The Dealer Playbook
The Dealer Playbook

Episode · 4 months ago

Steven Kuhn: The Best Way to Become an Epic Leader


Each of us is a leader. Whether we are selling cars, detailing them, or someone with a management title. The point of leadership is to help create more leaders, and in that regard, we each have a similar responsibility to demonstrate follow-worthy behavior. 

Steven Kuhn is a decorated United States Army combat veteran, speak, and author of "Unleash Your Humble Alpha: Own Your Presences in Life and Become the Epic Leader You Are Meant to Be." He helps leaders improve their quality of life through consistent, conscious application of his system H.I.T. - and joins us to share his best advice about how to up your leadership game. 

Noteworthy topics from this episode:

4:42 - How did you get into a monastery and lived with monks?

13:10 - How to create a thriving career.

17:34 - How do you break free from the daily grind and see the bigger picture?

25:12 - Tapping into something bigger than ourselves.

36:05 - When an organization needs help, is creating space where you start them off? 


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