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Why Culture and Decentralized Leadership is a Must w/ Brian Kramer


There is a massive shift coming to the retail automotive industry, and dealers need to wake up and focus on what matters most if they want to weather the storm. 

The next 10 years in the industry will see the biggest shifts the industry has ever seen. The retail dealer community will shrink, while big tech and dealer groups take over in an online environment. 

That's why more dealers are stepping forward and speaking to the importance of a growth culture. The dealers that will survive and evolve to deliver the best customer experience possible will stand the test of time, grow, and dominate. 

In this short, to-the-point minisode, Brian Kramer shares his vantage point about culture and why decentralized leadership is a must in today's dealership environment. 

I guess you got to be comfortable enough in your own skin to not feel threatened by that as the senior Mat I think a lot of times, I mean if I look back in my own my own leadership journey where, you know, I used to be the stereotypical boss, you know what I mean, like you show up, I write your paycheck, you do the work and of transaction, but I also does all we knew, that's what we saw. Yeah, and in the transformation that takes place when you start caring for people. I mean I went through motions where I'm like wait, but then will they take me seriously? Will they respect me as a leader? With like all of these thoughts and I and I can only imagine if I...

...thought those things, other people's must must be thinking those things as well. But your you are another living testament to the fact that they're this can be done and and that it requires a great deal of self awareness. But that just that willingness to learn and then willingness to take out like roll up your sleeves and get into the dirty work. And it's hard when we were because, if you know, when first got here, I'd work for Germaine Before, but then I left and went to work for Oder nation, but when I came back I wanted everything to happen a lot quicker than was realistic right at the expectations in the clarity that was currently in place in the technology. So I'm trying to microwave instead of slow cooking it and breaking things along, you know, along the way. But we were in performance review. The store wasn't doing well. Sales efficiency, service, retention, that, you name it, and it was you know, there's opportunity right. So, in the face of Oh wem pressure to still dig in on the culture.

That's the most painful, some of those stressful experiences I've ever been through. We brought in Tim Kite, who's Ohio state football's culture coach, which was not an expensive thing. So to spend money when you're not making a ton of money at that time and talk about culture, which is more of a soft you know, it's not immediate. By the end of the month marketing spend. Let's spend this and we can get this. If we do a Malor we can generate this much immediately. It's such a long term play. And he talked about trust, he talked about the number one thing he and Erda Meyer said, that helps. An organization is eradicating BCD, blaming others, complaining about why things, are complaining about circumstances, are defending why things happened and really, for the most part, that including them doing it to me, you know, inventory shortages, even a bringing it up my staff management study and salesteff. Well, what are you talking about? Why are you bringing that up? We don't want hire. HMM, WE'RE gonna sell...

...twenty five cars today. We need twenty five cars. Will in the world come in tomorrow? We don't need to know. We're going to sell six hundred cars a month. We've got thirty seven new cars on the ground. Wow, but it's an every day you know. Yeah, you're in the game. You're in the game. I love they bring up more of them than us. Yeah, the rest of them to me. Yeah, yeah, no, for sure. Well, I mean and but it goes back to full circle to your analogy in the beginning, like every squad means a leader, right, and so more decentralized command. Yeah, yeah, you know, and I think sometimes what we suffer from in not just this industry, any industry really, any business, is they go oh, the leader isn't really doing much, or the coach of the team just stands there and calls the play. No, you, you would feel it if urban mayor stepped off the field, like you would think? Did you know what I...

...mean? And and same with your star players, like it is a it is a fine dance right to navigate that. I Michael Silo, and you've been listening to the dealer playbook podcast. If you haven't yet, please click the subscribe button wherever you're listening right now, leave a rating or review and share it with a colleague. If you're ready to make big changes in your life and career and want to connect with positive, nurturing automotive professionals, join my exclusive dpb pro community on facebook. That's where we share information, ideas and content that isn't shared anywhere else. I can't wait to meet you there. Thanks for listening.

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