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The Dealer Playbook

Episode 480 · 7 months ago

Top Traits Of A BDC Director


Durran Cage, founder of Cage Automotive, explains the best way to identify who to hire as a BDC director. If your dealership is thinking about establishing a business development center, it may not be as easy as promoting your top performing car sales professional. 

In this snippet, Durran shares what the top traits of a successful BDC Director should be and what dealers can look for as they consider hiring for that role.

Listen the full episode featuring Durran Cage here

...yeah. Mm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm, mm hmm, I can only anticipate that those within the sound of your voice are now thinking about promoting their top salesperson as a BBC director. But in my opinion, I think there's probably a special set of skills required. You can't just say, oh no experience as a BBC director. Let's make him a BBC director curious on your take and perhaps maybe the top actions that you could recommend a dealer take today to properly find vet and hire someone to start with this transformation man. Well, I, I can, what I would say is you have to look for the their skill set and what they enjoy doing. So I'll put it this way, if somebody has a 25 or 30 car car person, I would want to look at... they sell those 25 or 30 cars, right? Because there's a lot of different ways you can do that. So if somebody is selling 30 cars and they're just either just doing it through a lot or they're doing it through a little bit of social media, like they have their own secret sauce as to how they're doing it, then that person might not be the greatest fit because you have somebody that's actually generating some, some business for you. They're converting at a high rate when it comes to customers and purchasing. So it might not make the most sense. But if you have somebody that's really particular with the Crm, they're really organized. They take care of their customers, they're really good with generating referrals. Um, they have a good understanding of e commerce and online, then that's somebody that I would look into because the thing is as a BBC director and obviously they have a love of love for people because the best BDC directors or BDC managers, whatever you wanna call them, have a genuine love for, for people like the people on their team and they understand the process with customers because every customer is not gonna want to experience the same process. So... has to be somebody that's really innovative. They're, they're always looking at, uh, consistently either making changes or tweaks. They need to be somebody that loves data and, and looks at some, some analytics and not just the website stuff and that stuff, but you have to dial in on the numbers of your team just like you would, if you were a coach. But that's what I would say. It's just look into their heart, make sure somebody that cares about the people because this goes back full circle. Right? When we first talked, we started going in on employee conversion. So whoever your leader is just needs to be somebody that's really big on winning their employees, like their employees that work for them in that department, know that that leader has their back and is there to help them along the journey. And that's really all that you need. It doesn't have to be some 50 car person or 20 car person needs to be somebody who knows how to lead and bring the best out of their people and to serve. And that will that will take care of just because everything else can be taught you know? But some of those things we just talked about like that love and that that trust and that servants you...

...know that servant leadership. That's the stuff that's very difficult to teach. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. I'm Michel Cirillo and you've been listening to the dealer playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, please click the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now. Leave a rating or review and share it with a colleague. Thanks for listening. Mhm.

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