four hundred eighty phone calls times pointone four: at a fourteen percent connection, racsio they're going tohave two thousand five hundred and eighty seven conversations out of a twothousand five hundred and eighty seven conversations times point two: fivethey're going to make twenty five percent into appointments at sixhundred and Forty six appointments times and I'm going under on my numbersto time point five: Five: At a fifty five percent appointment show ratiothey're going to get three hundred and fifty five bodies to show up this storetimes. Point Four: Two: at a forty two percent celling racesiar, the hundredand fifty Internet unit sold just penciled back now that eight hundredleades well, no that's more than that. It's eight hundred plus Yeah Butfus,eight hundred plus phone calls a week as well yes and the residual and theresisual flow factor. You foow me plus the residual flow factor. That's howyou pencil back into this. Does that make sense Yep, absolutely I'.I mean I've seen this. This is one of my favorite things workshops you do iswhen you you show this and I use that, and it does make sense because it justcomes down to the numbers, but it also has a lot to do with the quality ofthat conversation. The training of u the RAP is is crucial. Here's one Johnthat I want to hear your thought on quick. This is something that alwaysaggravated me and this one's a good one dealer. You know so listen to this. So,let's say you're in a store that you're doing an amazing job organically fromyour website, generating lea you're generaing, a ton of leaves from yourwebsite is it do when I was in the position in theInternet. You know running inter at the part, my position. This drove me nuts,that, yes, I was, I was cranking. It up and I was able to drum up a lots oforganic leads, but they would not buy. I could not get the dealer to investthe money to buy at least my pat my primary market area. Third Party leads:Do you think, no matter how many leads you're pounding out on your yourwebsite and through your own, you know organic channels. Do you? Should youstill be buying your primary markets? Third Party leads that are available atleast like within, like your backyard, at the very least, there's a bare shitin the woods yeah exactly yes, but why? What's thethought about this because I know I've seen this other place that people don'tdo this? You know because dealers are are not intuned. Here's. Why? Let me I'mgoing to give you on a fiscal level, I'm all about money. That's my wholething make money, Mondays, Shawby, bradly, multi, millionaire, I'm allabout money, and I speak dealer and I speak GM. It's really simple. Averagecost percill an advertising. It's not me guys. Nada, the National AutomobileDor Association says that in two thousand and fourteen the average costPircil is six hundred forty dollars per card. You understand that thatbasically means that they're spending six hundred and fortydollars to sell anautomobile you guys with me on that Yep. Okay, now, let's pencil this back,let's use Autobi tell or cars director true car, I think they're all greatservices. So, let's just say U you sign up with one of those three services andyou buy a hundred leags. It cost you, twenty dollar per lead or less or more,whatever aound those aveage one ols believe a hundred leads are going tocost you two sanddollar Adda modest, ten percent, closing ratio. What is isman, your average cost Porcille is two hundred ols per car, so Mr Dealerprinciple of you're listening or a MR general manager. If I could reduce yourcost by want about like literally down to a third perk car soul, would youconsider it absolutely you would and absolutely you should so on a fiscallevel, it is economically responsible, hell it's economically imperative thatyou look at their party providers, because theyre a cost for sale is afraction of what traditional and all the squandered spenning is well yeahand the N, why I say at least the ones that are in your Don'know backyard. Idon't go there yet I want I want to I want to. I want to. Let me get mythundering here. I want o just want to focus on twenty first, because again,if it doesn't make sense, it won't Ma. You know I mean you won't do it, so Iwanted to turn around. I want dealers to understand that economically, itmakes all the sense in the world now...

...strategically here's the reality. Youcannot just close your eyes and pretend that you're invisible, because you doexist, you're not invisible. What I mean by that, as you can't not buy theleads fource providers and think that those leads don't exist, so God forbid,if you're a dealer listening to this- and you don't buy third party- leadsbecause you think that they suck or you know you don't think that you need thembecause you're generate so many leads man. You better hope that you don'thave a dealer synergy competitor! That's there, because I'm advocatingall my dealers by leads the cost per ownership and acquisition is so muchcheaper, plus the their opportuniti to do business for the Lov of God. Whywould you not want to buy two hundred three hundred four hundred leads toturn on a cell thirty forty cars. It makes it makes all the sense in theworld, and I would use this for conquesting purposes. I would first,like you said Robert Agree with you: Securier PRIMAM ARC market area. So ifI'm in Philadelphia, New Jersey, I'm Philadelphia in the New Jersey area-and I was a Ford Dealership- I would definitely buy all the Ford leads-let's say in South Jersey and Cherry Hill and Marelton, and maybe even inPhiladelphia, but that's just the basic part of it. I would actually go furtherout because I want my shot. Do you know that the most recent stats that wereprovided at the last Internet sales- Twenty group from I don't know if itwas true car, auto Bitel, but they basically said that the average carshopper only visits one point: Two dealerships: You understand that Hameans they only go to one store, sometimes a little bit more, but theydo the majority of their research and their fact. Finding online jd powersays that the majority of reasons why people use the Internet is to eliminatebad choices. Let Me Frick and repeat what I just said. The average personthat buys a car only visits one damn store nowadays, technically one pointtwo. So what does that mean? Is that you've got a shot if you turn on andhave it if I'm in South Jersey Dam sure I will get, leaves forty five minutesout of it. My PMA! Why? Because, if I could prepresent my value packageproposition, what is different and better about me and my organization toa prospect outside of my Erra and hell? If I'm willing to deliver that vighclefre o charge their home or office, I will be able to conquest bdoes thatmake sense. Yeah yeah definitely. But I was- and Iknow that that's the aggress- you know that's the the the real you know laserfocus aggressive approach to it, but my thing is just like at the very least,even if it's because some people are so against, the third party leads likebuying them. They think it's. You know they do. None of that, but my God justebut. You know what they they don't know. The reason why they don't knowthe reason why they've never done an audit tha, the dealers that are againstit nine times out of ten are, are not even auditing. The current advertisingthat they're doing they're sitting here spending seventy five hundred an twentygrand on a full page ad in the newspaper, and they don't even th. Theyhave no way of tracking it. Do you know what I mean yeah or they're, gettingvery lack. Luster result yeah. So a we're talking about. As is let me this.Let me jump in because you hit it on the head. This tries me crazy. Theycancel autobitell or true car cars direct because they think they leadsuck. It's not the case. You know what it is. It has to do with otherminigatting factors. This serem might not be se up the right way. Theautomated action plans might be stupid in thes, seer am the email templatesmight spe might suck. They got misspellings itathe execution, the Osthey might not have enough people, they might have the wrong people, they mighta e have the right process. There could be a PLUTTHR reasons, legitimate reasons why you'renot selling a third party lead that has nothing to do with the third partyyou're absolutely correct, and that's one of the problems. Michael, you hitit one they're not being able to quantify traditional, but they justthink that glead Shuck, you know B, is that you know. Oh, the leads are notconverting, so they must suck or you know, al I'm getting duplicats. Youknow what also drives me crazins for tol aboutleacs, our pividers. Is itdealers? have this ridiculous notion, folwy guys ridiculous notion? Ohther'RSE selling my lead to somebody else get over it. What do you expectfor Twenty Bucks? Stop youhurkind crying it's a twinte oulet. I work withthe fourt store right now that sells fifty usand dollar expeditions. Can youif you spend two USAND dollars on a hundred, leads? Don't think of out yourspend two thousand dolars to sell cars, because that one individual lead thatSol that helps sell that that expedition that fifty thousandoar caror the twenty fivedollar gross only cost you twenty bucks hell? Do yourealize that I don't give a crap if, like four or five of the doers get thatlead, because those dealrs are going to suck the way they answer the phonesthey're going to suck with the follow up they're going to suck with thevalley package and they're going to probably blow it some other way? So Idon't mind other dealers get in the leads. It's only twenty bucks. I justwant my shot matter of fact. I don't even care if there's not a phone number,there's, not a phoner, I'm going to go to do a reverse lookup, I'm going to doa social media background or I'm going to go to spokecom and I'm going to huntand gather and create something. That's the thing with this industry is thatthey think that these leads are magic. Commission beings, they're, not they'rean opportunity to do business, get on your grind and make something happen.You know, and the thing I love about...

...this is: Is it aligns so well with withmy thought process I mean the 'r. The dealers are focused so much on thethings that are out of their control when they could simply shift theirfocus on taking massive action with the things that are in their control, and Ithink you know Shan correct me if I'm wrong, but that's everything that we'retalking about today. You want to make money, stop worrying about where youknow lead. Source providers are selling, you know leavs or may or may not bedoing this or that or what what might be falling apart here or there focus onthe things that are in your control. Take control of your processes. TakeControl of planning. You know said right, Michael You just quit a Dr Cuby,that's the that's! The first habit from the seven halvs of hi ticare people,it's being proactive, the prouct of mind, circled influence versus circlconcern. You know what that is with everything in the Automont of industry,from the salesperson to a manager to the department, O the marketing to theBDC. Listen to me, people are concerned about what everybody else is doing. Ohthe dealer is given prices on the phone. My competitors are putting envoceprices they're doing in internet prices. Oh this lead wisperby you're, worriedabout all the shit. You have no control over focus on your attitudes, thoughts,actions and behaviors. Stop worrying about your competitor, stop worriedabout what everybody else is going to get focus on yourself. Damn it beproactive, Word Yeah, love it so, okay, so I mean you know whatpeople people's brains are going to be usind out of their ears. At this point, such a wealth of information, shon, noquestion that you are, where proof is inputting and the reality of it is- isthat you've done exactly what you've said and that's that's where I thinkthis is so legit. You know, there's there's hundreds of thousands of peoplein the Car Industry today who are concerned about how they're not makingmoney when they should be focused on how to make money and then implementinga course of action. There's no doubt that you have the ability to do that. Iwant to thank you for being on the show today we're going to wrap it up, butwhat I want to do is is just let everybody know: Hey, there's a coupleof things where you can connect more with Shan, because I know absolutelyyou're going to want to be doing that. First, one is Internet sales, TwentyGroup, Boston September, Twenty Second, through the twenty. Fourth, that'sgoing to be such an incredible event: Shon you want to take a minute, andjust talk about t is Internet sales. It's PROB, an a and and out there guys.This is one tho get to party alone is worth the trip and Sean ter is a goodshow in this Hou throw a good party it's on, like any other event, I'veever attended so, but I want to turn it over to you Shan and just give a littlebit of a description for those who again are living under a rock whohaven't heard of the Internet sales. Twenty group about what goes on there.Yes, well, first and foremost, thank you so much for for allowing me to kindof mention the workshop. It is a major three day workshop September, Twentysecond to the twenty fourt in Boston, in full partnership with theMassachusetts State, Audityor Association and it's my first OEM Gig,I'm actually working very intimately with Tugeta manufacture from NewEngland to the point that Toyet o corporate in California approved thecurriculum. That means any tiitted dealership in New England that goesgets Toyota Om certification credits. Super minefacture is also going to bethere. I've got twenty five amazing speakers. One of them is yourself, MrMichael Robert Weis Wa's going to be moderating,we've got Jim Ziggler, we've got, you know Joe Calli, you know Karen Bradley,we've got, you know just a ton of industry people. We talk about lesersbroters, we're GOIN TO HAVE SCOTT PECK tow. I was just going to say I don'tknow why I was just going to go Scott Tax tone like what we've got. You know.True car, you know Kevin, you know Ken Potter. We've got cars, direct Hoddeerborn, I mean there's just so many companies oditional air strike, AniBenitaed it oh yeah. Thank you and then we have. We have six dealer principls.So guys this is what's really cool. We have six DEALR princels in GMS we'vegot the president of the MSADA Scott Duby who's, the president of Bill,Dubihande we've got Danny Butdynes, the general manager of Greglar View GMC,we've got Mie Odel, the gental manager of twaytergrand rapids. We've got Ron boss, the dealer principle of Spirit crisor dodgewe've got Paul Sansoand Junor, who is the ownerof a route sixty six automall, and we also have David blassing game. Who isthe DEALAF principle of autoflex at leasing in in Texas? So here's whatwhat is long story short? It's not like a regular event. It's high highinteraction. WHAT WE TRY TO DO! It's like a twenty group on Starois we'regoing to have probly, Bou hundred and fifty to two hundred dealers there andwinstead of it being like a three ring circus. Where there's going to bedifferent workshops happening it's one stage. I believe that an InternetDepartment or dealership is made or broken in fortey categories. Yourproducts, your peopl, you process promotions, so each one of the speakersare broken down into category. So this, instead of being like a buffet like allthe other workshops, this is a seven course meal at a five Star restaurantand then me and my wife are Frank: Lhe cobby trainer. So we have a lot ofexercises, for you know, go planning projecting. We have an exit strategythat each individual tende gets their...

...own custom. You Know Work Plan and thenobviously tha. The major huge thing is that- and I don't know if you guys knowthis, but Toilota manufacture has asked us to analyze twenty eight of theirstores check this out. So we are going to do a composite. We actually did thecomposite and we're checking on you know social media Seo Reputationwebsite, lead source providers, mystery shopp in the phones, Mr Shopp, inemails, they're about seven KPIS, so we've analyzed twenty eight differentdealerships in one market and we're going to be able to go through thesebenchmark composites and then to close hom some fun stuff. We have I booked ayacht, so I'm dropping like tweny five wiz notes on three hours: dinner, openbar part of like Rock Stars in Boston and thin. The second day, we've got twoyeto manufacture,sponsored cocktail hour with call review and auto mark solution, sowe have two back toback VIP parties and guys we've never had two days F VIPparty. So I don't know how people re going to get back to work on Thursday,but it's Gonno, I'm sure they'll figure it out. It's going to be an incredibleevent. I'm looking forward to it, like you said, I'm looking forward tospeaking there connecting with all the dealers. Listen if you have not checkedout Internet sales. Twenty group stop everything. You're doing right now, goto triplew, dot, Internot Internet sales, twenty Groupcom you're going tosee all the information that Shan just talked about he's Goingto, be there andhe's going to be dropping some serious power bombs, just like he did in thisepisode. Where you're going to learn, I mean that's the important thing: listen,it's not about talking about it. As you can tell, we are all sick of talkingabout why it's important to make money you're going to learn how to make moneyand unless that's something you don't want to do it's time to go, get a jobin McDonald's also just say if they everyone of your listeners. If they goto wwwt Radley on demand, Br Adley on demand, I will give them a free testdrive. There is a tremendous amount of free education on there for a testdrive, I'm not not show room sales, how to make money. Internet sales BDC. Thisis for Showin people, Internet directors, dealerships, individuals andby the way, because you said this about me- I want to close. I don't know ifyou've ever had a you know a an interview that closes with the themesong. You know, so I'm going to close the show out myself. You'R ready people,this Aika Sho, radly toiquit. There is he's too legit there.You go man Bradley on demand triple W DOT Bradley on demand. If yourdiagnosis is to go work at McDonald's, your prescription is Bradley. OndemandSean thanks. You thank you. So much for being with us today, your prescriptionthere, this man, yeahn brother, Ban, Snif well see in Boston. My Man Talk toyou soon, thanks man later and right, there you have it. Everybody.My friend Seanvy Bradley was great. To have shown on people were a lot ofpeople, ere wondering hey how come you have I. They know him and our friendsand ask me why am me chance showng on yet it's just like. I didn't want toalways go to like us, because he draveled thirtyesh busy. I mean we didtry it. We have been trying to put this together for a while, and it's just youyou we want to give you is and many different. You know whatyou mean: Views and information yea possible. You know what no doubt hebrought it, and I mean he gave us so much valuable information that you knowwithout question. I mean I don't know about you correct me if I'm wrong, butwhat he talks about is so relevant to making money the fact that people don't have a vision, they'regoing to work, and I mean this kind of leads back into you know. cardownsepisode grant cardowns episode. Why do people hit what they do they suck at it?Why do they suck at it? And I mean grant alluded to the fact that there'sno sequence to how they build their business, and Imean I love this stuff because it's I don't want to say fundamental as muchas foundational. The reason you probably suck at your job is becauseyou're going doing this nine to five or or sometimes a lot longer than that,and you don't have a vision of what you want to become or what you want toachieve exactly they're, not dived they're, not all in you know andthey're, not they're, not taking it serious, they're, not passionate aboutit and and that's where it all starts, and I mean John gave some great. Youknow information like, for example, if Youe not buying third party leads right.Now guys buy them and just give it a run and make a good plan foror soaffordable, and you will make more money. I'm going to be talking a littlebit about this topic at Internet sales. Twenty Group in Boston September,Twenty second of the twenty fourth all about how to lower your cosporlidacquisition. So I want you to go check out that website for sure triplew, dot,Internet sales, twenty Groupcom, if...'re not registered, register rightnow, you cannot afford to miss out on the information, but I mean the fact ofthe matter is six hundred an forty sixdolars average cost per leadacquisition from all of these sources by eliminating the ones that don't work.Think of how much money, you're saving and guess what part of making money isknown where to save money? No doubt about it and and in the show notes guysat dealer playbookcoms. What is twenty four you're going to be able to get ahold of links to Bradley on Deman as Sean Mention where you can get a freetest, drive jump on there, guys it's free training, you know get in thereand and Takin. I ldet of his you know of his generosity, get all his contact if you're nothooked up with seawn. Already it's going to be again at dealer,Playbookcom Slsh, twenty three, twenty four! Rather W, have all his contactinformation. Also like Woll, Michael, I was going to steal you. I was gonna,Give Your Plug for you today, man man feel so good aboutfor, I'm excitedabout it, and I hear Michael's been talking with me about this for a longtime, and he knows I love the Teasan, but I'm very excited for him andexcited for our team for Michael Serillocom, Michael What is Ik asSirilo ASERILLOCOM. This will be in the shownotes book and he's got a you know,O a one of a kind book coming out. That'sabout this in you know, taking control online in the automotive industry andthere's some great little bonuses, and you know special exclusive content fora limited time that if you just cost nothing just to email to go over thereand sign up to be notified and you're going to get some extra bonus stuffthat that's going to blow your mind, it's going to be PA. You know make theVAT the value of what already is a small purchase, even better love. Itappreciate them man. Thank you so much for listening. Inagain, the dealer Playbookcom, where we're going to include links to shunsinformation, especially bradly, on demand in the Internet, Sills Twentygroup so do m. do us a favorite go check out the deler playbookcom forSash, twenty four? Don't FREGK IT TO SUBSCRIBE? And again. Thank you so muchfor being here and we'll talk to you next time see.

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