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Tim Paige: How to Increase Website Conversions



“The Dealer Playbook” podcast session 41 is here and your going to love this one! 


In today’s session team DPB is talking about getting more conversions from your website with the master Tim Paige.


Tim Paige is proud to be the Conversion Educator at LeadPages. An experienced marketer in all forms of media, 


Tim spends his days speaking to the most successful marketers across multiple industries, and sharing his findings with business owners who want to increase their marketing results. 


You may recognize Tim’s voice from the dozens of webinars he has hosted at LeadPages or from LeadPages official podcast, ConversionCast. In his short time at LeadPages, 


Here is a quick preview of our conversation with Tim Paige.


Traffic is not hard to get.


When you talk with a lot of dealers they are focused on “getting more traffic” to their website when in fact the primary focus should be converting more of the traffic you have now.


It is not hard to get more traffic. You can buy it and use many channels to boost your sites unique visitors, but if they are not opting in/converting to a lead, whats the point? 


Tim reviews several proven strategies you can start doing on your site that will automatically increase your sites conversion rates. 


A coupon is the worst way to generate a lead.


A coupon is a coupon. Everyone has them and in the end they provide really no value and don’t solve any of your target customers problems. 


Whats in it for me? That is all that is on your customers mind. What your store can do that solves their problem. 


Tim dives into how you can use that to your advantage to generate more leads from your website. 

Create a lead magnet.


A lead magnet is what you are going to offer your site visitors instead of coupon. Your lead magnet is resource that will help your target market solve a problem they are having. 


Tim breaks down what a “Lead Magnet” is and gives several examples you can use right away. 


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Hey this is tim page from Leed pagesand you're. Listening to the dealer, playbook podcast you'R dialed into the dealer, playbookpodcast, where it's all about winning autotalar strategies that deliverproven results, and now your host Robert Weisman and Michael Serilla, hey there. What's going on you'relistening to the deaer playbook podcast episode, forty one every single weekwe're sitting down with just some incredible marketing minds and peopleinside of the automotive industry, who are the movers and shakers to find outwhat they're doing to enjoy incredible success? That's what we want for you.My name is Michael Serillo. I am here with a Rabert wiseman. What's going on,Buddy Yman, let's go in Elon you're, always coming and laughing these daysisn't because we're having so much fun. I wish we've been talking about thisfor a couple episodes n now, maybe putting together like a blue Perreal,because there's just some funny stuff that goes on here. But you know whatsuper excited you've taken the time to listen into the show. Today's a Doozy,you know, we've had a couple episodes that have been focused on marketing andthat's for good reason. There's a lot of of opportunity for growth from adealership perspective in the area of Communications and marketing andadvertising, and so you'll notice kind of a trend. Here we really want to helpyou, whatever your role is inside thedealership to get the most out of not only the money that you're spending,but the results that come from the efforts or the campaigns that havegoing on so today we're super excited to sit down with you know a friend ofours, Tim Page from a company called Leed pages. Wel wellwe ask him somereally cool questions that will help you get the most out of your websiteand before we give it all away, let's maybe just quickly jump into our sitdown with timpage. Today we are excited to be sitting downwith somebody who Robert and I have actually been following for quite sometime. I know in traditional senses that sounds really creepy, but you know whatwatsh social media and all that kind of stuff. It's just not that creepy, welisten to this gentleman's podcast conversion cast podcast, which willencourage you to check out. He is the conversion educator for a companycalled lead pages, which has phenomenal software that helps increaseconversions and optens for or from your website we're sitting down with Mr Timpage tim thanks so much for being on the show with us thanks so much forhaving me an I'm really genuinely concerned now, like I'm, going to belooking over my shoulder and like out the window just to find out, if youguys are there behind me following me or I'll, be like yo man how's, the newhouse purchase going just to like make it even creeper. Just grab one yourfacebook I'll be I'll, be dressed in ai'll, bewearing a shirt, the same color of the shades and like one of your roomsblended in it just took a turn for the worst andwe just started. I and we jes started no, but you know, what's super gratefulto have you on the show, I know you're a busy dude. You know you got a lot ofthings going on. We were just talking preshow how you did like two hundredwebinars last year and you're already you're, already blasting out of gatesthis year, so much going on so much movement. It's cool to you know, seewhat you're doing and see how you're helping people you know, increaseconversions from their websites and get optons and all that kind of stuff. Andthat's really, I think what we want to sit down and talk with you about today.You know, obviously in the in the space of car dealer websites and justdifferent things that car dealers are doing this day and age. I wanted toturn it over to you by asking what you're, seeing just overall ingeneral, are some of the common mistakes that that website. I Guess YouKnow Webmasters or people who have...

...websites are making when it comes toconversions, because I think everybody says man, I got a website, that's all.I need trafficis going to start coming and once the traffic comes they're justgoing to automatically know what to do and then a lot of people I find getreally discouraged at the lack of performance. So what from your vantagepoint really focusing on this stuff are some of the mistakes that you see,people making on a regular basis, yeah, it's a good question and one of thefirst mistakes that that I find people make is when they're trying to figureout how to get their website to get results. Their first question is always:How do I get traffic? You hit the nail in the head when you said that? That'sthe question that I could ask time and time again you know every week I do aWebinar all about how to generate more leads, and it's really amazing, because we'll gethalfway through the Webin Arand people will go well. This is great, but if mywebsite's converting, how do I get traffic and it's funny because trafficis not that hard to come by, you know you can buy traffic. You can spend timegetting traffic to your website. It's actually fairly easy to get, but it'sthe conversion side of things that is more important to focus on and that'sone of the biggest mistakes that people make is not focusing on conversions,and with that said, you know one thing that I always encourage. You know: Cardiealership owners and marketers to focus on is actually your list growth,and I know that might seem kind of like a like Du. You know, of course, that'swhat we're trying to talk about here, but it's funny, because you know wehave this tendency as as sales people. You know I I spent twelve years intraditional sales environments, and so I know what it's like to want to closeright. I get that you know we want to get people into our dealership to buycars. That's what we're trying to do. That's the goal, but nowadays withtechnology. The way that it is it is so easy for people to just make a decision.By going. Let me check out your website price. Okay, good. Let me check outtheir website price okay, good, whereas if you can build a strong relationshipwith your potential customer, not only do you set yourself apart, whether it'sthrough price or otherwise, but you also make a lifetime customer out ofthat person. So the last three cars that I boughtcame from the same dealership, and these are not you know, a thousanddollar cars. You know they're nice cars, and so, if you, if you kind of putthings in that perspective, then focusing on growing your list wouldseem to be kind of the smartest move, because that allows you to have a wayto communicate with your target audience time and time again, Dan andday out. So what mistakes do people make when they're trying to grow theirlist? Well, the first one would be not focusing on it. The second thing wouldbe focusing all the attention on you as the business okay, you always need toremember when people get in that new car or when people are driving, thatold, that old beat up hooped you that they're trying to get to to yourdealership with the only radio station theyre tuned to is Wi IFM, and I knowthat a lot of sales people have heard that before right. What's in it, for me,that's what they're always thinking about! They don't give a crap about you.They don't give a crap about your dealership. They dol'l give a crapabout. What's so special about you, what they care about is how you cansolve their biggest problems, and so, if you tailor all of yourmessaging and all your marketing towards getting them to opt into yourlist- and it solves a clear problem that they have you're going to see ahuge improvement in your opton rate and because of that, all of your messagingafter that will be so focused on their problems, that you will see a hugeimprovement in people coming in to buy new cars. And so how do you do stufflike that? Well, let me say this th. The best way to generate a lead is notto give out a coupon, and I know that that makes a few peoplesad, because it's so easy to do. hereas a coupon for five hundred ollars offyour next car purchase or whatever it is, but that's not the best way to getsomebody onto your list. Why is that? Well, first, off somebody doesn't knowyou from the next car dealership over...

...right. They don't know really who youare? They don't know what you're all about they don't know why they shouldbuy from you. They don't know if you're, legit or not and so giving them acoupon is not enough because now you're just in the pricing game, all right andnobody wants to be in the pricing game. Let's not focus on trying to get thesale because we've got the lowest prices right. So instead, why not focusing on solvingone of their biggest problems? And you know it's going to be differentdepending on your dealership and what kind of vehicles that you sell? Whatthat messaging is but think about the problem that your primary audiencemight have and offer them a simple one, page list of tools that might solvethat problem or list of resources, or even a simple, quick guide right. Sowhat if you were your lead, magnet your optien bribe, as some people call? Itwas a one page checklist of all the things someone should look for whenthey're trying to find the right dealership for them, and it sounds kind of funky becauseyou're like wait a minute. What, if that? What? If that's not me, but it'sprobably going to be you if you're putting this much effort into yourmarketing, then you care about your business and so you're, probably theright dealership so give them a checklist of all the things to look foryou know a and that those things don't have to be anything crazy. It can be.You know something as simple, as you know, a website with, with whateveryou know, special things you have on your website. It can be professional,respectable salespeople can be whatever. But that's you know it's something thathelps themselve their problem and their problem is they're tryingtofigure outwhere to get their next car right, Iyou, know and just to jump in there. BecauseI mean this is I love this kind of stuff, because this is. This is a lotof the the stuff that we believe in, and I mean you know. I want to justjump in here and say you know, by virtue of doing this you're creatingyoure, creating this piece of content that just kind of keeps giving back toyou time and time again. Yes, absolutely it keeps giving back to youand it the connection that you create with your audience by giving themsomething of value as huge another one that just kind of popped to the top ofmy head and I've got a budy who owns a card dieleship, and I have to give himthis one because I love it is what if you did something that was like the the topfive insurance agents in your area right because they're going to buy acar right, they're going to they're going to need insurance. So you knowthat's something that will immediately give you people that are definitely youknow carbiers their shoppers. There, people thaare looking for cars, surethey might already have a car, but at least you know that they have a car andthat they're interested in doing some kind of shopping, so give them a list:Hey the five, the five top insurance agents. You know, car insurance agentsin Syracuse, New York or whatever, and so now, when they're looking it's easyfor them to go. Oh Great, this is one great resource. They check thatresource out now, they're on your follow up sequence, which we can talkabout if you want, but you know they're on your followup sequence, which youknow, provides more value and continues to show them that you're, thedealership that gives a crap and you're the dealership that they want to dobusiness with so you're setting yourself apart and you're, creating apiece of content. For you know what sounds like a group of customers who have already kind ofprogressed to a certain phase of thebing process. Yeah thatasorry guysthe the Insurance Agent List is pretty strong to because then also what whathappens once the insurance agents catch. When that this dealership's got themlisted on this list of the top O insurance agents, then they stodthey're dealing with CARBA. You know: caller owners keep sizin becausethey're gon Beelis they're going to feel more going to refer people to youdoubt no doubt yeah. I like that one yeah, it's just the same kind ofconcept. You know there was a gentleman wrote an article about you,know online marketing tools and Forbes magazine on their website, and itincluded me right. So it talked about...

...lead pages, but it actually mentionedmy name when it was talking about lea pages and for me I'm. You know thatstrokes. My Ego a little bit, I'm kind of excited about that formes is a bigdeal. H'ven been a fan of forse for a long time, so I blasted that thingeverywhere. It's on facebook, it's on twitter, my family's checking it out,and so now this guy's article is getting all of this attention, whichagain is kind of a great way to you know it's a great way to promote,and this is how we promote podcast. This is how we do block post. Why notdo the same thing like you mentioned with with your dealership you've nowcreated kind of some kind of connection with the insurance agents they're goingto promote for you and now your dealrship is getting more attention and you're, giving something that'sworth sharing. You know whether it's not social yeah, it's powerful. So tosome all of that up. It's give people something of value, and I mean shouldpeople be focusing on, should the dealers be focusing on man? What do I create, or should theyfocus more on, create something and let that content find the audience for youyeah, that's one of the biggest mistakes that people make. is they waitforever and ever they think they need to create this big long, video courseor they think that they need to write an a page ebook about how to maintainyour own car, whatever, like people, think they need to create this bigstuff, but the amount of time you spend creating your lead magnet, does notequal your conversion rate, so don't feel like you need to go out there andspend a million you know days. Creating this thing create something get it out.There see how it works. If people aren't responding to it, you can moveon to the next thing, but I really you know I love the list of resources. It'smy favorite leag magnite to give away, for example, I'm a you know. Besideslead pages, I'm also a voice artist, so I know Ou know commercials and TV shows,and that kind of stuff and on my website, one of my websites that I havefor that that my lead magnet is the five pieces of equipment that I used tocreate. All of my voiceovers and people love it it's interesting because peopleare going to hire me to create their stuff for them, but this is tellingthem here's all the equipment that you could. You know that you should get ifyou want to create, I quote O, but at Yourow to do exactly what you're goingto pay me to do right- and you know it's funny- is they're going to look atit and they're going to see that it's like fivesand dollars worth ofequipment or whatever and they're going to go screw. That I'd rather spend afew hundred bucks to hire somebody to do it and it was hustomer and youshowed them your whole hand to so it kind of builds that trust and aconnection that's different than I love thet yeah. It solves this problem thatI think you know facing the public. I think dealers still have that. You know that negative kind of feelthat comes along with them that they're just a bunch of scammers and stuff, andwe try really hard to get over that and we don't like to draw attention to it.Obviously, because that's in a lot of cases, not how it is, but anything thatyou can do that adds this extra layer of transparency to your business, Ithink, is just going to be a bonus. You know customer facing yes and it's noteasy to do, and I understand that it's not easy to be. You know as transparentas you want, because it's funny people, you know consumers think they want tosee the inner workings of everything. But then, if they see that you know,let's say, for example, they see that you make fifteen hundredollar profit ona car. They go well, that's fifteen hundred dollars pr! That's too muchprofit! That's too much por! You know you can cut that profit down and saveme some money, but at the end of the day, they're not looking at it likewell, you've got a staff. You've got. You know, overhead you've got expenses,you got all these things. You had to buy the car the time you know theexperience that you spent for thirty years, building up the SDEALERSHIP.They don't see all that stuff. They just see that you know that that you'remaking fifteen hundred dollars- and that seems atrocious, so it's not super easy to be transparentin a way that doesn't turn people off, but the best way to do that is showthem that you know what you're talking about and provide as much value as youcan for them in the experience in the...

...situation that they're in in lifethrough things that you're giving away and, of course, you're going to do thatin person, but before you ever get them in the door. This is such a great wayto do that is, provide you know, a great lead magnet once they get on toyour list, provide them emails, don't just say: Hey: We've got, you know fivenew cars or you know, check out the all new, whatever, whatever right. Don't dothat, because that's just pushing pushing pushing pushing instead, youknow provide them additional value. Hey here is you know, you know. The firstthing that you opted in was a list of of the best insurance agents andSyracuse. Now the next thing is, you know if you need your car repaired here,are a few suggestions for places to do it or here's one way to keep your carrunning longer, or just these little things that you can give to people andwhen you go hey we're going to help you keep your car running longer, they gowait a minute. Does that mean ot that I'm not going to buy a car from you fora little bit longer and in their head they go wow. This person cares moreabout me than making another sale and suddenly you are almost like. You knowlike a mentor and now they want to buy a car from you because you're thehelpful guy or helpful Gal boost your credibility and authority as well. Yes,exactly powerful, okay, so provide value. Focus on the customer,create a piece of content. Don't don't worry about it being perfect or notjust get something out there that can immediately start, I guess, acquiringmetrics for you to measure its effectiveness. Let's L T, let me askyou here, maybe a bit of a lightning round for the next. You know two threeminutes favorite metricxs for you to look at and why well for me personally, because I do somany webinars, it's revenue per registrant or revenue Perotendi. Just because it's a great way to know you know what your marketing dollarsare worth. So, if you're going to be driving, add traffic to a Webon, ourregistration page. If you know how many you know how many dollars Peritende orper registrant, then you can send more people through that funnel, but anotherone, a simple one that is really really powerful just to know is simply youropton rate. Believe it or not. People are like. Oh that's so simple, but youknow knowing your opton rate is paramount because it will, and by Autinrate I should clarify. I mean sightwide opton rate, because again that sitwideopten rate, as opposed to just the traditional opten rate, is so important.It means how many people overall come to your website versus how many peopleactually opt in and just to give you some figures. The average website rightnow has a one half of one percent, sitewide opten rate ousers Yep. So forevery hundred people that come to your website, half of one of them will optin. I don't know what the other half is doing so the other. The website that is actually optimized,that's doing. Well, that's paying attention, maybe has a reasonable lead.Magnet is averaging around two percent and a website. That's really focused.That's got, you know lots of different lead, magnits, that's doing contentupgrades, meaning a block post where you give away something specific tothat Black Post. You know doing all these things. That website isgenerating around a ten percent site, wide opten rate. So if you can kind ofgauge yourself against that, you'll know how you're doing if you're gettinghalf of one percent, then there are lots of things that you need to improve.If you're hovering around two percent, I would say for most card dealerships:that's a pretty reasonable, successful number for your website, two percentyeah. Believe it or not. Two percent is it's a website. That's optimized! It'snot crushing it, but it's doing well! It's you know it's somebody who'spaying attention interesting. You said something else here thattriggere a question, so you know you said creating blog posts that have aunique piece of content that you want to give away or have people opt intohow much time I don't know if it's a daily basis. How much time is someonelike yourself spending Blogang, creating content and creating kind ofthose additional pieces of content that you want to give away, or is yourprocess more like? I have all of this...

...content and I'm going to repurpose itso that I can give it away with this Blod Post. Well, let's just say, you'regoing to stay consistent, right, you're, going to write one block post everyweek, so you know everybody writes differently, I'm a very fast writer,I'm not the best writer, but I'm pretty quick. So I can knock out a block postfairly quickly. You know a thousand word block post. Doesn't take me thatmuch time, but you know the question that I always get- is: okay, I'malready creating this blocd post now, you're telling me to create somethingelse to give away along with that block post- and the answer is yes, butthere's a simple solution to that, and it's to take the same blog post thatyou've already written, put it into a PD format and half people optin todownload it, and it really works it because people love to possess things.They want to feel like something that they're doing is theirs. And so, if you,if you give people that thing that that they can download, you know, maybe theycan read it later on their phone when they don't have internet or they're ona plane or whatever it is that they're doing and just kind of prove that that worksPat Flynn from Smart, passive incomecom. His first website was in nitchsit thatwas all about teaching architects how to pass this exam. The lead examRightan and his first ever product was in Ebook. That was all filled withblocgpost that were already available on his website. But it was an ebook andhe sold it and made over eightusand dolar his first month selling thatEbook, and so if people are willing to buy that to the tune of eight thousanddollars worth of sales in one month, you better believe they're willing toopt in to get the same thing. So that's one thing you could do checklist thatenhance the value of the blockpost, my favorite one and then I'll. Stop thiswhole tirade, but my favorite one is that is: I saw a block post that wasabout how to build a wooden picnic table all right and the the lead magnetfor that blockpost. The content upgrade was a checklist of all the materials.You would need to build that wooden picnic table so that you could justprint that out and take it with you to the Home Depot or whatever, to makesure you didn't forget anything Ho right, man, it's brilliant for thatblockbost, and so it doesn't take that much time to create that content. Butthe conversion rate of one of those blockposts is insane. We have. We haveseveral blackposts that convert at ninety percent. It's ridiculous, ridiculously awesome. That's incredible! Man, Hey, listen!You know what so much information here so relevant. I love you know theconcept of creating content, that's valuable, first and foremost, showingthat you actually care about your target audience and then solving theirproblems. You know we spend a lot of time talking about this, so it's abreath of fresh air. You know having you on the show today and validatingthat. You know. I think it's one more voice added to the grouping ofindividuals who are helping dealers achieve greater levels of success. Soyou know what in the interest of time, I certainly certainly as certainlyappreciate having you on the show, Robert and I are like we said big fans,glad that we connected with you and that you've taken the time for us today,thanks so much for having me and you mind if I toss out a little resourcefor everybody to check e Lois, please here's what you want to do so Imentioned that Webin ar that I do every week. It's absolutely free. You don'thave to have lead pagers to join the Webinr, but it's it is it's aboutninety minutes of me just kind of answering questions and teaching youthis strategy that we talked about. So if you want to join that, Webon arejust take out your phone right now. If you're driving don't take out yourphone right now, please, but you can listen to this again later text leadpages, all one word leadpages to Thrity, eight, four: Seven Zero! So that's leadpages text that to three eight four, seven, zero and you'll be registered tojoin me on that Webinart. It is it's every single Thursday. It is a reallyjampacked Webinar and- and there are hundreds of people that join tus everyweek that go crazy about it. So I'd love to have you there, that'sincredible and we'll also link to that... the shownotes triplewdot the dealerplaybookcom forward. Forty one tim thanks so much my man appreciate youbeing here thanks guys, it's been fun, yeah thanks men and that right there was tim page fromLee Pages and also host of one of my favorite God to podcast. It's calledconversion cast, Michael How d you enjoy that. I liked it just because youknow the sound engineering me just love like listening to. You could tell he'sa voiceactor. You know he kind of mentioned it there. I think at the endthat he kind of has this other business that he does with voice acting andstuff. You know so I enjoyed that. But what really stood out to me andhopefully stood out to you listening in that a lot of what Tim talked abouttoday validates a lot of the other episodes that havefocused on marketing. You know providing and being something of valueto somebody not worthless to everybody. You've heard us say that so many times, and so you knowhopefully you're if you're really wanting to get the most out of yourmarketing efforts, you've moved you've, moved past the you know home and has ooh man. I hope this works or whatever and realizing that so many people, somany renowned Internet marketers use the same strategies that you aregetting here every single week on the podcast, so that that was awesome forme to hear just kind of some of the the things that he said that whole thingabout offering information about the insurance likebrokers in the area that was really cool to me. Yep, definitely definitely,and that's just as targeted invaluable lead as somebody that's clickingreserve a test Driv or whatever, because they own a car they'reinterested their theyre. You know seeing that information now, so thatwas great so and make sure tha to check out the shownos to this episode. Thedealer plaboocom s. What was it? Forty one right? Forty one D replayte CN onyeah forty one yep and there you would get access we'll have a link to if youdidn't catch his text code that he gave out to register for that his webinarcompletely free training we'll have the link in the show notes for that, andalso the link for the dealer. Playbook insights, Eve, Look Yeah Man, we've gotthis cool new podcast player like right on our website that we've been testingout in rate built into the player you'll, see little opten. You knowwhere you can put in your email and subscribe to our weekly newsletter andin exchange for that we're going to actually send you an e book that Robertand I have put together, which is ten incredible insights or Aha moments thatwe've had listening to our guests. You know from these ten incredible expertsand it's volume one because our plan is to just keep pumping out future volumesof this book just so, we can give you as much valuable information aspossible so again triplewot the dealer,playbookcom Ford, Sh, forty one, don't forget upped in for that regis for thatWebinar that Tim's putting on it's so cool and I've been a part of it. YouKnow Roberts been on it as well, it's just a ton of information and thenregister or hopped in for our e book, which we know you'll love, there's justa lot of information in there until next time, thanks so much for listeningin and we'll catch you later Evr a Great Week.

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