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Sean V. Bradley: How to Win The Game of Googleopoly


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to check out session number 38 of “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast! 

In this session we have our first repeat guest since The DPB Podcast launched last April, Mr. Sean V Bradley CSP the CEO of Dealer Synergy and author of the new book “ Win The Game Of Googleopoly”.

Our Guest

As an international speaker, consultant, trainer, and entrepreneur, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, is the founder and CEO of Dealer Synergy Inc., the leading Internet sales, business development and digital marketing firm in the automotive sales industry. Sean has personally trained over 10,000 automotive sales professionals. In addition to being hired by approximately 1,000 multi-million dollar automotive dealerships, Sean’s clients include publicly traded corporations like Autobytel Inc. and TrueCar, as well as billion dollar corporations like Internet Brands ( Sean’s clients outside the automotive sales industry include major label recording artists and professional athletes.

What is Googleopoloy? 

Google has 67% market share of search and is the number one search engine world, and what is crazy is the number two search engine is YouTube which is owned by Google. So it is safe to say that when it comes to online search, Google has the Monopoly. 

It is safe to say that everyone has heard of and or played the board game Monopoly and knows exactly what the object of that game is which is to lock things down! Control the board. Own it all. 

That is the same idea behind “Googleopoly”.  It is about accomplishing that same kind of domination but on the search engine Google rather than the board game Monopoly.

If you are a front line car sales professional, a internet director or the dealer principal him or herself, if you are looking to build a audience and gain visibility you need a “Googleopoly” strategy. 

Here is a quick rundown on how to execute a successful Googleopoly strategy that Sean V Bradley breaks down in this session. 

1. A Website Properly Optimized 

It should be a no brainer that a automotive dealership has a fully optimized website in todays market but where a lot of so called “automotive sales professionals” are missing the boat is by having their own personal website. 

It is not just about having a website but more so about having a AWESOME website with the onsite SEO executed properly.

In todays market you are not player if you do not have a website and your home base for your “Googleopoly” strategy is your website. It doesn’t matter if you are front line car sales professional, you need a website just as much as a entire dealership in todays market place. 

2.Video Seo 

Online video creates superstars! There is nothing more powerful when it comes to getting noticed as online video and YouTube (which you know is owned by Google) is the number second most popular search engine in the world as well as one of the top 3 most visited websites in the world. 

Video is 53% more likely to be clicked on in a search engine and not only that Google is looking for YouTube videos optimized properly so your chances of indexing and ranking on page one of Google are much higher when you use video. 

3.Social Media Optimization 


Social Media is another very important piece to your “Googleopoly” strategy. We all know by now the importance of social proof and the roll it plays in selling more cars but are you maximizing on its potential to help you dominate Google? 

There are several social channels that if optimized properly can contribute tremendously to your “Googleopoly” strategy and Google page one domination.  

4.Online Reputation Optimization 


Think about when you are booking a hotel out of town or ordering something you have never purchased before from Amazon, what is one of the first things you do? You got it, you read online reviews. 

Online reviews have become such a major decision and influence factor in todays market place it is impossible to ignore them. Not only are reviews a big part of the purchase/decision process they are also a major part of a “Googleopoly” strategy. 

Learn how to leverage your dealerships reviews and testimonials to help you dominate page one of Google. 

5.Mobile Optimization 

With 50% plus of all web traffic coming from mobile devices it is crucial that you make sure your website is optimized for mobile search. 

Just because your “desktop version” of your website is ranking and indexing with Google, does not mean when someone searches the exact same keywords on Google from their mobile device that your site will rank the same. 

Do you know the difference between a “mobile website”, an “mobile adaptive website” and also a “mobile responsive website”? Do you know which one Google recommends?

6.Focus Sites/Micro Sites

If you are a Hyundai dealer in Maryland, a great example of a focus/micro site would be where you could post videos and other content about the Hyundai Sonata and how/where to buy one in Maryland. Make sense?

Here is another example. Lets say you are that same Hyundai dealer in Maryland. would be another example and on this site you would post content that is focused on why you should buy the Hyundai Sonata instead of the Honda Accord. 

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Hey this is Sean, be Brali, CSP andyou're. Listening to the dealer, playbook you'R dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autonalar strategies that deliverproven results, and now your host Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla, heyou're listening to the dealer, playbook podcast, where we have weeklyguests and conversations with elite trainers, speakers and authors for you,today's Autom otive professionals, my name is Michael Sirillo. I'm joinedwith my partner and Crim Mister Robert Wisman, how you doing my man Heo, I'mgreat, Michael Yeah, absolutely I mean we have so much fun. Putting this showon and super humbled by. You know the risthe feedback that we get over fiftycountries worldwide tuning in on a weekly basis, were so glad that you'rehere with us today, we're sitting down with the author of when the game ofGoogleopli, Mr Shanv Bradley, CSP and you're, going to hear him talk aboutsome strategies that you can implement to help. You unlock the search potential and thevisibility potential that that comes with search engine, but I want to saveit for him. You know it's obviously a topic that I'm Super Geeky about youknow talking about how to dominate and search, will save it for him. Mr ShanvyBradley who's going to share with you a little bit a little glimpse into whatwe're calling the Google oppleace strategy there we go. Let's do it all right guys. We are sitting downwith the CEO of dealers, synergy and author of when the game of Google Opli.You know what this book is an incredible resource for those of youwho want to kick things up a atch online, we're talking you know in carsales, we're talking in whatever your...

...personal endeavors will be, how to takeGoogle and use it as a resource that you can leverage to increaseprofitability, enhance your brand or whatever your goals and ambitions arewe're sitting down with the author today, Mr Shan v Bradley CSP Seanthanks for being on the show you're, our first repeat guest. Does that I mean I'm special, I meanI'd, say pretty special. I mean Tu yeah, absolutely thanks for being with ustoday. You know we want to just kind of turnthis over to you, because we're excited to hear about this project. You've beenworking on it and we've seen on social. How involved this has been for you. Butlet me ask you what what was the the driving force for you to author andpublish this book? Okay, there's two parts to answer thatquestion. The first is on a personal side. It was a goal of mind to be apublished author on a major publishing out's, not just a you know, basically,a self published author, so that on a personal level, is just one of thethings I've done so much. I wanted to take that next step of my career andand actually write a powerful, meaningful book for millions of peoplenow on a business level. Why did I choose this book? I could have chosenseveral different things like the story of my life. How I you know where Istarted to where I am which it's a book in itself. I could have wrote a bookabout business and success and making you know millions of dollars, but Ichose the goobilopoly for a couple F reasons. I really was just kind of justthinking. I just you know all the stuff that I've learned over the years fromwhen I was a kid growing up, and you know all the way that that I went on tothe automotive industry and what made me successful at the dealship level tothe outside automotive industry, working in the entertainment industry.What I saw there and then working with professional athletes- and you knowwhat's crazy. What I found is that a lot of people are struggling to havevisibility and that kind of drips into...

...other problems like they can't sell aproduct. They can't sell a service, they can't build a fan base, but itwhen you, when you drill it down it's all because they lack visibility. So Ithought you know what let me write this book about how, in such a noisy sensoryover driven world that we live in. How can you stand out? How could you getmaximu visibility and- and so I mean you're- no stranger- to usingdifferent online resources to help people with visibility, but you talkabout something in the book about. You know this concept of page one dominance,and- and you know, if I understand correctly- you kind of have figured out the recipe todo so. What are some of the touchpoints that that those listening and should befocused on that they're going to learn about in the book to help them withthis concept of page one dominance? Absolutely. This is why I call it Google oply, youknow, I call the book win the game of Google APLA for two reasons: one, ifyou think of what a monopoly is where you have a you, have you have the whole section? You have the whole industry.You have a monopoly on something. I believe that Google has a monopoly onsearch engines. Okay, I believe that Google is the preeminent position foran Antony to provide information more than Yahu Bing, a well emisson asjeeves the yellow pages ENCYCLOPEDA Britanica, it's Google. So that's thefirst reason. The second thing Edi remember: I went back to the retro foryou robber. You know besides. That, though, is that, when you think of amonopoly board game, this is where I'm answering your question in the game ofmonopoly. You cannot win the game of monopoly with just boardwalk, I meanthe coveted boardwalk. It's four hundred bucks is fiftydolar rent. Ifyou land on there- and even I challenge you even if you have boardwalk and parkplace, you still might not be able to... the game of monopoly. The reasonbeing is it's not enough real estate? What you need to do in monopoly is toget as much real estate as possible, because the faster you gather realestate, the faster you Coul, get your opponents to pay. You rent, the morerent you get, the more you deplete their cash Fuso. They can't buy. Youknow money plus you bankrust bankupt them faster same concept for Googlecurrent market research shows a couple things that are amazingly powerful andneeded for the public to know. Only five percent of people go past. Thefirst page of Google. Only five percent of people go past, the first page ofGoogle. So if you are not on the first page of Google, your freaking invisible,that's a problem so with the concept of Google Apolis that you want to show upnumerous times on the first page of Google, the more you show up, the lessthird party providers do less. You know paratite companies and aggredators dothe less your competitors. Do Your goals to show up numerous times in thefirst page of Google. If you only have a website, if you're lucky you'll showup one time on the first page of Google, but if you use all the other Googlereal estate which a'll get into it a minute you could achieve. Google Oppley.Does that make sense absolutely, and I got a question going back to where youmentioned Yahoo being and all those if you're taking those strategies andyoure, you know dominating Google and coming up on pageone Google does thethe other search engines t you know? Does it affect your ranking there? Ifyou're ranking high and Google, do you think you're ranking high on beingYahoo etc? Well, I'm going to answer that twoweeeks first, as Shronby bratter than New Yorker, who cares? Okay, don't bedistracted by things that are disguisees opportunities. Google hassixty seven percent market share for search, so I really don't care whatlittle ass jeeves Ar Little Yaho's got to say, I'm going to put my wholeentire strategy in Google and then on top of that, the second largest searchengine is youtube which is owned by Google. So to be brutally honest, itdoesn't matter what anybody else is...

...doing. The counterpoint will be well,you know they do have you know ten or twenty percent market? Who Cares againyour time and energy is important. Time is money. You want to put your dollarsin your time where you're going to get the biggest bank for your buck, but nowto answer on a technical level and UN emotional level. Yes, I personallybelieve if you develop good Google oply strategies, if you turn aound andfollow the rules of engagement that IVE LE that I've laid out in the Wen thegame of Galacoly Book, those Strateg, I think, will be absorbed for a powerfulbing strategy or a powerful Yahoo strategy are a powerful. You know AskdJeef strategy, but at the end of the day it really doesn't matter. What youwant to do is just put all your attension and focus on. Google. Don'tworry about what the other search engines think or care. You know, andthat's that's a good point, because I think, at the end of the day, whether it's Google Yahou Bing is Lioseven a thing or or ask Jeeves, you know what would they be without content? AndI mean, if you're, producing content that that kind of covers you know theyoutubes and and your website and microcites or whatever it might be andyou're just doing as much as you can to soak up as much real estate well byvirtue of their objective of you know having to show something. Of course,you know it makes sense to me a good Google opoly strategy will spill overto those other search engines, but Google, ultimately, like you, said Shan,was sixty. Seven percent of search should be your main focus. Now. Let meask you this. I mean everybody loves a good success story. Do you have a story that you can share or anexperience that you've had where using this strategy that you talked about inthe book is had a really. You know big positive impact for somebody? Yes, besides myself, I've built amultimillionalr company from scratch. I mean I started dealers senergy withwith literally less than five hsand...

...dollars and three of it I borrowed fromyou, know from friends. So again I dominate my industry di. Did you writethe business plan on a pizza box, an italmost yea but where's, probably aNapkin but there's here's. The aspect is that fast forward that I owned DealiEnergy for eleven years and I'm a small company, but I have about twenty fiveemployees and we have zero sales people. A hundred and fifty percent of mybusiness comes to us. I've got seventy five hundred published videos online.Just one of my nine youtube channels. Shandi Balli TV has one point: Threemillion views on one channel, I own the whole automotive landscape forautomotive, Internet sales. O. Do you, Google or you youtube automotive, Ernetsales, Automotevernon Salles trainer? So it's not jus deal or Sinter ty yourShanby Braly, which is completely saturated all over the serch engines,but I own and dominate my niche and I used the whole Google oply strategywith video video seo social media, social media, OPPI, optimizationreputation, optimization mobile and everything in between focusitesmicrosytes, even pseudosites. So I dominate, but here's it. Here's a sexyear, one my wife, all right, Corina, Bradley CARENA is my wife's stage name.Her name is Karen Bradley. If you just google her or just youtube her you'llbe just shot. We took an unknown recording artist and within three yearsfrom never been in this INA recording studio. She has achieved over sixtymillion views online. Twenty million views on world store, hiphop she's gotyou know: Nine music videos with major label recording artists. Now that arehot right now, not back in the day or has been or would be like meek mill,Papoos Remimo, you know Dj Diamond Cuts Young Chris Freeway. In addition tothis she's performed six times she was interviewed or performed on Shade FortyFive, which is minm's radio station on...

...serious satellite radio in front ofsixteen million people. She's been interviewed and performing live on CBSon Talk Philly, which is you know, a Proximte, a million. You know viewersshe's, had you know TV commercials, Radio Commercials, all optimized, she'sPerformang live, you know in New York, City and Atlantic City, in Los Angeles.You know in front of thousands of people on top of all this, which getscrazy. She's actually got BDS spins, which means they're, actually verifiedspins on EPAM radio. If you are recording ours and your song is onradio, an FM satellite would have you every single time. Any radio stationplays it. It keeps track kind of like Nealson radings, but for the eachindividual recording artists, she's had her songs of license for majortelevision networks like the Ston Network for the TNTOMARO show. So howdo you take great a my wife is beautiful. She got a pop star voice but,let's be honest, there's a lot of beautiful people out. There's a lot ofgreat talent. Just look at American idol and you know the voice. How didshe get that far? You know rack deals on ha table. It was in part because ofthe googleoply strategy we had microsites. We had websites we're doingflicker optimizations video optimizations. We were doingconquesting, and so yes, we have a major success story in theentertainment industry and then we've also currently work in with the currentUSC fighter, undefeated UFC, fie, Paul or Drager felder, I mean we were doingtwitter campaigns, video campaigns and design on his website. So yes, thisthis technology on strategy is not just for automotive sales or for major level.Recording artirs OARE for professional athletes it for anybody that wantsvisibility. Anybody that needs to sell a product, Hor Service. Anybody thatwants to build a fan base needs to google ou way their strategy, an no doubt. Man I mean hell, I canattest. You Know Sean Pretty Much taught me how to do it and it'sdefinitely open doors and create a lot of opportunity. Visibility for me aswell Asye, the V, the videos that we...

...did for your Hunda Guy Yeah. I mean howmany of them I mean so many en that are still there today and it's been yearssince, since we put them up and they're like you know, Google returns. You knowfour to five million search results on ones that you search. You know twothousand andthirteen Honda Cord Maryland just the whole state ofMaryland. It's still the number one you know organic slot on Google. Is that video, which Ididn't even work for Honda, saying that Yo the SONADA is better than the accordsame with the civic and then just any other. You know definitely with theMiks and models that were in my market and it just it allowed me to behavemore. You know visibility than my entire dealership did at the time. Well,and you know what n to even just further what you're talking about here.I mean think of this right, you're inPennsylvania, I'm in British Columbia, Canada. I knew who you were because Ihad seen your videos I'd been searching for who the movers and the shakers werein the car business, and I mean even the fact that we're working togethertoday kind of came as a result of me being able to find you through Googleeathere's, definitely no negatives, that im out of it. No so I mean so when the game ofGoogalople, I love what we're talking about. It's not about just having oneproperty. It's not about just having one website correct. It's about! Youknow, utilizing YouTube! It's about utilizing! You know social yeah, youmentioned flicker, I mean there's so many things. I think you know andcorrect me if I'm wrong, but there's so many properties out there that we don'teven think about that will contribute to this concept of winning the game ofgoogalopoly. where I mean, let's talk to the automotive sales professional,because since we're talking about Robert Shawn in in your opinion, I mean wwhere,does an automotive sales professional...

...get started? What's the first like?What's one thing they can do to really start jumping into this. This Google Opoli strategy. Well, I'mgoing to give you a couple answers to that. First, there's a couple differentcategories: You have individual automotive sales consultant toautomotic sells professionals. Then you've obviously got internetdepartments or bdcs you hat digital markety managers, Internet directors,then you've got the owners of the dealship and even had the oms every oneof them on a different level. scaleability wise should be found theGoogle omply strategy. So I think obviously a website is really importantbecause you want to be able to drive additional traff, and I talk about thisin the book. Is that people don't understand that there's a differencebetween onsite SCO and offside, so my formula is twenty five percent of aperson or companyes digital marketing strater should be on site Seo. Seventyfive percent of a person in our company or entities, digital marking, Strad,should be Offsetseo, but don't don't minimize that twenty five percent? Ibelieve that they should all start with ha website, Oem's dealershipsdepartments or individual sales consultant or hell a real stateagent ora singer or public speaker. You should have a website. The website should beoptimized the right way. So in chapter for my book, I talk about the properrules of engagement for Google, how to properly optimize for onsight SEO. Sothat's one of the things I would do now after you have a vible website. That'soptimized the correct way. You know, according to Google web masterguidelines and to maximize the onsit visibility. Now you want to doeverything else. You want to diversify. The way that you drive traffic and whatyou want to do is try to you. Just close your eyes, because I know is, isa podcast or should be easy? Is I he just clolseurize and just trie it lookat the ocean. They get ou. How vast the ocean is. I mean there's: Seventypercent of the earth you know mass is water, so try to magine how big theocean is. The ocean is the analogy to the Internet, the ocean of the Internet,that you magine being a rowboat. Well,...

...that's what your freaking website isyour Rome. Your Westat is a rote boat in the ocean of the Internet and if youonly have your website, even if it's the best roadboat dude, it's a roadboat,you know what I mean. What you need to do is be the Spanish remark. Can yousee the whole naval fleet I'm talking about the destroyers carrierssubmarines even the little tug boats, all that stuff? That's all the OFFSITESEO and there's video seo video searchang noptimization is by bar themost powerful thing that anybody could do: Automotive, selfs, professionaldealer, O em whatever, because it's free or Damni or free. You could useyour cell phones, video camera to create content. You can optimize itright off your moded Avice and upload it to Youtube and you're good to go.But in addition to that, it is what Google search engines are looking for.Let me explain: Video has one of the highest agrithm hit points, meaning ifyou got a video, that's optimized properly, compared to a virgin websitewith URL and brand new content, it's going to index faster and you're, goingto be able to have the added edge of having a thumbnail on page one or onthe Google index page and what's important about that, it's different.If you're looking at ten top ten listings and one of them wis a Thumbnoi.What do you think people are going to click through fifty three percent orfifty three times higher click through is a video and then a doctor mccuevefrom force. Research says that one minute video is equivaent to one point:Eight million words: We've heard a picture's worth a thousand wors. Well,one minute of video is worth one point: eight million words. So then you justkind of go down the line. You start with the website, then you've gotvideos through video, optimization, then social, media, social media,optimization. That means optimizing. All the social content next would bereputation, optimization, making sure that you have. You know, reviews on Google reviews,yelp reviews, merchant circle, andges list whatever or even your own reviewblog ABC motors are Shawn bradly reviews and you could post then there,but having your reviews optimize it's another. You know Google piece of realstate in addition to that mobile,...

...optimization and then you've got focussites and microsytes. What is a focus ipe for a cardular if I'm a car salesperson like Robert and I sell Hondas, I'm the Hunday Guy and my one of mybiggest competitors is the Honda Cord. I would like to own Ponda AccordMarylandcom and when somebody goes there, it just shows every reason whythe Hunda Sonada is better than the accord. That's a focus ite. Well,what's e, what's a pseudocite, a pseudosite is, if I am a car salesmanor I am a dealership that specialize in selling new Hundays, I might createauto credit. APPROVEDCOM auto credit approvecom is like a PSEUDONIM. It's apseudocite, it's really owned by the Seles person or the dealership, but ithas the perception that it is a special finance Le Generation site. It's likean Auti tritor, but local for bad credit. Does that make sense guys yeahabsolutely so I mean thre'there's so much information here, which isprobably a good segue for us to say. Okay, listen, I mean you need to getyour hands on this book. It's it's going to be all over the place,shonwhere's the book going to be for sale, okay, first and foremost, I'mjust want to say I thank Wiley publishengs. I've got the bestpublished Ngnouson in the country, because then we've got some awesomedistribution deols. You can find the book online at Amazoncom, Barnsand,noblescom, Hudson, booksellerscom books, a million and anywhere books are soldonline now physically in the stores, I'm proud to say we have a major bookrelease in borns and Noble in New York City in the center of the universe, onFifth Avenue: That's Fiv, five, five Fifth Avenue Right Cross street o fortysix street February. Fourth, I'm having a video production crew there and notonly we're doing a book siding, but my book is going to be featured in thestorefront window, guys t they're blowing up the cover they're, puttingin the number one business book store in the country in the window and we'redoing a book sining there in February. Fourth and fifth, evenue gets some SStraffic out there baby right there to that's the bely of the beast. It'sgoing to be embarginnoble, then...

...starting March first, my distributionisgoing to kick in for Hudson Booksellers, I'm going to be in seventy one bookstores across the United States, all the airports and port authorities. Soif your travel in the airport stop by a Hudson Book, if you're at Barnes doublestop in or go online betheres, what else is good? You guys might Ni knowthis you're ready, I just locked in a deal with audible, which is Ananasan'saudio book, and I at the end of this month I I'm going to be actuallynarrating, I'm going to their studios, I'm going to be narrating the Audioson,so this is on e book. This is on Kendall note. This is on audible, it'sa Ma, ijor book and- and you know what and the cool thing about that is- isactually you reading it. We were. We were joking around the other night andI'm like so you're, going to get James Earl Jones to read the book, but it'salways good. When the author, I don't buy them unless the authors yeahexactly so that's something to check out. You know also I want to. I want tojust drow people attention if they want to get more information on the book aswell. Shan you've got a pretty freaking awesome website out there, Google opoly,Bookcom and correct me if I'm wrong, but you can also purchase books thereas well. Yeah Kno and I want to give you a little. You knowy said talk aboutn. He set himself up talk about thish, but I got to justtell you. I am really blessed you know for for working with Miksrillo andRobert Weiswan, he flexdealer team, because not only were you a consultantof buizer to the book, I want to Falk by a couple of people that were onthere, but you're the ones that got me the interview with the one and onlyrand Fishkin of MOS, which was huge so shout out to you Mikes Rilla for notoly being part of the book, but you know hooking me up, so I couldinterview one of the the most elite SOx person in the world to get some contentfor the book. And yes, when I decided who was going to help me build theGoogle oply bookcom website, you're the first person I thought of so thank youand your Flextula team for putting it together. But, yes, people can go toGooplybookcom to order the book, but then Michael and Robert, what's reallycool about this is that we got a be...

...realistic technology changes,information changes for for the love of God. You know Google changes alagthmsfive to six hundred times a year, which is like twice a day. mathematicallyspeaking right, so what we did is we decided to build a complete back end.So an addition to goin a Google oply Bookcom to buy the book, there's awhole backend section on there. Think of like a blue, Ray DISKOR DVD. Youknow from your favorite movie and favorite actors. Now likeyo you get towatch the movie, Don't an to get to read the Google oppoly book, butthere's a whole resource center from some of the people that contribute othe book. Articles post comments, ADENDEM's list information, there'sgoing to be training, videos webinars. It's basically an elaboration of allthe amazing information in the book. So it's like the gift tit keeps on giving.So when you purchase the book you get access to this. So even if you like,you, said all the changes that it does, it will keep the content still relevantover. You know the course of time is what you're saying right absolutely sowhat about? Also, though another place to get it is as we're recording thiseverybody's getting ready to head to San Francisco for in Ada didn. Youmention you're going to have bunch of cop you're going to be selling copiesand autograph copies there yeah. So what's going to happen, is this we're really blessed deale Sone we'regoing O be exhibiting at fifty three hundreed w at Nada, and not only are wegoing to be having a huge book signing there in San Francisco we're going tobe selling the books and anybody tha purchase? The book is going to get afree strategy session, so the books like twenty bucks, but we're going togive a five hundred dollar strate session. For your dealership, I mean,like you, buy torn or Book Don Lan to get an Amazingbook, but you got a fiveJo Strad session and it's not just like a consule we're actually going to dosoftware to evaluate dealerships their website their so that digital marketing,some mystery shops, so you're going to get a real, thorough. Five hundreddollar led shit assessment just for perching the book and it will beobviously shon and autographd in...

...addition to our booth, I'm going to bespeaking on the power of video at the Atd Nada can vention and our gentalmanager, Joe cowis, going to be speaking on leadership, getting better,not just bigger. So yes, please visit us at Nada and also I just found outguys. This is pretty cool because you know Dr Willjili was on your show. DrWillie Jally is on serious satellite radio. He's got the number onemotivation, inspiration radio show since oprer left the network he'snumber one and I've going to be booked the week before 's like the week of thetwenty eight. I think that's a Wednesday I'm going to be on the Willi,jolly show, wealth and power. That's incredible! So so you're I meanhere's the Google Opoli strategy at Playn and not only virtually but in thephysical world, because it sounds like you're dominating an Ada. You got a lotgoing on there you're going to be dominating the air waves, your youreyou're busy man. We appreciate you being on the show with us today. Listenfor those of you listen again, absolutely pick up your copy or copiesof win the game of Google Opli. Again it's on for your team and yeah. Yourteam members need to have this. Look. You have sales people in yourdealership right now, Hore, you are a sales professional and you need to knowhow to pull yourself out of out of obscurity and in this book, absolutelyis going to show you the strategies you know, like the subtitle says, unlockthe secret strategies of search engines, but stay tuned for the shownotes, wherewe're going to link you up with all of those resources that seans talked aboutwhere you can get your hands on the book, triplew dot the dealerPlaybookcom Sean thanks again for being on the show with us today. Thank youfor having me. I appreciate it. Thank Jan we'll see in a few days, brotherYesr, and that was it that is our friend SanV, Bradley CSP and him talking about...

...his newest project when the game ofGoogle Opali what you think Michael Well, you know I mean you heard it.I've been privileged enough to work with Shan on this project. We did thewebsite for Hem. I contributed to the book, but you know it's really cool to haveseen this project come together and, to you know, tap into Shan's vision and tolearn about you heard him talk about, but just to learn about. First, for thefirst time, some of the success stories that he's had by implementing you knowwhat he calls the Google Opli strategy. I really like that, parallel that hedraws between the game of monopoly and and why he's calling this Google Opli,because a lot of people don't think hey you know, I mean we see it all the timeand what we do on a day today basis people say yeah. I've got a website,that's good enough or they say I'm doing social posting, that's enough oror whatever it might be, but to understand that you know these are allmoving pieces and there or tertheir separate properties that can be used toreally dominate Google. It kind of has that new layer that people need to bethinking about and then once thethey're aware of all of these things. Well, howdo I go about using them or implementing them into my marketingstrategy to get the most out of it? Yeah I mean definitely and Seaun isdefinitely you know the right person for this I mean again iow a lot to youknow where I am at what I was able toaccomplish to early on. You know, hooking up with Shonn him teaching meand showing me how to do. You know that tha, you know, do opt optimize, videos,a D and attackpage one of Google and that's a lot of reasons. For you know.Most of you know you listening right now know my name and know who I am yeahexactly so I mean let's, let's, let's wind this bad boy down, but listen. Wewant you to check out all of the links and resources that we talked about inthis episode that that Sean Mentions you can get your hands on the bookvisit, triplew dot the dealer playboocom forward, Thirty, eight,where you'll be able to get your hands...

...on those links and resources. You needto buy this book. It's an incredible resource. You need to have copies foryour team or your co workers, whoever they might be so that you can reallytake things to the next level. Also, you heard Sean talk about we're goingto be at NA DA. So for those of you listening in wild love, to shake yourhand, you can swing by boothfifty, three hundred w yeah and Michael bothbe up in there. Man Stop by say, hello, shake our hand, we'd love to meet. Youmake sure you tell us that you listen to the dealer, playboe yeah. Absolutelywe love to get to know you guys on a personal level and just shake your hand,express appreciation to you firsthand in person, but also love to get yourfeedback so come check us out boot. Fifty three hundred W I like saynt, WDyeah, DUB, yeah and and of course, trbewdot the dealer playbookcom forward,sh thirty, seven again for or thirty year, sorry for the resources and we'llsee you at Nada, Syo.

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