The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode 7 · 7 years ago

Sean Moffett: Turn Customers Into Raving Fans Of Your Dealership


Your greatest asset are the people you just sold. People like to do business with an "expert", and will pay more to do so. 


20 year automotive vet, International Sales Expert and host of nationally syndicated radio show " The Sean Moffett Show" Sean Moffett himself sits down with Robert and Michael to chat it up about " Turning Your Current Customers Into Raving Fans"! Advocates of your dealership and your brand. Even in today's advanced market there is nothing stronger than the relationship with your store and its customers. Past, Present and future. 


 In this awesome new episode, Sean talks about how just in how the way a sales person greets a customer, that customer knows if they are dealing with a professional expert or not. '"The best place to close your deal, is with the first impression". 


Sean is going to show us exactly how to do just that in this session.   


Sean Moffett gives a few easy word tracks sales people can use to sound like a expert. A professional. Check them out and practice with your team or whoever is down. Why not pick up something new that is without a doubt different than what the sales team is currently doing. 


What if just something that simple as how the customer is being greeted is what is holding back sales explosion in a dealership?




This is session is packing some powerful information!!! 


Sean is a professional broadcaster and great speaker so nobody minded that " The Dealer Playbook" turned into "The Sean Moffett Show". Starting with authentically greeting someone with a caring disposition, to how to finesse and keep the " wow factor" rolling after they make it purchase. 


It is all in this session!



You in this session you will learn more about 


- How to greet the customer like a professional expert


- Focusing on the customer’s experience genuinely 


- Is management in need of leadership training (it is more than penciling deals)


- Being an expert on your product


- Communicating with customers & allowing them to shop with you 


- Finding training material you can relate with (so much online for free) 


- Different markets require different tactics 


- Watching out for listening to the wrong "guru's" information. 


All that plus so much more! 



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Sean Moffett's " Wow Factor Sales Success Training": 


Sean's killer YouTube Channel Lots of good stuff:


Sean's syndicated radio show on iTunes 


Get his free audio book email here: (put "The Dealer Playbook" in the subject)


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This is the dealer playbook episode,seven and today we're featuring our first fellow Canadian and he hijacked the show and rightfullyso here we go you're dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autodaler strategies that deliverproven results, and now your host Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla, hey everybody. What is going on MichaelSerillo and Robert Weismeen here with the dealer playbook Robert, what'sgoing on man? What is up everybody thanks for being here? Hey this episode,I'm really looking forward to. We had the opportunity to meet with a bonafiedhustler sales expert, car guy, Sean Moffit, who is really a really crediblesource about helping dealers. I want to say, build their brand, butdo it through creating such incredible experiences for the people who theywork with, in other words, the people who purchase vehicles to turn thosepeople into evangelists, you've known Sean for quite some time.What can you tell us about him before we jump into this episode? I mean he's.He knows this stuff and you know he's got a good point about. You know youwant to turn these your customers. Why? Wouldn't you want the people thatalready like you to be like raging lunatics, be your mouthpiece out there he's Sheans got some great things onhers. Bout he's number one sales expert to follow on twitter he's Voto, one ofthe top ten business coaches on twitter. Forty under forty business awardwinnerI mean he's, got the curdentials to back it up so again, he's going to talk about turningyour current clients, your customers, into advocates of your operation ofyour brand. Let's go this, I it's a great interview.I mean you're going to love it and Sean does an excellent job. So, Michael, ifthere's nothing else, let's go in all right guys enjoy okay and everybody, and we are back-and we are here with my fellow masterminder in the unfair advantageautomotive mastermine group in Charlotte Sean Mafitt, Shan Man thanksfor the time brother, thanks for having here good good good. So listen so seansguys we mentione this topic he's going to talk about the how effective andwhat what techniques we can take to turn our current clients customers intoadvocates, meaning you know advocates of the dealership of the brand and wellshown you what I'll do is just so like we get all the audience. Everybodycaught up. Tho Speed, explain exactly what you mean with that term. Yourgreatest asset are the people that you just sold and there are two types of sales peopleworking in the economy right now number one is the type, that's tooafraid to work and too lazy to steel,... they get into car sales and the other is t the kind of salesperson who understands that what they do is a career, but what they do, moreimportantly than that is serve the public and in two thousand and eighteverything changed with the economic melt down. You know six years ago now,almost five and a half years ago, everything changed and buyers andconsumers your customers, my customers, started realizing that their dollarswere far more precious than ever before, see right. At that point, if you takesort of like a quick snapshot of History Five Years Ago, we paid in the Car Busan, I was in thecar business at that time and you and I paid huge lip service in the carbusiness to finger, quotes customer satisfaction and Fingerwell it'sexceeding expectations, but it was all crap, because nobod really did that andso buyers icustomers got really really used totransactional deals. I mean there are there? Are Sales Trainers, Galor thatyou can listen to? Unfortunately, that are going to tell you the eighty fivedifferent ways to jam, someone into a car before they leave and some salesmanagers still promote that kind of garbridge thinking. But here's thething when you become a transaction to someone when you're buying somethingforget about the car business, but when you buy something and you become atransaction, you feel like a transaction, and you know what I'mtalking about Robert. You know what I'm talking about, Michael, that thatfeeling of getting taken, you know not beingvalued not being important in the process. You're, just a dollar sign right. You don't go bacaps right. Youdon't go back and that's the way that it was in two thousand eight, twothousand and nine. That's the way that some card bealers most car dalersfrankly, are still working today and they're blowing their brains out onadvertising trying to get people in when if they managed the relationshipsthey already had, they would double their bottom line tomorrow, but theydon't- and so I say, turn your customers, the peoplewho you used to be transactional with into raving lunatic advocates for whatyou do by treating them well serving them graciously being humbleand putting the customer before yourself before the RDR before theCommission before the bonus before all of those things put the customers bestinterest first and you will grow advocacy, but you got to be, I mean genua beinggenuine is going to be super crucial in this I mean genuinely genuines allabout authenticity. I mean I've heard it said once you can fake sincerity.The rest is easy, but that's bullshit...

...that doesn't work anymore. You know,I'm sorry, I said Bullshit, I apologize you can e. Now you said it towice tpeope cause. I figure for in a podcast we can say whatever we want right andit's bullshit to think frankly that that if you are inauthentic, people can't read thatpeople read in a upteticity. All the time balk into place. I think about it.You walk into a store, any kind of store, that's more than like a Walmartdecision right and you walk into the store and somebody in a bad suit thatsmells like cigarettes. Forgive me if you smoke comes up to you and says: Can I helpyou what's the answer? No, no! I'm just looking. I don't want to be botheredand what they're really saying is? I don't want to talk to you becauseyou're repulsive to me, you know, but if you, if you authentically care,genuinely cared about the person that was walking in you didn't judge H ant.I know I've heard every wol, never prejudge and never did, but we you doit right. You do it. That's why you don't get up from your chair to gogreet the customer when they come in you. You quickly jump on your computerto pretend like you're doing something. You know you pick up the phone you jumpon Facebook, you do whatever you can do to not authentically engage e client.They can feel that right when someone walks into the dealership, you need togo to that customer. Look them squarely in the eye with a humble dispositionand a positive energy and say thank you for coming to ABC motors. My name isSean Moffitt. Are you here to see a car, a truck in SUV, or was there somethingparticular you came to visit for you know and that's different. It soundsdifferent. It feels different and the best place to close your deal is withthe first impression and the way that you do, that is by authenticallyengaging someone with a caring disposition. You got to connect withthem. I mean makes one hundred percent centeand I, like the word, track there. So the O S yo get. Let's hear that wordtrack again. Let's try this greeting right here, T let's Heear, that ten,it's simple! You walk over to the person or the family, the you know thehusband, the wife whomever, and by the way, if you, if a husband and wife manand woman man and man, woman and women, walk in together, don't look at the guyand say: Can I help you and totally if you, if there's a couple that walks inby the way, if there's a couple that walks in greet the woman first: Okay,because when you do that the husband or boyfriend or whomever is going torealize they're dealing with a professional they're going to theyunderstand the deal, but here's ow you do you walk over humbly graciously witha positive gate. So you stand as though it didn't just get kicked in the nutsby somebody. You know you stand with your shoulders back your chest up alittle bit, not not Brovado, but just confidence. You know that humbleconfidence that you experience when you... with an expert. You know when youdeal with someone who really knows what they're doing and you guys know whatI'm talking about you Mav those people and immediately when you meet them,your Youre, being I don't O', not trying to get ARY ferry, but you'rebeing almost rests a little bit and you're like you know what this catknows, what he or she's talking about I'm in good hands, I can relax a littlebit. You know you feel that, and I feel that so you walk over to the personthey come into. The dealership you say welcome to ABC motors. Not Can I helpyou, but he they're, welcome to ABC motors, welcome to Wiseman Motors,welcome to moffet motors, my nameis Sean Moffitt. I'm here to serve you didyou drop by to see a car, a truck and SUV something in our Prion Department?Or was there something specific? You came to look at you know and it's it's not the answercan't be. No. You know the answers got to provokesomething and it's going to sound a bazillion times different than the lastthree cats. They came to see because the first thing that those people saidwas: what's your credit score, can you fill up this application before? I cantell you what car you're going to be able to buy from me today. It's like give me a frigging break,really like that's where we are right now. It's O thwousand and fourteen eand- and it blows my mind that you know as the dealer as the entrepreneurs, thebusiness person behind those operations, that you don't see that that weaknessand really take advantage of it by preparing your people, like. I just hadlike this vision and being in dealerships and you know being addictedto educat myself. I never had like greeting training now, how hard wouldit be to get your whole team in the office together and before Saturdaymorning? Hey everybody, let's practice and let's try this when we greet thecustomers only today, you know hat I'm saying Bo sot there reherse it yeah andit costs nothing cost nothing Wellrobert. I hate to interject, but itdoes cost something, because what it costs is a dealer principle, a general manager,a sales manager to put their ego aside and recognize that they may know everything.But there's other things that can be learned as well and to stand up infront of your staff and say: Hey, look. You know what I haven't done, my job asa leader I haven't shown you the right way and I've allowed you to get into ahabit. That's actually hurting you, so here's what we're going to do we'regoing to as fundamental and as rudimentary as this sounds we're goingto practice. Some greetings right now and it's going to feel weird and it'sgoing to feel strange and I know you're all uncomfortable with it. But look ifyou can't do it here with me with people who care about you, you're notgoing to be able to do it with the people who come through the door who Icare about. You know who are your customers and my customer, so it doescost something, but it costs someone willing to forego their eago for amoment and and actually engage their...

...staff Bam and no doubt about it, and Itell you what like right there again guys was another bomb that he droppedhe's given you, you know a scenario and Wartrek for you to humble yourself. Ifthat's you, if that sounds like you he's giving you the out right, theregave you the lay down to him and thet it's going to rally the team andnobody's going to think of you any differently after it. That's right so Imean there's some accountability on the part of the executives at the dealership dealerprincipal to you know kind of get the ball moving t I like what you said putThei Ego aside. I mean we see that a lot in the industry. You know I'm asales manager. You know let me step up on my soap box or ride my high horse.We see that a lot. What kind of accountability do we put on theindividual sales, people or team members? I mean you know. I think thismessage is resonating with a lot of people right now. I'm sure you know,even in the Okanagan, where I'm based out of there's car dealers here,there's sales people here who are going man. How do I step up my game? What canI do differently? What's the starting point for them, Imean you know, there's so many things I think that stand in people's way. Youknow their own little fears or obstacles or whatever. Where do theyget started? What's the first thing that a salesperson can do today toadopt this okay, great question, Michael, thank you for asking it the first thing: Sales people need todo and look I'm a salesperson go. I have a confession to make. I got backon the sales floor F February. First, I'm selling cars today and I'll. Tellyou why I'm selling cars today to prove that the sales training and thetechnologies and th the way that I sell and train and teach people to sellworks because it had been about four years since I'd been on the floor, andI wanted to be back on the floor proving that it works. So I'm doingboth I'm running the company and I'm selling cars on the floor, but here'show here's a salesperson should go about it. A salesperson should lookthemselves in the mirror, and- and I know this is really hard because I hadto do it myself. So I'm not asking anybody to do anything that I haven'tdone recently, but look in the mirror and ask yourself: am I as good as I could be and you're going to realize that theanswer is no, then the second question you're goingto ask yourself is: what do I need to do to get better andthe answer is to train yourself to be better. You know. One of the things Iset off. The top of the show is that sales people are too afraid to work intoo laty to steal quite often and that's why they get into sales and, Ikind of say it get a good laugh. But it's true. I have the most successful sales peoplethat I have met are not the slickest talkers they're, not the you know the traditional sort of wolfof Wall Street kind of guys, R, gals they're, the ones that work the hardestthey're, the ones that care the most...

...and they're the ones that are willingto do whatever it takes, unfortunately, had to steal that line, but theyrethey're willing to do what it takes. How about that? What Itige, in order to learn what they don't know, implement what they don't normallyimplement and improve? It doesn't matter your career choice. Is You knowwhether you are in car sales or you've decided to be a sales trainer? You wantto start your own company. You got a food truck, it really doesn't matter.If you don't practice your craft and hold your skills, you will fail, and sothe first thing that a salesperson needs to do is to find a reliablesource of training and literally dive into it head. First and sales. Peopleare often unwilling to invest in themselves because the reason they'rein sales is they have a very poor self image. The A lot of sales people suffer with alack of confidence, and so they, you know they fly into the sort ofarrogance zone right because to me the antithesis of confidence is arrogance and they get a little arrogant and theyyou know they think they know everything. I mean I've met so manysales people who think they know everything and they don't. You know nd, so you'vegot TA. You've got to be willing to invest in yourself, because it's agreat investment and start slowly. You know get some recommendations of peopleto follow on social media that doesn't cost anything, and those people areconstantly linking you to great articles d and things that you canlearn to improve yourself, find some sales trainer that you connect withthat. You believe in that just the person who barks the loudest- or youknow, t the person who has been at it since one thousand ninehundred and ninety one and is still training the same things but findsomeone who's relevant to you who you like, who you connect with read theirstuff, listen to their podcasts watch their videos. You get online. You couldliterally take all of my training for probably a hundred dollars, if not forfree, because I've put all of it out online for free right. So for less thana hundred dollars, you could take probably three different trainingtechnologies. That would teach you how to sell twenty cars a month next month. But people don't do that. So that'swhat sales people need to do is invest in yourself. Get Out of your own way.Get real with yourself about the fact that selling six to eight cars a monthis not. Okay, right, don't be relying on your wife and your girlfriend oryour husband or anybody else to be filling in the holes of your income.You should be filling in the holes of your income and, if you can't it'sbecause you're not working hard enough, sorry to tell you but managers need totake a stand to see. Managers are often those peoplewho've hung around the longest had not...

...gotten fired, so they know how to playthe political game really well and they know how to insulate themselves fromany level of accountability and as sales managers. That's anunfortunate deal because, frankly speaking, I look to you as my leader as a salesmanager. You know I look to you as the person who's going to help me succeed. It's not my job as a salesperson tomake your life easier as a sales manager as a sales manager. It's your job toserve me as the salesperson and to help me be better than I ever thoughtpossible and that's not what sales managers are doing so sales managerstake em. Look in the mirror. Ask Yourself: Am I really serving my staff?Do people actually come to work wanting to work for me? Am I giving these guys and girls thetools that they need to help me achieve my targets, and you know what I bet youthe answers? No, and if that's the case, you need to invest in some leadershiptraining because just being around long enough in a dealership not to get firedor being the guy that or gal that you know sold a fair amount of cars, butmaybe you know: wasn't the top sales person very rare that the topsalesperson gets into management you've, not taken management, trainingor leadership training. I don't know how many sales managers in the carbusiness actually went to post secondary education to learn how to besuccessful as a sales manager in the automotive business. It doesn't happen,so they've got to invest as well in leadership and how to rally people andhow to get the best ot of people and how to be a servant leader rather thansomeone who's pulling people along yeah. It goes further than just learn how topencil up deals right, yeah, and I don't like that's what I alwaysquestioned was you know I took I've. Never was like a desk manager, but Ialways visioned. Okay, if I was a desk manager, they're always like you, don'twant to be there. You're going to wake, make lay way less money with the amountof cars you sell. Well, my thoughts were, if I go to, if I'm a desk manager andI'm paid off the nut of the team, you know I'm confident that I could build.You know the right team and a good functioning team, so they you know th y.They hurt themselves by not like creating rock style rock stars out of etheir team members. You know what I mean you know o mean pushing on as hardas they can. It makes no sense the other thing ething to it's Al Right,just to interject that I love your points. whereer you're, absolutelyright. One of the other things that I've learned in my career is that the best salesmanagers are not afraid of their staff. You know a lot F. A lot of salesmanagers that I've met Al have to be that Alpha person, because you knowthey they're actually afraid that if...

...someone that they're working withbecomes really successful that they might take their job, you know againgoes back to that massive insecurity thing that a lot of sales people have,and so as a sales manager. Your job should be to build the best team and topush them and here's the thing that you have to realize as a sales manager. TheBest of the best do not want to fly with a bunch of Turkeys. You know theywant to. They want to soar with eagles right. They need to have accountability,targets, regular communication and conversation, regular feedback, notjust when your GM tells you to do it, not just when they're about to getfired, but regular, consistent goals, game plans and strategies and the bestof the best rally around that and make you look like a superstar, and I mean the other thing to hear thatthat that I heard you say I mean you didn't, write out, come and say it, butyou've talked about credible training. Yes, an, and I mean that to me is ahuge part. You need to know who to listen to, and it has to be someonethat has either accomplished what you want to accomplish or is achieved whatyou want to achieve or who is who you want to become, and- and you know yousay that from the salesperson perspective, but you also say it fromthe leadership perspective. I do agree that sales managers need to let theirego aside and they need to also be saying you know like what you said. Heyam I doing everything I can, and my am I serving my team. Am I a servantleader versus a high horse leader and if not, I need to align myself withsomeone who can mentor me and can coach me and help me be, who I need to be inorder to get the most out of my team. So I love what you're saying about youknow your confession about you being back in the dealership, because thatthat's I mean just a testament that you know you can be you yourself. Seanmaffit are someone that people can listen to because you're doing it,that's right, you know and you're proving it, and I think that's justsomething that everyone needs to keep in mind. I mean that in the digital age,there's so much access to information, I can. I can find information onanything that I want, but how credible it is it it is it I don't know who's done. What and if they're, youknow a trustworthy source. So I like what you're saying you need to line upwith credible training, someone who's going to be able to show you how to doit properly. But, more importantly, from the reverse angle, you need toknow that that person who you're seeking training from is someone who'sactually has what you want. That's right and there's a couple other thingsto that Michael, and I appreciate you saying that the first thing that I would say is isnot all training works in all markets, and I say that specifically because youknow you're from you're from British Columbia, ind, Canada and I'm fromToronto in Canada and Robert Is Robert.

Were you from North Carolina orsomething? No you. Never. You always get me wrong, and one time you sayMassachusetts I live. I live in PA I live in. Pennsylaennsylvania iscertainly much different than the Canadian market, but the Pennsylvaniamark is different than the Manhattan market. You know, and so for me. I think it's very importantthat if you choose to listen to someone who's going to train you on howto sell cars and they're selling cars in the style and fashion of a I don'tknow, Shopper from Vegas and you're in in the Okenagen valley in BritishColumbia and your buyer is specifically and completely different. If you adopt the ways that this traineris teaching you how to do things, it's quite possible h, t you just turn yourfire right off. You know because you've got to understand the market thatyou're in so not all yelling screaming freaking out sales trainers are goingto teach you the kinds of things that you need to know to be appropriate inyour market and be successful. And, frankly, I think that ship has sailedas it relates to salesmanship. But the question that I would ask toand just further to your point, Michael, is social media's, a beautiful andwonderful thing, and it's part of what I built my business on. But what I'venoticed in social media, particularly over thelast twelve months, is that everyone has become an expert everyone's, a guru, everyone's, anexpert everyone's. Whatever you knew right and- and that's unfortunate and someone asked meone time- they said you know, you're an expert and this. How long have you beendoing it and I said Youa've had my company for four years and I've been inthe automotive business for almost twenty, and so when was lasttime you were actually in a dealership workand. I said two thousand and tenand I lost the deal and it made me think you know itdoesn't matter how much stuff I put out online. How big my following is howmany clients I have if I can't actually affect someone today based on whatthey're going through, then I'm not an expert and I'm not agrou, and no one should listen to me. So be careful, be weary. You know thereare: There are lots of people who are telling you what you should andshouldn't be doing, who haven't done it in a long long long time, if at all andjust simply being aggressive, isn't the mark of a successfulprofessional salesperson in two thousand and fourteen very good, very good. So what kind?What kind of hookup Tdo you got over there at your dealership now? Are youworking like on appointment only type...

...thing or are you there? Are youbuilding a building your business? I am on thefloor. Taking ups selling cars and within I startedFebruary, the first of February and kind of you know learn the product andthe lay of the land and got comfortable with things, and I have been the top salesperson in March and a top sales person inApril in Thi store, and I like to think it's because mytraining works, but I ' it's more important than that. It's it's the waythat I engage client. The way that I engage customers I use O formula or philosophy kind of which iswhich is a connect, communicate and then close right. So when peoplecome in, I want to connect with them quickly, and it goes back to whatRobert said at the beginning about being genuine about being authenticallyinterested in these other people. Do I like all of them? No, but I findsomething that I can like about them, so that I can be genuinely interestedand if it turns out that you know what we just don't, there's there's just anenergy class right away and it's just not going to work I'll, give them tosomebody else, because I know that relationships sell cars today and if Ican't get into a relationship with you, it's Goin ta be really tough for me tosell you a car, Ver Gor help you buy one, you know so it's about firstconnecting right and then clearly communicating which involves findingout what they really want. Why are they even at the dealership? You know whydid they choose to use up their time to come to adealership d? Look for a car like. Why would they even do that and then what'sthe perfect solution, because often what they come in t to see to driveisn't what they really need. Isn't what they're actually really going to useright that they often come in on that ninety nineolar by weekly ad? Butthat's not the car they need. You know, that's the payment they want, but it'snot the car they need and you got to communicate in order to be able tofigure that out and then communication goes way beyond that right. It goesthrough actually picking out the right vehicle actuallydemonstrating knowing your product and your job so well that you candemonstrate a product in such a way that people are actually emotionallyconnected to a car before they ever sit down to look at the numbers. If you canget someone to that point, the numbers are going to be important, but they'renot going to be what you have to base your entire deal on, because when youbase your entire deal on the numbers you lose y. u you may you may sell thecar, but the customeris not happy, because the only thing that theyconnected to was a payment. They don't even remember your Nin because ninetydays later, if they come back for a...

...surface appointment, they can'tremember who sold in the car- and you don't make any commission because youtake a minimum deal to get a sticker on the board and that's just not sustainable. You just can't do it. Soyou got to communicate in all facets and then, when you get back to thedealership, you keep communicating and, and you communicate options and youcommunicate choices and you allow them the opportunity to shop with you,because guess what you sell more than just simply thebrand that you sell. You've got to use car department. You've got otherfriends in the industry right, there's lots of different ways to sell a car. When you stop focusing solely on howit's going to serve you and you actually start focusing on how it'sgoing to serve the customer, you make more money, you sell more cars, you'rehappier and you close more deals, and so that's that's. What I'm doingI'm literally taking I had no leads, no ups, no customer book to Drop From andI just went in and I went at it and here I am Sean Yeah. Ask You something you wantto do me a favor. Where can why don't you drop drop me a page? What's a URL that people can goto to get some of your some of the free stuff you got floating around out there.Absolutely if you go to youtubecom forward tea, so the MOT M, Moffit Ccompany, TMC excellence, so youtubecom, foratm Cexcellence. That's my Youtube Channel! There's over! I don't even remember howmany videos are on there, but it's been viewed something like almost. I think, thirteen million viewsor some crazy number like that. So there's a lot of a lot of that floatingaround. They can go to eudomycom, U Demycom and search for me.There Sean Moffat, Sean Mo ff Ett. I have a course on there calledwildfactor sales training and it bro. I took that course: man, it'skiller, that's available for for free thing, Dow. I think it's I think it'sninety nines and but I'm pretty sure they have a promotion and now they'realwayse Havsi. Seventy five percent off for eight percent F yeah seriously, noexaggeration, they are aat least around seventy five percent off, so even justsearch a google, a coupon code for it and I'll put the links in the shownotes for everybody to get it. I know exactly W ye or I shn. I was on it,it's good, it's it's. Definitely it's different and you know I got to playwith the stuff a little bit and it's you there was. I remember there was oneparticular thing that you did and it was like immediately started, sellingmore cars or something I can't remember...

...what it was yeah well. Yeah was where Istarted before just switching around a couplethings in the process and really getting to know exactly what you knowwhat they were looking for, what their language was- and you know at I meanwhat their vibes were. I just shifted some things up. It was some time ago,man, I you know. Unfortunately, man I've been away for a while, but yeah itwas somewhere in the process where I switched up the you know theinformation gathering and just some kind of no brain or type of things, soII'll link you guys to that. That's in you to me I'm making the note for it.Now it's really good and where else Jeon Chan, let them we're going to wrapthis up man. So where else can they think if theythey can go to itunes? Andmy I have a naturally syndicated radio show in the US that gets sort of turn into a podcast and you cansubscribe on items just search on Moffoto come up and you can also go to my website. TheMUFFET COMPANYCOM. I got all my blogs and everything there and like pastshows that I've done and and frankly speaking, you know what. Ifsomebody listens to this and once my audiobook, which is called the threeeas of selling, just send me an email and I'll just give it to you. I don'tcare, let's give it to you. Awesome son, FO, one FORTCOCOM and I'lljusti'll give you the freebook. All right, everybody and I'll put allthe links to all that down in the show notes at the dealer playbookcom andthat everything will be available. There love it shon. Thank you so much forjoining us today. I kind of jumped the gun because youwent on and there were some more power bombs in there, but you know certainlyappreciate you taking the time and you know like, like you said you gave us abunch of places to hook up with you and the free book will link to that in theshow notes. Thanks again, anybody who wants to kickup their game needs to get hooked up with Sean Moffit and we'll go fromthere. Thank Ya so tacks Michael thanks, Robert You, Sir Wow, and that was great everybody.Thank you so much for tuning into the SEAN MAFAC I mean to the Deala Ribu wow,but I mean the guy I'm just kidding, though he I mean he had so much to say,and this is exactly what I knew it was going to be do hat into this. I ton't Ijust kind of tuned myself out because I was like what am I going to add to thisI mean he started rolling and I'm like I'm done there there's nothing. I cansay that's going to enhance what he's doing so. I just got to let this guyfly and I love. I love the you know was like immediate action. You know weasked him from getting started stuff. You know we talked to him about whatcan happen immediately inside of the dealership to see the shift to reallyshape a new experience for customers...

...and, like he just exploded, I meanthere was so much information coming out of that guy. I have. I have fourand a half pages of notes here, yeah he he rocked it, and you know his deliveryis so well, and I mean this guy was it was nice I mean we were on with aprofessional broadcaster. I mean he truly is, which is probably why I alsotone myself out because I'm like an is a little bit intimidating goingonto it. I made a joke about it, but you know I knew that he knows how tocarry it and I think he did a great job. So look t all the links, all thetraining he talks about, thathe's got you can get access to, and you know himsaying: He'll send you this free book. Just you know, check the show notes atthe dealer. Playbookcom just click on the this episode, John Moffit andyou'll have access to all that stuff. I mean I had a blast, Michael, how aboutyou that was so much fun. I you know I want to have him back on again. Maybewe can just carry up the conversation, but hey, listen if you haven't alreadydone so. Take it. Take a quick minute. Leave us a review on itunes or stitchour radio we'd love to get your feedback about the show and also don'tforget, click the subscribe button on either one of those platforms and visitus the dealer playbookcom to check out the show notes, like you said, Robertand well talk to you guys soon. Yep, take advantage of this offer from Seanthey'll be in the notes. Thanks, everybody.

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