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The Dealer Playbook

Episode 508 ยท 4 months ago

What Dealership Leaders Should Focus On w/ Brooke Furniss


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We've all heard it before. Leaders and Managers are two separate and distinct roles in the retail automobile dealership. In this week's Dealer Playbook powerbomb, Brooke Furniss shares what she believes the focus of car dealer leaders needs to be in 2022 and beyond.ย 

Listen to the full episode for even more insights and context from Brooke Furniss!

Listen to the full episode for even more insights and context from Brooke Furniss!

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Thanks, Brooke Furniss!

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This is the dealer playbook, power bomb. Where are things currently in our dealership landscape as far as needs of leadership and and what's your take on what we should be focusing on in this industry as far as leadership is concerned? Well, I think when you break down there's a there is a stark difference, in contrast, if you will, between leadership and management, and too often it gets confused. At the same thing and they're not. And so if you're looking in a Um in a dealership world, it's all little billy or little susie over here is selling hunter cars, so that mays mean that he or she needs to be promoted manager. No, that's not how it works because most likely a little bill there, little susie has been trained to say you be a killer, you at all costs. Does that make a...

...good leader a good manager? Not necessarily, because that means that they've most likely focused on me, me, me, me, me, which doesn't make a good leader manager. Then there's a differences. Someone can be a great leader to make a good manager because can they can actually manage people, because they go hand in hand. But they're not the same thing. So if you take that outside, you have your own company, for instance, are you? Sometimes you find that people will say, I'll not say, they just they get to the top or they think through the top and they're like pounding their chest. Or what happens? Then someone's gonna come off and knock you off the mountain. So you have to constantly learning, constantly saying how can I better myself? I had a great conversation with Jerry Kilway last week and he had a great scene. So I'm gonna Steal this from him. It's not mine. Give Him all credit for it. He's like what happens to a pool when it becomes stagnant? It's you know, stagnant. Water desist there and it gets all moldy and nasty. And it's so true. We just become staggnant. What we do? That's no one's gonna want to be around us. We get all nasty and mildewy and uh, it's nasty. Someone's gonna probably, you know, make me into a meme and...

...let me look looking like that now. uh, but it's so true. You know, you haven't made it until you become a meme. So there you go. Uh, it's so true. Is that you've got to keep learning, you've got to keep growing, keep asking questions, keep raising your hand. is saying how can I improve myself? And I think when you look inwardly and say how can we do that, and then getting to the problem is they're moving that ego and I think that too often is that it's well, that can't happen to me, or it's it's gotta beat you. I had a situation where I had a this is actually back in before I had my business, that it was a employee that I just couldn't seem to figure out why I couldn't connect this employee and I had tried everything under the sun, and I mean I was asking other people, I was researching, you know, asking everybody outside the dealership, and I finally just said, you know what, there's got to be some being, maybe happening at a...

...home that's causing this issue. So I finally let's get this person out of the dealership and just take this person for lunch and maybe that then this person will open up. And that's what it took to finally get the person out of the dealership to open up the figure out, oh, there's a whole situation going on at home. That is causing the person not to be able to retain anything, and it was so frushing because I was like what am I missing here? But it was something to happen at home. Or whether it's, you know, removing that ego to say hey, maybe the people just don't want to hear my voice anymore, so bringing in someone else to teach them. But removing that EGO is so, so, so, so big and known as a leader or manager that it's sometimes it is you, it is you and it's not them. And so I think that all those things go into what a leader and a manager manager really should be and in order to grow into prosper and all the other buzzwords you want to throw in there, to move a forward. Yeah, that makes that makes total sense. Um, leadership requires so many more soft skills then hard skills, doesn't... I think that that's something you make me really think of when you draw the distinction between leadership and management. Um, often in this industry, as you pointed out, we get promoted or we rise the ranks, so to speak, predicated on hard skills. I was able to sell X, I was able to do this much, I was able to whatever I had an interesting conversation with with David Spisak, and we were talking about my company and getting to the next phase of growth, and the one thing that really stood out to me that he that he talked about, is knowing what I'm not good at so that I can give it to somebody who is good at that thing, and that requires, to your point, removing ego. Well, it's my business, I started. I should be good at all the things. I mean, and this is where we came from Um and I think often that's how managers look at it. They go, well, no, nobody can be better at the thing that I am. That's why I'm...

...the manager and I just find like that is a weird sword to fall on, but it's also a sword you created for yourself because you didn't give yourself any thing else. Right. What's your take, Hunter Cent degree to like you just said, is that one of the best things you can do as a manager, as an owner or even as an sells person? It doesn't matter what employee, what happened employee. You are surround yourself with people a hell of a lot smarter than you. It is I cannot stress that enough. And yet some people, to your point, will just say Nope, I can't hire anybody that's smart. That's not that they've got to be this level and below. Why would you do that? That makes absolutely no sense to me at all, because when I hire someone that's smart, to me, man, that makes me look so much smarter than I really am. That's exactly what I want. I want someone that's going to bring me up, because when that person succeeds, I succeed and when this person over here's...

...this sees man, we all succeed. So it's just opening their eyes a little bit. But when someone says I'm only going to hire x and below, all that does is screen to their insecurities. So if you can reach down that person say okay, let's talk about this, if they're open to that, and figure out, okay, why is it you're doing this and you know, talk to them a little about that. If they're not open to that, that's a whole there's you know, there's nothing here with the new about that. But if you can and say hey, here's what happens when we do do this, now, all of us succeed at the end of the day, it's going to help your paycheck is going to help your bottom line is going to help your gross profit. It's gonna help all of us. I'm Michael Sirello and you've been listening to the dealer playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, please click the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now, leave a rating or review and share it with the call. Thanks for...

...listening. m.

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