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Tim Schmoyer: How to Grow Your Dealership YouTube Audience


Welcome to session 69 of The Dealer Playbook Podcast! We are so glad you are here and we have a great episode for you!


In this session we are sitting down with a YouTube Certified professional specializing in audience growth and he is the founder of Video Creators, we are sitting down with Tim Schmoyer.


Tim is a monster when it comes to YouTube. His YouTube channel Video Creators TV has over a 100,000 subscribers and releases several new videos every week.


Tim has consulted with several major corporations with their YouTube strategy as well as small businesses across the country.


Every turn we make we are hearing people about how important video is in growing your business today. In this session Tim dives into the strategies you execute with your videos once you have uploaded them to YouTube.


Check out what Tim talks more about in this session.


The Secrets To Building An Audience On YouTube


Tim breaks down his formula for what it takes to build a loyal audience for your brand using YouTube. Learn exactly what Tim does with his channel to keep it in front of his target audience.


The Types Of Videos Automotive Professionals Should Be Creating


Tim jumps into the types of videos anyone in the car industry should be creating as well as why they should be creating them. Learn what types of videos work best on YouTube and why.


What Gets A Video Ranked


Find out exactly what YouTube and Google look for in a video to decide if it should be ranked or not. Tim debunks some of the myths we have all heard when it comes to optimizing videos on YouTube.


Tim covers all that plus more in this session of DPB.


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Hey, before we jump into thisawesome session of the dealer playbook podcast, because we value you so much asa listener, we have a free gift just for you. Head on overto the dealer playbookcom lead, and get instant access to your copy of thesecret dealership lead generation blueprint. This is going to help you discover the sixsimple steps that will help you get more high quality car buyers, all onautopilot, and it's completely free. Head on over to the dealer playbookcom lead, and get yours now. Now back to business. This is the dealerplaybook. Hey, what is going on? You're listening to episode sixty nine ofthe dealer playbook podcast, where we have sit downs weekly with the WHO'swho from in and out of the automotive industry. For you today's automotive professionals, my name is Michael Cirillo, joined again by my cohost, my myconfidant, Robert Wise. Was Wise, and what's up, Michael? Howare you? Yeah, man, the doing really well and you lined upa cool one for us today because, you know, there's so many peopleoutside of the automotive industry that I think sometimes we forget that that the worldexists out of outside of our space and if anything, you know our guesttoday is another evidence how you get lined up. Like, how'd you findout about this guy? Because, last briefly, I've never heard of himbefore. You know, you brought him to the table. Wow, thathappens quite often. Sorry, I guess out there, but I dig alittle bit deeper than most. But this guy I've been watching and reading fora while now, ever since I really started getting into Youtube and video.Just do through research and through listen to podcast. You know how you go. You get into that rappid hole and they talk about him. You hearthem on one thing. It's been a few years that I've been keeping upwith them in great I mean just great on Youtube Strategy. You know whatI mean. He's he's awesome. Well, I was, you know, whenI started looking into a more when you brought him to the I guessthe production table. You know, I just super impressed because, I meanthe guys got over twozero videos on Youtube and his whole I mean his wholemission is to just help people grow their audience. A hundred thousand subscribers onthe video creator's channel. Yeah, it's crazy. A hundred, yeah,a hundred thousand plus subscribers. And this guy's schedule is jampacked. Like Tuesdayshe's rolling out videos, Wednesday's more videos, Thursday more videos, and then hedoes a monthly live hang out on are like. This guy is it'shis whole business. It's his whole business and it's out too. Yes,I mean super cool. So in this episode you're going to hear from TimSchmoyer, founder of video creators, super upbeat, excited, you know,passionate. Guy, really knows his stuff. He's officially certified for audience growth byYoutube. If you didn't know that...

...that's a thing, it's definitely athing. So let's let's dive right into this episode with Tim Schmoyer. Let'sdo it all right, we're sitting down now with Tim Schweyer, the founderof video creatorscom Tim, thanks so much for joining us on DPB. Goodto be here. Thanks for having me. Yeah, this is this is reallyexciting for us because right now, you know, especially what you youhave really carved out a nice audience with and and you know built your businessaround. Video is still just such a hot topic in the auto industry specifically. You know that you need to be doing video. So we kind ofunderstand that now, but I think we're still struggling in this space with wheredo I start? What's important? What's the best way to grow an audience? And you know, it's it's awesome to have you, as you know, one of the few officially certified audience growth experts for Youtube. Yeah,so I guess you know, to kick this off, my question is,okay, we know that people need to do video. It's a no brainer. We know that. You know so many people are struggling to get started. But instead of just talking, you know, tips and strategies, like, Hey, here's how you optimize you youtube channel or those sorts of things, I wanted to start this by by, you know, referencing a document thatyou've put together that we're going to we're going to link to later on, about the secret, the secret to building your youtube audience. Yes,it's like it's a carefully guarded secret. Yeah, carefully guarded secret. Andso, yeah, awesome. So I mean, yeah, you've made publicthe secret, but I mean without totally not a secret it. Yeah,without giving too much of it away, because we definitely want people to gocheck this out I mean you you mentioned that there's there's a layer, kindof, I guess, a foundational layer that happens before getting into strategy andbefore the you know, creation of videos. Can you maybe explain a little bitwhat you mean by that and and then we can go from there.Yeah, and I help with me to hear to how the auto industry isusing video, what goals they have for it. But I think it comesdown to a few things. One, you kind of have to know whatyour goals are right for for Youtube, like where do you want to getto? Where do you want video to take you? How do you wantto serve Your Business, your company, your personal life, whatever it is, because a lot of people like, oh, I heard I got tomake videos, okay, and so they go like and they just make randomvideos and they're like, Huh, it isn't getting me anywhere. Like well, where did you want to go with it? They're like, I don'tknow, like I just heard added to the video. Like well, let'sback up for the layer and right, where do you want to go?And then t also got to know, like what your motivation is, andthe reason for that is is there's a lot of reasons for that actually.But but real briefly, like one is...'s actually like people think. Makeit sound really easy, like hey, just make a video, publish onYoutube, you get millions of yews and they they cite all these case studiesthat have done that, but they don't say all the case stay studies thatdid that like post of the video and did not get millions of use right. So so people get disappointed. It's easy to get disappointed really quickly,just like anything. It's like starting a business and you're like, Hey,I just announced my product, why isn't anybody buying it? You know,like it's a lot of things to learn. The last thing to go through guessing. The same thing as true with cars, like you don't sell everysingle car you pitch to the first person who walks in, you know.So I think it's true video. So knowing the motivation will make the differenceof whether or not you keep going or not with it to actually get theresults that you want, so you don't Peter out too quickly. And thenyou also need to know like really how to communicate that stuff really clearly inyour videos to people. What drives you, and that lends itself more to likebuilding a subscriber base, building an active audience and engage community people whobelieve the same thing you believe, why you believe it. Those types ofthings are really important. And then, of course, you know, theyoutube platform is just changing literally every week. I have a whole video series Ido every Tuesday of updating people all the changes that happened the week before. So it doesn't sound like super hope. That in sound intimidating it I mean, there's a lot changing, but the foundations are always the same.So learning to Master Youtube is, you know, how to navigate to thegoal that you want to get through youtube is is really important. And thena strategy, you know, of course, for how you're going to get fromwhere you're at now to where you want to go and then just keepreevaluating it, making course corrections as necessary until you get there. So,you know, I I like this because you know, you know, lookingat what's your motivation and what do you want to achieve by this? We, you know, Robert and I have asked this question a few times overthe last few weeks to different groups of dealers that we've been with. Youknow, a similar question like hey, why are you in business. Whyare you doing the things that you're doing? And most of the time, right, Robert, it comes down to sell more cars, make more money. And one thing that we've encouraged them, and this this sounds like it spillsover to the motivation for doing videos and being consistent with it, butwe've really tried to encourage them to start, you know, strip that that conceptof selling and making money away at first so that you can really focuson being valuable to somebody and enriching and enhancing somebody's life and, like yousaid, communicating more effectively because you're more focused on the individual that you're speakingto. Would you say that that applies to what you've set about? Yeah, getting going with Youtube. Yeah, you needs it. You need toknow about the what and the why of it. So you need to knowwhat you're doing, but also need to...

...know why you're doing it and thereason why. That's important. Agains as many reasons, but one is likemost people don't know why they do what they do other than, like yousaid, I want to make money or I need to like money is likethe goal. Right. I, personally, I think money is a terrible goal. I think it makes a great tool, but it's a terrible goal. And so if money is like the end result that you're trying to get, like your a very at the end of the day you're like we'll say, you'll say you accomplish that goal and you get you say you're a billionaireand you're like shoot, now what? Yeah, so, so, atthe end of the day, like you really need to know why. Andthe other reason why that's important because that's what's going to keep driving you tokeep going a sups what it's going to drive you to serve people well.And also a very powerful attraction people, because a lot of most people don'tthink out why they do something. They just think about what they're doing andthey're motivated because they're you know, they want money or they want to eator something like that. So when people see other people who know why they'redoing and they're like compelled by like a mission or like a vision for somethinglike those people can't help but attract other people to them. It helps buildtrust, it helps break credibility. People are like man, like that guy'sgoing somewhere, I want to be a part of that train, you know, and that when that comes across and like you youtube videos or just likein life in general. I think people are like, I want to,I want to follow that guy like out or that girl, that woman.You know, I want to, I want to know where they're going andI I'm just inspired that they know why they're doing and it's something and isbigger than just money. You know, one of the one of the oneof my favorite you tubers right now is a guy by he it, Imean it's his screen name or whatever, but he goes by the name ArturoTreho. Oh, yeah, I know it's her, you know Art Oh, okay. So Dude, hilarious. Yeah, he just brings you intohis family. Funny, like Zany Humor. But to see the following that thisguy's picked up. You know, he's changed the name of his wifeand his son, like yeah, like they're, they're, they're, Idon't, yeah, exactly, you know grow but yeah, his name isnot arturo. But you know what I thought was so interesting is this guy'sbuilt such a big audience base. You know, he has. He kindof petered out for quite a few months and then the minute he came backyou all of a sudden, like instantly, was like two thirty fortyzero views onhis videos. But the cool thing that I found is this guy doesn'ttalk about his business. He's got a family like his. His fatherin lawopened up a, you know, restaurant and he didn't really talk about it. Do this kind of the way. Have you been there? It's inVegas area. Oh Yeah, yeah, I want to try it every time. My Wife's from Vegas and I'm like we got to stop by free holiesor whatever it's called. But Um, it's so good. Yeah. Butso, anyways, he rarely like he'll just do like a thirty second likeHey, I'm going to be over at free holies this coming Thursday, comecheck me out or whatever. But like the his videos have nothing to dowith his business. It's just bringing you into his family, building that audiencespace. Would you say to that?...

I mean is that, I guesswhere I'm going is we're talking about video in the car industry, but we'retalking about it in a way where it's like okay, do more, youknow, test drives and do more walk around videos, and it's still emmercial, like yeah, commercial type videos, and it seems so still directly relatedto what I'm trying to sell, is there. Yeah, I mean,what do you say to that? Is Their Merit? To the way ourTuros during it? Is there a mixed that there should be. Yeah,the way he's doing it is that. Like his strategy is different and it'sa good one. It's a powerful one, which is that I want to earntrust, to own our incredibility, and I when people to like meand they're watching my videos and they feel like, man, I wish Icould hang out with our Thurow, because that guy just seems awesome, likeI feel like I know him as family. His wife is kids, like right, what he's doing? Like he's hang out with him. You know, so so. So the principle here, I think that you're getting at is, you know, every company has like a value proposition. Really stayshould right, like and that is what is the value that you proposed todeliver to your target audience, and our Turo is building. Their value he'sbuilding is a relationshial value, which is that's why people watching they feel likethey like him. Yeah, they make them they may time laugh. IsEntertainment Value? I would say that the entertainment value is what hooks people.and then he builds the relational value. Second, which is actually really commonon youtube, because relationships, even perceived relationships like those online, they takea long time to build, the develop right, just like real life.So he'll hook you with the humor and you're like, okay, if thisis interesting, like I'm having a fun time and watching him. But themore you watch, the where you're like, I like this guy, like Ifeel like I'd want to hang out with them. Yeah, when yousay he says, Hey, I'm gonna be at the restaurant such and suchtime, you're like absolutely, I'm going there. You don't even care aboutthe food. Yeah, and he's in a city that everybody, that thatprobably most cases is it sounds like his target audience, which has, likeyou, Michael and you tim watching it and and keeping up with him.I, unfortunately I'm not, but I will check him out. But youryour as target audience, obviously. And Look, you guys are in Vegas, you know, every now and then for work, etc. So youalways think, like Michael said, I always want to go there. Oneof these times he's going to end up going. They're just literally because thisguy did something that costs no money for him to really down. I'm surehe's got money wrapped up in production now, but you know, this is thesame like venue that anybody has access to. Well, and I'm stillthinking like you know, Robert, because when Robert was working the front lines, you know his videos. I watched, you know, a few of thevideos he did and they were still you know, I mean you,you were still kind of promoting that, you were at Hun Day, butyou took a spin on it where it was not that standard like, Ohhey, come check out those twenty, you know, two thousand and nineN and I did like myself. They...

...just acted like yourself, the onewith the like, you know, the the cheap throwaway car, where,like, are you still stuck in the eight pants? All? Yeah,like that one's stuck with me because it's humorous. You know, it's gotthe hook. It's still kind of this is two thousand and ten, twothousand and eleven, where it was different. Things work and you got away withyou can get away with a lot less things that you can today.So, Tim let me ask you this. I mean two thousand and fifteen videosof must we know? Okay, you need a what you need awhy. You need to know what your motivation and your goals are. Ithink we all agree here. Money is if that's kind of your end resultgoal, it's not really the best one. It's important, but it's like it'sit could be the natural byproduct of doing something right, not necessarily themain focus. So I mean, where do we go? Where do westart? Because we do have a lot of our listeners who are like,yeah, I need to do something to get my brand going. Where dida lot of them are using it now and might not be using it rightto yea, ourk are most like our dealers and salesmen, using it now. Video walk arounds, very promotional product presentations, like comparisons of two differentmakes and models. Well, do who test? Yeah, some people willgo into actually like showing you how to pair like Your Bluetooth. I'm theillgoing to some educational, but a lot of the educational always wraps up withthis is I try to tell everybody that I talked to that that always wrapsup with a call to action. That all right, I'm just showing youhow to. You obviously are targeted. You clicked on this video you wantedto know how to put pair your Bluetooth to your car at I wrap upthe video without so if you are in the market for a new car,come down. Yeah, it's like, yeah, I mean. So,if it was me, what I would do is I would consider videos thatwould be a little bit more evergreen. That's probably tarking, like how tobuy and like what to look for. Think, like, I don't knowif the Bluetooth one makes it much sense, because it's like people, I'm gettinglike, like goes a rare thing at the end short certain time.So yes, like, Hey, let me teach you how to tie yourshoes. If you're in the market for a car, you know, likethick, the the limp, discuss it's strong. So if you I mean, I would make videos like hey, what to look for in a car, or car reviews. I. Let's Red, let's review this model,let's review that model, let's and so. The thing is, though, withthose types of videos, you're going to get views from all over thecountry, maybe all of the world, not in your area, and solike you could still pitch it, you know, at the end, likehey, just like it like branded or something like that. But my daughter'sbringing me something here getting distracted there. Yeah, so I would like havea strategy that's like a little bit more evergreen stuff like that. But thegoal of the isn't necessary to sell the... as much as it is toearn trust. And I know, like I'm not a sales a car salesman, but I'd know those like maybe it's perceived, but there's like this,you know, car salesman is like, and lawyers or the tooth and politiciansare all kind of like wrapped up together sometimes, and maybe I'm showing myignorance, I don't know. So that's not everything. Pretty Answer. That'swellknown. There's like a list published about that being least trusted professionals, andthey were. They were all grouped together. You're right. So I would Iwas like, the goal is to build trust and then and then whatyou do is is probably you would want to pay to promote those in likeyour geographic, you know, geographical region of where your customers are coming from. And of course you can do a localization Seo, you know, optimizethem for local people who are searching specifically for your dealership or where. Thatmaking model right? Yeah, I'm trying to think about what my act howI I mean we just bought a car about a year ago and trying tothink of how I did it, I think I just I was looking fora specific car and so I was just keeping my eyes open on like alert set up at different places or whatever. I think I did it. ButBow, but before you GREP. Okay, but this is good.Let me have just a before you were looking for that certain car, forto you to come to the conclusion of that car, did you watch anyvideos or read off of any like we're view sites or anything about the particularmodel? Do you remember where you went for that? I don't. Iwish I did. It's gonna get some live Intel right here. Yeah,I know, I mean, I know there is a I was looking forthe Honda Odyssey X. I didn't want the leather because that just drove upthe unnecessarily. I you know, I for me and I wanted the eightpassenger one because I've got six kids. So what's the time we had forbut now we have twins on the way, so I'm got that car filled itup pretty quickly. So one of the eight passenger and and I didn'treally care about color. So I think I just set up some alerts andI wasn't even sure how well those sites we're going to work, I becausesometimes they put them up there then by the time you check into like,oh well, that one's gone, but we have this one. I'm likedid you really ever have that one? Like that's it seems easy. Butyeah, so, I mean, if there's a lot of different strategus totake, but I would probably go with making them more evergreen content rather thanlike the car walk arounds. I think the car walk arounds for me werehelpful when I was looking because when if there's a video versus just like abunch of pictures that were like the size of my literal thumbnail, yeah,then I which weren't without helpful. I would I felt like I would belike much more likely, like Oh yeah, I feel like I know this carand this person better. So if...

I had a choice between different dealerships, I was going to the dealership with the video hands down. You know, well, there you go, car, but I'm a video guy too.So, and let me ask you this before before you found out.Okay, so there's a point to this, because we talked a lot about marketsegmentation. So you've got four kids. What were you driving before? Youhad to make a choice on an eight passenger. Let's see why.We are driving a Saturn view. Okay. So so I'll let you be yeah, all of a sudden your situation changed in your back into the marketfor something that's going to accommodate. Yes, it must have been about two yearsago actually, because my son wasn't born yet and we got pregnant withour son and they're like, okay, we need to get a bigger car. So we went, so we got. Yes, I'm all right, good. So, so you had the what was I thinking? Moment youfind out you have a twist. So now. So now you had toyou had to upgrade to a vehicle that can accommodate for your situation. Andyou're saying that the video walk around. So exactly what we were talking aboutbefore. What types of videos, I guess, to make that video walkaround, because there was video, I guess, increase the credibility of thatdealership. Where that that person that gave you that information, versus just imagesand text alone? Yeah, and I like it helped me feel like makea decision. Is it worth my time to go in and see this carand that you know when you're saving me time like that's I really appreciate that. You know. So if if your site was clear and made it likesuper obvious that this is not a car that I want to check out,then I appreciate that. That's like a you know, if you're a Gamer, you just leveled up a little bit. Okay, so let me ask youthis as a quick follow up to that. So we have these videos, we're growing our audience on Youtube. At what point or how what's theright way that we eventually make the connection from this youtube channel to our actualwebsite or our branded website? Is there a right way to do it?Is they're a wrong way to do it? What have you found that works well? Generally speaking, you need to be careful about sending people from youtubestraight to your website, and the reason for that is Youtube's goals to keeppeople on their site as long as possible and they want people watching more ADspending more time watching more videos. And so there's two really big metrics thatYoutube looks at as far as seos concerned and how well they're going to ranka video, and one of them, both of them, are user signals. By the way. People think it's titles and thumbnails and stuff, andthose things are important, but the biggest ones are these are the user signalsand the data points that Google gets about who's watching the video. So thebiggest one is watch time, and that is just how much time are peoplespending watching this video? The spending two seconds, spending thirty seconds, orthey spending a half hour or just the...

...length of that video. Effect thatresponse. If they're stay in nine minutes on a thirty five minute video,what's that? Is that pretty good? That's nine minutes on the thirty five. They don't look at the percentage, they look at the total amount ofokay, Gotcha, that's right. Yeah, so the percentage is good for youas a creator to know, like, Hey, every time I get tothis part a start talking like this, people drop away. You know thatdrop off in a band. You can look at audience retension scores onYoutube and stuff. I have a friend who realize that. Every time yousay the word module and his videos people would abandon this video. So I'llyou need to stop saying the word moodule and you had more watch time,higher auto, you know. So things like that you can, you canlearn and optimize, but just keep so. Longer videos don't necessarily mean more watchtime. It might mean you like you have less because you didn't hookpeople very well in the first fifteen seconds and so a minute in there likeit still twenty more minutes. I don't know if I'm going to get oneof actually here and they leave versus like if it's a two minute video andthat's only me. I'll have to find out. But then only got twominutes instead of nine, right. So so that. So there's not likea secret to like how long should the video be? It's the principle is, if you have a nine minute idea, take nine minutes, not twelve,right, and don't how to seven nine minute idea artificially down the twolike that's not serving people well either. So take the time you need andnot a second more. Yeah, so watch times really important. But asfar as the website thing, the second most important as far as we cantell, is called session watch time, which is how does this video contributeto a viewers overall viewing session on Youtube? So do they go and watch fivemore videos as a result of watching this one? Does it end theirsession and people leave Youtube Act like this is always, let's say, yourvideo super successful as sending people to your website. It's not going to dothat for very long because Google doesn't have people their lesson traffic, right.Yeah, no doubt so. So the way I do it, because it'simportant for me. I don't mean I don't really do a whole lot withmy website other than like self stuff and feature things I can't put on Youtube, but like be books and things like that. So the way I doit is, I don't know if this works for you guys are not,but at the end of every video I just have a little end card andI don't talk about it, I don't plug it, I don't push it, it's just they're visually it's a cop as the cover of my ebook thesecret to building a youtube audience and it just says download for free at VideoCreatorscom, and I'll convert about one in five youtube subscribers to that. Isthat an annotation to clickable can't be an annotation. I don't use antations anymorebecause they don't work on mobile. Using interactive cards and it put in thedescription of the video, okay, but I just say video careerscom. Peoplecan type that in pretty easily themselves wherever they are and find it. Andso I'm viewing, I'm ending their viewing session once, which I'm okay doingbecause it makes a good business sense for... to do that. So oncethey get on my email list, then I can send them wherever I want. I can send them to the videos, I can send them to announcements,I can send that, you know, my website. I can do whateverI want with them because I already have them off Youtube and in thefuture, as I watch more of my videos, they never again have areason to leave my my videos. So go to my website. They alwayssaid the boy wants Gotcha. Now that makes sense. So that's how Ido it. I don't know that really makes sense for what you know,auto people are not but well, and so let me ask this about thisoptimization of it. So just to clarify, Youtube's looking more at user signals likewatch time, session watch time. Does that also contribute then to howthey rank videos in search engine exactly? Yea. So if your video isit's getting a lot of watch time and people are watching it for a prettylong amount time, and then they're also like watching three more videos as aresult of that one, or like ten more videos. Google's can be likeyeah, like this is a good video to promote. People are loving itand they're watching more youtube, so they promote that one. Okay, sothis, this really your strategy. Could work if they had a blog ontheir website, which we usually encourage people to do, so basically using thatsame content, you know, inside of that same context, they would throwup a clickable card, maybe not push it or promoted or whatever, butjust have it there visually that links to maybe a blog post where they canget more information on this topic. That would also include more video or maybethe embed of that video. And then, or something which you're saying, whichI really enjoy, is an offer that they can subscribe to so thatyou can then, you know, once they're on your email list, youcan then bounce them wherever you want to bounce them. Yeah, send themback the Youtube from there. Yeah, yeah, I mean. So notevery video has to follow this. Like I do this on the videos thatI care about. A Seo on like I think could rank pretty well andsearch, but not every video has to. You know. So if you're justlike to say you're doing a walk around of one specific car on yourlot and you know that three weeks from now no one's going to care aboutthis video. Then you don't care about U Seo probably for that one,you know. So you're going to see. Yeah, send them to your website, because the purpose of that video isn't necessary to rank as much itis as it is. Who would be embedded on your website and and getpeople like a tour of the car. You know, if to evaluate wherethat I want to come check it out. Is Youtube? Looking at subscriber nowcount as part of this, so that doesn't make sense. So,because I'm thinking, you know, there's there's people that are probably already thinking, okay, well, I'm just going to buy a bunch of well,that aid. There's a lot of that by subscribers and views, and yousay that that's the definitely the wrong thing. Yeah, that's like that's like signinga death wish for your channel, because think of it like, thinkof again the signals that Google gets from that. You paid, let's sayyou pay for tenzero youtube subscriber or even...

...views. That's a little bit morecommon. Let's say you paid for Tenzero view used because you want the socialproof aspect of people like. Well, it's for you, a tenzero views, like there must be so, but what is Google think when, hey, it's got tenzero views and not a single one of them stuck around forlonger than ten seconds. So that's actually like the best way to send alot of night like. Not One person commented that, one person liked it, not one person interacted. And sometimes you can buy those signals too.But Google, Google smart like, they're not that like. Well, theyfigure out really quickly what's happening and and penalize your video for it. Soone one, one more thing I want to clarify to what's the is therea difference in in the the way Google ranks or favors the video by thelikes or dislikes to our dislikes is as just as good as likes? Yep, because both are forms of engagement and both indicate the Google that your videoelicited a reaction from the viewer. They don't care what the reaction is,but you has they have some sort of emotional response to it, and solikes and dislikes are now they're not weighed, like hardly at all. And didthe actual algorithm because they're too easy to gain, you know, justlike these are, just like anything else, like comments and things like that.Those, but I don't know how deep into this you want to go. They have an indirect effect but no direct effect. So got so soundsgood, Tim man, thanks so much for joining us. If you guyswant to learn more and check out Tim's videos, you can go to youtubeand search for video creators, or you could just type in his name,Tim Schmoyer. Every Tuesday he's got new youtube news updates and insights. Itlooks like. It looks like you've got a full schedule. Is Days widdrop out Thursday like three times a week. Man, he's better. Time dowe coome video creators? And and then I'm seeing I'm seeing a liveGoogle plus hang out on. Are you still doing those monthly? Yeah,just do one last night. Holy smokes, there you go, guys. Sodefinitely check out Tim's YouTube channel. Tim Man, thanks so much forbeing with us today. Yeah, thanks for having me. Thanks, brotherboat. And that was the founder of video creators, Tim Schmoyer. Man, I told you, this guy's smart. Man, this guy knows youtube.Yeah, I mean well again, you know, certified, actually certifiedby Youtube. I honestly didn't know that such a thing existed, that therewere certification run and grow with people. Yeah, so, so that thatsays something. And I mean if you look at this gut the reviews thatthis guy gets just on it, on his own website where, you know, he's helped people, you know, go from fifty subscribers to, youknow, unlimited amounts, or a thousand subscribers to twelve thousand and millions ofmillions of views. And I mean, you know, I like his takewhere it's like okay, before it,... know, before you get intothis video and you decide to start making video, like why are you doingit? What's your purpose and what problem are you trying to solve? Sothat's, you know, I always love that fresh reminder because that's, Ifeel, like stuff that we know. It's kind of that, well,Duh, why would I do this if I didn't know why I was doingit? But but it's that reminder because there's just so much evidence that weforget those things and we don't do them. So and and another good thing thatI took from that is the views. Okay, so, like people areso much worried about or get discouraged and stop making video because they're notgetting a ton of yous. Will. First off, that's not gonna Affectyour ranking relevance, first off, on Google or in Youtube. So don'tlet that bring you down. Second it's not about the quality the quantity.It's about the quality of the of the views, like the right person atthe right time, you know. Yeah, and just playing into the right strategy. So, you know, you need to be thinking about, okay, is my strategy are tight? Do I know who my audience is?What singular problem I'm going to be solving for them in the videos that Icreate? And then, yeah, like you said, just forget about theview count and forget about that. Just focus on the engagement, focus onproviding quality information. That's going to help, you know, keep them on theline. Yeah, keeps them on the line. And and you know, you, you, you'll outrank. And a totally make sense, andI see this all the time, even in from a Google search. I'llsee videos rank that have, you know, fifty views versus videos that have had, you know, a hundred thousand or well other time, and it'sjust because the engagement per I wonder if it was an engagement per view orif there's any way that they measure that, but I mean that's just something,yeah, I mean super valuable to keep in mind. All right,so that was tim schmoyer again, founder of video creators. Listen, ifyou guys want to get plugged into the show notes, we have a coolgiveaway that would like to get you plugged into. You heard US mention hissecret to audience growth and we want to get you access to that. Allyou have to do is visit triple w dot, the dealer playbookcom forward slashsixty nine youtube, and that's going to bring you right to where you canget hands onto this, you know, secret to building audience on Youtube fasterthan anywhere else, written by Tim himself. So definitely go check that out.Forward slash sixty nine youtube by visiting the playbook and then, of course, check out the show notes, because we'd love to hear from you attriple w dot, the dealer playbookcom forward sixty nine and then, lastly,come on man, hit us up on itunes with a review. We wouldvery much appreciate it, guys. We appreciate you guys listening in until nexttime, keep a real dominate seeing ye.

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