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Episode 5 · 8 years ago

Dr. Willie Jolley: Turning Setbacks Into Setups


While I was attending the Internet Sales 20 Group in Atlantic City a few weeks ago, I had the incredible privilege of listening to, and eventually interviewing Dr. Willie Jolley. While I do admit to not knowing who he was previous to the conference, I was completely blown away by his message; something that resonated deep within me. He spoke about how to do more, be more and achieve more.


After his keynote address at the conference, I had to go and shake his hand and express appreciation for the message he shared. It was refreshing and motivating; something that I think we need to hear more of in the auto industry.


I asked him if he’d be willing to join me for an interview and without hesitation, he agreed.


If you still haven’t “Googled” him, here is a brief introduction: Dr. Willie Jolley is an international motivational speaker who has been named as one of the top 5 outstanding speakers in the world, alongside heavyweights like Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela. He has written 4 best-selling books which I think you should definitely check out:


A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback

An Attitude of Excellence

It Only Takes A Minute to Change Your Life

Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks

In addition to his outstanding books, Dr. Willie Jolley is credited as the reason that the Ford Motor Company never accepted a government bailout. After reading his book, “A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback”, Alan Mulally, Ford CEO, hired Dr. Jolley to come and help them scale the business, refine process and help Ford’s employees build their dreams.


In this episode you’ll learn more about:


How doing something ridiculous may just be what’s needed to advance and conquer

How to get started when setting out on your success journey

How to look at your current situation differently and capitalize on the assets and opportunities available to you right now

We have a connection to Dr. Willie Jolley now and we know he’d love hearing your feedback and questions. Hit us up in the comments below and as always, thank you for listening to The Dealer Playbook.

This is the dealer playbook podcast, episode five, and our guest today is the reason that Ford Motor companies setback turned into a set up for an incredible comeback. Here we go. You're dialed into the dealer playbook podcast, where it's all about winning auto dealer strategies that deliver proven results. And now your hosts, Robert Weissman and Michael Cirillo. All right, everybody, what's going on? My name is Michael Cerrillo. I couldn't be joined today with by my cohost of the dealer playbook, Robert Wiseman. He's busy doing his thing, but I wanted to give him a shout out since he couldn't be here. He can at least be here in the intro of this this episode. But I got to say I am. I'm just so extremely excited about what's happening with the dealer playbook. The feedback has been incredible. There's so many people listening to it in the automotive industry. We were extremely fortunate to launch our podcast officially while we were attending Internet sales twenty group in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and you know, I couldn't be more excited that within forty eight hours, the podcast hit new and noteworthy on Itunes, in the ITUNES podcast market. So thank you to everyone who's been listening to these episodes. We've had some incredible guests and today is no exception. I am so thrilled and excited to present our guests to today for today's episode, Dr Willie Jolly. Now I got to tell you, if you haven't heard of Dr Willie Jolly before, who he is and what he does. I urge you right now to go to Google, type in Dr Willie Jolly. He will dominate the first page. Click on his website and just check into who he is. He was the keynote speaker at Internet sales twenty group and I have to admit, prior to attending Internet seals twenty group, I didn't really know much about who he was or what his message was, but I knew that if he was selected to be the keynote speaker and Sean Bradley was the one doing the selection, that there had to be something to this individual. Why? I got to tell you Dr Willie Jolly got up in Internet sales twenty group and shared such an inspiring message. We laughed, we cried and I mean, you know, to see a bunch of car dealers in a room together crying. I mean, now, we weren't holding hands and singing Kumbaya or anything like that, but the Dr Jolly just brought down the house. His message was so inspiring, so motivating. It was a message that perfectly fit in with the theme of the Internet Sales Twenty Group, which was to do more, be more, achieve more, you know, to essentially become greater than who you are today, about progression, not perfection, and that's a message that really resonates so deeply with me and I know it resonates with Robert, and that's one of the reasons why we do the dealer playbook in the first places, because we have such a deep, profound desire to help dealers achieve greater levels of success. I got to tell you something that I love about the car business is that I believe, you know, the auto industry... an industry that, at its core, is built upon progression and becoming something and being great and Selfmastery, and so it was a no brainer to have Dr Willie Jolly on this podcast. In fact, after he was done speaking, and I'll tell you what, he even sung a song. At the end he popped over to his IPAD, he started push play and he sung a whole song from Jacqueline hide. You know, this is the moment that song, and I know I do it no justice, but he brought down the house and I walked up to him after he was done and I shook his hand and I said, Dr Jolly, that was so inspiring though. That message just really resonated with me and who I am, and he said thank you, and I just felt inspired. I said look, can I ask you a favor and he said the answers yes, and I was like wow, you know he doesn't even know what I'm going to ask, but I said I have a podcast called the dealer playbook and I would be honored if you would share a message with my listeners now. You See, at this point I didn't even know if the itunes market or stitcher radio would have accepted our podcast. It was still in the submission process. But you know, even knowing that at he still agreed. He took the time for me as an individual and in turn has taken the time for each of you listening in now. I got to warn you this was nearing the end of a long day and for those of you who attend these conferences you know how draining mentally and physically they can be when you're sitting in a room for that long. So I do caution you. We sound a little bit tired in the interview, but I can guarantee you it does not dilute the message. It is still delivered with such great power and force that I am confident that for those of you listening to it will find the message very valuable. If, at the end of this you don't feel inspired to do more, be more, become more, be greater than you are and master yourself and to look at your business to see what more you can do, to further refine process, to do what might be considered as ridiculous, then I don't know what will Dr Willie Jolly is such an incredible speaker. In fact, he's rated in the top five international speakers and rolls with people like Nelson Mandela, or did roll with individuals like Nelson Mandela and Margaret Thatcher, to give you an idea of the circles that this this speaker author is part of. He's written five books, which you'll hear him talk about later, and we'll also link to in the show notes. If for those of you who want to check out those books, I strongly encourage you do that. But without further ado, let's turn into this EP, episode five with Dr Willie Jolly. Here we go. I got to tell you I'm so excited about today's episode because I am here with a master speaker. Actually, I'm at an Internet sales twenty group and I just finished listening to our guest today just bring down...

...the house in such an intense way, in such an incredible way. I don't think there was one individual in the room who did not feel inspired to take the next step towards their personal definition of success. And, for those of you that know me, I'm so passionate about the topic of achieving success and to thinking big and dreaming big and going after the things that you deem as your definition of success. So I am extremely grateful to have Dr Willie Jolly with me today. Thank you so much for being here, Mike. Was a joy and of privilege and a pleasure to be able to be on with you and to speak and encourage your listeners during this podcast and this program. So I'm grateful to be here. I'm excited about being here at this conference, at getting a chance to meet you, and you were so enthusiastic I just had to be a part of your show. Thank you so much. So, like I mentioned before, you know, we like to inspire dealers to become more successful, to do the things that perhaps are out of the Norman. Something that really stood out to me that you said was that you know you need to do what you know, the things that perhaps other people think are ridiculous, in order to achieve success. Can you give me an example of maybe a scenario where the masses thought something was ridiculous and it actually turned out to be a big success for the individual involved? Well, the simplest one that comes immediately to mind is the fact that Steve Jobs was not thought highly of it apple. They fired him when he had all these outrageous, ridiculous ideas and he did not give up on those ideas. And as a result of him not giving up an idea, not only did he fill a need, he feeled a need of people didn't even know they had okay and I pad an I pod and I pad an Ipod, Nano and and all these things, and I phone. No one even knew there was a need to put all your music on a device when before then you would get a cassette Sony Walkman. So it was not even something people had even thought of, and yet he would have gotten fired. It was ridiculous. Or when Walt Disney, he's a great one, when Walt Disney was starting Disney land, it was started in southern California, Orange County. They call it Orange County because there were a lot of orange groves in Orange County. And so one day he took one of his friends, who he was hoping would be an investor, out to this Orange Grove and he said to the...

...friend, look here, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to put amusement park right over there and I would put a roller coaster and it's going to have this and right. They are going to have fat but have a main street. Gould have a big castle in the middle. And a friend said what he said, that's ridiculous, and he said please, I need your help. No, no, I'm not putting my money in that. So he said the friend who later, years later, talked about it. So I turned around and walked back to my car and I ask I guess tomate it was about ten steps to my car and he said I learned later that each step cost me about ten million dollars. Ridiculous. So what I'm saying to that is that, as we look at the auto industry, rapidly changing, very competitive, highly complex industry, is still come down to people who are willing to think new thoughts or try new things and think positive about them and not to talk themselves out of their ideas or possibilities by saying, well, that's never been done before. Who, who would even think that? That's ridiculous? It's too ridiculous thin because in the people who are willing to think outside the box and it, as my friend Needle Colbain says, to throw out the box. Don't even have a box. Just think a different level, at a at a different level. That's when you start to see the significance of your possibilities. Perfect. Thank you so much. So while you were talking I was thinking about the Ford Motor Company because you had an incredible involvement with their turnaround, their comeback, and certainly you've read some books that I'll get you earn that you've written some books that I'll get you to plug here at the end of the episode that I'd encourage everyone to read. I know I'm buying my copies today. It almost seems like during that financial crisis, in speaking of doing something ridiculous, do you think almost that what Ford's plan was to scale costs and not accept a government buy out? That could almost be viewed as something ridiculous? Absolutely. Ala malally is a brilliant man who is, for those who don't know, he's the CEO of Ford and he's the first CEO Ford ever had who was not named for the last name Ford, who was not a part of Ford or who was not even a part of the auto industry. He came from Boeing. And so when they brought Alam Alali in, they, the many of the people in honor industry thought Ford had lost his mind because they were already in trouble, they were already lose it headlost market shared or Minnis market share. But he came in with a new kind of ridiculous thought. Then let's start to scale back that, start to focus on our core brands and then let's get better. That's just make it a make it a deal to every day doubt and one the thing he talked about was, and I've heard this said...

...over and over again, he said to the people who would come in for the corporate meetings, look, I need you to be honest with me, and then he would press them how things going? Things going good? No, no, let's talk really how things are going. What were the numbers and how were the numbers in comparison with the other metrics? Well, so he said, I need you to be honest, because we can't fix it unless you're honest. So I'm saying to people that one of the things is that you've got to be honest with yourself. Wherever you are in your life. You have to do some some good evaluation, and sometimes you must recess, to reassess, to say, okay, let me look at this really critically and and answer the real quick, critical questions and not the emperor has no clothes. That they know what this part of my business is not doing good, or this part of my life is not doing go to this part of my finances, my financial program is not not working well. Maybe I need to be honest with myself and makes them make that change to fix it. Oh, do something better, grow it and prove it, pursue excellence in it. And those are the things. I think that that I learned was that you got to constantly work on two sides, mindset and skill set. Mindset is your attitude. Skill Shit set is your aptitude. And really, with us an attitude of excellence, which is one of the books we recently put out. An attitude of excellent says that you are thinking will your attitude and excellence and you are saying how you can costly improve mindset and skill set so that you can get better results and better return on your investment of time and energy and resources. Awesome. One of our previous episodes, we actually did four episodes, all talking about how to create a culture inside of the dealership so that not only from the top down, executives could get more out of the people working at the dealership, so the sales reps or the service raps or whoever it might be, but also for those individuals to get the most out of their time. They're somebody starting out in the car business who perhaps have that kindled desire to just kind of make something of their selves. Where do you say this? The jumping off point is for them. What do they have to do as a first step to launch their careers in a way that is going to have a, you know, a massive impact on their livelihood. Probably the first step to any great endeavors. Make up your mind. That that sounds so simple. Make up your mind. Most people, they go into any and many endeavors, even marriage. Oh, you know, I'm a going to marriage with a concept that, well, I hope this will do well. That's not making up your mind. You know, I you don't. You don't set a goal just when you get married. I well, I hope you do. All, you make a commitment. So you make up your mind, and that's committed focus. I'm...

...committed to this, I am committed to this job, or I'm committed to this endeavor. I'm going to make it happen. I don't want to said focus is following one course until successful, and I'm just going to focus on this. I'm be fixated on this and I would become just just dynamic and making it happen. And once you do, that's what happened with my speaking career when I when I got fired from my job as a nightclub singer and said, you know what, I'm going to go through something else and I decided to go into the speaking industry, I went all in, both feet, jumping in every inch in my being, and I remember a little quote I heard one time. You got two little birds sitting on a telephone wire. One of them decides to fly away. How many little birds do you have left to little birds? Because until you make take action on that decision, and really courageous, faithful action, then the decisions don't have the staying power. So you must first make up your mind, then act on that decision and act with all that you have within you, I mean all end, and then you'll find out that you have no regrets at the end of the day. So it's really that making up of you know, making up your mind, that increases that your willingness to do whatever it takes. Do you think that that's a message that's lacking with people now that hey, you need to figure out what you want? I always think of like New Year's resolutions and why they they're abandoned so quickly. You know, it might be the sales rep that says, Hey, I'm going to sell twenty cars a month, or it could be, you know, the person giving up on their fitness goals or whatever it might be. Is it a level of willingness. Is it because they didn't make up their mind, you know, sealed enough in cement, or is there other factors you think that contribute to why people give up? I believe that people give up because there why is not strong enough. The why in a life. So New Year's resolutions. Most people make a root new year's resolution and they don't write it down. First of all, usually it's not a goal, it's a resolution and it's not a commit it as her resolution. I resolved to do this. And then is not clear in their mind. Is there not a why? So I'm going to lose weight. They don't say how much I'm going to. I'm going to make more money. How much his one it gets? Man, I'm be happy. How do you measure that? Okay, I'm happy every day. I wake up. Every day I wake up without a child outline around my body. I'm happy. So I think that one of the things that is important that you get a why. You know, neets, you said, if you have a strong enough why, you can overcome anyhow. And so when you look at your why, why you do it? Well, maybe you want to buy your parents at home and this is they did.

They sacrifice for you, and this is my one goal or why I've worked hard because my kids are the joy of my life and I'm going to make sure they they go to college and I will put money in the bank. I'm have money prepared for that. I'm a work extra hard. Why? Why are you doing it? Because if the why is not strong enough, you'll fall off, and that is why many people don't reach their goals. They say, I'm a do twenty cars a month, but the why? Why is you? You doing it? Or once you hit it once, how do you sustain it? Is it sustainable? What's the reason that keeps you going every day? And so what is the motivation? Zig Zigler said something one time. He said it's somebody's not achieving what they are potentially able to do be because of some reason that we got to look at two assets. That are two points that would impact them. One, they're not motivated, or to the sick. Now, if they're motivated, then they they're not motivated, they can get motivated and they sick. If they're sick, then we got to find a way to help him get well so then they can achieve wet which is within them. Everybody has a ability everyone has a amount of genius that's place inside of them and once they find that genius, if they're willing to work on it and develop it, then they will be able to do more with what they have and be come an expert in their area of expertise. So I like to say like this and my dissertation when I wrote for my doctorate, God's gift to us as life I give to God if what we do with our lives or we should live extraordinary lives and therefore use the gifts that we have. And Michael Jordan said of quote I love. He said talent is God given, but ability takes work. So you must have the gift and then develop the gift, and then it goes back to that again. Mindset, attitude, skill set, working on a position of excellence. I'm just going to be the absolute best that I can possibly be. That's so incredible. Thank you so much for taking this time with me. I appreciate it. I don't want I mean, I could sit here and talk to you all day. I feel like I need to move in with you and just get the inspiration on a daily basis. But tell me, for those listening in, how can they follow you, how can they get in touch with you and what materials do you have for those that are ready to kick things up a notch? Well, I'm I'm grateful that we have a number of ways for people to access me because we got a lot of content. First of all, if you got serious Exim Radio, you can hear me every Saturday at four o'clock eastern time on Channel One hundred and forty one on serious Xm, where I interview some of my buddies in the self help and success and industries, whether says a Colon Powell,...

...whether this had been carson, where there's a Tom Hopkins, whether it's a mark for to Hanson, whether so harvey McKay, whether a Brian Tracy, whethers a less Brown and wally famous, same as a B Smith, a Sheila Johnson or Bob Johnson. You just go down of list. We have some of the best and brightest thought leaders. So that's a serious exam Channel One hundred and forty one saturdays at for also you go to my website, Willie Jollycom, and if you go to Willie jollycom free, Willie jollycom free, you can get excerpts from those serious Exim shows, you can get, you know, a few choice excerpt but if you want the whole show and you want to thought, getting an on going diet of the greatest thought leaders into your consciousness so that you can learn from them and do what they've done and learn how to do more with what you've got and learned from people who've already achieved it, then go to walk with wealth DOT TV, walk with Wealth Dot TV. So if you go to all of them and then get my books on my website, about for books or five books? I'm sorry, it only takes a minute to change your life. Book a one minute motivational messages are set back as a set up for comeback. How to get over the dramas of life, the challenges of life, the difficulties of life, and turn them into comebacks, turn setbacks into greenbacks. This want to talk about what happens when you got a financial setback. Then an attitude of excellence, which I talked about earlier, how to grow your business and grow yourself, all in one book. And then chickens for the Christian soul. Number two, which I want to front cover with joy, smile and Tony Compola, helping people to deal with the really tough, emotional personal issues in your life. Loss of a loved one, digs night, what I call the the dreaded D's disease, divorce, downsize and diagnosis has and death of loved ones. That will help. This book will help you come with the CD so you'll be able to read it and hear it so you can be inspired and know that your best is yet to come. So don't give up, Willy Jollycom so there you have Dr Willie Jolly. Now tell me, was that not incredible? Listen, I love this concept. I think all of us should be focused on how to do more, be more, achieve more, to be focused on selfmastery and look at what we can give back, how we can help others, whether it's at the dealership level, help our team or help those that we sell vehicles, products and services to, and for ourselves, how do we achieve the things that we want to achieve? Even though Dr Willie Jolly and I were quite tired during this interview, he still was able to drop some serious value bombs on us, and so I'm grateful for him for participating in this episode with me. I am grateful for each of you for listening in. We wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you, and your support has been just incredible. Don't forget to subscribe, if you haven't already done so, to the dealer playbook on...

...itunes and stitcher radio and when you have a moment, we would greatly appreciate the feedback, so go ahead and leave us a review, leave us some feedback, visit us at the dealer playbookcom and again, don't forget to check out the show notes, where I will be linking to Dr Jolly's books and also sending over some links to his website so that you can get in touch with him again. Thank you, Dr Willie Jolly, and thanks to each of you. This is me wrapping it up. Talk to you soon.

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