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The Secret To Selling Anything w/ Jaylissa Lea


The best car sales tactics in the world won't work unless you do. Car sales professionals and dealer owners who take the time to work through their brand will be able to sell anything according to Jaylissa Lea.

To build a successful brand, car dealers need to have a clear goal and then be able to identify where the gaps are in achieving that goal. For example, what values drive your internal behavior and how do you treat customers?

Dealers that focus on building their brand are building long-term, scalable enterprises that stand the test of time and unforeseen circumstances.

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Yeah. Mm Yeah. If you want the type of personal brand that attracts your ideal audience that like makes you a magnet for your ideal audience, this is the work that you've got to put in first. This is the clarity that you need to get. So I want to ask you this what are some, I guess searching type questions I could be asking myself for those listening could ask themselves to really kick this off, like push their brain in the, in the right direction for personal brand. Yeah. So getting to know like what everything that we kind of talked about today is what is your, what is your goal? Where are you at right now currently? What is your goal? What is that gap in between that that that is...

...missing from your goal? Because once you know what your goal is, you put that pin point in your map, Everything just accelerates without that goal in mind, you're just almost like driving a car wasting gaps and circles and you're not really getting anywhere right. So you need to know what your goals are, what your values are. What are things that um like we're talking about non negotiables because your value is what makes you a person that that is memorable because of that experience with the overtime that builds trust because your values are aligned, so knowing like how you're going to commit to it, what are your promises to yourself? Because if you can't even keep a promise to yourself, you're not going to be able to keep a promise to your clients or lead your audience. So knowing those clarity work is so important and knowing what is it that your ideal audience even want the people that you normally attract, What is the underlying um theme that you've...

...noticed, you know, you want to be able to speak to them directly and it's one person as well because we're talking about audience, everyone starts to think about a crowd very generalized. But when you start to talk to everyone then you become your essentially talking to nobody and that becomes very diluted. You don't want to be looted brand, you want to be a luxury of modern luxury brand where you're known for something, you stand out for something. So like those are really good questions to start asking yourself, what is it that you actually truly want? How how do you want other people to feel? Because when we're talking about modern luxury, it's all about the feeling if you ever look at any luxury brand when in their advertisement they never talk about the features of their cologne or you know their their suit or whatever. They never talk about the prices, they never talk about these little micro details, They're thinking about the bigger picture, they're selling a transformation. So how do you want the other person to feel after...

...experience? Um you know interaction with you? Because if you can sell that feeling the subconscious mind is more likely to remember it because people don't remember what you say. They remember how you make them feel. So really thinking about how do you want that person to feel after they have experienced the interaction with you? Is it empowerment as a safety? Is it excitement? Is it calm? What is that for them and building that story framework that is unique to you? So what is why did you even come into this car industry? Why is it so important to you? What is the journey that you went through that you can connect with other people? Because your story is what sells information is so easy to forget. You know if you talked to them about something that they can google, why do they need you? Right, that's not a personal brand, that's just a business print. So like thinking about what is your brand story frame? What are things that you've gone through that you can...

...connect with people because once you build that relationship where they feel like your family, you didn't sell anything. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. I'm Michel Cirillo and you've been listening to the dealer Playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, please click the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now. Leave a rating or review and share it with a colleague. Thanks for listening. Yeah. Yeah.

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