The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode 7 · 7 years ago

Sean Moffett: Turn Customers Into Raving Fans Of Your Dealership


Your greatest asset are the people you just sold. People like to do business with an "expert", and will pay more to do so. 


20 year automotive vet, International Sales Expert and host of nationally syndicated radio show " The Sean Moffett Show" Sean Moffett himself sits down with Robert and Michael to chat it up about " Turning Your Current Customers Into Raving Fans"! Advocates of your dealership and your brand. Even in today's advanced market there is nothing stronger than the relationship with your store and its customers. Past, Present and future. 


 In this awesome new episode, Sean talks about how just in how the way a sales person greets a customer, that customer knows if they are dealing with a professional expert or not. '"The best place to close your deal, is with the first impression". 


Sean is going to show us exactly how to do just that in this session.   


Sean Moffett gives a few easy word tracks sales people can use to sound like a expert. A professional. Check them out and practice with your team or whoever is down. Why not pick up something new that is without a doubt different than what the sales team is currently doing. 


What if just something that simple as how the customer is being greeted is what is holding back sales explosion in a dealership?




This is session is packing some powerful information!!! 


Sean is a professional broadcaster and great speaker so nobody minded that " The Dealer Playbook" turned into "The Sean Moffett Show". Starting with authentically greeting someone with a caring disposition, to how to finesse and keep the " wow factor" rolling after they make it purchase. 


It is all in this session!



You in this session you will learn more about 


- How to greet the customer like a professional expert


- Focusing on the customer’s experience genuinely 


- Is management in need of leadership training (it is more than penciling deals)


- Being an expert on your product


- Communicating with customers & allowing them to shop with you 


- Finding training material you can relate with (so much online for free) 


- Different markets require different tactics 


- Watching out for listening to the wrong "guru's" information. 


All that plus so much more! 



Here are the links mentioned in this episode 






Sean's Website:








Sean Moffett's " Wow Factor Sales Success Training": 


Sean's killer YouTube Channel Lots of good stuff:


Sean's syndicated radio show on iTunes 


Get his free audio book email here: (put "The Dealer Playbook" in the subject)


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