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Sue B. Zimmerman: How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Personal Brand



We are back with session 63 and this is going to be a powerhouse episode! 


In this session of “The Dealer Playbook” we are sitting down with #TheInstagramExpert Sue B. Zimmerman and she is going to drop some bombs on you to help you sell more cars using Instagram. 


 Sue B. is the #instagramexpert, founder of Insta-Results (the world's first comprehensive online Instagram course) and author of the #1 e-book Instagram Basics for your Business.


 She's a popular CreativeLive instructor, powerful speaker on prominent stages like SMMW15 and highly sought after business coach.


 She's passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and marketing professionals how to easily leverage the power of Instagram to get tangible business results. As a serial entrepreneur, Sue B. has started over eighteen businesses, including her own boutique SueB Do, Boxer Rebellion and Sue B. 


Zimmerman Enterprise. With her extensive knowledge in social media and 30+ years of business experience, it's Sue B.'s mission to teach, mentor and empower others to be highly successful entrepreneur.


 1.Your Business Strategy 


Sue breaks down the importance of your dealerships or personal brands strategy and how you incorporate that into your Instagram strategy to sell you more cars. 


2. The Importance Of Your Instagram Profiles Bio


Sue reviews the importance of your profiles bio and gives some amazing tips on how to create your bio so it is clear on what you do and for whom. This is an important piece to your Instagram strategy and Sue is nice enough to break down how to make a killer bio for your Instagram account. 


3. Types Of Photos You Need To Post On Your Instagram


You will be surprised that a lot of us are probably not posting the right kind of content to our Instagram accounts. Sue goes into detail on the kind of posts you need to be posting and how you never should be trying to sell via your photos/videos. 


That is just a small taste of the awesome information about Instagram and how it will grow your automotive dealership or your business within a business selling cars. 


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Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and lets keep this conversation going.


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Okay, before we dive into thissession of the dealer playbook, because we value you as a listener to thedealer playbook podcast, we have something special just for you and your dealership.Get your copy of the secret dealership lead generation blueprint, where you'll discover thesix simple steps that will help you get more high quality car buyers on autopilot. You'll find out what tools you need to truly explode online, how tocreate an Action Plan that converts leads into buyers and how to find an audiencewho is ready to buy, and also how to leverage the power of contentmarketing, plus so much more. So to get this free blue print download, head on over to the dealer playbookcom lead and download your free copy today. This is the dealer playbook. Hey there, thanks for listening to episodesixty three of the dealer playbook podcast, where every week we're delivering the besttips, tricks and strategies for you, today's automotive professionals. My name isMichael Sirillo, sitting down with my pal, my gruff side kick, Mr RobertWise. And what's going on? Oh, Hey, what's up?How how are you? Hey, so this is going to be a fun, fun episode. I'm really looking forward to it. We're sitting down withwith the instagram expert and, you know what, I think so fascinating.What we're going to talk about today are ways that you can not only growa follow going on Instagram, but monetize it, which is I mean,I'm really looking forward to this because, you know, as of today's date, I have like two hundred and some odd followers, but we're talking tosomebody who has multiple six figure earning instagram accounts, and so I'm excited tosit down with sue Zimmerman. It's a really fun, fun episode that we'regoing to have with her. I'm really looking forward to it. Robert,what you get to say? She was awesome, I mean really good timeand she knows that platform pretty well and was, you know, been doingthings with online, offline brands and companies for, you know, last fewyears and seeing great results and speak, and I mean she's, you know, been a great speed speaker on stage at, you know, some ofthe biggest events, you know, and just online marketing and and social media, and she's got some she's got some great ideas that you know, you'lleasily get how you can just execute them right now today on your instagram tohelp your brand. Yeah, so, without further ado, let's jump inwith sue. You guys are going to really enjoy this. Here we go. Hey, so, thanks so much for joining us on the show today. Hey, it's very exciting to be here. This is a completely differentmarket niche that I'm used to, that I'm used to talking to, soI'm excited. Yeah, well, we're excited to have you, especially becausewe've been, you know, fully immersed into different interviews and stuff that you'veyou've been on. The most recent one, I think, was even a healthand wellness podcast that I was listening to this morning and you had somany insights that I was like, holy crap, I have so much thatI need to ask. But we're going to try and keep it as organizedas possible, especially for for our listeners. But you know, I just wantto say first of foremost, it blows my mind that from instagram you'redriving, you know, twenty to thirty new leads, new options a day, which will get to in a minute here. But I think the bestplace to start really is at the ground floor. I mean, how doessomebody in the car industry as a car sales professional. Where do they getstarted? In a localized way, I guess, regional way, to startleveraging something like instagram to build a business. Well, anybody can humanize the brandthrough digital storytelling, and that's essentially what instagram allows any business, anybrand, to do. I say like...

...on steroids because you literally can scrollthrough someone's digital scrapbook of what they value, what's important to them, where theircore values like. They can be celebrating their customers, their employees andreally get people to feel that emotional feeling behind the brand. And even thoughthere are so many automobile dealers across the country, every single one is uniquein its own way. You know, there's stories behind every dealership and howthey started, and people want to know people do business with people that theyfeel more connected to. I love that, because that's something we say all thetime. It's you know, people do business with people they both whileI used to say both like and trust, Chris Ducker has corrected me and saythey do business with people they both love and trust. And you know, I like this whole concept of bringing things to an emotional level and thisthis digital scrap booking. Now you used to used to do scrap booking orused to do something with scrap booking? Is that correct? Oh, Ilove that you did your homework. Yes, I did. Well. The giveawaywas to that he was listening to a health and fitness cast this morning. was that he was doing well. That's because I've started getting back intoit. I got a shape ups to the keys. Yeah, yeah,so I actually was on QBC eight years ago teaching people how to embellish theirreal photos in their photo albums when scrap booking was quite the trend, andI love that. It's kind of full circled for me to now be teachingpeople how to embellish by using third party APPS and the filters right inside theinstagram APP. So it's pretty cool. So, so, I mean Iknow for myself I kind of use myself as my own case study, especially, you know, in our industry. I think there's way too many peopleout there, especially in our space, who, you know, want tocome across as experts. But something that we found works really well as beingour own case studies and sharing what we've learned, or I'm going with that, is I have okay, so I have an instagram account. I prettymuch use it for for everything. I post some business related stuff there,I post family photos there, I post a bunch of stuff. Is thatthe approach that I should be going with it, or or is there abetter way to to manage instagram so that I kind of carve out a spacefor myself? So that's a great question and that is a problem that Isee in a lot of instagram accounts. I get probably a hundred plus newfollowers a day and I might follow one account back because I'm so confused aboutwho they are and what they're doing and who they're serving. So if ifyour account is mixing the personal, meaning the dogs, the kids, thevacations, what you're eating, what you're drinking, that's confusing. If you'retelling me you are also an automobile dealer, and I need to know like I'mwhen I get confused and I have no idea who you are what you'redoing, there's no value in it for me. So I will not followthose accounts. I need to feel some form of you know, I needto be edging cated, entertained in some way. Basically, know who you'redealing with to know what you're about to I mean how yeah, automatic qualifier. Oh that I mean that. The very first thing is the bio.I mean if people say, you know, in their bio, if they don'teven have a bio, that makes sense, and they're talking about theirhobbies and you know where there's five different ones and there's no clarity around thebio, that's a sign that it's not being you strategically for business in mymind. Okay, so hold on, because I'm just a leading a bunchof instagram photos, right and changing my bio. Okay, so, sogreat points. So what's the way around...

...that? How does how does Imean? Is it is what I think? Couple different instagram yeah, go ahead, because I want to bring them most of value. Yeah, doit. The most out of our time with sue. Okay, Sooth,so check it out. So if you can, you guys probably don't know. Maybe do. Sue grew up like her. Her Dad had a partsupply, auto parts supply store, right, yeah, Latta supply, all right, awls auto supply. You can find them at at OWL's auto support. No, that sky. So wait, wait, I just got to jumpin the auto zone. Like totally wiped out the small most no doubt. No doubt. Same with like the gym's hardware store when it comes tothe lows deep. Oh yeah, that's the that's gone. Yeah, butmy dad, my dad got out before that all happens. So that wasreally good. Let's go. Yeah, yeah, smart business man. Okay, so let's start. Let's go. Let'm go take into your creative zone. So I'm I sell cars, okay, at a ship in Averagetown USA,you know what I mean. And I'm getting start on Instagram, allright, like there's enough content. Anybody out there can easily find a wayto set up their account, like start one. But you know, soI don't want to waste the time going to that. Let's talk about.What's the steps? Okay, let's talk about how do they say? Theirfirst step is a killer, probably named for their page and their bio,etc. So if you're selling cars, sue, what's your instagram account conelook like? Yeah, so before you even like set up the account,you need to have a strategy around your business and at least have those thatstrategy written down in a way that lists your core values and who you areand what you represent and how you're different from everyone else that does what youdo, and you've got to have bring like branding, visual branding, aroundthat so that it Palps, it resonates, it stands out. So before youeven start, you need to just have that strategy outlined in some way. And to your point, you do need to have a instagram username thatlines up with your business, this name, and there's all kinds of workarounds thatI teach. If you can't get your literal business name, you canuse underscores, you can use dots, you can usecom but so if I'man individual that's working somewhere and I'm a sales or AP like, if Idon't use my own name. To Go back to what Michael said about likeyou got to be careful with your account because you're posting pictures of the kidsbecause that's who you and it's on your Instagram, and then you post workstuff and you said that was confusing. I get that. So what's thewhat's the balance? As an individual personal brand that sells cars, like,what would they what's an example of, you know, just pull one fromthe air of a title? Yeah, so talking, so talking about acar model or brand or company that you represent and the value and the featuresof that car that stand out from other cars that are similar. You know, I think cars are like the number one advertisements on TV because they canafford to advertise, but that kind of most of them kind of boring,and so you want to stand out. I reference that because I think there'sways that you can stand out with with some like idio sequences that go onin the dealership or when you're selling a car, of the most popular questionspeople ask you. You can add humor to it. You can have likehow to be a top sales person? What are some of the key tipsthat you do to close the sale? You can take any kind of angle. You can have some great quotes from Ford like. I mean there's justso much around cars because everyone has at least one of them and people areattached to their cars. It's probably the second largest asset they own in theirlives. So there's just an association that...

...everyone can have to that car,as as the car salesmen that goes to work every day selling cars. Youcan position yourself as a person with those core values that I mentioned. Theythat make you stand out from all the other sales reps, like why,why would I want to buy a car from you versus the guy three,three cubbies down from you. What are you going to do for me?COPIES, whatever they're called. How are they called? What are they call? There's there's forms. But yes, I know from Beiliar with that one. So for you know, like I know what I like in a salespersonand it's someone that doesn't go back and forth with me like like, so, like. Why are you better than anyone else? Why do I wantto buy my car from you? And because anyone can do market research onlineand find out prices and and buy a car online these days. So ifyou want to bring me into your dealership, you've gotta learn me in in somecreative way. Now with the photos comes the town that you live in. So most of the sales people live in a town that that's a wholenother place to have great visual eye candy around that established meant. What aresome of the features of that account of that town that would make people actuallywant to drive to that town to come to your dealer? If there's aToyota dealer in my town but your three towns over, but you have abetter price and you have a car and you have a color like what areyou going to do to get me there? And you can absolutely do this throughvisual content on Instagram, if you have a strong Avatar that's a photo, a good user name, a bio that is not confusing, that hasreally clear, concise keywords that represent you and your brand, that has acall to action, that has a unique url that you can actually track and, because you have one link, that you can take people too. Andthen you have visual content around around your space as as either the dealer oryou're talking about the salesperson going to work and selling at that dealership. Soit just it has to resonate that that you are giving me information that eithersmiling at, laughing at saying, oh my goodness, I'm so glad youtold me. Okay, so here's something like telling me something as silly asI didn't even know to like six months ago, that the Arrow of whatside your gas tank is on is literally on the dashboard of your car.Like I did not know that until, I think one of my kids toldme. Oh yeah, like that's I'm like that. I'm like, ohmy gosh, I didn't even know that, because I'm like which car my drivingand what side is the gas thing on and I'm like, I don'tknow, I have to open the door and look and then someone tells me. So, like things that you think everyone knows about pricing for gas orjust taking care of your car or waxing your car. Should I take itthrough the car wash and if I do, what should I look for? Andshould I shampoo the rugs and if I, should I have leather?Should I? You know, like there's so many different add ons with acar. Do I want Sarhus in the car? Do I want Bluetooth ordo I want to you know? So how do you is there a balance? I mean, because I know in our industry specially, you know,the natural inclination is to go straight to like a pitch. Everything's going tobe pitchy, like hey, come on down and check me out, andit's going to be like hey, check out, you know, like they'rejust going to take they're going to take pictures of every car on their lotand they're going to say come, come check out this one establishment. We'vebeen into. Yeah, one thousand and thirteen clean, lady driven, local, one owner. We've been in bidnes for thirty years, and they're goingto say all the same things. So, I mean, I guess, firstoff, I love what you're saying here about there's got to be astrategy. I mean we always talk about this, which, which I meanmeans that they're not just jumping off the cuff and diving right in and hey, great, I'm going to sign up for instagram right now and just starttaking photos. I mean to me that that suggests that you're going to sitdown and really think about some of these...

...things. Yeah, how do youget around that? I mean, I know thinking about myself sometimes it's areally hard thing, thinking about what makes me different, because I tend tocome up with pages and pages of of items that just resemble other people morethan do you know what I'm going so yeah, I think a lot ofpeople listening and are going to have that same struggle. They're going to gowell, I hate talking and thinking about myself to get started. So whatis that strategy session look like? Is it a brainstorm? What would yousuggest? Well, first let me just say two things that came to mymind. One is, on Instagram, you absolutely do not want to beselling period. You don't want any post to look like an ad, youdon't want any post to look like it came literally from your website and youjust reduced it to put it on instagram. Instagram is taking people into where youare. It is like a point of view where I feel like Iam right there with you, by your side. So you know, peoplehave these creative accounts where there's all these cool vantage points where they're coming inand you're feeling like you're with them. The quality of the photos always haveto be superior. There's all these criteria around what makes a good instagram post. But before I go deep in that, let's just talk about you need tothink about where does your perfect customer go? What does your perfect customerdo? Do they go to the gym? Do they go to starbucks or Duncandonuts? Do they shop at Walmart or do they shop at Nordstrum's?Like, who are you trying to attract? And you need to post images thatwill attract those kind of people. So you really need to make alist of who is your perfect Avatar, meaning client. Well, I mean, I tell you what you made it prove. That was probably one ofthe best ways for me to like envision that is like a picture that appealsto someone that shops. He nordstrom's compared to like Walmart, like, Imean, like, you got that. That's an easy one. You knowhow. Oh Yeah, the Oh yeah, I could talk about you know,I could. I could talk about this for a long time and Ireally, you know, I can help any industry have success on instagram.So and because I I know cars to some degree. I am not acar snob by any means, but I know what I like to have ina car and I also know like people are emotionally attached to their car,especially men, and it's just an extension of who they are. Sometimes it'slike my car. So there's a whole emotional connection to cars and that's awhole nother piece in a whole another level that you can hit on on instagramand again they sometimes it can be corky quotes, funny things, like Isaid, that you hear over and over again. The hashtag opportunity should behuge to oh yeah, that's a whole nother topic. We can go intothat if you want to. Well, I think for me the big thebig takeaway right now is, you know, like you said, identifying your Avatar, who's your ideal customer, and making sure that everything you post resonateswith them. So I guess a tough thing there too would be fighting theurge to just keep posting other stuff and it maybe always just cross referencing backin your mind. Oh wait, would my ideal customer resonate with what I'mabout to post? Yes or no? And then and then dictate from thereright, exactly, exactly, and you should always have these kind of inthe back of your mind. If I was looking at this account, whatI get value from it? Like, is this well said? I meanthere's a certain lingo and language that kind of goes on in instagram that's differentthan any other platform. I like to say, you know, Gary VanderChuck is like it's all about being native to the platform, and native tothe platform on Instagram is capturing somebody's attention emotionally with an insanely awesome photo.And then, separately, you can step... up by giving value, morevalue in the description if you choose to like National Geographic. Yeah, so, so I just I know firsthand what kind of post I make, andI do have six different instagram accounts. which post I make gets the mostengagement and why it gets the most well, and at the beauty about Instagram,though, is like, and when you say that, as you know, the right posts to make and and why they're performing the way they areis you know who is going to see it, like on facebook, itgoes out like if, let's say, you're doing an organic set like orads, you know, or you're sponsoring it. You don't know exactly who'sgoing to see it because of the share fact that, like, the instagramcommunity is kind of, like I've always said, is the true social network. That's where friends see friends. There's not that thing that my friend likesomebody else's post. That's like in my feed, my main feed, youknow what I mean. So it makes the relationship there, I think,a lot different in my opinion. Yeah, definitely, I love instagram because itthere's you too, okay. First of all, it's chronologically curated,so you can go back in time and to see where people started their journeyon instagram and you, like I said, like this kind of analogy to ascrap book. It's a digital it's a digital scrap book, and that'swhy I love posting there, because I don't print photos anymore and I don'torganize my I photos on my computers anymore. It's too much work. instagrams whereI go to kind of document everything I'm doing, but now with themindset of how can I serve my community entrepreneurs, business owners who want toanchor their brand on instagram and get more eyeballs on their content so they canultimately grow their community and relationships, Bill Trust and get people to click thelink to go to their often, whatever that might be, and grow theiremail list, because the money is in the email list. Yeah, andthat's ultimately where we need to get. I mean, it's one thing tojust take photos for the sake of taking photos on Instagram, but the nextpart, which is so impressive here, is you just said earlier that you'regetting about a hundred new followers on instagram per day and ultimately, you know, a percentage of those are turning into an email list, sign up subscriptionof some sort. Do you what I mean? Are you open to tellingus what your conversions are like from from instagram and what did the road togetting to where you are now look like? Oh sure, so, since January, when we created an insanely awesome opten, which is our strategy guide. It sits on our website. So Be Simmermancom. We take everyone therefrom instagram, from all of our accounts when we're not launching a product orwhen we're not an affiliate for a launch or, you know, if I'mnot on periscope and putting the download there a so I do change out thatlink occasionally. But since January we have grown our email list over Fivezo optinsfrom instagram. Zero dollars spent. True. Okay, so holy crap, andthat's was target is. You can get right there. I mean that. Yeah. Well, Oh, yeah, I mean you guys know, Imean you. You messaged me right in Instagram to do this in review. So you know the power of instagram. Figure you got high on your ownsupply. It'd be easy. If that's with you there? Yeah,exactly. Hells. Yeah, okay, so the road, I mean,because right now, just just on sue be Zimmerman on on Instagram, youhave like fifteen point seven thousand followers. That's why account, that's her personalyeah, that's just one account where. I mean you know what. I'mlooking at the photos and I see what you're saying, but I mean likelythat the people listening right now are going... be probably where I'm at rightnow and on Instagram, because truthfully, I haven't spent a lot of timeon there. I now I now have this fresh resolve to to get moreinvolved. But you know, probably somewhere around the two hundred and thirty,maybe even less than that people. How how did you get from new accountto fifteen and a half thousand followers, with a hundred new every day?So you're growing by five, six hundred or maybe seven hundred followers a week. How were later? Yeah, and here's something I want to I'm sorry, sue, real quick. What's that do? What's the what's the instagramfor your like you own a brick and mortar business as well, right,and use instagram to grow at what's the name of that one? To BeDoo Doc Cape Cod, but I created that one after let me just tellyou my journey on instagram. So this so the listeners can appreciate this,because this is a journey that they might have as well. So I goton instagram because my teenage twin daughters were literally on their phone scrolling all frigginday and I was like, what are you guys doing? This is crazy, and then looking at and I used to teach social media. I've beenteaching it for eight years. I don't just know Instagram, I know everyother platform. So I looked at them and they're like, mom, don'tget on Instagram, because then you're going to start teaching it, gonna makeit on. Cool right. So I got on it. Dude, ifI was a teenager I'll be like way to go, mom, like let'smake me famous right now. Yeah, now they're like now, Latin.Now they've kind of like how, how I'm rolling in this instagram. Ye. So, so they were on it. They you know, I got onit and then at the time I got on it, my account wascalled soup bed Gal because someone had the name of my business, which wasto be Doo. Remember I talked about work around. So I added theword Gal and I grew my account and it in and in that summer thatI took it on from my store. I have a seasonal store here onCape Cod in Massachusetts, my sales increased so much I was like, holycrap, this is amazing. I'm on twitter, facebook, for square pinterestand I've never had this kind of success where people literally walk in the doorand they say I want to buy that and they would show me their phoneand I'm like, this is amazing. So I at the time was attendinga lot of different conferences learning about this online spaces, online expert space.I went to Brendon Bouchard, it's experts academy, and a whole new worldopened up to my brain, which is called online online selling, online space. I don't and so I embraced it, I learned about it and I decided, Holy Holy Guacamolei I got to do this thing that like. I'man entrepreneur, I've had eighteen businesses, I've I know how to like seizeopportunity. So I got in in a big way, attended some serious masterminds, learned from the best, paid for great coaches and really understood what ittook to build out an online presence. With that said, I then decidedto change my account name from Subi Dugal to my name, Sube Zimmerman,and brand myself. Now, at the time I was just subdue. Sonow I've created this whole new business, sube's IMMERMAN enterprise, two plus yearsold, and then I decided to change that name. So I change itto sue Bey's Immerman, because on instagram you can change your account name atany time. So that's why this account is the largest account. It's becauseit's the one I started first. Now, since teaching instagram and understanding where thesuccess of Instagram is, which is in the niches, which is inthe focus content. The more laser focused you are with what you share,the more success you have. Come success. And so then I was sharing insub Zimmerman. I was still putting photos of things in my store,I was putting some instagram tips and I was doing everything in that account kindof like its confusing. Is that exactly exactly? So I'm a perfect casestudy. So then I created another account called the instagram expert, and thataccount has thirteen point, I want to...

...say seven or six thousand followers.But that account is growing at a much faster rate. And here's the pointwe're making. This one has thirteen point three thousand and I only have fivehundred and nineteen posts. So my conversion rate is crazy awesome, because peopleactually get notifications, because you can turn your notifications on from any instagram accountby just clicking on those three little dots at the top of the right handcorner. On any instagram account and click on turn notifications on, so peoplehave their notifications on when I posed, because I always post and give valueabout how to grow your business using instagram with the latest tips, tools andstrategy. So this account is like my golden standard account because it's always aboutinstagram tips. Subie Zimmerman, people know me because I've been speaking on manypodcasts, over a hundred in the past year and a half, and Imix it up at Ted I speak on stage. I you know, peopleknow me and the people that know me meet me, hear me, likeme, trust me, want to kind of see where's sue be today,like what she doing, kind of like where's wall though? So I've gotpeople that know me and are connected to me, and also they see thatevery time I post on to be Zimmerman, it's very intentional as well. Thisis the point that I talked about at the beginning, the humanization ofyour brand. So SUEBI'S IMMERMAN is all about getting to know, like andtrust me, and so when people meet me in person they actually say,Oh my God, your dog cody is so cute and your daughter's Lila andKara are beautiful and your oldest, you know, like they will literally recitelike where I vacationed and what I did, and I'm like and who are you? Your name is and and so they just know me. They knowme, they watch me, they may live vicariously through some of my posts, and so that's totally cool. And that's my second account. And thenwhen I spoke on stage at creative live and I talked to instagram courses,they came up with a great instagram community that they wanted to have for mearound the Hashtag and user name Insta Gal live. And so that community hasover four thousand followers. And this is very, very specific to the communityof instead of creative live, people that have listened to me when I waslive streaming and teaching instagram. So what I'm saying here is that you canbuild out communities around content as well. And these are just three, threeof my seven accounts. So I know that the more laser focus I amwith who I'm serving, what I'm what I'm sharing, the more I attractthat ideal client, I want to say that ideal customer, that that perfectAvatar that we all thrive to have. That's awesome. I think a bigthing, specially around, definitely an automotive, is that they just I don't thinkpeople really understand the power of having a community of even a hundred people, but of targeted specific people, of how valuable that could be. Oh, it's crazy. And, by the way, there's a tool that Iteach in my Insta Academy course called social rank, where you can literally gointo this tool and you can search people on instagram in certain states, countries, cities and find them and find people with certain criteria. It's kind ofcrazy. Well, I have I don't know, about eight pages of noteshere because, like I said, well, I'm serious. Yeah, yeah,I'm going to have to take a picture and post them on Instagram foryou. That's so funday. That's a circle. That's called behind the scenes, and those are good post to yeah, absolutely well. And and, likeI said, I mean at the beginning, I love being the Guineapig because I think our our market especially...

...saturated with people who say they knowstuff but they never actually show how they know stuff. And I I loveI love saying hey, look, I know this. I'm sharing it withyou because, a, I want you to be successful. I mean that'sthe whole point of this show. But be here's how we know it,because we did it, and here's what we found out. Kind of thatyou know that Pat Flynn style, like Hey, I'm the Guinea pig,so I've taken these nose the crash. That's Ummy. He's the crash testof maybe I should change it. I mean, I'm not a giddy pigon that one. I don't know. By the way, I know PatFlann. I've spoken on stage with him recently at Social Media Day and SanDiego, and he is awesome. He's awesome. He is awesome. Allright, great, so we're gonna WATCHING THEM ON PERISCOPE? Yeah, sowe should. Probably you can hook us up with him. You guys needto start watching me on periscope too. I'm gonna follow you right after theshow. I suck at the multitasking thing, but you know, regardless, I'mso excited to try some of this stuff out. Just winding down here, sue, because I mean I should probably do that at some point,even though I feel like I have twenty more questions for you. Whatever youwant, I'm fine. Okay, when we get one more, let meget okay, go for it. Yes, this is let's talk about a bout. Let's talk about the profile. Pick okay, as forget. Let'snot even talk about okay, from a dealer. And then, if you'rean individual salesperson, like do you want to do foot, lean more towardslike a human photo or photo, unless you're Lexis, Katie's or big brandof Toyota. You what if you're the deal or that distributes them? Soyour Williams Alexis. I even think the dealer should have a face, becauseeveryone wants to do business with a person, not with a Friggin logo. Absolutely. Then how do you select whose face that is? Because let's sayyou're that deckler that you own it, but you're like you at your payingpeople to run it. Like, who is the person that gets selected,like the GUS, the cutest face? Oh well, that would have beenme. I'm just okay. So, yeah, I think it is.You know, you can even do employee of all you don't want to changeit up too much. Yeah, I think it's a face. It's asmiling, happy face if someone that works there, and it doesn't literally haveto be the owner. It can be a representation of the spirit of thepeople that work in that company. So it'd be good for the when thecustomer does come in, that they would see that face possibly like maneuvering aroundthe floor right. Yeah, I mean you just really want to elicit afriendly face that people want to connect with. I have a client I worked withWHO sells hand knitted scarfs and hats and she's in her six s andshe's all uptight about how she looks, you think. Feels like she hastoo many wrinkles and she doesn't want to be the model, and I'm like, have someone where your your heart, your hat and scarf, that youwant to be a model for your products and that's okay. Is that thehat and scarf you're wearing in that picture on your website? I didn't knowthat was a pretty good no, no, no, that's Oh, thank you, I'm glad you noticed that was I like that such a lady's whyI did. That's so good, because everybody's cool, like you know,cool like fons, like Lewis House, post it up against something, justlooking like you know, Brad Pitt, movie star, but you're like inthe cold little chevy, you got like the big scarf, the hat type. They that it stuck out to me. It was different, very good.Yeah, Louis, I know Louis Walt. We spoke together and LaLewis is awesome. He is. He's the he has the best instagram accountfor any guy I know period. Okay, so that's our model, right.Yeah, yeah, I'm telling you, if I mean, it's the bestroun in my mind, the best male account that he does. Hedoes most. I don't know if he does all the comments, but Iknow that he did. I talked with him about it. It is fun, but it's done nice right. It's a his name. Well, it'shis brand, the school of greatness. Okay, but is he mixing itup to or is yes, oh my gosh, he's totally mixing up,but you really feel like you're connected to...

...him. So if somebody models that, they'd be in the right direction exactly. So I think that's a great Ithink that that's thank you account. You to model, for sure,Love Louis. Louis is awesome. Okay, Robert, any any other things youwant to jump in there with? Or be regular? Shut this thingdown? She's good. Wait, can I just tell you guys? Something? This is so yes, whenever whenever I get interviewed on these podcasts,it's like the gut the guys on the other and I'm like, wait,I know this is for my audience, but I just need to ask youa couple questions for me. Okay, everybody, this is all about meright now. And then and then they ask me question and then they hangup and they all open up a second instagram account and it's just pretty Ido all so pretty much like yeah, I'm I think I'll be a prettytransferent. That's totally what I'm doing right now. Sue. No, thishas been absolutely a ton of fun. So much information. Like I said, we could probably ask you twenty five more questions at the word of theyconnect with where do we get connected with you? Where to our listeners?Allow know your listeners if they're brand new on instagram. I have an amazingcourse called ready set Graham, which will really get you going and set youup for success. This is a hundred and ninety seven dollar online course.That is amazing, and we have a private facebook group so that we cananswer all your questions and you can be a part of our community if youneed our support separately, if you head on over to my website. AreBrands. Thanking new awesome website, stubizimmermancom. We give you a free instagram strategyguide in exchange for your email, which we don't abuse. We sendout weekly newsletters with always the intent of helping you grow your business via instident. I appreciate you sending me that deal on ray bands last week to let'sjust why do some people that? So it was just like said earlier,though, like you say that we didn't abuse the email and I was justlike thanks for the ray band. Do you that's like a Cliche facebook thing, like how many of your friends tag you with the Ray Bend? Sorry, let's attempted to be fun. Awesome, sue, it's been an absolute pleasure. So glad to be connected with you. Thanks for being on theshow with us today. Hey, my pleasure. Guys are awesome. Thankyou all right, man, now that was a good time. That wasa sue Zimmerman at you can find her again at sue be sue B Zimmermancom. So Rolo, what you think, man, she I mean. Well, you know, that was a lot of fun. She's got so youcan tell she's just a wealth of information, but it's it's what's the best word? She's just very genuine, like there's no fluff around it. It'slike Hey, do this and it's going to work. And I mean Iwas sitting there like you, like you heard me say, I was likeI was sitting there with my phone in my hand and I was just goingthrough and deleting a bunch of face clear a bunch of my descript so I'mexcited to try some of these things that she's talking about and see, youknow, see what the result that comes from it. But definitely and followher on instagram. We're going to link up to her, you know,her accounts and stuff in the show note. So make sure you check out suethe Zimmerman on instagram and also, I think it's instant instagram expert.Yea. So if you go on too, if you go on instagram right nowand or whenever you have a chance and check out check out her accounts, instagram expert and I think the instagram Gal or something like that. Iwas just looking at a few of them and I know I'm a pretty kindof learning just visually from what she's saying, and she's got these really it's almostlike reading a visual blog, but on instagram, because she puts,you know, not just a oneliner like hey, check out my low quality, low light food photos. It's like, Hey, here's, you know,here's some actionable information that you can use exactly and all you got todo is again, that's nothing there that... can really just copy that wholeidea, and you don't want to copy anybody anyway. But what you wantto do is swipe. You want to swipe ideas from people and, youknow, layouts and then just make it your own and make it relevant toyour audience. There you go. So if you guys are looking at howyou can grow your instagram following and eventually monetize it or start monetizing it,I mean she's who you got to get connected with. We're going to linkyou up in the show notes at triple w dot the dealer playbookcom forward slashsixty three. Make sure you check us out on Instagram at Michael a Sirilloand Robert Wiseman. Robert Wise, check us out. Will love to pickyou up as a follower and we can exchange ideas. They're definitely check itout and, of course, check out the show notes. Once again,we appreciate you, guys, for listening into the show every single week.We'd love the feedback. Don't hesitate to give us more feedback and, ifyou feel so inclined, leave us a review on itunes. We would verymuch appreciate it. Until next time, guys, talk to you soon.Thank you.

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