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What Is The Rocket Fuel Law? w/ Mike Ciorocco


"The closer you are in proximity to adversity, the harder it is to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

At the Dealer Playbook, we really believe that all the tactics in the world won't benefit your career in the retail auto industry if you're unhappy, unfulfilled, or have other barriers holding you back from being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. 

Mike "C-ROC" Ciorocco joins the show to explain the rocket fuel law and how you can use adversity to accelerate your growth toward your definition of success. 


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Hey, before we hop into this episode, let's talk about why your website and digital presence isn't working now. I know what you're thinking, Michael, we talk all about the web sites all the time. You talk about the websites, the websites, a hammer, yada yada yada, we get it. But for real though, it's shocking to me how much guesswork still takes place and how its having a detrimental effect on what opportunities you are able to leverage now over the last decade, especially for the O. G. D. P. Beers. You know, I've poured my soul into assembling a team that cares deeply about the progress of the retail auto industry that believes in my mission to enrich and empower dealers to perpetually grow now. I'm making my amazing marketing team accessible to the dealer playbook community so that you can start to thrive rather than merely survive. Right now, we're providing a just for you free website diagnostic that will show you exactly what you need to do in a priority sequence so that you can finally get the answers you need claim yours by visiting triple W. Dot flex dealer dot com forward slash website audit. That's triple W. Dot flex dealer dot com forward slash website dash audit. Yeah. Mm. If somebody is listening right now and they're in a diversity, the closer proximity you are to adversity, the harder it is to see light at the end of the tunnel. If there is any, the less hope you have. So it's very difficult to get this concept when you're in that in that frame. Uh, basically what you need at that time is you just need to understand there's hope and as if it doesn't kill you, you're gonna get through it. So just know that that you know keep pushing and I have a saying thrust is a must you have to like thrust forward and fast. And that's something that reminds me always that...

...we're going through that tough time or that just lets go move, move, move, move. Um So first of all, when you're in that close proximity, get hope. If you're trying to help someone, don't try to teach from the rocket fuel law, which I'll explain to you a second. Don't try to teach them that just give them some hope, get them moving. Now. If you're not in a university, the thing, you need to understand it in life. The things that stop us from accomplishing thing and things and having the life of our dreams is not the encouraging people. It's not the winds that we have and it's not, you know, all the good stuff, It's all the bad toxic stuff, discouraging people. Setbacks, letdowns, screwups of our own. And if we just imagine if there was a way to remove all that stuff and not just remove it because I don't think that's good enough actually taking it and store it in your fuel tank instead of your trunk where it weighs you down and converted it into rocket fuel for your future. Not just get you through to where you want to go, but it gets you there faster. And so Grant and I had a conversation on my podcast about what would it take? He's always trying to make it, When will I make it? When will I make? And I look at that as get into outer space away from gravitational pull, Right, That's making it to me like getting away from So nothing gravitational no suppressors can actually pull you back. You're you're too strong for that. And I asked him that question, what will it take to get into outer space away from gravity? And, you know, the conversation, basically when he said that nobody's ready for that answer, nobody really wants to discuss that. Uh nobody likes to answer. That's what he always says. He's so humble. He doesn't think people want to hear what's going on in his brain. Yeah. But at the end of the day I thought, started thinking to myself, well, rocket fuel, get you there. Because if you can take all that negative toxicity, which rocket fuel is, it doesn't taste good. I'm sure I haven't tasted it. It doesn't smell good. It probably burn your hand if you touched it. Just like all this negative stuff that we deal with in our lives. But if you could somehow converted into pushing you forward and thrusting you into outer space, that's what it's all about. So, you know, let me give you a little context on this. So, the first, far back as I can remember that, I used an incident and converted it into rocket fuel was when I was a young kid. I grew up in a broken home. I don't remember my parents together and I...

...would do the every other weekend thing, like most people that had split up parents and most cases, you're the only link between your mom and dad for them to have to communicate and as they move on to other marriages, step parents and all that then add those agendas into the mix. There's a lot of conflict that starts to happen and you know, I dealt with this when I was eight, my mom decided to get married for the third time and I decided to not go into another man's house and learn another man's rules. I decided to try my dad's house and he was onto his second marriage. And so the first point of that, the first part was okay. But then as I got into it, there was more conflict that was brewing up between my mom, my step mom, my dad, all this stuff was going on and it was pouring down on us kids and a lot of it was taken out on me. So I dealt with a lot of emotional psychological abuse threats. I used to sleep with a baseball bat a lot of nights when I was about nine years old. Um, just because I was scared and I didn't have that security feeling. I didn't have that secure feeling. I still deal with a little bit of this today. These, these, it's kind of like an anxiety, but it's more like security. Like I need, I'm always searching for security. Uh, so what I end up doing was eventually I realized that this is not an ordinary situation. Your kids shouldn't have to deal with this. And I told my mom about what was going on and mike, what's funny in an abusive situation. A lot of times you don't share being abused because you're afraid of, you know, looking stupid and embarrassed because you let it happen. Um also maybe you just don't believe, I think you think that people will believe you, maybe you're just, you know, dramatizing or the other one that's kind of funny is you're kind of worried and concerned about the abuser and what's gonna happen to them. So weird stuff that goes on through your head when you're in those situations. So anyway, my mom told me that she was gonna file court papers, but I could not flip flop, flip flop back and forth, had to stick to my guns because if she did that, she didn't want to be left hung out to dry if they talked me out of it and she warned me that they would try. So I, you know, I took that as being stubborn, you gotta make sure you're stubborn, unyielding. It's my favorite word, by the way, unyielding. So uh, my dad...

...eventually got these court papers served to him after weeks and weeks would go by and uh, I came home one day from school and the tension in the room was just like packed, something was going on, I knew it and my dad, who was my hero, had his own masonry business, brick block, concrete real successful. I always looked up to him for his hard worker. He was, his hands were real rough and his forearms were real big. He's always tan. It's like not the professions of us, Italians, right, That's right, that's right. And if you know anything about masons and Italians, they used to they don't carry a wallet, they carry a wad of $100 bills with a rubber band around it. And uh he used to flash it all the time. I thought it was cool. So when he got these papers and I came home from school, he sent me to my room and I waited for him to come back and confront me. Mhm. And I was about 10.5 I think at the time. And when he confronted me, I was just sitting there waiting like I have no idea what's going to happen, but it's gonna be bad. And he said, you know, it says here you want to move in with your mom. I don't understand this. You have everything you need here your mom's poor. She's on her third husband as men coming in and out like and just paint this picture right, right. And I just didn't even get into discussion with him. I remember my mom said stick to your guns. I said no. I made my mind up. He said you sure said it doesn't make sense to me. I'm like, no, because he was kind of denying what was going on. I mean there must be fights. I mean it was it was bad. So he said, OK. So he takes that wide $100 bills. I just mentioned out pills one off, crumples it up and throws that and it says here, you're gonna need this. Then when you're living on the streets with your mother one day, now hearing that the stubbornness and me kicked in and I'm like, you're not gonna dictate my future. You know, it's funny, I'm going to control the future shirt today. I like to control my future, I like to be in control and responsible of my future. And at that, even at that young age, I just knew that that wasn't gonna need that money. But I will tell you ever since that moment, that was the spark that was lit for 30 some years. I was driving off of that force driving off of that converting in that and there was a lot of rocket fuel in that in that moment. And every time things...

...get tough, I would use it to get me to the next level, get through it or what have you. So two years ago I was going through a tough time in business and I had to do a little self assessment and really self check to figure out why in my life, no matter what happened to me, do I keep rising? Like why is my graph still go up? No matter what relationships, where it doesn't matter, my own screw ups. I figured it out. The formula was I was taking all that stuff and doing what I told you storing it in my tank where I could use it as fuel instead of my trunk where it would weigh me down. And I became unstoppable and awareness of that. Once I became aware is what was powerful, my graph started to shoot straight up instead of just a gradual. That's why I had to write the book rocket fuel to get it out to people because I'm the type of person when I find something that works, I'm like an evangelist about it. So that's a little background and context on that. I think it's tremendous. Um, and you're right like this is a total mindset thing. You you mentioned the word unyielding. When did you grow an affinity for that word? When did you, when did you finally articulate for yourself? That that is a word that you love and what does it mean to you? So I was always told that I was hardheaded and stubborn as a kid and I thought that was a bad thing and it would be told to me in anger most of the time by my step mom and my dad. And now that I look back on it, I'm so proud of that damn word. And I looked up the definition one day of stubborn and it says in the Merriam Webster dictionary, perversely unyielding. It's the definition of stubborn. Now that could be the wrong thing when it's on the wrong thing, right? But then I looked further and I was reading a book by L Ron Hubbard the other day and it said a word inexorable and I'm like, what the heck does this mean? And I'm the kind of guy that looks upwards because my stepfather who stepped in to be my dad when I was 11, who's, who's since passed. um he used to tell me you need to read more, you need to read more. And I would uh I would stop books, I would quit books and and in the middle of the book or the quarter of the way through, I didn't know why. And he told me, he said, you're quitting the books because you don't understand the words...'re reading. And I was like, what? So I would ask him, what's this word mean? He'd say go look it up and it wasn't a google thing, it was dictionaries back in the day actually because of the dictionaries, like encyclopedias, right? So I would look up words and then I started doing that as a kid and I started reading more than I would be able to finish books because I understood what I was reading and it was powerful. That was a powerful message. So I looked up this word inexorable, I N E X O R A B L E in extra inexorable. And that word is unable to be stopped unyielding. And I'm like holy cow, that's my new word. Because stubborn sometimes, you know, has a negative connotation, inexorable. People have no idea what the hell that means. So now they're going to go look it up and I'm gonna be like, wow, that's powerful. So be inexorable towards anything you want to accomplish in life. And I think that's the title of my next book. I'm working on inexorable. Yeah, I'm with you. Like, stubborn, stubborn. I've heard in my household several times, it started like a mule growing up. Yeah, so hardheaded. What's the matter with this guy? You know, all this kind of stuff, but I love I love that unstoppable. I wonder how often though, like, I think of my own past, my own story, how easy it has been at times to stop me and then reverse engineering who that version of me was to who I am today, because I am like, my mantra is don't wait dominate, like, go get it done, you know, put your head down and freaking run through walls to make success happen for yourself. Um Do you find though the correlation between being easily stoppable and being unstoppable is that we just maybe haven't gained clarity about where we want to go.

Uh Yeah, I would say it has something to do with clarity. It has something to do with commitment and it has something to do with consistency, three C words. That just so happens, see Rock has three C words. Uh, no, but uh really when it comes down to that, you definitely need to be clear on what you want, because if you're not clear, then you have no idea what direction to go right you and by the way, clarity on where you're going. And most people miss this one, Michael. Most people miss clarity on where they currently are. You see assessment leads to elevation assessment of where you are, which is your point A so that you know how far you have to go to get to your point B if you don't know how that distance extends, you don't know what you're going to take the bridge that so most people miss this. When your finances, your health, your relationships, you need to assess regularly those areas in your life that matter to really get clear and find out really where you are. So that would be the first in clarity consists. I'm sorry, commitment to the next thing most of the time people stopped because they're not really committed. You know, I was on an airplane over the weekend, coming back from Scottsdale and I was on the Wifi and I got a text that said my plane was gonna be delayed my next connection flight home. It's going to be delayed for two hours and already had three hour wait three hours later over. So I was gonna be five hours and I thought to myself right away, take time out of the equation. Alright, Get on, get on rental car, get a rental car drive from Philly to Salisbury 2.5 hour drive. I'll be home before the plane takes off easily. Save myself time. And so I made that move quickly but my bag was on this plane and I knew the bag was gonna go on a connection to the next flight and I need to get my bag. And I asked the flight attendant how can I get my bag? He's like no they don't do that, you're gonna have to go to the airport, pick it up because they're going to take it to the next plane. I said that's kind of funny because I know if I was sick and there's medicine in that bag and I needed it, they would get that damn bag. So I knew to myself, I'm ready running this through my head and this is the commitment part, by the way I'm painting a picture for commitment. I...

...was committed to getting the bag. So I said to myself and I told the lady next to me, I said watch I'm gonna get that bag because her and I have been talking about inexorable and I was talking about rocket fuel and I was told we had a conversation for a couple of hours prior to that. She laughed and she said, you're not going to lie, are you said no, I don't need to lie. I just know that if I was sick and I needed medicine that back they would get it. So there is a way to get it. So then I said, so watch me. And she was laughing. She's like, there's no way american airlines doesn't do that. You know, they, you know, they have their policies. I said, well listen, I'm a different than most people now. I'm not gonna be a jerk by the way. You know, I I just I just go and handle the situation to be committed to it, to find the answer. So I go out there and I said, hey, I need to get my bag. I'm gonna be sitting here five hours. I'm gonna drive instead. I don't think we can do that, sir. I said, okay, well, let me see. You just said, I don't think we can do that. So that means that you probably could possibly do it. So let's figure out a way to get this done. And she made a call and we got the bag because I was committed. But if I would have listened to the first person and I wasn't committed, of course I would have. I would have been yielding instead of unyielding commitment anytime you're not getting something you want, you got to check your commitment. And then from there, the next thing is, what steps are you doing consistently enough to get to where you want to go, consistency is the most boring thing in the world. Yeah, I agree with you. If anybody says, yeah, but I don't want to do that, it's boring. And while you're being consistent, you don't see the success you're having necessarily, you know, and so consistency, there's a formula, consistency is greater than your emotions, consistency matters more than your emotions. So when you don't feel like doing something, you've got to be consistent anyway, when it's hard, doesn't matter, you got to do it anyway, and that is how you get 100% participation from yourself, because, you know, you're going to do it when it's easy and, you know, you're going to do it when you feel good, so just focus on the times you don't feel good and when it's hard, making sure you get it done and the consistency will take care of itself and before you know it... look back and I don't even recognize yourself and how far you've come. Yeah, this is amazing. Um and I love, especially earlier you said I'm gonna remove time from the equation. Do you think that's a hang up for people that they just are so focused on time? How how do I, how can I be like see rock Cardone, how can I get what they have right now? Not realizing that what grants 62, Mhm. And his story, he's told 18 zillion times starting at 25, you know, coming off drug addiction, all this kind of like it required time and he was consistent, he was committed and he was clear on where he wanted to be going. Um how do you, how do you convey appropriately the importance of removing time from the equation so that you can stay committed and focused on being, you know, boringly consistent? Yeah, well, by the way, it's not boring once you hit the, hit the target, uh but but you know, and by the way, the targets got to be something that you're so damn excited about that, it makes you like, you feel my energy right now, I hope you feel my energy through this. And before I go into the further that part of that, I want to uh explain one thing to you. I don't care what people think of me and neither should you, not you, Michael, but anybody that's listening, you included, but you should care about how people experience you. So when I come on the podcast today, my intention is to have you experienced me in a certain way, that when you hang up this zoom call, you push whatever to end it, you're like damn holy cow man, I need to go get a, take a break or something, man, that dude's got some, I mean he's hit me, that's the um that's what I'm concerned with and that's what everybody should be paying attention to, not what people think of them. So getting back to the time. Thing with to me, I want to make sure that, You know, I it took me a little while to figure all this out, right and I turned 40 something and I was like, shit man, I wasted all this time in my life. Like I...

...need to move fast now I have a window that's drinking. I don't know how big that window is, but I know that I need to accomplish what I want to accomplish is in a, in a quicker time. And I realized that when I was scared, the more time I let pass, the more scared I got right. And so I started trying something. I started trying just doing things as soon as I think of it, do it, do it, do it, do it and then like Ben Stiller and uh starsky and hutch, do it, Come on, do it. Um I just started doing that. I realized, holy shit man, I'm not scared of anything anymore. I don't, I don't fear anything. I climbed up a mountain Scottsdale. Uh it was scary shit looking. It was high, it was ragged, ragged, jagged, the people look like ants when I looked at the front. But you know what I just said, You know what? Let's go, let's move, let's get started. Just keep going one step at a time. Just go, go, go. And before you know, we're at the top summit taking pictures. Panoramic felt like zoo very exhilarating. Um, but yeah, it's just an example of how fear is fueled by time. I'm Michel Cirillo and you've been listening to the dealer Playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, please click the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now, leave a rating or review and share it with a colleague. If you're ready to make big changes in your life and career and want to connect with positive, nurturing automotive professionals join my exclusive DPB pro community on facebook. That's where we share information, ideas and content that isn't shared anywhere else. I can't wait to meet you there. Thanks for listening.

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